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Just created my account a little while ago, this place seems interesting!
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Just created my account a little while ago, this place seems interesting!


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Alright, here is my post! Sorry for any grammatical errors and mistakes. Not that great of a writer but I am still trying. I do hope that this is satisfactory, and not at all confusing.

Oh, just realized that I need to make a post in order to join. I'm guessing I should write it in IC correct?
Sounds good! Pretty excited for this.
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No need for expertise, passion is even better!

Awesome, may I ask if there will be a character sheet that can be filled out later on?
Howdy, I just took notice of this roleplay and I gotta say I am rather interested. I do have experience in advance roleplays and I am also a fan of WW2 history. I'm not an expert but I still do enjoy it.


A Sickly Feeling



"Thirty-Five minutes..." the thought escaped through his lips in the form of a low mutter. The finely dressed Irishman is currently seated on the passenger side of a white and not-at-all suspicious looking van. He stared down at the bottom of the vehicle, pinching the bridge of his nose as he tries to block out the highly obnoxious singing of his "professional" hirelings. The lyrics of "livin' on a prayer" rang throughout the interior of the vehicle as Sean AKA Mr.Bipolar slowly raised his head to gaze upon the road in front of him before letting out a moan of disbelief and frustration "Thirty-Five damn minutes! We have only moved a few inches for the past Thirty-Five minutes." His hand slid down from his nose, stretching the bottom half of his face before letting flop right back onto his lap as he stared out, bewildered at the conga-line of over a dozen cars. "Thirty-Five minutes of listening to all of you sing the same goddamn song over and over and over again! Jesus H. Christ!"

The singing came to a halt as all Six men just stared at their annoyed leader in complete and utter silence. The man fellow driving the vehicle gave Sean a gentle nudge on his upper-arm before giving him a toothy grin "Let the guys have their fun boss, from the looks of things we will be stuck here for a while."

Ignoring the driver, Mr.Bipolar leaned forward a bit as he glared at the traffic. "What on earth is even the cause of all this? I swear if this is all over for something stupid I'll-" Before being able to finish his sentence, Bipolar was interrupted by one of the hirelings seated in the back "Probably a car crash or something. Those kinds of things are starting to get more frequent you know." the others mumbled in agreement, some even betting that it was because of some superpowered freak. "Oh yeah, you know how those kinds of people are. They think that they're hot shits because they can shoot fireballs out of their hands or fly! When in reality they're just assholes who go around wrecking shit."

Mr.Bipolar rolled his eyes, such talk coming from the people who are about to rob a damn bank. He was about to point it out before realizing that the cars in front are finally starting to move at a decent enough pace. Mr.Bipolar let out a sigh of relief, he kind posses the sudden desire to let out a loud cheer. instead, he straightened his posture and cleared his throat, waiting for their own vehicle to start moving once more. A song slowly broke out within the vehicle.

"For fuck sakes" He muttered as to himself as quietly as he could. He now understands why so many people own headphones. He looked over at the driver who just finished off a high note. "How long until we arrive at our destination?" He asked, already fearing the answer. He just wanted all of this to end. He knows that this song will be haunting his dreams for the entirety of the year. The Driver let out a sigh, annoyed that his sing-along with his buddies was interrupted. "Ah, I'm not so sure man, maybe 30 more minutes? Hell, maybe even an hour! It all depends on the flow of traffic. Just sit back and relax boss." The thing is, Sean was not able to relax, not only because of how much he is going to hate this damn song for the next several months but also because he is both nervous and afraid. No amount of literature and unrealistic bank heist scenes in cinema history could never fully prepare him for all of this.

This robbery was not only going to make him a good bit of money, but it will also be his big debut. If he fails, a good chunk of his plan will be ruin.

The rest of the ride was pure agony. So much so that Mr.Bipolar wished that he was dead upon birth. The only good thing that came out of all of this was that the hirelings finally stopped singing the same song over and over again. Then he desired to kill himself once more as they sang a new song, a song called "Don't Stop Believin'." Nothing was wrong with the songs themselves it was just the fact that they kept on singing it over again until every single lyric was imprinted in his mind.

Finally, the bank was in sight. Bipolar loudly cleared his throat hoping to capture the attention of his hirelings. "Listen up, if all goes according to plan, this should be an easy enough score. I go in, and as soon as you all see the civilians flee the building, I want you to equip your mask and join me inside, one of you stay by the door and keep a lookout. If you spot trouble, tell me. Driver-" Again, for the second time today he was interrupted. By the same fellow from before, who was currently gazing upon his mask that shares a resemblance to the Comedy and Tragedy masks that are usually associated with theatre. "Boss, what is up with these masks? No offense but couldn't you have picked something a bit more intimidating?"

Lord have mercy. "Ah, no it is inti- Look, I am just trying to go with a theme here. Ok? Now please stop interrupting me." he took in another deep breath, hoping that he can go on without wanting to shoot anyone. "Driver, once everyone is out of the van. Take it somewhere behind the bank, ok? I know it's going to be hard because it is a fucking white van, but try not to appear suspicious. Now, does everyone understand what they are supposed to do? Ok? Ok."

He cleared his voice once more, feeling the sudden dryness before turning around to gaze upon the bank once more. He felt his heart pounding against his chest like it was a bongo. He proceeded to reach down to the bag between his feet to pull out a strange three-face mask before gently placing it into position, feeling the stings of it latching onto his face to become one. He can feel its power surge throughout his body, a sudden burst of confidence filled his spirit as he stepped out of the vehicle. "Ok, time to do this thing..."

Character you have created: Sean Doyle

Alias: Mr.Bipolar
Speech Color: Deep Pink

Character Alignment: New Villain

Identity: At the moment, he is keeping his identity a secret.

Character Personality: On the outside, Sean appears to be an ordinary human being. Just some guy who prefers to keep to himself. He hardly ever intended to any parties, public school events and what have you. He only ever spends his time in his room, reading books and jotting things down in his little notebook.

He enjoys reading fantasy novels whenever he isn't reading about crime families and the mob. His favorite happens to be The Game Of Thrones series by George R. R. Martin. He enjoys drinking cappuccinos and listening to opera music for the angelic voices of the singers.

On the inside, however, is an entirely different story. The man is a vengeful monster who forgets nothing, doesn't matter what it is if it affects him poorly and if you're involved, you will pay for it, eventually.
Despite this, he would never directly harm or murder a child. He finds that their innocent beings do not deserve such a fate. He will be willing to use these children to have leverage on their parents or people that care about them, of course. However, he would never plan on killing them.

Uniform/costume: His uniform isn’t the flashiest compare to the other villains that roam in this realm. It simply consists of a black canvas double-breasted vest with a vintage red puffy necktie tucked within and underneath the vest contains a fine white dress shirt, he is also wearing nice black dress pants. The most bizarre addition to his attire, however, is the mask he wears.

Origin Info/Details: Born under the infamous crime boss of Ireland, Conor Doyle. Sean lived a normal childhood despite his father’s profession. He went to a pleasant enough school, nobody ever tried to give him any trouble, though the reason for that is probably obvious enough. Everything appeared to be normal, besides armed bodyguards following Sean but didn't complain. Now, people might wonder that due to his father’s work, the relation between them might be a bit shaky. Turns out, however, this is completely false. Sean loves his father and his father loves him. They can be seen spending time with each other from every so often, whenever the father was no longer busy running his criminal empire. They can usually be found eating out at their favorite restaurants, going to the opera house located in Wexford, relaxing on the beautiful beaches that one can discover near Havana, Cuba. Despite the life that his father lived, and a few assassinations attempts here and there, everything was going well in Sean's life.

Until, of course, the day his father was betrayed. It happened so suddenly, one moment he was sleeping and the next Sean was in his father's arms as they raced through the hallways of their home. The child gazed into the eyes of his father, all he can see was dread and sorrow. They rushed down into the house cellar, where his father opened a secret passageway that would lead then lead them to the sewers. There, a motorboat rested upon the shit infested waters, with the captain waiting steadily for them both... at least that is what Sean had thought, moments before his father explained that it would be best if they parted ways for now. Despite Sean's objections, his father stayed behind.

Years passed since that fateful night. Thanks to the help of the few men who were still loyal to Doyle's family, Sean was able to flee to America, where he now resides in a pawnshop belonging to his uncle in Lost Haven. Sean lived out most of his life there in silence, rarely talking to anyone, including his uncle. People hardly see him outside of his room except when he is forced to attend school and while he was out drinking coffee at his favorite cafe. He simply spent most of his day studying and plotting. He desired to seek retribution on those who parted him from his father, those who took away everything he had. Then, he and his father will rule Ireland once more.

At the age of 21 while helping out his uncle stock the shelves with new items that were sold to them that day, Sean discovered an odd looking mask. He was unable to keep his eyes off of it, it was like he was under a curse. Even when his uncle shouted at him to stop staring at the damn thing. Even while away, he can still see it in his mind, he can feel it calling for him. One night, he was no longer able to resist its temptation. Falling to its seduction, he sneaked the strange mask into his room, marveling at its design before finally putting it on.

It was a strange experience, upon contact he could feel the mask latch onto his skin like a parasite. He felt an energy surge throughout his body, though besides that he didn't feel any different, nothing was changed. It wasn't until experimenting much later that he was able to discover that the mask grants him the ability to manipulate one's emotions. Sean spent the next several months practicing these abilities on his poor now deceased uncle, discovering that he can control the intensity of each emotion his victims can handle.

Hero Type: Normal
Power Level: City
Powers: Emotion manipulation: Thanks to the strange properties of the mask that he wears, Mr.Bipolar is capable of not only controlling the emotion of whoever he touches with his own bare hands but also the intensity of said emotion. The duration of the effect all depends on how long Mr.Bipolar was in contact with his target. For example, a simple tap on the wrist will cause the effect to last about a minute. A longer hold will multiply that duration by 3 for every five seconds that he is in contact with the victim.
Attributes (Select one at each category):
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 133 lbs
Strength Level: Normal Human
Speed/Reaction Timing Level: Normal Human
Endurance at MAXIMUM Effort: Normal Human
Agility: Normal Human
Intelligence: Average
Fighting Skill: Untrained

Weaknesses: Besides his supernatural ability, he is still a human. A bully through the skull, a knife to the heart or anything else like that, will kill him.
Supporting Characters:
- Freddy Fisher: Some guy Sean was able to befriend at a local bar. He is the one who provided Mr.Bipolar with extra muscle power.
Do you know how to post pictures on RPG boards?: Sure do!
Sample Post: "What the hell were you thinking!"
A yell echoed throughout the 5th floor of the apartment complex. Within room 515, Sean paced back and forth in a rather small living/kitchen area. Hell, the entire apartment is rather small. It was the cheapest one he was willing to purchase, not wanting to waste much of his inheritance he gained after the death of his uncle.

He ran his fingers through his caramel like air as he takes in a deep, shaky, breath before looking at the smartphone held firmly in his right hand. Wishing that possessed the ability to reach inside and strangle the person he is speaking to. Instead, he simply exhaled.

"Look-" he stopped himself, just realizing how loud he was talking. In a quiet and gentle tone, he continued "Look, you cannot just invite someone that I don't even know into this operation of ours as if it was some kind of a party! Especially without consulting me."

Sean adjusted his stance a bit, placing his empty hand on his waist before turning around to look outside. Just like the rest of this building, the view was shit. All he can see is a billboard advertising a new burger that contains 7 burger patties, how charming.

"I don't care if he can shoot a gun! Anyone can shoot a damn gun! Even a child if you're stupid enough to give them one! I ca- What?" he paused to listen before pinching the bridge of his nose as he wanders over to the kitchen counter. Looking down at the schematics of the Blood Haven's Bank. He took note of all the exits and guard placements, plus any other important info.

"No, he can stay. I don't want to run the risk of him ratting us out. However, if he dies on the job, or rat us out anyways... it is on you."
And with that, he hung up on the stupid bastard. Letting out a sigh he looked over the schematic once more. He was nervous, he doesn't want this to fail.

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Should be fine.

The link: CAH Chatroom

Oh! Ok, thank you!
Ok, I'll try and read up as much as I can then. About the discord, for some reason I am having a rather tough time looking for its link?

Also, I was hoping to start off by playing as a small time villain who's in charge of a gang, will that be alright?
Hello folks, a little new here to this whole website, but not to roleplaying. The title of this roleplay in particular really did catch my eye, due to my love for superheroes. So, just wondering if I can simply make an OC and jump right in or is there something else I must do in order to join?
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