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Post tomorrow, conscripted for a bunch of social things today.
So, Campbell's campaign team currently consists of

- A former adrenaline junkie street racer
- An alcoholic monk bodyguard
- A journalist
- A aloof fixer.

What a great cast of characters/

Most well-adjusted political campaign ever.
Going to add to the relationship tab, tomorrow probably.

Also, @MagratheanWhale...Budapest. :D

The sheet looks good. You've got a neat concept. The only thing I'd mention is that since Emma is so heavily augmented, she's probably going to require Neurosynth to prevent the onset of SPECS. You don't have to add that into your sheet, but I wanted to let you know. Feel free to move to the character tab.

Sounds good, I'll add an addiction to Neurosynth and at @The Bork Lazer's suggestion an artificial liver. :D

Being slightly less sick and having rethought some of my original ideas, I tried to channel someone a bit more nobody-ish and far more monk-y:

- Updated Later in Thread -
I wanted to respond with a sad face, but as that's not an option I went with the laughing face emoji.
Can I get the one for physics or chemistry?
We offer demand Junk be used as tribute.

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