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Sounds cool
When will this start anyways
So yeah heres my CS @Dealdric Tell me if theres anything wrong with it.

Name:Xurkitree or UB-O3 Lightning



Appearance: It is not Shiny

Abilities: Wrap, Charge, Spark, Thunder Punch,

Individual skills: It being an Ultra Beast Gets stronger each time it makes another pokemon faint.

Other:It being xurkitree it does tend to go around power sources and consume the electricity for energy. It also has come here by an ultra hole it has wandered into accidentally. And being confused by this new world it will be quite destructive.
Uhh Are ultra beasts too strong because i thought of playing one. Also how will evolution and leveling up function.
What about mythicals
Ill send my app in a jiffy Im planning on making a character who has the power to manipulate light.
Will say another advanced nation rp no interest.
roleplayers guild is a bit too real
Starts riding a dragon while shooting a gun with magic bullets Im in
Hey bangoskank im up if ya want. Ive never done arena rp before. And im not good at writing most of the time sticking to one or few liners without much depth. It would be best i think if it was done in discord. @BangoSkank
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