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" There exists man and the beast
One in the light, one in dark
We exist for them to feast
And the beast for men to mark.
Who is best to lead savages?
Beasts, of course, who play at God."

- Verse 30 of The Ranger's Code, by Mordecai Boreal, famous member of The Solemn Vigil

Our mortal folly has brought us all to this moment. No matter who you are, no matter where you are, no matter what you may tell yourself, you are part of this unfolding tapestry of blood, chaos and ploys. Ink on the moth-eaten pages of history books.

Arnon. A world that once teetered and tottered on the edge of oblivion but whether through divine intervention or pure luck, it stayed stable after a history that would have been the death-knell of most lands. Betrayal of brothers and sisters. Royal feuds. Rebellions by the dozens. Rogue conquerors. Hoarding and safe-keeping of living weapons.Civil wars. Human nature ripping and tearing itself apart like a rabid hound.

It was a constant cycle of vicious violence, followed by brief moments of detente, and then, the cycle continued, stagnant, inexorable to change.

Until a single person came forth. The Grand Champion. A person who'd managed to tame and control the most powerful of Arnon's menagerie of wondrous creatures with unparalleled skill. A man said to have the ability to subjugate any monster under his control with a single glance and a touch.

The Grand Champion came along, uniting all the heartless warlords and false kings under the Indigo Pact, a pact that formally divided the known world into a series of borders and created the six nations as we know today.

Prisma - The Land of a Thousand Colors
Arbora - The Land of Flourishing Trees
Litorion - The Land of Roving Seas
Fabulios - The Land of Ancient Myths
Bellorum - The Land of Hardened Steel and Soul
Pulchere - The Land of Radiant Beauty

It has been several centuries since the Grand Champion. The pact holds true but no one knows for how long. The lands are in tensions. Periodic conflicts break out every now and then. Alliances are being formed. The common folk are suffering.

The world is not what it could be.

We need a new Grand Champion.

Mechanics (Up to subjectivity and change through discussion)

- There is no modern, futuristic 21st century technology in Arnon like in the modern pokemon world. There are no devices that violate the laws of conversation of mass (poke-balls), no electronic devices and nothing remotely modern. Medieval era technology is allowed, however.
- Aura and psychic users exist. Aura is an inherent quality within every individual that is almost unnoticeable by the layman and while psychic individuals are usually restricted to certain religious sects or cults. Only through a life-time of training can you become a aura adept.
- A person having control over one or two pokemon is considered normal. Three is considered above-average. Four is considered a natural at handling pokemon. Five is considered very rare. Six is restricted for the High-Lords of each settlement. More than six and you're considered the living reincarnation of the Grand Champion.
- Pokemon sub-species exist, with certain adaptations to fit their enviroment and so forth.
- Moves exist in this universe.
- Pokemon can die.
- Artificial pokemon (Such as Mewtwo, Porygon) don't exist in any shape or form.


1. Worldbuilding will be done in equal share. I'm not taking the lion's share nor will you be taking the lion's share. We will both explore parts of the world through IC roleplaying and through OOC chat.

2. In terms of my writing standards, I am able to write anywhere from two paragraphs to inordinately long novella-esque posts if, and I repeat, if the post I'm replying to is interesting enough and engages me. This also takes into account the time I have in real life. I don't believe quantity is a measure of how good one's writing is and that quality and well-written prose is better than a splurge of shitty writing. I am looking for a partner that possesses a propensity for imaginative and in-depth world-building who will drive the story forward.

As you're probably guessing, I am also expecting a partner who is adept in grammar, proper English punctuation and the intricacies of the English language but I am not looking for a flawless diamond. I am looking for diamonds in the rough. If you put forth effort in your writing, I will recognize it.

3. As this is my first time truly engaging in fantasy/medieval, I am looking for a partner who has equal knowledge of pokemon and has experience in medieval roleplays.

4. Before we start, PM a writing sample so I am able to gauge what level you are at. Search my post public forum posts if you want to see what quality I write at.

5. I primarily play male roles and I am able to multi-role as both genders. If this RP goes a romantic route (WHICH I AM FUCKING TIRED OF), then, I am afraid I can only go male. Sorry for being a heteronormative individual, Tumblr.

P.S - I didn't totally get this idea after a combination of drinking too much booze, watching an episode of Game of Thrones and reading pokemon fanfiction.
" Yesterday,
I watched the world burn in a thousand thousand terrible ways. Sometimes we would have to scream.


I'm alive to write about it. You want happy endings?

Fuck. You.

God help us all.

Secure. Contain. Protect.


Item#: SRP - 528

Roleplay Class: Realistic/Modern, 1x1

Special Role-Playing Procedures: SRP-528 can be done in either a forum-based roleplay or a private messaged role-play. SRP-528 must be excluded of any realistic and thorough description of pornographic or lewd activities that serve no purpose to the plot such as [REDACTED]. SRP-528 cannot support any romantics relationships that are not heterosexual. SRP-528 must be done on a weekly basis, with both participants expected to post every week with rotations. Before any individuals proceed to interact with SRP-528, they must request permission from Head Researcher Borkus Lazorus through private-messaging along with sending a writing sample as well.

Description: SRP-528 is a roleplay that is set in the fictional world that involves the activities of the fictional cladestine organisation known as the SCP Foundation, an organisation that is dedicated to the study, capture and containment of SCP Objects ; anomalous artifacts or items that jeopardize the purview of normalcy. SRP-528 has 4 optional scenarios in which a subject is liable to cooperate with another subject to proceed with. For the procedure of SRP-528 to be successful, subject must have a basic knowledge of the SCP Foundation, the key word being basic. You are not required to know every piece of detail behind each of the 3000 or so SCPs on the site, every incident report, every experiment log, every possible bit of lore and trivia and so forth. Subject possess enough knowledge to make role-playing an enjoyable experience. Subject must possess the ability and conviction to do multi-paragraphed, detailed writing in each post, provided that they have adept grammar in the English language. An inclination towards world-building and pre-plotting is greatly desired for SRP-528, being encouraged for all applicants. SRP-528 appears to have manifested on 12th, September 2017 on the public forum domain, RPnation and on two public forum domains, IwakuRoleplay and Roleplayerguild, on 13th, September 2017.

Canon 1 - Quiet Days

" It was over.
No one in the Foundation, from the lowliest security guard to the O5 council, could quite explain exactly what was over. If they were to hazard a guess, a likely answer would have been "everything."

The magic is gone. All of the Foundation's SCP's have dissapeared, gone into the wind, been suddenly exterminated or have simply become mundane. SCP-1386 now operates as a normal street ice cream vendor with actual humans inside. No one will ever know less or more about what the heck SCP-055 was. SCP-993's radio signals have mysteriously gone offline. Anomalous activity appears to have halted for the time being and the universe appears to have been restored to its former sanity. There was nothing to secure, contain or protect anymore in a world that didn't have anything that needed to be secured, contained or protected from the general purview of the public.

The O5's try to keep a sense of day-by-day life in the Foundation, ironically trying to enforce decisions that would have been pertinent in an era gone by. Everyone knows that the Foundation will soon crumble and when it did, everyone would have to go back into their normal, safe, usual lives once more.

The question is: how?

Canon 2 - Recruitment Drive

Okay people, sit your asses down and shut your pie holes. I’ve got places to go and people more important than you to see, because I happen to be a scientist and we scientists have a tendency to be very busy and important people. If you’re out there in the folding chairs, that means that you're the new guys. Bottom of the totem pole. But, it also means that you passed the entrance exams. Welcome to the SPC. From this moment onward, your job is very, very simple: you are going to punch sharks.

The Foundation is made up of a global body of the best the world has to offer. From containment specialists, human lab rats, Mobile Task Force Units, genius criminals, technicians, architectural zoologists, exorcists, anartists, quantum theorists to professional gamers; the Foundation, with the myriad of anomalies it encounters and catalogues on a daily basis, recruits from all backgrounds and from all specialties.

Naturally, the Foundation, like any employer, looks for specific qualities. A lack of connection to family and little to no desire for one. Aptitude in a field of study. Ability to focus and persevere under extreme pressure. All qualaties that the Foundation finds desirable.

You were one such individual. Did they make you an offer you couldn't refuse? Was it your innate curiosity to know the 'truth'? If there even is one. Was it the paycheck? They always do open up with that, by the way. Classic business strategy.

Anyway, you've been officially brought into the world (that you were most likely better off knowing without) of the Foundation.

Good luck. And may God have mercy on your sanity.

Canon 3 - Exposed

" May 10, 2014
Today, Dr. Robert Feldon, the former head of the Foundation "Ethics" Committee was released from the institution he was placed in following the UN Committee hearing two weeks ago and restored to his former position. The majority of the panel declined to comment on their decision to repeal their choice and return Dr. Feldon to his former position, replacing panel and Committee head Gregory Rexin as leader of the UN New Committee on the Ethical Containment of Anomalous Objects, Events, and Creatures.
When questioned, Rexin said only, "In this world, this world in which everything we know is turned upside down, what is ethical? What is right and wrong and how do we define cruel and unusual?"
Further comment was declined. Cont. pg. 2A ETHICS."

The veil of secrecy has been unveiled. The Foundation, in cooperation with the GOC, have managed to stop a XK-class end-of-the-world scenario from happening but at a terrible cost. The complete utter destruction of North Korea, off the face of the continent. The masquerade has been broken and so has the clandestine nature of the Foundation. The world has now grown aware of the broken nature of their universe and the ones responsible for diving back into that murky darkness: the Foundation. Global humanitarian organisations and sovereign countries alike contest with the existence of anomalies and the seemingly alien world-view of the Foundation.

Where are you in all this?

Canon 4 - State of Emergency


What was supposed to be just another normal day in the Foundation has turned into the worse moment of your life. You don't know how it happened but all you remember are the lights flickering, a sudden rumbling in the ground before everything goes black. The klaxons are going off, people are rushing for the exit, screams, shouts and everyone's letting out their fears about but you, sir or ma'am, are stuck in the midst of all this confusion.

Will you ever escape this nightmare unharmed or succumb to the monstrosities that were not meant to be?

"You look afraid. Don't be afraid. This is a dream. The last dream you may ever have, for nightmares are coming."
I don't think it's out of Raven's character to want to bring down Transigen and help the mutant children though. I think that's part of her motivations. I see Raven as a bit selfish and impulsive even at this point in her life. While she wants to reconnect with Charles and help Laura and Logan, I think she still would take the fight to Transigen if/when possible which I do expect to be met with resistance. If you're not sure about how I'm characterizing Raven, we can go with another plot though. I want us both to be comfortable with direction and intent.

Nah. It's okay. I'm just suggesting that Logan would directly conflict with Raven and her ambitions which would in turn create some good and interesting roleplaying.

Anyway, I'm still waiting for that IC post.
I do see Raven as selfish though, while she values Laura's freedom and wishes to help her and the others escape Transigen, I can still see Raven wanting to confront Transigen now that Laura is finally without restraint. Raven isn't who she once was, phsycailly, I think she'd want to use the strength behind Laura to tip the scales. I also see Raven as having been able to snag a few vials of serum to help those like Charles and Logan, it wouldn't be a permanent solution but I think Raven has been preparing for this juncture for a while. Logan wouldn't want to fight the large scale fight Raven may lean toward, Laura would have her own reservations but I don't see Raven's choices fueled solely on kindness. Laura as an ally gives Raven a chance to bring down a few Transigen lab. That would be another source of conflict for the group. Head to the border, go on a detour, etc. If you're not on board with the idea I understand but I do see this RP as an opportunity to change some things and explore different tactics on each individual's desires.

I didn't say I was particularly against the idea. I just said that there would be a lot more to explore with it and that Logan would conflict with Raven about her decisions.

Otherwise, I'm alright with this idea, so long as it doesn't escalate into 'Bringing the Transigen Corporation Down' and become mutant freedom fighters.
I don't think we'd have to worry about that. We are posing a new plot so we can develop Logan and Raven a little differently. Given the new change in dynamics with Raven now along for the ride, some events may change. I think along the way Raven may try to target and bring down a few small Transigen labs if possible. She sees the big picture of Transigen as a threat and with Logan and Laura she's got a lot more strength on her side.

Logan is old and arthiritic and losing his healing factor and Laura's a child soldier. I don't think Raven would try to bring them along and turn Laura into the true purpose of becoming a child soldier against Transigen if she was disguised as Nurse Gabrielle. Remember, the X-23 children are being given over the border so that they can be safe from Transigen. Using Laura as a weapon against Transigen would defeat the purpose of that. Raven is characterized as having hatred against corporations like Trask and Transigen but Logan would conflict with her on that.
I wasn't sure if we wanted to extend the time to get Laura to the border to allow us some more room for sidetrips and easier pacing so I left it vague, leaving us room to adjust some events as we'd like.

I think that would be good, as long as those side-trips don't contradict the characterisation of Logan and Raven along with not shattering our suspension of disbelief.

So you need three total?? Or should I limit myself to two ATM because of my F5??

In the lore. Many trainers have managed to overcome Novice Gyms with one or only two mon since Novice Gym Leaders take it easy on them.

I was expecting one mon for each trainer but I'll make an exception for you if you do your character profile good enough.
Well that still kinda fits into my character sheet in a way, I did say that she is Wiccan trying to control/channel life energy of people and Pokemon a like and I did plan on Diaval being a more subdued ghost type which is why he was alonewhen he found my charie, but I leave the end result to you, if it clashes to hard I can easily switch it to an other Pokemon to better fit the narrative. I don't want to mess with such a marvelous thought out universe

Nah, it's alright. Novice trainers are expected to have three mon by the time they face their first Gym Leader so just add another mon. Won't be a problem.

Just formulate whatever solution you think is best.
I did drop my application off this morning in your inbox @The Bork Lazer let me know what you think, I can post regularly, if there is a problem please alert me so I may correct any mistakes you find with the sheet

Ah, sorry, must have been a glitch in the system because I couldn't see your message.

There's a bit of a problem with it, though. Because you're the first Ghost Type Trainer of this RP.

Just a few things, though.

These were my original plans for Ghost Types in my setting. Ghost Types are one of the F5 species due to several reasons which I will list now.

- They are sadistic and regularly do Conjuring-Annabelle shit to humans for shits and giggles.
- They feed on the life-force of humans.
- They can only be killed by another Ghost-Type or a Dark Type.
- They're typically outlawed for Novice usage.
- Ghost Type trainers are known as Channelers because they channel their life-force to control ghosts. This is why Channelers have a reduced life span.

Anyway, I thought that would have spoiled too much about the type and I would reveal it later in the setting.

Novice Trainers aren't expected to have F5 species in their reportaire. Ghost Types are a F% species per my lore.

So, you can have two mon, one being a ghost type and another a non-ghost type or you may want to change your character profile to suit the above information.
Still looking!
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