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When you think about it, all skulls are secondhand.
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“In the middle of winter I at last discovered that there was within me an invincible summer.” - Camus, Return to Tipasa
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yes hello it me

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We start the verification of statement (2) by letting θ1 and θ2 denote any values of argz1 and argz2, respectively.
- Complex Variables AND Applications by James Ward Brown and some other people
Hi, back. How's your spine? Heh.
I'm okay being average, if attractiveness is a bell curve. :)
Interested :)
@K_n_M How proficient are you in French?
@Iuniper Well that depends on where we draw the line between "total historical accuracy" and "role-play liberty." I'm not saying that adhering to realism is not fun, obviously. But there is a point where you should be able to say "Okay, don't worry about that" to make the RP, I dunno, easier or more playable.

For example, it would be simpler to excuse the explosion of deer for the sake of not having to carry, string, maintain, and store two bows, when I'm already toting an axe and a knife. It would also be less fun to say I was an excellent marksman with two types of bow, used for different jobs with different training (hunting requires extreme accuracy, ranged combat does not). I spent my life hunting, so I would be used to that particular bow, and since we have never been in an actual war, my character would logically not have experience with a longbow, except that a longbow is far more useful in combat.

So i COULD write in that Cedric is just also really good with a longbow, or we could provide enough liberty to say that, in this roleplay, the longbow is also a practical hunting weapon. I mean, I'll leave it up to @Kassarock, but I somewhat doubt he wants me to either increase my skill (and inventory) or remove a pretty important element of my character (longbow skill or hunting skill).

Same for quivers. Rather that figure out where I'm going to stick the arrows in the ground, or limit myself to wedging them into my belt, it would be better to delegate arrows to a quiver. I don't know if I'll need to count my arrows or not. That's also the GM's call.

Haha, yes, of course - this isn't actually Europe in the 1400s. And getting boggled down by historical detail isn't at all fun, either. I just wanted to share some interesting facts about longbow usage around that time. What you do with your character is totally up to your own discretion, and so long as you have fun doing so, you're alright by me. :)
@Mattchstick You can always just stick the arrows in the ground or stick them in your belt. Usually young boys who needed to come out to war would carry the arrows from the carts to the longbowmen. Quivers are a more recent invention (from when archery came back into style as a chivalry thing). Bowbags were more commonly used, which was basically a leather-reinforced sock - the belt of the archer actually held the arrows.

Sorry, I hope I'm not being critical or anything like that - I just know a lot about warbow use. It's quite fascinating!
Something important to note about the bow-wielding character(s), though: shooting a longbow is very, very different from shooting a light selfbow or something smaller. Since the high-poundage longbow has a high propensity to explode if it's open too long and it is extremely hard to open (the poundage increases sort of logarithmically such that the poundage at 30 inches draw is way higher than at 28), the way you shoot is completely different - a full-body exercise that engages your hips and uses momentum to open the bow before releasing an arrow. While it is possible to make tight groups while shooting a longbow at a close (<30 meters) distance, in a group like this you would definitely be shooting volleys into the distance with no care for precision. Endurance makes a good longbowman, not being a sharpshooter.

Also, the longbow, especially when unstrung, is going to be about as tall as your character. It will be a real task to string and unstring the bow, and you won't want to keep it strung for a long time like a lower-poundage bow. It will be especially hard to open if it's cold or - gods forbid - wet outside. You'll also want to use a lower-poundage bow for hunting, because really high poundage longbows tend to make bags of flesh explode. A 100 lb bow will make deer explode.
I intend to submit a sheet soon. Good tidings.
Here's my character WIP

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