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When you think about it, all skulls are secondhand.
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“In the middle of winter I at last discovered that there was within me an invincible summer.” - Camus, Return to Tipasa
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the most painful thing in the world is tfw no dwarf gf

I mean there was that one redhead dwarf in charge of munitions, Harding, that had one line of romance dialogue but .. nothing else. :(
objective proof Dwarfs are the superior race

Dwarves are thicc. I'm still sad there was never a romanceable dwarf in any of the Dragon Age games. Woe..

Since none of the images used are stored on the website's server, the artists could just reupload hardcore pornography on their sites and give them the same file name as the art taken. That said, if you're an artist concerned about someone (or a website) infringing upon your material, be careful to read the Terms of Service for websites you post on. Some, like Facebook, include clauses giving them a transferable license to distribute and use your material as they see fit if you post material.

Otherwise, artists can issue DMCA Takedown Notices to servers that unknowingly host (e.g. distribute) their material (as I see there are a lot of artists in this thread).

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We start the verification of statement (2) by letting θ1 and θ2 denote any values of argz1 and argz2, respectively.
- Complex Variables AND Applications by James Ward Brown and some other people
Hi, back. How's your spine? Heh.
I'm okay being average, if attractiveness is a bell curve. :)
Interested :)
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