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Thank mam. I appreciate it.
Ah. Anyplace I could reinsert myself?
@Styxx Acheron Exactly how long have you been gone? Because semi-recently, some serious shit's gone down.

About a week. Haven't been on since last friday.
I'm back from vacation. Anyone wanna catch me up, help me make a post anything?
<Snipped quote by Styxx Acheron>

Don't worry about it :) Hope you feel better!

🍜 have some "feel better" soup

You're a good person, despite the sociopath part of your name.
I'll respond later, guys. Work kicked my ass today
"a brooding pretty boy?"
You think Lucca is a brooding pretty boy? I'm offended. He's not just a brooding pretty boy.
He's a pretty, brooding cheetah shifter boy.
"Alright, lass!" Lucca says as he turns his bike towards the car. "Follow me, aye? I've a feeling I can see the path for you."

There was a strange sort of beauty in watching all of those drones fall out of the sky. It reminded him of this movie he had watched once, an apocalyptic sort of one, and there had been flaming rocks that fell down in slow motion in one of the scenes, and it had been beautiful in a devastating way.

And as bullets whizzed past them, Lucca grimaced as one caught him in the ribs. Unfortunately, it didn't come out of the other side, and he took a moment to take off his shirt and dig it out with his claws, flinging the bullet to the pavement. He snarled a gaelic curse and wiped his blood on his black jeans. If he got shot again, it wouldn't matter as long as they didn't hit anything vital and he could find someplace where he could heal for an hour or two.

He'd go back to the hotel for his body armor, later. Right now, though, he twisted the throttle on his bike and began to speed off, hoping that the car full of people would follow. He zigged and zagged in order to be a harder target to shoot at.

But fuck he just got shot again, the bullet catching his ear and part of his cheek, but thankfully it didn't get lodged in his face. He shook his head, and his longish black hair got stuck in the blood. He raced down the bridge.

@Dark Light @Antarctic Termite @LPRKN @JaceBeleren @HeroicSociopath @SIGINT
(Sorry it's so short.)
@Dark Light@HeroicSociopath
Lucca was impressed by the bombs that Marco threw and and stopped when Marco pointed out his friends. He stayed on his bike, however, not seeing any need for him in the fray just yet. Looks like the girl was dragging a heavy-ass drone, though for the life of him, he couldn't figure out why. Sure, it looked high tech and way badass, but really? Did she really need it?

After seeing what she'd already done to her foes, Lucca doubted it. He whistled in apreciation when the cars behind them blew up, grinning at the giant plume of smoke they made. He shook his head, and would have joined them in beating things and people up, but they looked like they had it all under control. He figured he'd just stay here until shit went sideways and they all had to make a run for their lives.
An APC? You have got to be kidding. Lucca was grateful he decided to wear his leather jacket today-it would make it easier for his female passenger to hold onto him as he took sharp corners, shortcuts, and occaisonally raising the hovering part of the bike higher to avoid injuring the samller races that drove in equally small vehicles.

Lucca cursed again, yelling "No shit, lass," at the direction to not go straight. "You fecking think I'm new to this?" he yelled over the wind of their passage. "I've been doin this fer seven years!"

The bridge came up pretty soon and Lucca yelled over his shoulder at Marco.

"I hope ye have another vehicle stashed somewhere! My bike can't hold any more passengers."
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