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A quick introduction of myself and a few associates of mine

For real though, I'm a Brit who dabbles in most genres of roleplay, but tends to go for fantasy and sci-fi in particular. I prefer high casual, but will use a more or less advanced writing style if I like the concept.

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I regret to announce that I plan to leave RoleplayerGuild. My reasons are my own. I might not return, but equally, the reason that I am posting this here is that, should I ever return, this will be the first place I announce it, so that anyone who cares may know immediately. I apologise to everyone I am currently in a roleplay with, both for leaving you and for doing so so suddenly.

I do plan to continue having a minor contribution to the site, however. In the near future I will open a thread in which I will post any ideas I have that anyone else on the site may find useful, to help them however they might need it.

Goodbye, perhaps for the last time.
Threaten some powerful government that you'll set it off outside one of their most important buildings (for America, this might be the White House, The Pentagon, etc.) unless they pay you a lot of money. For double points, ask another country for the money so you have America (or wherever) pressuring them to do it as well, rather than resolve it through other methods.

The power to be astonishingly attractive whenever no one can see you.
I just discovered some very helpful things for writing, both on a roleplay forum like this and a larger work such as a novel. I'd like to share these with you, and to prove my point I will spend most of this post using some of what these describe.
These are two YouTube videos I found which really changed my perspective on how writing functions and what makes it difficult.
To help get the motivation to write quickly and ignore mistakes, I suggest this. It seems silly, but it's so helpful it's ridiculous. I wrote this in very little time, though exactly how long I don't know (I probably should have checked the time when I started, but it's a bit late now.

I have no idea what to write, I'm literally just trying this app out. I need to write as quickly as I can to avoid my fightr being defeated so I'm not really going to think about what I write, and instead just do it. It's probably going to end up looking like trash, but the guy from that YouTube channel I was watching yesterday said that's fine. I see at least one spelling mistake already, but I'm going to ignore it because of what he said. It's really helpful and honestly it's making things easier for me. I'll need practice if I'm going to write something half decent someday. Anyways, that guy was talking about an 80% thing which was unexpected but one of the most helpful things he mentioned. The problem most writers face (or rather, one of the problems) is that they expect too much of themselves. They try to be perfect, and avoid mistakes that their readers wouldn't notice regardless. So they edit and change their mistakes and become more and more conscious of how "bad" they are, and because of the extra time spent changing things to make them ever so slightly better, they never finish. Apparently it's quite feasbile (there's another mistake, not going to change it) to finish writing a book in 24 hours of work. Better still, this won't limit the quality of what's written. By reducing the amount of time wasted, the actual work decreases so much that it's possible to finish in a tiny fracton of the time that would otherwise be spent. This isn't to say that editting and proof-reading shouldn't be done; they are both definitely important. It's more about doing these things when the first job is done, and that's the initial bit of writing, nothing else. I realise now that to get my point across better I should have timed this to see the effect that a motivator like Fighter's Block has on a writer, to show how quickly this was done. Afterwards, of course, I will go through and change this if I put this is anything serious, but for now all that matters is that this is finished. Writers can't afford to procrastinate as much as so many of them do, because the result of this in so many cases is that their ideals fail to reach the world, because their ideals are not written. They start, they over-analyse their failures, they stop, and the world is worse for it. If writers can be motmivated to write faster and less carefully, they can get their ideas known to the world, get their creations out there. To give you an idea of how quick this can be, it's now been five minutes since I said I should have timed this. By my guess, that's about a third of the work ago. This will be 500 words, that's 166 words. How long should it take to write a novel 12 times 166 words an hour? Damn.

As you can see, it's not particularly good writing. However, this is 500 words, about 1.1 pages of a typica novel. It took very little time. It can be editted later, and suddenly the idea of writing something big appears so much easier. I know for a fact that there are people on this site that would like to write a novel (maybe some of you have, I don't know). Point is, I hope this help you guys out.
@Styxx Acheron People are still posting their entries onto the ship, so you could start there. The inmate and Ray are nearby, so you could interact with them as well.
@Styxx Acheron Well, most of what's happened since then has been to do with what happened with Anya. The only real exception to that is that ChickenTeriyaki's inmate has tracked Diana to the warehouse wit the ship.
@Styxx Acheron Exactly how long have you been gone? Because semi-recently, some serious shit's gone down.
@Poi First two spells now offer an extra chance to break the spell each hour, the third can now be healed with relevant magic. Is this okay?
"Admittedly, it's a horrid place, but, like I said, academics. Rzailian archeology is the focus of our efforts, which makes a place as deep and complex as Doch Mol worth practically its weight in metaphorical gold. But, again, we'll have difficulties in our studies, and would risk a wasted journey, without protection. And yes, it is mentioned on Karnarouri's Pillar, though you don't exactly strike me as a scholar. How do you know of such things? The events that took place there are famous among our own circles, but I wouldn't expect anyone outside of them to know what happened. It's been centuries since then."

Kobasratha inquired as to why Fionn had such knowledge of Doch Mol. Perhaps he and his friends intended to loot the ruins? Delvers like that were common enough for that to make sense. And it would be convenient for himself if they were, as he could simply escape them while they were busy gathering treasures, since Kobasratha cared little about mortal wealth except when it helped him with his own goals.

Alternatively, though, they might be paladins rather than thieves. That is, they might be going there with the specific intention of preventing Karnarouri's return, rather than for individual gain. That would be more troublesome, as it would run directly opposite to his own goals. If that were the case, he'd have to delay or defeat them somehow, and he certainly couldn't do that on his own. He resolved to call upon the remainder of the Cult the first moment he could find alone.
@Poi I may be joining, if you'll have me.
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