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Current Happy Chinese New Year, RPGuild!


Eat. Sleep. Conquer. Repeat.

If there was ever a motto to follow, that's the one I believe everyone should follow.

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Leap of faith
Just waiting for the next post over here.
So, since some people(read: all of you) remain obstinately untalkative:

Is there anyone's run you're particularly excited for in this game, besides your own?

Definitely @Morden Man Wolverine concept. That outlying sample post had enough meat in it that you could bite into and savor yet leave you wanting for more.
The most ambitious crossover event in history.
Campbell’s team campaign mascot.

Sorry to anyone who wanted to play Black Lightning.
Hey, I'm just gonna say this to all you Spider Man dudes out there. If any of you plan on using Shocker as a villain, please let me know because I got something special planned between him and Static.

(Also, dibs on Condiment Man, Kite Man and Stilt Man)
A little hint of what I'm currently working on atm.....Might get this up and running after my exams next week.......

Honestly, my head-canon for what happened to Hour Error's character was that she's currently blackout drunk in the midst of all this chaos and currently nursing a hangover at wherever she lives at.
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