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Now this is original. I'm curious to see how it developes.
Always down for a Western setting. Is this a "real world" game with a history that lines up with our own (with a few supernaturals thrown in), or is this a completely alternate universe?
My love of excessive character sheets strikes again!

Uh ... yeah.

I actually have other things I've hoped to accomplish in this life, so I need to drop out.

It's been fun. Peace.
@Kuroakuma Thanks much. Can I swap to a different character when the Dean is found horribly murdered?
Interested. I'll play the Dean is no one else has dibs.
I am intrigued. Alas, I am not as familiar with Prague as I'd like to be. Is there anything I could read to prep myself?
Interested. How are you envisioning this? Would it be a modern paranormal investigation, an old occult detective style investigation, or something else?
Intrigued. Let me give this a shot.

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