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The discord server is here

I'm interested to learn more about this

<Snipped quote by Ironsides>

so you can form a seven nation army?

Maybe...or perhaps it's a coincidence?

Need at least seven nations total to get started.

Hm...Seven Nations....
I'm playing around with some RNG bots and rewriting some crunch to make it more intuitive rather than purely D&D style tabletop.

The crunch is not inherently mandatory, it's more or less to keep Mary-Sues and Powergamers in check.
Three so far.

Good, good.
Never done a Discord Rp though so i could but i'd rather stick here.

If the interests in the forum outweighs the interest in discord, it'll be hosted here in RPG. I got 5 people in the chute on discord.

Hopefully more will be interested.
This is an interest check for a steampunk/fantasy NRP with tabletop elements as support mechanics for storytelling.

The setting is similar to the early Renaissance era between the 1500s and 1600s as far as technology is concerned. Magic functions as a method manipulating energy in arcane, elemental and divine/infernal sources and it may or may not be in direct competition with technology depending in how you want to develop. Magic and technology can exist harmoniously in the form of magi-tech or they can be conventions of thought that keeps worlds apart.

Between Worlds takes place on a fantasy world called Emoren. It is a vast and rich world shrouded in a mysterious history that even the ancient races do not know much of through the aeons of time.

For those interested you simply fill out a Nation Sheet with attributes in the same way you fill out a character sheet for a D&D Roleplay. I really prefer if this was a discord RP, however if enough interest is garnered here in RPG then we'll set up shop here.
I like world building and roleplay is another way to keep me sharp for writing stories and maybe one day write my own books.

Recently got back into roleplaying before I age out of the hobby.
As someone who has recently done a Nation Roleplay I can tell you for certain the more complexity you have the less of a crowd you'll have. The objective here is to have a good balance between mechanical complexity and traditional free-form roleplay.

As someone stated before this all depends on what you're looking for. I personally have mechanics in place to keep Mary-Sues and Powergamers in check because we've all been there that we have that one guy who wants to steamroll everyone with his seemingly invincible armies. A simple principle I adhere to is you keep the storytelling elements free from the mechanics as possible where mechanics are only there for policing players with nations going on power trips.

One thing I've toyed with recently is using mechanics to create a challenge to write a story around the results in a die roll of something hypothetical or planned. In NRP if roleplaying is the act of telling history of your setting then mechanics are those variables of fate that dictates the outcome of certain events in history. What you want is collaborative storytelling, not a game.
Indeed old friend. Indeed.
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