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<Snipped quote by Drakey>

Not that she would ever be able to do that. I was trying to make a joke,jeez. I will edit it out. Dont really want to keep going in circles for a trifle.

Oh, I apologize. I did not realize that it was merely meant to be a joke. I had thought that you would truly use that information later, which would have then been metagaming. In any case, I am grateful to you for updating your post.

Yes, his face would tell that something is making him uncomfortable, but you wouldn't know it was about spiders, as you are currrently focusing on Rosaline and not the conversations around you.

ummm, sorry to burst your bubble...but Mistletoe wouldn't know that Mikhail has a problem with spiders as he only thought about it and din't say a word about spiders. If anything, she would equate his grimace with Rosaline being a noble. And anyways, he wasn't freaking out, it was more or less dreading the spiders.
okay... one last try...
someone please explain Discord to me?? what are you all talking about?

ok here is the link

just go on there, make an account if you have to, and see the magic!

The name sounded familiar, but Mikhail couldn't remember from where he had heard it before. Regardless, it must be Rosaline's family name. If the girl, Mistletoe, knew it, then that would mean Rosaline's family was of great help and importance to the city. However, Mikhail couldn't figure out if the term "Lady" was from respect or actual nobility. Of course, when he thought about it the hairs on the back of his neck began to stand on end. Rosaline certainly carried herself with grace and power, but that doesn't make her a noble.

Troubled by his thoughts, Mikhail lost focus on the conversation at hand. Instead his attention turned to the crowds around him. Snippets of conversation floated on the air. "Did you...Spiders...Sleep...Outpost destroyed...Hunter's Guild...Reward...Nest" Mikhail's eyes snapped wide as he put the pieces together. Smiling to himself, the young man cursed his rotten luck. Spiders, why did it have to be spiders...

Entering back into the conversation, Mikhail heard as Rosaline talked about her father. Being a little knowledgeable of natural remedies, Mikhail decided to bring up the subject. "Your father is ill? Do you know what the sickness is?"
Can I join?
nope, just me...I was lost...
Arlington, Washington. North of Seattle, correct?
Leona walked along with Brynhild. The massive black horse had its head lowered to the grass, trying to catch a bite as they moved north. It had been heresay, but rumours of a camp, a good camp, had reached Leona’s ears. Some place called Arlington, east of Portland. It was all new for the California girl that Leona was.

Grass squelched softly underfoot as she walked. It was quiet, though not too quiet. The birds were chirping, which was good for Leona. No dead heads near her. Taking a deep breath, the woman sighed as she remembered all the bullshit that had happened in the last few weeks. She had been able to hole up outside this one small group, but then they got wiped out because they had no idea she even existed. Anyways, Arlington was supposed to be rather large. Safety in numbers.

The sounds of the Columbia River rose up in the distance. Pulling out her map, Leona kept walking. If she was right, then Arlington proper should be just about twenty miles away. Stopping for a moment, the woman checked all of Brynhild’s saddlebags. While she was doing this, the horse filched a few bites from the grass at their feet. Her tail waived at a few flies as she waited.

Finishing up, Leona climbed into Brynhild’s saddle. It wasn’t far now, she should be able to make it by sundown at the latest.

I like the vibe so far!

Since we're both in the north do you want to meet up?
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