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@Andromedai I mean I wouldn't call her sexualized. She's just thinner than most Turians because I designed her like Black Widow from the Avengers.

And actually on the topic of sexualizing her, what did I do to make her sexualized? She got in a fight and kick ass literally kicking it. A few times. I mean if you're against her it sucks to toss something I worked so hard on to make, especially since I'm halfway through the rewrite, but I'm not the GM. If you want something more... different, I can do that... I just need to know what I need to make happen. After all when is doubt make a Krogan with a love of smashing things.
@Mega Birb What you mean 72%? Yeah she had issues with Reapers and I'm gonna have to rewrite her backstory, but she's still gonna be the adorable, ass-kicking CQC master of the galaxy. I just gotta get the Reapers out of there.
@Leos Klien I... know... but you still suck.
@Leos Klien You suck Catbug. Romance over!
@Andromedai Ok so you know I'm in and will probably make you a Discord chat... but first things first...

Here's what I think of your rules...

1. Duh!
2. I don't know what that is.
3. Duh! 2x
4. Uh... no. Drama is fun, I will be causing THE MOST! #DramaticEventsAlways
5. You smell like butt,

6. I will complain ENDLESSLY at you about only the dumbest things.
7. I do what I want!
8. Ok on a serious note... good on you for this. Collabs hurt the Hell out of the last one...
9. See the answer to rule 7.
10. Ok... *Sad face*

Can I bring back everybody's favorite little sister? You know the one I'm talking about...
@Landaus Five-One Glad to see your interest! Let me know if you need any help bud!
Fenix "Blyze" Lyranis
Location: Boarder of Fotia & Gaia
Interacting With: @Rai

Fenix was not a fan of the hurdles he had to go through on such a regular basis... It was minor, petty things, but to him it was obnoxious and bothersome. Like wearing all of these fanciful clothes and layers. He understood that most did not share his view of 'reducing drag', but it was almost painful to wear so many ornate layers upon layers to uphold appearances. Though it had to be given his audience and peer group that he mingled with on this trip. After all the royalty of Fotia had to hold their companions in high regard and they couldn't bear to have one running around damn near naked.

Before long they were in the air and despite the odd sense of vertigo that beset Fenix for a few brief moments he figured that making appearances and attending to those who decided to bring him along on this trip. Walking from his private room aboard the craft and leaving the lap of luxary for it's buxom bosom as the beautiful halls of the royal airship stretched on before him. Before reaching the courts of the flying castle he glances out the peerless windows to see the rising sun and expansive lands of the Fotian Kingdom. While many may see a volcanic waste he only say the beauty of fire and the majesty of burning creation, crafting new rock shelves and lands in the flash of brimstone and magma. It was true beauty.

Returning to his path he passed by several noble lords and ladies, giving them their customs and curtsies, some not recognizing him and wondering what a servant was doing walking about the hall so freely or unburdened by labors, but others did recognize him. Several congratulating him on his achievement and even a few making conversation about The Trekker Championship. Quiet a few of the ladies he passed seemed to be giving a curious eye to as even despite his quiet covered state he was an attractive man who held a slim figure from his constant training for the upcoming 11th Trekker Championship. Of which that reminded him... A rumor had been walking about the halls that one of his greatest rivals would be making an appearance at this meeting. The Lassian nicknamed Wave and really the only real threat to his title that Fenix counted on.

Before long Fenix made his way to the banquet hall that none other than the King of Fotia, Magnixx sat at the other end, enjoying the labors of the land and looking quiet regal... and shirtless. 'Lucky bastard' Fenix thought to himself wishing that he didn't have to wear so many stuffy layers. He was overheating and melting under these stupid fabrics! Though with a more serious tone and a held composure he walked into the catching more than a few eyes and the attention of some rather young ladies who made shy faces towards him. Tossing a smile their way as a blushed conversation broke out among them. Ascending to the upper areas of the hall he was about to take a seat to enjoy the ride among royalty when the expanse of the Gaian Dragon Show came through the clouds, twirling and twisting through the clouds with such extreme grace that it made Fenix envy them. Though it disheartened him a tad when his host made a jab at the show. Of course it was incredibly flashy and clearly begging for attention, but on a much more basic level it spoke to him. That wild freedom, the rushing air, and the feeling of traversing an unending expanse. In that moment he wished he had wings that weren't more than back spikes, something that could let him join the Gaians.

Though as he drew his gaze away from the show he approached the dais that Magnixx sat upon and once he drew up to him he let himself down to one knee gracefully, bowing his head and proclaiming, "My king. I thank you for granting me the honor of joining you and your court on this journey. I feel truly privileged." Staying on his knee to render proper honors and to wait for the order to rise so as not to insult his liege.
Jake Cross

Jake heard the words on his fellows and thought the same. There were far too many Wild Men to do anything that would give them any sort of real view of the source of the pillar. Instead they were consigned to wait as Jake relayed that decision, "We hold here. We wait and see what they do and for the pillar to die out." It wasn't the most glorious of work, but it was something and it gave them a rare opportunity to observe Wild Men in their natural state.

One event that they witness shortly after Jake gave his order was a blood sacrifice that appeared to be willing. Someone who appeared to be in charge and most likely a shaman given the garb he wore, ordained in monster parts, monster skins, and various weighty looking totems crafted with tribal styles and fashions stood at a raised dais complete with a large stone slab. Anyone with binoculars or a long-range scope could see the blood on it and the new sacrifice who was walking up under escort of two abnormally large and burly Wild Men. The sacrifice being a young looking woman, stark naked as the day she was born and rather unaffected by the corruption of the Wild World. Of her own volition she stepped up onto the stone slab and laid down on her back. The shaman turned away from and to the glowing column, the radiating energy making his flowing monster hides whip in the blasting wind before he raised his arms in some grand gesture. The crowd drew high at this and started going wild until the shaman turned back around and they all became quiet, all bowing their heads and swaying like they were before.

The woman wasn't bound as the shaman drew a knife and began cutting into her. It was clear she was screaming, but she stayed on the slab, enduring the pain for their barbaric rituals. As her blood flowed though something incredibly odd was seen by those who observed. Instead of flowing into puddles at the feet of the dais, it seemed to gravitate towards the pillar of light, like a magnet was attracting it uphill and through the dirt that should absorb it.

Before long the sacrifice was dead and as her limb, carved body was carted away another was brought up. This one being male and again seemingly the least effected by the corruption of the world. Again his blood flowed into the pillar, jumping into the stream of light at the last few meters. When he was gone another was brought up, another male. This continued for another hour or so with easily 20 Wild Men and women being sacrificed before it finally happened. The stream of light started to die out suddenly and without warning, rapidly fading as the source continued to glow brightly, but stopped sending streams of light into the air.

The Wild Men seemed disappointed and many started to leave already, but the shaman appeared to give the call to in fact leave as he left the dais mid sacrifice, letting the woman live to see another day though quiet maimed. As the Wild Men left making the journey up the side of the crater to their city the glow from the source died out letting the team see just what it was. The great structure had to be at least a 30 meters tall and it was what appeared to be a natural statue made of glassy, black stone and glass. The obsidian statue carved unnaturally to take the shape of a spire with large, thick wings. At the top of the statue was a sculpted head that looked like the slick head of a dragon, complete with great horns. Though it didn't have finer details carved. One note though was that of all the monsters that came to our world from The Other dragons were NOT one of them.

"What is the world... I don't even know what to say about that. It's just a hunk of obsidian, but... There is no way that is natural or made by Wild Men. It's like it crashed down to make this crater but... where did it come from?" Jake questioned as he continued to scope in on the leaving Wild Men. "They are all leaving, get ready to move. I want a closer inspection of that statue." A little more time passed and the Wild Men vacated the crater. Next step was Jake signalling to move down towards the statue. Over the radio he called up to be on the look out, as there may be stragglers through the night.

Though as they went down the crater to the statue no resistance was found and there was a palpable ominous feeling, like the statue radiated dark energy and knew the team was there... Jake was in awe. This was what the Wild World made and was about, insanity made physical and with no answer as to why it exists. Yet through the awe there was something all people could feel. That pull towards it, like their very blood was being drawn closer to the statue and as the party due closer they'd be able to see their reflections in the shining glass, but there was something wrong with them. While their respective reflections did follow them they were not mirrors of them. They seemed to act of their own accord and all of them reached out for their real counterparts, like they were trying to make physical contact but the reflective sheen of the statue acted as an invisible barrier separating the two.

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