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Current Hello fellow humans and non-humans alike, I hope we are all vibing well in this liminal timespace that we find ourselves in.
4 yrs ago
Its been basically a year since i last did any seembalance of roleplaying on this site. Or at all for thst matter. Looking to get back into thr groove of things!
5 yrs ago
This book is too good. Makes me want more kingdom type roleplays. Guess i should put that in the interests section below.
5 yrs ago
Been getting into Airships: Conquer the skies, and reading Promise of Blood. Make od thst what you will
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Guess which lucky binch tried to catch a bad pass and ended up fracturing a bit in her finger? This binch



Young and old; Welcome to my informational page. I am the one and only Song Book. I, in simpleton terms, am a magically transforming book. Human to book. Book to human. You get the gist eh? If your confused on what to call me the usual pronouns work but please to use any form you find comfortable with. Not gonna judge if you can't remember. ( I've been known to call people -it- So...)
Get it? Got it? Good. Anyway on to..
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You will find my latest quote/new character introduction/ a glimpse into a new rp/ or song stuff. It changes regularly when I'm active.
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You will find what I have been active in lately.
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I have tastes that go from apocalyptic to fantasy to realistic. I look for a fairly decent plot line, dependable people, a easy to digest setting, and an active base of players. Currently I am looking for some Utopia type things, along with horror type things and kingdom/nation things. Lots of things. Should probably add in sci-fi type things. I am always looking for things to do. ( Lots of things yes?)
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If you have a rp you'd like me to see, a 1v1 request, a question, or anything else. Feel free to write me a pm or a visitor msg. Be sure to link me though. I may not see it otherwise.

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Ethodi, having ignored for the most parts the strange creatures that entered the tavern was disturbed by the Griffen's sudden taste for violence, picking up and moving her whole table with her as she decided to slither away from the action. @Griffintaur

She looked around, watching the commotion for a bit. The man on the railing above seemed precarious, @Dark Light and so she moved the table to her final resting place and returned, laying out an intricate coil below him. She watched as he stumbled just too far back over the side. He got caught just before he would hit her, by the end of her tail. His screaming however didn't stop too much, as of course, she was in parts no better to be caught by. She wondered if he would make a good meal, and absentmindedly began restricting her hold, though, with her hungry and satisfied for the moment, she released him onto his own feet and waved her hand off for him to go running. Neither a glace no moments attention was paid to him after such the moment.


With her table lifted up behind her, the naga had made her way to the section where the wraiths seemed hesitant to follow. One or two of them were swatted away with her tail and that seemed sufficient to keep them from trying anything different. Having repositioned her table near the tall figures she relaxed once again and once again began to reinscribe her circular tablets, though she couldn't help but watch the game the figure was playing against itself.

Hello there,

I have made a few interest checks beforehand but they are lost to the wind and my own memory now.
I am Song Book, doer of many things, and love to many mortals. I am currently looking for a handful of 1x1 roleplays to help me destress with the upcoming year of rigorous academic studies and long working hours. Writing and fantasy have always been there for me so I think I should bring this forth into this new era of my life with some constrained writing.

With that onto my short list of mutual expectations:

    1. I operate under the mutual expectation of 18+, therefore if you are not that please inform me of such so I can make an informed decision about roleplaying with you. If you wish to do so in PMs for your own privacy please do so. This does not exclude minors from interacting with me, I just do not want to bring up things minors should not be exposed to.
    2. Communicate with me about any problems in the roleplay, I want to collaborate to tell stories about characters, not wait endlessly for a reply that you cannot write up due to something not working right.
    3. I know life happens, please try your best to inform me when breaks in the roleplay may be necessary due to real-life stuff. While I am very forgiving, my interest in an idea can wain over time. If you don't inform me of a need for a break and disappear you get a year before I will create a closing message. To reopen after that point you will need to reconvince me of the idea.

Now that those are taken care of, onto the ideas section. Please feel free to create a plot for these and relate that to me when informing me of your interest. I will accept both PMs and direct replies to this post as how you wish to play out the roleplay (forum or dm). If you reply in one way but wish for the other please put it in your post. Many of these are very Romance heavy, though none have strictly NSFW stuff necessary in them, I am open to those concepts both as fade-to-black and full-out descriptions. ( Completely explicit roleplays will occur entirely within PMs for the sake of not having to switch between forum and pm every couple of posts.)

Unless otherwise stated I am happy to play either part in the pairing.


More to come later....

Staring out around the tavern, she watched Vendril move to a table-nearby and go on to speak to one of the server men. She didn't parse his name or much of their conversation, instead focusing on the table nearby with the grey-blue tinted man and the small child.

She could really go for something more filling than mussels but she didn't think that much fabric would do her poor gut much more good.

She wondered where that little imp had flown off to, as no new wine had been flown to her. She hoped it didn't come to any harm, though she couldn't quite place why. Perhaps treating it as she would her flock, those sheep she cared for immensely. @Dark Light

From her bag, she produced a small round disk of semi-dried clay and a stylus with a curved oval-shaped head. taking care to wipe off the table of any stray liquids with an edge of her chiton she placed it down gingerly. On it was a form cuneiform, which read a language not spoken in much of the world any longer. Once she had read over it once or twice sufficiently she picked it up again and began writing upon it.

To those who could read it:

She made little effort to conceal her new writing or what was on the disk itself. Believing non around her were interest or even knowledgable enough in the ways that would matter to read it.

@Dark Light

When'd you make me co-gm for this place? I just noticed that. I guess I have been around for a long while now haven't I. haha

I'll probably have a post up tonight. Been trying to do some art of Ethodi in her field and it just isn't turning out how I wish it would.

It has been a very good year in my personal life all things considered. I hope you have been doing well?

The beast boomed with a nod of his silver feathered head, as she settled herself at a table next to his own. Her body curled itself around the table's main post and her tail played up to sway slightly above its flattened surface.

" Greetings to you as well."

Ethodi drew an arm up to rest her head on, resting it on her side as she curved her body into a semi-upright position. Despite her general fear of large birds, accordingly, this one did not give her the same fright. She pondered how large of a bird would threaten her now, having not been exposed to many since she was a fresh hatchling frightened of all in the world. Her thin tongue flickered out behind her veil, tasting the air for any lingering scents. And wondered if a second platter of mussels would upset her stomach without any other fillers.

From her casual observations, she noted one of the humans, or at least humanoid enough to be human to her, was blue. That, she thought, was peculiar, as blue was not a normal color for humans to come in. The last one she had met was pleasant with enough offerings of sweet milk, so she assumed this one would be quite similar. @Katakuri

During this time however she had forgotten to continue blinking manually, so suddenly performed a rapid flickering of her eyelids. Otherwise, her reddish eyes scanned the tavern consistently. Wondering why all of the small humans were acting so strange. She began contemplating a larger meal, though, with tensions high, she would be afraid to let herself eat anything larger than snacks regularly consumed by humans.
@Dark Light I have been studying accounting. I am looking to get my CPA.

The naga had watched a lot of carnage unfold and had pulled herself the imp and the table she was at off to a concealed corner of the tavern. Preciously, in one hand, she held her drink and the other her platter of mollusks. Her patterned body and tail seemed to let her fade into the tapestry of the taverns backdrop and finish her mollusks in peace. She had beckoned the man she was sitting with originally over, to her corner though as he was quiet then, didn't pay him much mind since doing so. The tip of her tail swirled lightly above the imp as if to keep it occupied at her table and prevent it from leaving.

Having finished her snack she carefully rehung her face-covering and prepared herself to rejoin the group conversing. All that was left to view were her piercing orange-red eyes. Feeling quite up to some more interaction, having been solo-herding her flocks across pastures for many moons alone before stumbling into the tavern. She had a feeling her flocks would be quite alright if she stayed away for a while, nothing had attempted to hurt them for as long as she'd been left well enough alone.

Of the guests most were, relatively speaking to the Naga, too human and uninteresting for her tastes. The large, well she would say bird but that did not fit it quite right was more intriguing. Perhaps it was one of those, what were they again, Griffens perhaps, she didn't know for sure. Though its friendliness towards her would seal her interest in the creature. Her tail dropped back down to the floor, slowly unwinding herself from around the table.

"Imp, fetch me more of the spiced wine please" She motioned for the imp to leave and plucked another coin from her bag to incentives it more. Though at this point she didn't think it would have minded either way. @Dark Light

She would make her way slowly nearby to the Griffin's table, having watched it chug half of a vessel which weighed as much as she could guess, one of her prized lambs would. Ignoring the loud humans for what they were worth. She wondered if anyone would notice her presence once more in the fray of all of the happenings. @Griffintaur
Hiya am doing well. My character was kinda locked in by naothers response and then life happened. As it oft does. Doing adulting things as you do and dealing with Uni being Uni.

I may have. A post for Ethodi up tomorrow. Today @Dark Light hope you are doing well!
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Merely tempest-ly, O' Lady, I can be, /

Wicked Rose run from Me. /

How does your rotten love become my only    Discretion /

Until tomorrow's wish, I am /

Sweet in torture. Heavenly Ambition. Poor Heart, /

Thy end is light, I fear /

As guilty as summer creates a mercy blesseth dream. //

All madly fit I am, /

Strained ears, buzzing /

Corridors of what it could.     I could not be. /

          I wished. /

Make at last the parting of breath beware their unkindest love. /

I search again In part. In crowds /

and tame the storm as I try my breath. /

My name again as it once was, /

foreign to me as any belief. //

Little brave human, /

So kindly lost for answers, /

It is not where those mad merchantmen so gladly course, /

Behind doors ajar and above stone worn down. /

Away from the chattering streams and the solitude enforced, /

and lost through better once again. Shall your circumstance /

  Down or Bare or Ay or Neither./

When your valor breaks and trouble in Night's reason shows, /

Be so you and you alone on cold tile may see, /

There is a god wherever you seak /

And so there it is as you shall be. //
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