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I'm glad to be back. I'm gonna read everything and then send you a reply probably tomorrow.

I'm back, but I won't be able to post. Gotta brush up on everything.

@Dutchess Sarah@Raptra

Working and dying, but alls well that ends well!
*Due to complications my post begins during Deos Morran's post. However, it ends after Verticus' post*

Mikhail looked up at the old inn that now served as the Hunter's base of operations. The early morning sun was just now peeking over the tops of the buildings. Its golden rays reflecting off of the clear windows, blinding the man to their contents. Standing underneath a large oak, its deep green leaves waving gently in the wind, Mikhail pulled out both the flyer and the letter from Rosaline. Thoughts of the green-eyed redhead flitted through his mind. A smile, one that was content with its life, appeared on his face. Maybe he would get to see her again. Suddenly, after feeling something bump into his leg, Mikhail was snapped back into reality. Brynhild's reddish snout looked up at Mikhail.

"Yes, yes...I know. Work first. Dream second..." Sighing a little bit, Mikhail stepped out from under the tree. "But a man can dream can't he?" Mikhail's signature happy-go-lucky smile quickly returned as he made his way towards the dark oak door of the Guild. A similarly oaken sign hung out just above the door. In grand letters it proclaimed to all those who read it that this was the Hunters' Guild.

Pushing open the door, a familiar scene greeted Mikhail. The entire place was empty. Or at least it seemed empty. Brynhild's fur began to rise on end, but with one look Mikhail kept the wolf silent. Walking forwards, Mikhail let the door close silently behind him. There was a bar to the right and stairs to the left. One set led up, a second set led down. Several tables and numerous chairs filled the main room. Rafters crisscrossed the ceiling. Several doors were laid in the wall on the opposite side, a light coming from one of them. Next to the bar hung a large board. Large letters, in the same font as the sign outside told of its function. This was undoubtedly the guild's bounty board.

Walking up to the board, Mikhail looked it up and down. Only three jobs were posted on the board. The first was spiders, which, even without them there, made his skin crawl. Someone else would have to hunt those bastards down. The next two jobs were far more interesting. A werewolf and an ogre were listed. "Ah...damn..." Looking down at Brynhild, Mikhail gave the wolf a poor smile, "I guess its got to be the wolf after all."

Ripping the bounty from the board, Mikhail turned around to the sound of a large body hitting the ground. An 11 foot monster was looking down on him. With a gulp, Mikhail held his breath, at least until the creature croaked out a greeting. Visibly relaxing, Mikhail extended his hand to the creature, his own blue eyes meeting the creature's vibrant red orbs. "Hello, Solmakall, I'm new here and I would enjoy being your friend." Bowing just slightly, Mikhail smiled up at the creature. "However, I must first join the guild." Stepping past Solmakall, Mikhail walked towards the only door from which light eminated. Knocking on the door several times, Mikhail called out.

"Captain Drystan. My name is Mikhail Lannyster. I'm here to sign up for the Hunters." Mikhail's peasant accent came out as he talked through the door. In his hands were the flyer, Rosaline's letter, and the werewolf's bounty. Brynhild rubbed against his leg, her tail wagging lightly, hitting his leg.

Oh my bloody god...GOBLIN SLAYER!!!! I absolutely love the manga!!! Thank you for existing!!!
@Deos Morran

Hey Deos,

Do you want to do spiders or werewolf? Also, as for how we meet up, I was thinking that we could meet each other at the notice board and end up choosing the same job. What do you think?
@Deos Morran

Oh yes please! Can we please work together?
@Deos Morran

While my character, Mikhail isn't prejudice or anything, may I ask what kind of monster you'll be?

Hey, can you make another discord invite, I missed the first one.

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