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In Spliced 2 mos ago Forum: Free Roleplay
@KatherinWinter Sorry im not gonna be on the guild for quite a while since my mom died recently. Cut me out.
@BlueflameWanna doe this in discord.
@BlueflameWelp i was new too and wanted in on the action looks like someone got in before meh.
Cool ill make my eredan warlock soon.@Product
@Willy VerebDoe you want me to just be joining quel thalas when the rp starts. Or should i have already been protecting quel thalas a while before the rp started
@Willy VerebI might be an ex legion eredar Who has been sent to Quel Thalas by the illidari to help protect it.
Is there any nation that maybe would allow an eredar/draeinei mage hero
@ProductWhile i might be up to play a nation could you give me a sheet for heroes. And small factions. I dont know much about the OG warcraft games but i doe know quite a bit on world of warcraft.
@ProductI have some interest. But is it fine if im not the greatest roleplayer. Usually i stick to freestyle but this seemed very interesting.
@Dealdric Sorry i will post soon i have lil time rn.
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