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Ill soon add my Penguin Character
spriggan this was already in general interest checks why did you decide to put it here instead of just casual roleplays.
Thats cool btw i think that psychic and supernatural powers for races should be treated like they cant be too strong but exist such as a plant alien can grow a flower out of its hand.
@Dark Light i think this ones pretty good
This maybe @Spriggs27
Maybe this could work
Alright im interested too. How about we call the ship The Wyvern.
In The New World 10 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
Why did you put this in free if you say the least is 2 paragraphs thats casual and not free at all i mean on the site the description for casual includes that the minimum is two paragraphs so this should be there.
in my opinion look for smth inhumane.
Im not sure a lich would exactly work as theyre basically immortal undead wizards.
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