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9 mos ago
Current Hey, quick check, who'd be interested in a somewhat open world type futuristic utopia Rp where your characters go off on shenanigans led by their own personal goals?
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1 yr ago
This book is too good. Makes me want more kingdom type roleplays. Guess i should put that in the interests section below.
1 yr ago
Been getting into Airships: Conquer the skies, and reading Promise of Blood. Make od thst what you will
1 yr ago
Guess which lucky binch tried to catch a bad pass and ended up fracturing a bit in her finger? This binch
1 yr ago
Hello Again. Disappeared for a while. will probably stay disappeared until after finals week. Have fun.
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Young and old; Welcome to my informational page. I am the one and only Song Book. I, in simpleton terms, am a magically transforming book. Human to book. Book to human. You get the gist eh? If your confused on what to call me -she- usually works but please to use any form you find comfortable with. Not gonna judge if you can't remember. ( I've been known to call people -it- So...)
Get it? Got it? Good. Anyway on to..
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Above this section
You will find my latest quote/new character introduction/ a glimpse into a new rp/ or song stuff. It changes regularly.
Below this section
You will find what I have been active in lately.
| Tastes |

I have tastes that go from apocalyptic to fantasy to realistic. I look for a fairly decent plot line, dependable people, a easy to digest setting, and an active base of players. Currently I am looking for some Utopia type things, along with horror type things and kingdom/nation things. Lots of things. Should probably add in sci-fi type things. I'll be looking for things to do. ( Lots of things yes?)
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If you have a rp you'd like me to see, a 1v1 request, a question, or anything else. Feel free to write me a pm or a visitor msg. Be sure to link me though. I may not see it otherwise.

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The settling into the Apocalpse was a soft decent. Soft only due to the steadiness that the world as we know it collapsed in on itself. As the pressures of war, famine, drougt and other natural disasters raged on, the populace protested. Governments as we knew them began to crumble, militaries deflunked, their soliders unwilling on mass to abide the horrid deeds and the horrid will of their superiors. The populace rose up, as the world caved in. In the flame there brewed a world reaching group whose ideology of rebuilding aociety meant starting during the collapse.
The Verdant Group, whose name came from the Oasis their compounds became in the anarchy that sprung around them. They provided seedsx equipment, classes on survival and prosperity in self sufficiency, and most importantly gave place for a greater sense of commhnity to fester.

As the world carved in kore and more, these oasis lost contact with each other, amd many like much of the world succumbed to the collpase. But those that survived, made it clear that the new way to progress forwards again and prosper is to go about this whole civilization thing differently.

But any future was just a hope, in the chaos humanity reduced the global population dirastically,
Will be testing everything here because its easier than managing a new om string for ideas and stuff.
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It was now we began to expand our reach of influence on thsoe in our surrounding such which we would be payed hommage in our eternal comforts and such that in our work they instead will toil and benifits of then such trickle onwards back down so that their own burden be levied and our efforts in further expansion and intellectual beginnings blossom and suceed.
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His eyes thundered and swirled,
with genius,
and the fire
of heavy rains,
fog over the blue,
A downpour.
enough to drown me alive,
if I don't swim to stay above,
the raging of his sea.

For those few minutes,
I was a sailor adrift in his storm,
The flashes of light,
the inspiration in his words,
the deep blue of fury,
of his disappointment.

Both unable,
and unwilling
to look away.
From the waves
and clouds.
Falling back in love,
with his rain.
when the lightning struck,
Light in the dark blue.

This builds off an earlier poem and changed the theme a bit towards a prompt of a color.
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Head in the clouds

The world was soft today,
drifted down from the senseless shapes,
and pushed through by winged forms,
to form whisps once-again.

The classroom was loud,
with sounds of distractions frowned upon,
by teachers,
who are more gentle and softspoken,
to get my attention.
Though the scenes outside,
hold my more significant intentions.
To pay attention.

Darkened shapes,
heavy intentions,
the release,
the let-down,
the bell rings,
as my thoughts drift back away,
from the scene outside to the empty class,
in which I sit.
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The Fall

What is this feeling called again?

Often it presents a heavy heart,
Weighing down every flick on the wrist.
That describes some of it.

Some have told me that it is an inkling,
Something terrible is bound to happen.

Life is going too well right now.

At any second the fabric of my safety net is going to disintegrate beneath me.

That my perch on this building is gonna be tested with a precisely mistimed shove.

That maybe this time I won't catch myself.
Maybe I'll just let myself fall.
See how long until I reach the bottom.
Counting seconds I guess, but I mean who is going to judge that.
Maybe I'll land on a balcony.

And the owner will patch me up send me back on my climb
with a warning’ not to be so reckless.
Maybe I won't feel the pavement.
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In Sidereal.

The sea raged in wild discontent,
For the lonely night,
In her jelous spirit,
once again
had begoten the stars to replace such the moon.
The moon,
fare lune
Whose love was the sea.
Would not fully return for days.
In such times,
It would be naught to sail,
From any harbor on such
A coastal ni rocky shore,
Till the stars allow her to return.
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Card house

I live in a card-house
A strong wind could blow me down
Or even a light breath.

Its hard enough
To build
Without shaking hands
The voice like fingers
Around my neck.

I wish i could afford
Better materials
So it wouldnt fall so easily

But card supply
Is so low
Too expensive
I spend
All my time
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His eyes the storm.

His eyes thundered and swirled,
with a genious I can barely perceive.
For those few minutes
I was a sailor adrift in his storm.
Both unable
and unwilling
to look away
from the waves and the clouds.
Falling back in love with his rain
when the lightning struck.
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Like the night soaring up above,
And the callous wave to shore a shove.
Sinking deep below the jelous tide,
Unable to choose or pick a side.
An empty pit with hardend walls,
Refilling with the grace of waterfalls.
Floating just high enough,
So my feet no longer touch.

Only for my strangled voice to call,
To be ignored for it being to small.
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