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not sure what made me check this forum today, but i haven't died yet!

i was 13 when i joined rpg. now i have a mortgage; i think it's pretty natural to grow out of our old clothes and move on to new stuff!
there are several people i met here who i still talk to on a regular basis, which is pretty incredible, but it would feel odd to even call them by their usernames anymore.

regardless i hope you guys are all keeping safe! talk to you again in like two years when i post Once
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i need yall to take a hard guess as to where my life is rn who am i quick rapidfire responses only

Well, speaking as someone from Canada, I'd think we'd welcome it with open arms.

Like we do everything else.

Failing that, I'll get behind @Dinh AaronMk on this one.

I mean, unless you're a refugee :')
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ban me daddy

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Hi im an ESFJ-A 2w3 LLE

I think you need to be banned before they enable you.
@ImANargleHunter - "I'm a dumb idiot loser and @Doivid is better in every conceivable way possible"

there are so many actually incriminating things ive said so i dont know why you made one up
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I like how the cat was actually a human, and the mouse was actually a monkey.

there's a proverb about being yourself in there some place.

no im p sure its the other way around. the mouse is just a rlly small dude
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