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A humble cog in a very clever and beautiful watch, perhaps.

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Looking forward to writing some cool stuff with all of you. :)
@Fading Memory Review away! I am satisfied.
I will only accept payment in the form of Sophia being allowed to pet Meru.

Yelling at the GM that is.

I'll probably do some editing today or early tomorrow, but probably nothing too major.
Moving from a WIP to a complete draft*, I think this will do until a wonderful nap and coffee:

*I suppose a draft is still a WIP, but relative completion felt like it deserved a new post.
@Hour Error

I'm all for additional writings and extra narrative reveals, but I do request that you keep to what little required information I have requested. I probably have the sparsest sheet in Advanced, and I'll hold everyone to it who submits a character. So give at least some form of summative backstory, but feel free to also supplant what you've presented here onto the sheet in a neatly filed manner. Characterization is an ever-pleasant thing to witness.

Fair. :)

Hopefully this works, but I am happy to make any changes:

I usually don't try to make things so dramatic, but Westerns always have that edge of tragedy/regret to them and it seemed interesting to explore the character of a doctor that took a couple of lives (if perhaps not intentionally).
I'm not a huge fan of writing summary histories, so I wrote this:

Hopefully it serves to reveal some of Sophia's character and backstory. Haven't read through it after writing it (yet), so apologizes for any obvious errors/half-awake writing.

Edit: I hope you don't mind @ElRey814, but I referenced the Leaky Pitcher.
By the power of Ennio Morricone I am here with my CS in all it's current WIPness.

A humble necromancer, moonlighting as a doctor/undertaker (a most efficient combination).

I think I'll wrap up physical appearance and biography tomorrow, but I've had a lot of fun writing thus far, so thanks for that. :)

Loving all the posts so far. :)
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