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I do see Raven as selfish though, while she values Laura's freedom and wishes to help her and the others escape Transigen, I can still see Raven wanting to confront Transigen now that Laura is finally without restraint. Raven isn't who she once was, phsycailly, I think she'd want to use the strength behind Laura to tip the scales. I also see Raven as having been able to snag a few vials of serum to help those like Charles and Logan, it wouldn't be a permanent solution but I think Raven has been preparing for this juncture for a while. Logan wouldn't want to fight the large scale fight Raven may lean toward, Laura would have her own reservations but I don't see Raven's choices fueled solely on kindness. Laura as an ally gives Raven a chance to bring down a few Transigen lab. That would be another source of conflict for the group. Head to the border, go on a detour, etc. If you're not on board with the idea I understand but I do see this RP as an opportunity to change some things and explore different tactics on each individual's desires.

I didn't say I was particularly against the idea. I just said that there would be a lot more to explore with it and that Logan would conflict with Raven about her decisions.

Otherwise, I'm alright with this idea, so long as it doesn't escalate into 'Bringing the Transigen Corporation Down' and become mutant freedom fighters.
I don't think we'd have to worry about that. We are posing a new plot so we can develop Logan and Raven a little differently. Given the new change in dynamics with Raven now along for the ride, some events may change. I think along the way Raven may try to target and bring down a few small Transigen labs if possible. She sees the big picture of Transigen as a threat and with Logan and Laura she's got a lot more strength on her side.

Logan is old and arthiritic and losing his healing factor and Laura's a child soldier. I don't think Raven would try to bring them along and turn Laura into the true purpose of becoming a child soldier against Transigen if she was disguised as Nurse Gabrielle. Remember, the X-23 children are being given over the border so that they can be safe from Transigen. Using Laura as a weapon against Transigen would defeat the purpose of that. Raven is characterized as having hatred against corporations like Trask and Transigen but Logan would conflict with her on that.
I wasn't sure if we wanted to extend the time to get Laura to the border to allow us some more room for sidetrips and easier pacing so I left it vague, leaving us room to adjust some events as we'd like.

I think that would be good, as long as those side-trips don't contradict the characterisation of Logan and Raven along with not shattering our suspension of disbelief.

So you need three total?? Or should I limit myself to two ATM because of my F5??

In the lore. Many trainers have managed to overcome Novice Gyms with one or only two mon since Novice Gym Leaders take it easy on them.

I was expecting one mon for each trainer but I'll make an exception for you if you do your character profile good enough.
Well that still kinda fits into my character sheet in a way, I did say that she is Wiccan trying to control/channel life energy of people and Pokemon a like and I did plan on Diaval being a more subdued ghost type which is why he was alonewhen he found my charie, but I leave the end result to you, if it clashes to hard I can easily switch it to an other Pokemon to better fit the narrative. I don't want to mess with such a marvelous thought out universe

Nah, it's alright. Novice trainers are expected to have three mon by the time they face their first Gym Leader so just add another mon. Won't be a problem.

Just formulate whatever solution you think is best.
I did drop my application off this morning in your inbox @The Bork Lazer let me know what you think, I can post regularly, if there is a problem please alert me so I may correct any mistakes you find with the sheet

Ah, sorry, must have been a glitch in the system because I couldn't see your message.

There's a bit of a problem with it, though. Because you're the first Ghost Type Trainer of this RP.

Just a few things, though.

These were my original plans for Ghost Types in my setting. Ghost Types are one of the F5 species due to several reasons which I will list now.

- They are sadistic and regularly do Conjuring-Annabelle shit to humans for shits and giggles.
- They feed on the life-force of humans.
- They can only be killed by another Ghost-Type or a Dark Type.
- They're typically outlawed for Novice usage.
- Ghost Type trainers are known as Channelers because they channel their life-force to control ghosts. This is why Channelers have a reduced life span.

Anyway, I thought that would have spoiled too much about the type and I would reveal it later in the setting.

Novice Trainers aren't expected to have F5 species in their reportaire. Ghost Types are a F% species per my lore.

So, you can have two mon, one being a ghost type and another a non-ghost type or you may want to change your character profile to suit the above information.
Still looking!


Nothing ventured, nothing gained


"- And that's why I'm going to become a trainer."

Silence reigned. It wasn't a silence where the recepient of the answer was brimming to the eyes with tears of joy. Nor scowls of anger. Rather, it was a detente. Unfortunately, he wasn't one for words. Willis gripped the arm rest of the old, carved hickory rocking chair for a few seconds or more before breaking the lack of conversation.

"Well, got anything to say to me?"

It was hard to believe the man sitting in front of him was The Ratel. A Blackhat Ranger. A person whose long shadow haunted him, even if they were separated routes away. Now? He was just a lowly berry farmer. A berry farmer who subsisted off disgusting Unovan Petill cigars and his numerous bottles of alcohol. Scotch. Whiskey. Beer. Spirits. There always seemed to be a bottle near to him whenever he could help it. Although, he wasn't reliant on it to the point of it being equivalent to a lifeline. Unlike so many others.

That was his father, though. On the precipice of falling from his heights, but yet, just barely hanging onto the edge.

His senior's face perched up to look at his own in an infuriatingly apathetic glance, as if he'd been dozing through the entirety of his speech. Their features were about the same. Genetically. There was the same ruggedness and angular shapes, well-defined design that been passed on by blood to him. Only that time had seperated their looks apart. He was looking at a warped reflection of himself. Well, with both arms that was. His father's hair was the color of ashen brown, peppered with flecks of grey after years of ennui in Pallet. His skin had become a coarse, leathery texture, akin to that of a Wartortle. His eyes were a cold shade of crystalline grey that were on their journey soon to become cataracts. His attire of choice was a simple get-up. A flannel shirt and mud-caked jeans from working out in their precious field all day.

The man replied back, the timbre of his voice unchanged, even after decades of ageing.

" You should have said hello to your mother before she went out to the market. Maybe, I should call her with my Tact Pad, see if she can pick up some of those Oran Berri-"


He slammed his remaining fist on the armrest. His father paused. Great. Trying to steer away the conversation. Just when he'd tried to reach out to him. Willis ripped off his cast furiously and pointed towards his healed stump, trying to elicit some sort of reaction out of his father. Anything!

" Just....stop patronising me! I'm not a child anymore. Enough with the bullshit! Stop the stalling and tell me what you think of this. Of me. Of my decision."

He lifted the stump out more towards him, revealing the cold pale scar tissue and the fading stitches around the amputated area.

" I've tried the Ranger Corps! I've sacrificed a literal arm for their cause and all they can do is laugh at me. Compare me to you. They call me the Badger. The little fucking Badger compared to your Ratel. So, tell me. Do you support me on this! Do you?"

Willis finally collasped on his chair, his composure broken like a shattered plate on the floor as his father, Robert H Ashton remained silent through it all, stone-cold.

" Please...I need to know."

Silence. Again. When his father opened his mouth, Willis thought he was finally going to say it. That he was finally giving him permission. Handing him the keys to his own destiny. Relieving him of his own shadows.

The answer wasn't what he wanted. Nor what he didn't want at the same time.


Something ventured, nothing gained


There was a wide variety of ethnicities here. Viridian. Pallet. Fuschia. Saffron. Motherfucking Vermillion. No Cerulean, Cinnabareans or any foreigners he'd seen so far, however. No foreigner would be insane enough to come out to a mere trainer graduation party, however. Indigo still were in the works negotiating their alliances to the internationally-accepted peace ruling body that was the Concordant. The Orre Situation made the security a little tight in immigration and in a world like this, you'd have to be a rich motherfucker with a bucket of Idols and your own personal butlers to afford cross-regional transport.

Yet, people all over the world still had a desire for tourism. Despite everything that happened. Seemed that even cataclysmic events couldn't halt the curiosity of humanity. Especially tourism.

Once he made sure Thrush had calmed down to a safe level, Willis set him down back again and stood back against the wall once more. Ugh. Couldn't this sideshow be done and over with, already? If he had to bear the last 5 minutes of waiting wallowing in gossping, then, hopefully, it was good gossip. The Ranger Corps had a host of good conversation topics when they were bored. Fuck, Marry, Kill. Bets on who would win the Indigo Regional Finals. Who was the hottest celebrity trainer. Dumb trainer stories of the week. Who would win in a theoretical match-up between a Blackthorn Dragonite and a Ophanim Salamence (The most commonly bred one was the one used by the Blackthorn Clan but discussing into the details of different species was too mind-bending for Willis.)

The topics that civvies commonly talked about seemed taboo or even strange to him, after spending two years in the Corps. Discussing how cute each of their pokemon were. All of their materialistic worries were alien compared to his. Getting coupons for the next Poke-Mart summer sale. Buying that new model of whatever brand, good was out there. Talking about the political relationships between Hoenn and Sinnoh. How the stock market was doing.

He didn't care about that crap out in the Frontier. All he cared about was killing the mon and anything that could raise his morale was a plus. All of that just seemed.....beneath him now that he'd been medically discharged from the Corps.

"Perna Rockwood. This is one here is Brutus. We're from Saffron City as well."

A girl like her from Saffron? That was suspicious. Because, for one, he was hella sure that a heavily urbanized area like Saffron wouldn't play host to Tauros. Nor did her garb or overall physicality matched those of the average Saffron citizens he saw. Their mental muscles would have won them a gold star in the cerebral WWE but those bunch of pencil-necked eggheads had noodles for bodies. Or maybe he was overanalyzing. Perhaps, she'd moved in from the country to the city at a young age by parents who wanted a better life for her. Maybe, the Tauros was a trade over the Wet Market or a Trainer Mart. Didn't have to go prodding his nose more in than he had to.

"Sorry, he's not in a good mood today. Too many people."

Like any Tauros would be comfortable in a place like this. Or pokemon for that manner. For all that Rangers gabbled on about those 'damn trainers', it was a miracle that with this much mon and this much noobie trainer packed in one place that there hadn't been an incident yet. Perhaps, his faith in humanity wasn't misplaced after all. Nevertheless, it was to be expected. Tauros were naturally a rigorous and tempermental species like the bovines of old. Fickle. Irritable. Willis moved Thrush's pot away from the old Tauros unless it got any ideas.

Anyway, it seemed like the only other person he could stand being in the corner with was now engaging in conversation instead of engaging with letters. Looked like she'd succumbed to the same fate as him. The announcer overhead spoke out once more, before cutting off at the end with a electronic buzz. The trainers continued to chatter as the monotone voice of the announcement blurred with the haze of chit-chat.

" Attention, all trainers. The ceremony approximately begins in about 10 minutes. Please make sure that your pokemon are stored in your poke-balls by then and that you are properly prepared for the activities of the ceremony. Until then, please enjoy the mandatory refreshments available in the hall."

Willis rolled his eyes before musing out loud towards Perna.

" People today. Can't keep track of the time. Need announcements to do their work. Maybe, if more people could, this damn conference wouldn't take as long to begin."

He unscrewed the lid of his canteen, looking at Perna curiously before swallowing down a gulp of water.

" So, why'd you decide to come to this shindig of a graduation ceremony in the first place, anyway? Full of social hormonal teens and young adults like you and me? You seem more interested in reading those letters back there and keeping yourself quiet rather than have whatever Oak wants us to do."

Willis shook his head and gave an offhand remark towards Perna, clutching his head. Ugh. Looks like he couldn't escape the trap of socialization forever.

" Well, guess I can't judge you since I've been doing that crap as well. Ranger with one arm signing up to be a trainer. Why don't you write that story to one of your pen-pals?"


Wet Market - One of the official colloqiual terms for the section of the underground Black-Market that primarily operates in dealing rare and undocumented wild and trained pokemon to trainers. It has been rumoured among the League community and all League officials have tried to crack down on any illegal, unsanctioned League trading of wild mon but so far, the Wet Market has remained elusive.

Ophanim Salamences - Ophenim Salamences are a breed of Hunter-Killer genetically augmented Salamences that are primarily used for Miltary operations to defend strategic Military outposts from terrorist attacks. The question of whether Ophenim Salamences are reliable has been debated thoroughly in the Indigo Provincial Congress for some time now, due to the dragon's species innate trait for pre-mediated violence.


@The Bork Lazer@Kymera@Innue

There we go~

It's not much, but I got something up for you guys.

Ah, unfortunately, I forgot this, sorry, but @Kymera PM'd me that he'd be leaving the RP.
@The Bork Lazer

Given how its been quite a while since there's been an IC post, can we forgo the posting order? Y'know, just to move things along?

I'm sorry. I've been dealing with work and fever along with making preparations for college.

Sure, it seems like the best thing to do now is to forgo the posting order.

You can post if you want to.
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