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When you think about it, all skulls are secondhand.
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“In the middle of winter I at last discovered that there was within me an invincible summer.” - Camus, Return to Tipasa
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[Yoo-niih-pah. Yew-nip-er.]

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I already have a character I want to use, but I'll need to read through all the posts so I can try to understand where / how exactly they'd fit into things. : )
I'm interested! I'll try and post a CS tonight to see if it's accepted.

Do you ever eat the cockroaches instead of giving them a viking's funeral?

I personally enjoy a sourdough bread toasted with a generous amount of butter and some salt. A well-made sourdough can sustain even the pluckiest of men for weeks.
Just look at this thread. Yw.
Look on /r/penpals. It's been pretty useful for finding snail-mail penpals in my own experience. I would offer to be penpals with you, but I'm not sure that I'm that culturally different from you. : )
Sounds good.

@Jeyma Which role is your character taking?
Do you regularly dream of being a two-dimensional, adolescent girl despite the fact that you're actually a male in his late twenties living in his mother's basement? Do you like the idea of being able to materialize photons, dance elegantly, and appending all of your sentences with -mew?

Look no further!

I am looking to play at least one Arena game with over-the-top, uncomfortably garish magical girls (or boys). There is an inexhaustible list of anime to take inspiration from, and it doesn't matter to me which you are interested in lest you show up in pretty tights and strangely-colored hair. A small group Arena (not sure how Arena works, to be honest) would also be rather fun.

If you're interested, do respond to this thread and we can work it out.
Not quite sure if I can count this morning (as I am missing my glasses), but it seems there is: a medic, linguist/interpreter, quartermaster, scout (what I seemed to read from Tsar's sheet), and a straight-mercenary. Not sure if engineer and paymaster are still reserved as Jeyma had taken an interest in them.
@compass Hey, back. How's your spine feeling?
@Jbcool Hi. So I still have a human linguist character from a civilization basically inspired by the Bonfire of the Vanities. I see that role is taken now, perhaps I could rewrite them to fit another role if you're still accepting?
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