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Sarah Avery Wong
1993/12/25 | 25 | Ambiguous Ethnicity
Single | | Secretive Sexuality
B.S. in Sociology | Former Police Officer
Physical Profile

Miscellaneous Items

Appearance Details

Sarah stands a head taller than most women, with a nimble build, supported by hard-won cords of muscle that are only apparent upon a close examination of her frame. She has curly, dark brown hair that doesn't quite reach to her shoulders, and honey colored skin spotted with faint freckles. The irises of her eyes are cast a shade of pale yellow, and she has the sharp, unwavering gaze of a bird of prey. Most notably Sarah sports a pair of majestic, feathery wings. Dark brown in plumage, her wings are streaked with shades of gray and gold.

She moves with the gracefulness of a predatory creature. Her movements are powerful, efficient, and inhumanely quiet.

The young woman is modest dresser, favoring black jeans, simple-hued t-shirts, canvas sneakers. and plain sweaters. To hide her wings as much as possible, Sarah dons large coats. Her favorite is a vintage great coat of clearly Russian make.


Sarah is a dedicated, bordering on obsessive vigilante. She is good-hearted and brave, but never brash. Her natural inclination is to aid those who need help, especially those that she perceives as weak or helpless. Fiercely independent, she can be stubborn, and is slow to change her ways or her opinions about others. While Sarah believes that trying to apprehend a criminal alive is all well and good, she has no trouble admitting that sometimes a more permanent solution is warranted.

Always focused and thoughtful, following the manifestation of her powers, Sarah has come to possess a predatory patience. She has become a a master of stalk-and-ambush tactics, striking when her foes least expect it. Sarah sees herself as a hunter of villainy, and she tends to show little remorse for the opponents she ruthlessly dispatches in the course of her new career as a vigilante.

While still nominally human, Sarah has begun to feel increasingly inhuman. There is a wilderness growing in her heart, a wild fury, that she struggles to contain. She has begun to relish in the hunt, occasionally forgetting that it is humans, though criminals, and not animals that she is hunting. Her wings, inhuman as they are, have made it hard for her to pass for a normal human and have further isolated her.

Likes: Flying, Birds, Nature, Open Places, Meat (the bloodier the better), Tea, Books, Jazz Music
Dislikes: Cruelty, Rudeness, Plants (for food), Country Music
Character Synopsis

Early Life:

Sarah Avery Wong was born in Hartford, Connecticut on December 1st, 1993. Her father, James Wong, was a former amateur boxer turned electrician. Her mother, Alisa Wong, was a high school teacher, with a penchant for knitting. Growing up in a working class family, Sarah had a distinctly unremarkable childhood.

In her adolescence, Wong excelled athletically and academically, eventually earning a scholarship to Boston University, where she pursued a degree in sociology. A promising career with the Boston Police Department followed soon after her graduation.

Graduating with flying colors from the police academy, Sarah quickly established herself as a competent police officer, racking up an impressive arrest count. She seemed poised to make detective at a record age when tragedy struck a year and a half later. Following a bout of fainting episodes and increasing loss of voluntary motor control, Sarah was put on sick leave. Eventually, she was diagnosed with a mysterious, and rapidly progressing genetic disorder.

Meeting HAT:
Told by her doctors that the disorder was likely terminal, Sarah resigned from the BPD, and relocated to sunny Santa Celia, California, where she expected to end her days.

Languishing in the her hospital bed, struggling just to breathe, Sarah was approached by representative from Hall Applied Technologies, who were looking for candidates for an experimental and likely risky series of medical treatments. They offered her a chance, a cure, and the potential to become so much more. With no other options, Sarah signed over her life to HAT, and volunteered for the ominously named Project Chimera.

A Fledgling Eagle:
For Sarah, Project Chimera began with a bang or rather her own screaming. The scientists at HAT had never promised that the process of curing her would be painless. A warning would have been nice. Or painkillers. All of them.

Months, painful months, of genetic manipulation and biological augmentation followed. At the hands of the HAT scientists, Sarah's very genetic code was altered. She received muscle grafts, bone laces, and even had vital organs replaced. She could feel herself changing. She could feel the strange things that were growing on her back, but she couldn't see them. They had taken away her mirror. The scientists were delighted by her progress, and soon declared her fully cured.

Amidst the handshakes and congratulatory shoulder slaps between the team of scientists, she asked the scientists when she could go home. Soon they cold replied, soon, but first there were some more tests they had to perform.

A Bird of Prey:
Sarah remains unsure of how exactly she escaped. Muddled memories are all that she remembers. The blaring sound of alarm klaxons, screaming, not her own for once, and fire, so much fire. She waited, but no one, not even the HAT scientists came after her. Wandering the streets darkened streets of Saint Celia in her hospital gown, Sarah felt lost.

She felt lost until she stumbled upon a robbery, a simple snatch and grab. She knew then what her purpose was. She remembered. She was a predator.

She was a hunter of criminals.

A bird of prey.

Abilities & Skills

Flight | Sarah possess a powerful pair of wings that allow her to fly at great speeds. Although she has yet to try, it is likely that she could carry a person or object roughly her own size and still manage to fly.

Limitation(s) | A typical, unhurried soaring speed for Sarah is around 28-32 mph. When hunting, Sarah often glides very fast, reaching speeds up to 120 mph. When diving after her prey, Sara can reach speeds up to 200 mph.

Super-Acute Vision | Courtesy of HAT, Sarah has received a new set of replacement eyes, vat-grown and specially designed to incorporate structural modifications that enhance vision range and detail. Resembling the eyes of eagle, they allow to spot her pray from miles away. The HAT scientists also stimulated the growth of a clear protective membrane covering her eyes, similar to the nictitating membrane possessed by many animals. This inner eyelid protects her eyes, keeping out sand, girt, smoke, and other irritants. The membranes are light sensitive and become tinted under bright light. Further, they are polarized to reduce glare.

Limitation(s) | Sarah's eyes, though far more powerful than that of a human are still biological eyes, with all the limitations inherent to such organs.

Superhuman Strength and Durability | Sarah possess a superhuman level of strength and durability. Using a biological weaving treatment, special vat-grown muscle cables are braided into existing muscle fibers, enhancing the muscle mass and performance of Sarah's muscles. Further, her muscles have been toned, vat-grown elastic muscle fibers have been incorporated into existing muscle tissue, increasing muscle tension and flexibility. Making Sarah quicker and far more limber than she was before. Superhuman strength without superhuman durability is a quick way to break bones and tear muscles, and Sarah's muscoskeletal structure has been greatly enhanced to prevent injury.

Limitation(s) | Sarah is able to lift objects around one ton in weight. She can take a punch, a very strong punch, but bullets or sharp objects are likely to hurt her.

Weakness(es) | Coming soon.

Trained Police Officer | A trained police officer, Sarah has received training in the use of firearms, hand-to-hand combat, and police procedure.
Amateur Ornithologist | Since early childhood, Sarah has been obsessed with birds, and birdwatching remains one of her favorite hobbies.
Pugilist | Sarah's father was a lifelong student of the sweet science and an accomplished amateur boxer before an untimely injury ended his career. As a result, he went to great pains to ensure that his daughter could throw a punch, and Sarah still fondly remembers watching old tapes of the greats fighting with her father.
Licensed Sail Plane Pilot | Before her powers manifested, Sarah was a dedicated sail plane pilot, and spent many of her weekends at the Albany Aeroplane Club.
Languages | In addition to English, Sarah is fluent in Spanish and Mandarin.

Supporting Cast

WIP (will be tinkering on it on/off today):

Tiefling rogue in the works.

Just actually need to be home for a bit. D:
At last! :)

*Excitement intensifies*

Summary: A police woman, turned vampire, turned vampire mobster, turned independent contractor in desperate need of friends.
Related to the related, can one choose to not use an image at all (I just prefer to write descriptions, can provide spark notes version as needed)?
Yes, I had to check, apparently they got stabbed and not the priest (tragic, really).

That's what I get for skimming a wiki at maximum speed.
Interested. :)

It would honestly be refreshing to see a character with super strength. Not too many people play the 'classic' powers in these games I find.

In a flash of originality I want to write a cape that flies.

Essentially, Hawkgirl, except she'll be much cooler (no insane backstory about killing some Egyptian priest with her boyfriend) and have a name that's related to some other bird of prey.
Nifty, I like it. The vignettes were a cool way to present the setting and I think magic adds an interesting element to the usual Mad Max/Walking Dead setup.

Can I write the tiefling rogue in the third vignette? :D
I'm still wearing my cowboy hat.
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