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@Natascha of course!
@Styxx Acheron

Thx for pointing that out to me. I definitely want to make Grim the linguist, but I'd rather have him be the infiltration/info gathering expert. What do you think?

I think that that sounds awesome.
Sounds awesome. Oh in your first post the second time you @'ed me, it didn't work because you have a "(" after the "@." Hey, could we list Grim as the Linguist/Combat and Weaponry Specialist?
@Drakey I take it that Grim is one of the three she sent coordinates to?
@Styxx Acheron

I'm sorry!!! the lady part was meant to be said derisively...

Wither way it certainly adds amusement when I'm writing grim's response. Don't stress about it love.

Grim was miffed when the draconic female told Azrael what she would have people call her-Lady of Storm and Blade? What the actual fuck? Here she is, getting irritated with his calling her Miss as a sign of respect to a stranger who's clearly female, and then she says she's a lady? Fucking whatever.

After Elizabeth's announcement everybody seemed eager to offer ther services to her. He knocked back what remained of his Jack Daniels and waited as the last male offered his services as a pilot before passing out blind drunk. He took everyone in, and in a voice loud enough for all of them, he stated what he could do.

"I'm excellent with blades of many sizes, guns of different calibers and I am extremely good at hand to hand combat," he paused to take a breath. "I speak several Native American dialects, English, Spanish, Irish, French, and Russian. I'm also an excellent spy," he said without ego or boasting, for he was simply stating what he knew to be facts. He decided to leave out his heightened senses and reflexes. He knew he already sounded like he was trying to weed out competition. He poured himself another shot of Jack Daniels and surveyed everyone with calm amber eyes, pupils shifting into slits to better see details in everyone's clothing, body language and facial expressions.
working on a post right now.

Update: reply posted! waiting on others, now.

Since Styxx has seemed to die, I will be hiring both of you. Antioch is already a member of the crew and we can meet up at the docks of Fixion Prime. There will be another thread for her ship.

I'll have a response either today or tomorrow.

*internal screaming*
omfg i didn't mean to drop dead! I still wanna play! May I? please? school got in the way, it's been crazy.
*hopeful kitten eyes*
Nix scowled at all three whitecoats and gave them death stares. The woman was pretty but Nix felt a cruel core beneath her lovely exterior. He tilted his head when she spoke to Freeman.

"And what is he?" Nix added her voice to the already growing list of things he didn't like about her. "Some kind of firebird?"

"This is Phoenix," Freeman said. "We consider him somewhat a success. When he lived in Ireland, he could not walk at all, having been in a car accident. The labs in spent six years trying to fix his legs. At eight years they found a way, but the side effect of the surgery was an excess of adrenaline whenever he is put into stressful simulations. We got him six years ago, but he's only just now began to show signs of pyrokinesis."

The woman stepped closer to his cage and Nix bared his teeth, heating his hands up even more.

"I would be careful with Phoenix if I were you," Freeman warned. "He burns."

As if to prove that point, Phoenix's hair flickered like flames.

"Interesting," the woman murmured. "What is his height, wingspan and age?"

"He is six feet, three inches, with a wingspan of fifteen feet and he is eighteen years old," Freeman said. "He's also incredibly strong due to the fact that no matter how small we make his containment unit, he finds some way to do workout excercises."

"Why would you prevent him from physical exertion?" her tone implied that he and his staff were fucking stupid. "Physical exertion means he spends energy, which means he is tired, which means it more than likely makes it harder for him to burn anyone with his hands."

"Ay, Lad," Nix commented. "She's got ya there, much as I hate tae admit. Smart, unlike you, ya dumb fuck."

"Where did he learn such swears?" She asked with a raised eyebrow. Freeman turned pink.
I'm waiting for others to post before i do if anyone is going to do so. If not, I'll be happy to write another post.

@Natascha, in your post where Freeman throws his clipboard, is it because of my Nix? lol just wondering.
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