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Sorry about that, for some reason my account was signed out and I didn't get any notification when I checked in.

I would like to move the story forward though and I'm sure whoever hasn't posted will be able to catch up when they're able to.
I might be interested. I think my other roleplays went kaput, so about time I found a new one... and *maybe* I'll branch out to 'not pokemon' this time. :P I'm thinking some kind of anti-magic power.

Yeah? That sounds pretty cool. Hope you decide to join in on this.
Well I figured it could be good to give your character a chance to express themselves in a way that allows them to shine and give everyone a more fleshed out sense of who they are as a person.
Post is up! Sorry again that it took so long, but we finally have everything started. Remember to post your character in the character tab and ask me any questions you may have and remember to have fun with it!
Wind whipped through the silent plain that made up what was once Nebraska. On this day, only one person was wandering through the cold air, clutching his coat close to himself.

"Destiny did not call you. I did."

Every day felt cold, but lately it hasn't been so bad. Winter must finally be letting up, the man thought to himself, reminiscing on the words spoken to him by that man, the man he knew as his employer. It wasn't hard to know when one was in Nebraska, seeing as how it was one of those few places particularly affected by the bombs. Sure there was the occasional horde of the Hungry, which meant it was wise to stay off the roads and away from the larger towns, but it served itself well as a place where one can travel in peace when it was warm enough.

"You can't be alive. I saw you die in Pittsburgh."

"The game has changed so much now, my friend, I'm a little disappointed you still treat death the way you did before this all happened."

After that, there was nothing much he could do besides start walking his way to a meeting place given to him by a dead man who still drew breath. In this world, that was the least of his troubles. What was more worrisome was dealing with the mundane horrors of a world gone to shit.

He had seen people die of exposure before, simple fevers that once meant nothing, now were life threatening. Healers were in short supply, and that wasn't even counting the charlatans, snake oil salesmen, or the predators out there looking for easy prey. Once, when he was all the way down in Mississippi, he encountered a woman who swore she had knowledge of the healing arts, but he knew better than to take her for her word. Sure enough, when she offered him a soothing cup of tea, he could smell the faintest whiff of something off. One confrontation and a few bullets later, the Witch lay cold on the table, leaving him to discover her torture chamber in the basement, reeking of blood and viscera. This wouldn't have slid past the government regulators, but now there weren't any regulators, leaving whoever was left to fend for themselves.

The building was in sight, and the man was waved at by a singular figure near the door. He was a middle aged man, clad in black clothing, a ski mask hiding his features, a rifle slung over his shoulder. Waving back, the man greeted the guard, sharing pleasantries before giving the password that would gain me entrance.

"War Master."

"That's the one. Glad to see you back at your post, Mr. Bard."

Nodding, Mr. Bard entered the improvised radio station, powered entirely by gasoline generators, so as not to attract the attention of The Hungry. It was warm, windowless, and only as large as about three ramshackle houses squeezed together, with a kitchen, a bed, and a microphone, one that he felt so familiar towards, but reluctant to use. Still, he had a job to do, and one didn't refuse a job offer from the man he knew as Dimitri Gorbachev.

The microphone powered on, and he began his speech.

"Hello, hello, my dearest listeners. It's ya boy, the Bard, coming at you from an undisclosed location, in what we used to call the United States of America. My little vacation was...very productive, and I have returned with gifts. More specifically, I come to you with Salvation in hand, and a chance to fix this broken world of ours. Have I caught your attention? Good, because you're going to want to listen real well. In the frozen wastes of Chicago is a man, a cassette, and a gun. My newest employer wants all three of these things, and is offering anyone who can retrieve them, the ultimate reward, a world before the bombs, a world of peace and prosperity, where everything we know is back to normal."
First contact with the other tribe was bloody, cruel, and filled with violence. They came at night, surprising them, and killing many of the guards Setsua put in place in a matter of moments. Then they turned on the laborers, and it became a sport of seeing just how many of the wood workers they could capture, and drag off into the forest with nets. He tried, he really did, but it was difficult in the darkness, and there were so many of them. At the end of it all, he couldn't do anything, and instead, he ran with the others, hoping to flee the nets of these savage attackers.

The Sun brought with it the safety of knowing that it was all over, but in reality, it had only just begun. Looking over the ruins of the recently built outpost, Setsua feldt within himself a deep seated anger, an animal that would not be refused. A messenger was sent, to tell of this attack, and to make the call for warriors.

War was on the horizon.

Setsua of course was given command of the army. It was a loose conglomeration of soldiers, taken from different villages with their own specialties. Some men held spears, some swords, others axes, slings, and more commonly, farm tools or bricks. A small handful were professional soldiers, guards or perhaps even adventurers answering the call, outfitted in armor, armed to the teeth, and hungry for battle. These were his tools, and Setsua had to use them in such a way that would ensure victory, or be faced with a crippling defeat. That wasn't going to happen, not again.

Making the trek out into the wilderness, he entrusted the renewal and further administrative duties of the new outpost to a noble his father trusted for the job. Hopefully he did well, as Setsua was going to need those resources very soon.

Along the way they would meet with hunting parties. Some were quick enough to get away, while others felt the vengeful fury of Setsua's blade as it plunged into their chests. All the death in the world wouldn't suppress the screams he still heard in his dreams, but at the very least it allowed him some comfort knowing that they were being avenged. It was not until they came upon the first city of what he recently learned was the Den'suma country, that the war was going to be especially brutal for them.

Outside of those walls was a gathering of the savages, tall like them, with the same grey skin and all white eyes, even their clothing of leather, skins and furs were similar to their own, but they knew there were greater differences than what was on the surface. Those Goliaths were the ones who attacked without provocation, killing and capturing anyone they could get their hands on, taking no mercy at all. For Setsua and his people, these neighbors might have well been demons in disguise, and it was their duty to slay them in kind. While he wanted nothing more than to kill them here and now, he knew that patience was required, and so took a different plan into action.

His army embedded themselves into the forest, separating his army into various groups to be headed by his lieutenants. Using this separation, he intended on starving them out, killing whomever decided to venture into the forest, and denying them the hunted meat they so desperately hungered for. If they wished to eat, they would have to risk their lives for it, and Setsua intended on making sure that none of these monsters made it out of this forest alive.
Sorry about not delivering that post when I said I would. Things have been crazy with me getting a new job and continuing my responsibilities as a father and husband, all in a new state of course lol. Will try to get it done tonight or tomorrow though, so don't think I've forgotten about this!

@Eviledd1984 Yeah that sounds great!
At or over eighteen would definitely be preferred but otherwise it is approved!

First post should be out sometime today so get ready, everyone!
Sounds good to me!
Well looks like nobody else is joining, so I'll get started on the opening IC post!
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