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Standing upon the sand opposite his opponent, the knight held his maul tightly, prepared for the battle to come. On this day, he would prove himself to be innocent of his crimes.

Circling his opponent, he intended to stay on the side of his shield. That way he would have a more difficult time trying to stab at him with his weapon. With every circle he stepped forward a foot, waiting for a moment to strike.

"You will die on this day, and I will be free. How does it feel to know you will have failed in bringing justice?"
I am definitely joining up on this and will send you a message with my template
So sorry about not responding sooner. Yeah I'd be very much up for a fight. I'll look through your signature right now.
Name: Elder Things

Nation: Traders Guild of Yithnak

Traits: Able to see in the dark, survive in space, amphibious and can hibernate for countless epochs


Strength: -3
Intelligence: 12
Industrial: 4
Diplomatic: 5
Reproduction: 7
Tough: 12
Work: 2
Morale: 2

History/Background: The Elder Things are an ancient race of creatures dating back from billions of years ago. Theirs is an advanced but mysterious civilization that was nearly destroyed millions of years ago and has ever since been scattered.

Reference image:
Planet Name: Yithnak
Planet Sector: Galaxy 1- 85,789 - Yithnak system
Faction/Nation: Traders Guild of Yithnak
Type: Glitterworld
Biomes: Forest, Mountainous, Desert, Ocean
Traits: Warm, Medium
Atmosphere: Breathable
Inhabitants: Elder Things
Importance: Capital of the Traders Guild
Resources: Food, Water, Stone, Coal, Uranium, Steel, Wood, Iron
Military Presence: 10
Total Planetary Points: 0 remaining
The Trade Guild of Yithnak

Nation Overview

The Trade Guild of Yithnak is a Corporatocracy comprised of the richest of the Elder Things, who use the influence that comes from said wealth to rule over the entirety of Yithnak. One can gain great riches from befriending the Trade Guild, with their advanced technology and ability to create strange biological creatures, but be warned. Profits are what matter to the Guild, and they will stop at nothing to ensure they are the Supreme economic force in the galaxy.

Government Structure

As a corporotacracy, The Traders Guild of Yithnak is a shared effort to bring the profitability of the nation to its utmost potential. As such, the responsibility of handling the day to day operations of the planet is divided to ensure maximum efficiency.

There are local managers, which are appointed to oversee any occupied piece of territory currently in use by the Guild.

Above the managers are the supervisors, who are given responsibility over many managers to ensure they are operating within the best interests of the guild.

Above them are the overseers, who are tasked with ensuring efficiency by dictating proper legislation that the supervisors put under their control enforce upon the managers.

Finally above these overseers are the Commercial Hierophants, accomplished, powerful individuals who are given whole swaths of territory to ensure utmost efficiency is being carried out. They converse with their overseers, shaping the legislation which effects the whole of the nation. Through them, the Guild not only survives, but thrives.


Controlled Planets




Ground Forces

2.5 million


1 Cruiser

1 frigate

3 fighters

Notable Technology

FTL capabilities

Generic Manipulation
Because I killed you. I stabbed you, blew you up, then dissolved what was left.
With the vampire destroyed, Jennifer found her mission accomplished. The spirits were appeased, and she could return to her wandering. Before that, however, she needed to dispose of what was left of her adversary.

Pooling together the darkness around her, she transformed it into its gaseous form. It swirled down to the bloody remains of the vampire, dissolving it as its corrosive nature burning away all evidence of the interloper. In just a matter of moments, there was nothing left but dust, carried off in the wind.

"Back to the shadows with me, it seems." The moon was covered by the clouds, it's iridescent light revealing the absence of the lich when the obscurity was removed.

You know so little, and presume so much.

Physical trauma would have no effect upon her ability to command the darkness that she held at her finger tips. With no blood pumping or air going in her lungs, how did he hope to make her stop with physical pain alone?

Alas, it was time for this to end, and so she did. Every spike within him sank deeper inside of him, then explode in a spectacle of great fire and blood. Singularly they could not do much harm, but all together would tear his body apart till it was nothing but bits and pieces. Jennifer would sustain minor damage, some burns and cuts, but altogether, not an issue for the Shadow Witch.
Where there once might have been pain, now there was only the indication of her opponent's presence. It was a difficult thing, to fight an opponent who could not be seen, but she didn't need her eyes to look upon the world any longer. All she needed was her magic, which triggered as soon as contact was made between his leg and her knee.

The darkness that had been forming around her had now formed into numerous amounts of spikes, which launched themselves upon his body in the micro seconds it took to reach out and grab hold of her hair. By the time his fist was raised for the strike, the area around her would be showered in a lethal precipation of razor sharp needles. Forwards and backwards they would pierce the area in which Kobe stood, going for any vital organs, be it heart, lung or brain, in an effort to kill.
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