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I'd be interested in making a Abhuman themed Legion.

With the fight seemingly over, Caster decided to make her exit. The interruptions of the likely Lancer had prevented her from starting her attack. Saber was already exiting, after a few heated words toward Lancer. Such large fights never tended to be fair, and she had no interest in ganging up against a weak opponent. Caster would fight competently, but some things just weren't worth it. It seemed that this fight and night had been a dud. At the very least she had seen two of her opponents, now three.

All of them impressed her in their own ways. Saber was doubtless a Swan Knight, befitting of their fighting prowess and displayed virtue. The Tyrant-King opposing her was himself without a doubt a man of regal and powerful bearing. Even the likely Lancer that had interrupted the entire affair had an inhumanly shaped and powerful body.

With the battle settled, she took a moment to inform her master across their link. Since Caster herself was immune to this pressure, she imagined that her master was safe through their link. Even if that wasn't the case, her master was abnormal. Caster imagined she'd be fine. With things done Caster suppressed her own magical energy while overlaying a conjuration of herself to leave behind. She bent light using the barrier of wind around her, exiting the battlefield invisible and with full haste.

Caster was slightly taken aback, her response a little bit flat footed. Whether it was confusion around the value of the question itself or her masters intent, it was pretty hard to tell. It wasn't as if Caster herself was a Magus, even if she had the general fundamentals more or less expanded within this container. She had been relying on Merlin this entire time, and she imagined her true instruction would begin whenever it was time to sleep.

". . .You are wrong. We're both going to be pupils, Mast-"

"Charlie, the enemy is in front of us."

Artoria immediately cut off the thought as her scouting familiars were killed by an overwhelming pressure she could feel through their shared link. It was enough to stop her for a moment, though in truth that was more in reaction to enemies. It certainly hadn't been magecraft. An enemy ability or Noble Phantasm, then? It wouldn't make a difference to her either way. Without any hesitation, she increased her own resistance against mental attacks with a spell. Whatever it was, her own abilities had limited the effects greatly. There was no telling what it could do to someone else, though.

Caster took a brief moment to direct her Master to a safe hiding spot, then moved on her own to confront their opponents. A powerful aura ability like that was dangerous for even an experienced Magus. Until its limitations and nature were verified, she couldn't risk exposure for Charlie. However, she wasn't going to obstruct them from fighting; there was something abnormal about Casters Master. Her contemplation only lasted for the briefest moments before she crossed the short distance left required to reach Tokyo Tower. While traveling she prepared self targeted spells to improve her overall speed, for flight, and to create a flexible barrier of wind around herself. When she finally did arrive, Caster made sure to extend a larger barrier around the park to discourage any attention.

The area was dominated by a small park full of trees. Obstructions like that would be a terrain advantage to consider in the coming battle, and concealment would be a lot simpler. She had initially worried that this area would've been open ground for an Archer to snipe into, but that would probably only be an issue if Caster committed to aerial combat. The Holy Grail War was full of oddities, however. She would have to be on guard for the likes of Archer or Assassin interfering.

"Master. For now, just watch through our link. The opponents ability is too dangerous for your fighting style."

When she finally reached the scene, a battle between two opponents had already begun. This was a struggle between a Tyrant with an overwhelming aura and a pure white Knight.

In other words in front of her were two superb opponents. Rather than attacking from the shadows, she elected to reveal herself whilst conjuring up a contingent of Men-At-Arms to her front. Archers were positioned to her sides and back(with a clear line of exit behind herself), and for now she elected to not use aerial combat.

". . . ."

Even discounting her monarchical regalia, Casters own 'aura of Kingship' was itself quite potent. The male opponent was obviously a King, and most likely a Tyrant at that. The pure Knight was a different story, but she had clearly pushed him onto the defensive. With just the tiny demonstration she had been shown, Artoria was already impressed by both. But then again, this was the Holy Grail War. Perhaps all of her opponents would be this majestic.

For a few precious moments, she watched their exchange of blows. If neither had a word to speak in that time, she would doubtless begin her attack. It would've been nice if she could've spoken with them, but introductions were a luxury in mortal combat.

Moments later, she unleashed a ray of searing blue light from her scepter directed at both Saber and Berserker. It was a mere probing attack and wouldn't do a great amount of damage, but it would test their magical resistance. After that, the real battle could begin.

More importantly it would work well with her archers to suppress an enemy charge.
<Snipped quote by Idol Theory>

Right, so, small trouble with the Lusankya or 40K. The Lusankya would be OP as hell with all the support you'd have from other players and the 40K universe pretty much wants everything in the SW universe dead in one way or another. I mean, it would be fun to see either one, but a 40K ship would need some SERIOUS heresy if it's from the Imperium and everything else would need retconned in some form. The Lusankya...that would just have a crap ton of firepower to make it fairly unfair. And, like I already said, with the support from all the player ships, well, I don't know that it would ever get damaged.

That's a bit late, yikes.

I'll just withdraw interest, though I don't think it matters at this point.

Familiars were useful as an advanced screen. Scouting was paramount in any conflict; in the Holy Grail War, knowledge determined everything.

Suppressing her own magical energy and moving under the cover of illusion magic went without saying. While she wasn't underhanded, Caster preferred to avoid the enemies gaze through familiars. If they encountered an opposing pair, she would like the initiative and a moment to determine their course of action. Of course, just hiding like that was a downside all its own. It lowered the chance of an enemy revealing themselves. Exposure was a bait all its own, she certainly knew that much.

That aside, though, the majority of spiritual land was already claimed. The pair had made sense of that much between familiars and their own plodding around for hours on end. That was well and good, since it could prevent some future collateral damage. There was no telling what a desperate servant or master could've done to the innocents of this city with access to a fallen leyline. The most likely option was feeding on their souls in mass. It was a bit reassuring that it probably wasn't even a possibility. Or, at least, it had become far more difficult.

Still, there was one nexus left completely unclaimed. That place was called. . . The Tokyo Tower. It was exceptionally tall. They would have to be on the lookout for an Archer class servant on approach.

She took a moment to inform her master before starting to move in its direction.
Having an idea of where the fallen leylines are would be good. I don't have anything I'd want to do with them, but I did want to include them in tonights patrol.

". . .I wasn't so fond of shields. And wearing capes into battle is. . ." When Artoria spoke during the meal, it was mostly to earnestly answer her masters question like that. Aside from that she ate rather silently, comments on the anime aside. Even so, there was a certain amount of elegance even when she ate chinese food. Thankfully she was using the chopsticks perfectly normal, the Holy Grail being reliable as ever.

"...Hmm." Rarely she would nod or make expressions as if she was in deep thought. It certainly didn't have to do with the anime, but rather what she was consuming at any given moment. One could probably chalk it up to enjoying the meal, but Caster was so irregular it was probably hard to tell.

By the time Caster was nearly done she had begun to smile a little bit. Even with her own limited interactions with the girl, she had already 'felt' many abnormalities within this magus.

"It was good, Charlie. Food is important to continue fighting." It seemed her master didn't like her actual first name, so she had stopped using it shortly after their summoning. While it was true that eating had some benefit in maintaining her form, this incarnation had plenty of energy. Perhaps she could've mentioned the meal as unnecessary, but refrained from ever bringing it up.

A few moments after both had finished their meals, Caster stood up.

It would be better if her Master was slowly eased into their role. Making reckless mistakes was one thing, but actually experiencing the war would be important for winning it. Real battles were about determination at the decisive moment. If her Master wasn't for combat, then their chances for final victory would lower drastically. It didn't seem such, but-

More importantly than that, she wanted to judge her Master.

"We should begin patrolling. There's no reason for us to avoid the first night, Master."

There was no way to offer her own power right now. This body was that of a small girl, after all. There was no worth to a King who couldn't protect anyone. But at the same time, it had become more complicated. With the presence of Merlin, she was definitely a lot more reassured in this form. It wasn't a matter of the power she was borrowing, but more that he was so reliable. Even if he was just a little bit mischievous and troubling, there were few people that she could trust to be the Kings power. He was definitely one of them.

"I believe we should inspect grounds favorable to Magi, starting where the leylines have Fallen." The detection abilities of Caster eclipsed that of any other class in the war. Usually merely finding the enemy wandering about was difficult, even with the use of familiars. But in her case, it would be much easier. This was to say nothing of territories, of course. Those were far more troublesome to detect for a modern magus, yet for her it would be far easier. It was something to have a little bit of pride in, even in her current state.

Certain land favored certain Magi, Merlin had said. Different attributes, elements, and paradigms. An astrologer would be in a tower or a place close to the stars. A spiritualist would be in a temple or graveyard. It was the same philosophy as constructing Temples, Magi just had some extra considerations. Finding the camps of all their rivals would go far in giving their own a distinct advantage.

A leyline foci was certainly the greatest prize, but modern magi couldn't control them so easily. Still, it was important to keep tabs on the entire network. Some Noble Phantasms may do something, or a Magus could possibly attempt to piggyback the network. Caster had no intent in using them herself, but monitoring their state was important. They could go to each nexus in the city and check up on them from a distance. As this was a war composed of foreigners, she imagined the current Masters didn't even know their locations. That, too, would be another advantage.

Just being able to get a good grasp of the city on foot would be nice.

"Are you ready, Master?"

I may well apply the Lusankya (Wedge Antilles obv.), or something from 40k.
I'll get to work on a Dreadnought possibly.
I think so, but I'm still waiting on my Master.
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