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Rathe Grey & Chiya!
Location: Realm of Terreille, Hyall, The Nosey Needle

Interacting With: @Mega Birb@BlackPanther

Rathe was simple in his garb. It was just his usual armor and his weapons. After all a true warrior and defender is eternal in his vigil so that he may protect those under his charge at all times. His entourage had made an effort to mix the two, dressing in assorted suits and dresses, but also making sure to keep their weapons at the ready. It was what Rathe taught and they would live by it as faithful pupils. However the suits and dresses didn't particularly compliment the armaments. However, they weren't the only ones who had gotten dressed up. Chiya had scampered along side Rathe and he was dressed to impress. A suit jacket was wrapped around his front paws that held up around his front shoulders and draped on with coat tails. To top it all off was a bow tie that was cinched up to his scruff under his snout. Looking daper and feeling it too he strut along the path that led to the castle, actually silent for once as he tried to look good for the ladies. Or at least that's what he claimed.

As the party got closer and closer to the castle Chiya noticed somebody standing around and was quick to run up to her. The Nice Lady was so pretty looking and he was so handsome it was like... awesome! "Hi Nice Lady! I thought we would see you here! I just wanted to let you know that you look good and that's good! The long gloves are like my suit! They go down your paws! Only you don't have paws! You have hands! Which is just as good don't worry! You're still nice and good. Are you ready to go and play with the ball?" He question towards teh end of his ramblings.

Rathe was also shortly behind and while he watched Chiya run off to Isadora he didn't make a particularly great effort to speak or address her. Instead he just nodded to her in greeting as Chiya did seem to like her, so while it was simple it actually meant a lot by Rathe standards. Even if she didn't know that. Still yet he was addressed next by the gate keeper. A tall and clearly weathered man that Rathe did not recognize. When he asked for weapons Rathe voluntarily offered his bastard sword and the two daggers that he had on him, but he didn't offer Harbinger. His men and women were told to give up their weapons as well, knowing that they'd have enough skill to handle themselves without them, but he still didn't offer Harbinger. When the man insisted he spoke up to say, "This is part of me. While it does have a blade at the end, I use it to walk and maintain my appearance. If it will help set your mind at ease. I give you my Warrior's Honor that I shall not use it for harm during the ball. On that I offer my word." He finished by holding up Harbinger in some semblance of a salute, just to drive his point home.

Rathe Grey & Chiya!
Location: Realm of Terreille, Hyall, The Nosey Needle

Rathe was set about looking through the room, ensuring that Chiya didn't get into anything he shouldn't and that no trouble came around. This place gave him the creeps and it was mostly due to the fact that Heketah was the one who brought him here. In his eyes she was the enemy until he got his answers and this was just another den of her's. Even if the Tailor's story sounded right, something about it just rubbed him the wrong way. Regardless of his reservations more customers came in and it was just then that he saw a little girl glance at him, before hurriedly looking away. She was traveling with a stranger who was from far away, Rathe could tell merely by the way he smelled, frozen and cold, Glacian.

Chiya on the other hand was much more energetic and lively, not assessing threats or finding ways foes could get at them, but instead still scampering around to find new and cool things. It was actually in this moment that he took away from the Tailor, Rathe, and Nice-Lady to find the dressier section of the shop, leaping up and letting out a few yips as he started jumping up to try and reach something. After a bit of effort is was revealed that he had snatched a slip on bow-tie from one of the shelves. Running though the store with it dangling from his mouth, looking to get back to Rathe to get some help putting it on. However, before he reached him he bumped into the leg of a new potential-stranger-friend.

Shaking his head after bowling into somebody's leg, he looked up from his seated position to see what looked like two guys just coming into the Tailor. He'd bumped into the legs of the smaller one at basically full speed so that couldn't have been the most pleasant feeling. Instantly he reached out with his mind and started to ramble for all to hear, "Oh! I'm sorry! I didn't see you and I was going to somewhere in a hurry, but I didn't mean to bump into you! I promise I was just trying to get by, but then wham! There you are! I'm sorry, I'm being rude. I'm Chiya! Nice to meet you. What's your name? Can we be friends? Oh hey! Maybe you could help me! I wanna try on this tie but I can't really do it myself. Could you lend me a paw or two? Um. I mean hand! You all have hands not paws, silly me." He chipperly stated, not even sure if either one could understand Kindred, but hey! It's a crap-shoot.

Though through his crazy Chiya stood up and all the way through his tirade he was wagging his tail so furiously that his hind end was shaking again. Still seeming to trust and love everything until proven otherwise. The dead opposite of Rathe to the last.

Rathe Grey & Chiya!
Location: Realm of Terreille, Hyall, The Nosey Needle

Interacting With: @Mega Birb@BlackPanther

Chiya was far to excited to be bothered by anything, especially a tailor lifting him up and plopping him don't on a chair to collect information on his size as well as offer pleasant conversation, "Hi! I'm Chiya! That's my name not my species of anything, but I'm sure you knew that. Yeah! I need something fancy for a big ball at the castle! I don't know why a big ball would need fancy clothes, but maybe rich people like to dress up when they chase around toys. I don't know, but it sounds like fun! And I bet they'd have nice food and flowers too! So I need to look nice for all the other nice looking people! The nice lady said something about a bowtie and jacket, so I want to try one of those!" His ramblings continuing and his innocent and childish behavior never ceasing to leave him.

Though with the nice lady speaking up and stepping into her own little tall stand, she spoke of what she wanted and seemed to know her stuff. That in turn made Chiya want to take her advice even more given how knowledgeable she seemed! But now the tailor lady was busy with the nice lady so he started to wander off, only to hear something and turn back just in time to snatch the bone from the sky, "I can hold onto this, but aren't you going to eat it? You gave me an offering of food and I ate it. Is that bad? Was I supposed to hold onto it like you are? I'm sorry if that's the case, I didn't mean to be disrespectful, I just thought it tasted good and that was how your kind says hello. Had I known I wasn't supposed to eat it I wouldn't have! I promise!" He chimed in, still unsure if the nice lady could hear him, but still not caring about that currently. Instead with the bone in his mouth he started to wander off again, ever chasing the nearest interesting thing.

Rathe looked around the tailor's place and took note of all the fancy, elegant, and extravagant garbs, trappings, and clothes that filled the small shop. They appeared to be of excellent make, but this was all the things Rathe hated. They wouldn't protect you if your shield fell, they were not combat effective, allowing for rapid and free movement, or for proper conduction of arcanic energies. They served no purpose other than to make somebody look fancier than they normally would to exert some kind of class power on others. Wearing expensive clothes, dressing up and scenting yourself with expensive oils, and holding elaborate festivals that serve no other purpose than to flaunt how you can waste money. Money that could pay for swords, shields, armor, training, and fortifications. It's just wasteful.

It was about that time that Chiya came bursting out of a rack of clothing, wearing two scarves, a very fancy sequenced hat, and some type of high heel with laces being dragged in his mouth with the bone. It quiet frankly looked like something out of the Rocky Horror Picture Show and he appeared to be dressed in full drag.

For Rathe this was a sure fire groan moment and as he expressed his disappointment with a single sigh, but still this was Chiya and he loved it. It was the innocence and fun that he didn't have. Chiya was his Humanity. Instead he leaned down to a knee and said, "We are guests in this residence. You wouldn't want a stranger moving your things would you? Put them back where you found them. It's the polite thing to do." From there he leaned back up, giving Chiya a ruffle on his neck scruff before he returned his attention to the tailor and Isadora in turn, just in time to hear her talk about dropping layers to get better measurements. While this wasn't a bother to Rathe, it was the way Isadora looked at him in the mirror when she said it. It wasn't like she wanted him to turn away for give them space. She was playing a game and Rathe hated games.

Regardless, he did take note of one thing and that posed a question. "What is upstairs? It seems to be important to you." He asked simply and bluntly making note of her hurried and rushed way she both entered and exited. Also stating his intent clearly and showing no sign of wanting to beat around the bush.

Rathe Grey & Chiya!
Location: Realm of Terreille, Hyall, The Drunken Unicorn

Interacting With: @Mega Birb@BlackPanther

Chiya watched as Isadora took the bone and while she made a bit of an odd comment, but in his eyes it was just another thing. After all she did accept his offering, which means they were even and they both said a polite hello through the offerings of food! Which was good. Though after she took the bone he leaned back onto the table to avoid falling off and began to chatter away, "I'm glad you liked my offering! It felt weird with you making one and me not, but now we've both done it! So now we are friends and that is good! I hope I get to know you better and we can be better friends! Because I like you and I hope that you would like me!" Carrying on with semi-coherent ramblings that didn't seem to have an end.

When the lady identified herself as Isadora, Rathe was skeptical about her intentions, but through the ramblings of Chiya he determined that she has at least won over his trust. Though that isn't speaking too highly given how easily he makes friends. Though as she spoke and made a turn on her heel, heading for the door without a second thought, Chiya leaped from the table to go scampering after her, still rambling. Rathe however took a bit longer, waiting and watching as she moved, curious about her and why she saw fit to wag her rear at him to seductively. Though he had bigger things to worry about than chasing tail. Standing up and walking after the woman and pup, catching up quickly given his large size and long legs. Though with him being led to the tailors, he had to walk behind Isadora, towering over her by several feet as she walked and continued to wag at him.

Chiya was stoked still and running circles around the two as he rambled and ranted about random and off the wall things that ranged from food, to flowers, to flowers that make good food, to what he was going to do to get ready to go to the castle, to what kind of food the castle would have, and what kind of flowers the castle would have. Giving a hearty bit of one sided conversation on his part, though the one-sided-ness of it didn't seem to bother him.

For Rathe he walked just behind Isadora and decided that it would be in good manners to at least share his name as she has given her's, "Rathe. Rathe Grey. Warden Commander of Fort Helios, Eternal Warden of the Skypass Mountains, and The Dragon's Blade of Ashkavi. This is Chiya." He said ending with a gentle gesture towards the energetic pup that continued to run circles around them.

It was about this time that the trio made their way to the very same Tailor that was mentioned in his letter. Turns out the two were in fact mixed together in this. The only question was if she was really brought here by Heketah or working for her. Regardless, the cards will be shown in due time and he'll be ready should she prove to be a betrayer. For now they entered the Tailor and saw the scene before them. Rathe wasn't a man for fancy dresses and tailored suits, but he did take pride in the design and upkeep of his armor, so the fine work on these garbs sure did attract his attention, but only for a moment. Then he saw the tailor working away in the background, but this wasn't his conversation to initiate. So he merely waited for Either Chiya to get himself into a pinch or for Isadora to make the first words. Chiya was much more happy to deal with this new place and he began to run around, investigating the new sights, sounds, and smells.

Rathe Grey & Chiya!
Location: Hyall, Drunken Unicorn Inn, Realm of Terreille

Interacting With: @Mega Birb

Rathe was idle in the bar, looking about here and there for any sign of why he was brought to this city of for his next step, but also to keep a weary eye on his little brother. The wolf pup having a habit about getting himself into sticky situations without even realizing it. Though at this point, it seemed like the majority of the crowd had clear good intent. Several patrons feeding him bit of their meals and giving kind words as he passed, trying to meet as many new faces as he could. Though it ended at a rather particular looking girl. Dress in black and her body open to the world she had an air about her and something about it bothered Rathe. Like a worry that she was dangerous, though perhaps not ill minded given that Chiya appeared to like her attention. Woofing down the offerings of food that she gave and he certainly loved the scratches that the strange woman gave in droves. Rolling around on the floor he didn't seem like he could get happier.

Though it was at that point his attention was stolen from him as he was approached by a somewhat frightened individual who seemed very tepid to come close to him. Yet he did and before long he presented a letter saying that it was for him specifically despite only being in the city maybe an hour. After the message was retrieved he watched the messenger leave to ensure that he was making true on his escape. When he was gone Rathe opened up the letter to read something quiet disturbing. While the messenge sounded friendly in tone and design, it was what she knew that disturbed Rathe the most. He'd only been in the city an hour, yet she knew exactly where he was and that he had brought a small party with him. The capabilities of finding things out with this Heketah person was both astounding and bothersome. What else did she know?

Regardless his thought process was interrupted by Chiya scampering back over to him and instantly speaking up, "Big brother! Big brother! I found this person and they are nice, but I need your help! She gives food to say hello and I don't want to be rude, so I want to give her food! But I don't have food because I ate it... So I need you to give me soemthing to give her!" He cheerily chimed up, leaping up onto a chair and then onto the table to bite at Rathe's prepared plate, snagging what looked like a rib with a bit of meat on it as he turned to look at the strange woman. Chiming up once again, "Here this is for you!" He said, sitting down, but leaning forwards to get closer to the woman in black at the edge of the table.

Though clearly unable to understand as she addressed him next. Asking and knowing about the message as she had her own nearby. It would appear that they were in the same boat and destined to head to the same tailor. Though Rathe had no intention of heading there. His armor was his dress clothes and that was what he would wear. "I won't be going. I already have my clothes." He said powerfully and strongly, leaving his intentions simple and putting his mind out on the table for her to see clearly. He wasn't a man that liked to beat around the bush. Though as he continued to sit there as the woman seemed to be providing attention to her bust, Chiya was getting dangerously close to falling off the table as he tried to reach the woman with his offering. "He wants you to take the bone. Something about saying hello. Take the bone." He continued, ending with what almost sounded like an order at the end, though that was mostly just bleed off from his job title. Regardless, Chiya kept leaning over the edge of the table to try and get the bone to the woman.

However, even as he was making his offering he spoke up again, "Big brother! I don't have clothes! I need to look good to meet a queen! Let's go and get some! We can go with the nice lady!" He continued only to get a grumble and retort from Rathe, "We will not go. There is no need." But shortly following that followed what could only be described as a five plus minute story on how Chiya needed to look good before he went to the castle, and that the woman really needed to take the bone. To which Rathe grumbled again, "We will go to your tailor woman. But first, take the bone and what is your name." He said, still very soundly, but also more like he was making a statement than asking a question.

Rathe Grey & Chiya!
Location: Hyall, Drunken Unicorn Inn, Realm of Terreille

Interacting With: @Mega Birb

Rathe was contented with his observations of the new city that he found himself within. The people who crossed were not of his kin and several gave him odd glances, some even bordering on curious and filled with desire. Yet through it all he remained on his vigil as he always has. True he was no longer at the walls of Helios, but now his vigil was for both himself and for his compatriots. That is why he only purchase three rooms, so his companion would double up and be able to watch one another's backs. Just as he and Chiya would in the third room. Yet just because they were in a foreign place, did not mean one could not enjoy it. Chiya making a prime example of this by running all about in the inn, like a kid in a candy shop. Wide-eyed and happy to make such new discoveries like currency, perfume, and silk. All while under the watchful gaze of the biggest Eryian in the place.

For Chiya he was amazing by everything. Scampering around with his small size to weave a path in between legs of both people and chair as he ran up to many strangers who took on a different appearance from the Eryians he was used to seeing. Taking his chance to run up to a table of Hayllians and chipperly chiming up with his tail wagging so fierce his entire hind end was sway side to side, "Hello! I'm Chiya! I don't know who you are, but now you know me! And I haven't seen people like you before! What are you and I like your eyes!" He blurted out, though to a mixed take and it appeared that they didn't understand him. Though one did speak up to hi and that he is called Jared. So the race must be called Jaredians! What a strange name for a race... Chiya thought to himself before scampering off to his next big find.

Though before he could go and make a new discovery, it appeared as if somebody made a discovery of him! Some lady with black silks and she wasn't like others he has met. She looked kinda different, but she offered something in her hand at his height! Looking over to her he sniffed the air and raised his head, directing his attention to her before lowering his head and sniffing his way closer. Though before he reached her his nose was raised, his tail began to wag ferociously and he ran at her. Just barely skidding to a stop before he started speaking out to her, "HI! My name is Chiya! I don't know who you are, but now you know me! What do you have?" He looked away from the lady's face and down towards her hand, sniffing at the morsel in her mits before giving it a second look and taking a snap. Yoinking the bit from her grip and chomping it into his maw. A quick taste and a snarf later and he had consumed the snack, looking back to the treat giver and speaking up cheerily once again, wagging his tail even more feircely as he did, "That was good! And tasty! THank you for it, but who are you? And why did you give me that? Is that how your people say hello? WIth offerings of food? If so then I'm sorry, but I don't have something for you but I can get something! But first! Um... what is your name! My name is Chiya! Like I said before, but now you know it again! You know, in case you forgot! Not that I thought you did! But better be safe than sorry! That's what my big brother always says!"

Rathe Grey & Chiya!
Location: Traversing the Realm of Terreille

Rathe and his expedition party had quiet the trip heading away from the fort they all called home to venture deep into the Realm of Terreille. The long stretch of lands that led from the rocky crags of the Askavi Mountains all the way to the forests and fields of the realm proper. Having spent such a great, long time high in the mountains robs one of their memories of beauty that nature can provide. For Rathe in particular it is far to rare that he ventured from the peak that he called home and for Chiya this was quiet literally his first time. Taken as a pup to slavery he was never privy to the sights of nature beyond the mountains. Of course he'd heard of them from the soldiers of the fort, but that only gave him a greater need to seek out these wondrous sights, and the ocean to boot!

The first leg of their journey was calm and peaceful. Sleeping in nights under the cover of tents and pavilions, striking fires to stave off the cold winds of the high peaks. However, after a week of work through the higher altitudes of the world the party found the more temperate climate that waited for them in the forests. Chiya couldn't contain himself and from that point on refused to sit upon Rathe's shoulder for transportation. Instead he ran about, chasing circles around the party as they continued on, determined to get answers. Still didn't mean that some fun couldn't be had and several of the party members began to chase after Chiya, playing with him when energy was abound and spirits were high at the fire. Much to Chiya's joy and entertainment. Rathe stayed to his course as he had a goal in mind. He needed answers and Heketah had to provide them. She had 12 names to know, and 12 accounts of murder to be charged with. He was nothing, but a man of conviction and right now his path took him to Hyall.

It wasn't too long before they met another on the road. It was a rare sight indeed and a welcome one as the party greeted her in kind, wishing her well just as she did to them. Given her appearance she must have been a Priestess and that only served to compound the warm feelings. The men and women of Helios were almost like them in an abstract sense. Protecting the gates that lead to new worlds.

Time passed on and Chiya tried, and succeeded, to take Rathe's mind off his mission a few times, but still he was brought back and just in time for the party to crest a small hill at the cusp of a forest. Seeing the trees part, just as the land unfurled before them to show the outskirts of Hyall. Having already been on the trail for a few weeks it was a welcomed sight and one that came after a hard day of travel. Even Chiya was tired and resting on Rathe's shoulder to pass the last few legs of the journey. Similarly Rathe was no fool. Though he knew that his quarry rested in the big, luxurious castle that sat deeper in the town, but who useful would his men and he would be if they were tired and ragged from the road. Instead Rathe guided his men through the streets which made a strange sight given their abnormal garb as well as their militaristic movements. They did not belong in a city of merchants and barters.

Before long though the party made their way to an inn that seemed to be reputable and well traveled. This meant that the likelihood of foul agents would be minimal, given that so many must venture in and out each day. Nobody could spend enough time to set up their respective shop. Upon stepping inside Rathe approached the bar proper, greeting the keeper and ordering three rooms to be reserved for himself and his compatriots. Upon giving the keys to his men they retired to go and rest while they had the chance to.

Rathe stayed present in the common room of the inn taking to an empty seat away from people as he rested Harbinger at a leaning position. Still firmly in his grasp to give the big, imposing man a sense of power about him. That in turn kept folks at bay. For Chiya however, he was rested from Rathe's shoulder and now was curious about all the sights and smells that he was experiencing. Leaping down from Rathe's shoulder to the table and then to the floor after a brief shake to get the sleep out of his bones. Running around and scampering about the inn to greet new people and of course investigate all the nice new smells.

Rathe Grey & Chiya!
Location: Askavi Mountains, Fort Helios, Sky Pass

Rathe had finished with his rights, burying his men and giving them their last farewell. It was a sad and solemn ritual that he took upon himself. Following it he'd have his scribes draft up letters to their respective families and loved ones, giving them closure and letting them know their children, husbands, wives, and lovers died as true heroes and men and women to be proud of. It was at this point, in the Field of the Fallen that a messenger came to him. Waiting for his final moments to pass before addressing the Warden Commander of Fort Helios in the fashion proper to his rank. A crisp snap to attention and a salute made by putting one's hand over their heart, curled into a fist. "Sir, we have found a message on the invaders. It's addressed to you." He said, holding out the piece of paper in question to Rathe.

Rathe reached out to take hold of the parchment, glancing over it as he saw the words for himself. Silently he began to move with a purpose back to the keep. Before long he was assembled in the war room with his Wardens of various fields. The Warden of Blades stood to Rathe's right, a man of many years and many battles, scarred and marred to show his worth. To his left was the Warden of Bows, the ranged master of the fort and easily the greatest shot this side of the world. To the right of the Warden of Blades stood the Warden of Siege, a master engineer who either built or oversaw the construction of all the siege engines in Fort Helios. Then finally to the left of the Warden of Bows was the Warden of the Arcane, a master magister and great teacher and scholar of the fort. And of course Chiya sat on the table next to Rathe, trying to seem confident and regal as all the others in the room had, but in truth it looked for like he had a stick up his hind end, making him look like a statue staring up at the chandeliers. It was more adorable than regal in actuality.

"It's quiet clear what this entails. It's a missive for summons. Yet to round up a Rhilander army? This is worthy of war!" The Warden of Siege spoke out quiet angrily. Even smashing a fist onto the 3D map that made up the table. "We can't be so rash, it's clear that this queen of Hyall has power and that power can be brought to bear against our keep. If they wish to have an audience we should heed it. After all there is no threat conveyed." The Warden of Bows spoke up to say in response, "It's clear that this is nothing more than a show of force. We were made to win, yet still view the power this queen holds. I say we send our delegation to meet her." She concluded, offering a second alternative. Meanwhile the Warden of the Arcane chimed up to add, "We can't just walk into this situation blindly. Why make such a drastic show of delivering a message? It's meant to subjugate and make us be afraid. So I agree we should go, but not to know what this Queen demands. Instead to show that we will not be made afraid by her actions."

Rathe heard the words of his advisors, but through it all he held to his convictions, "No. I will go to Hyall to meet this Heketah. Not because she summoned me, not because we must show her we are unafraid, but because she has commit murder. She sent these invaders against us and by their hand did they kill twelve of the brave men on the walls. That blood is on her hands and she will answer for her crimes." He started, tensing Harbinger in his right hand as he shifted the weapon to his side, standing up from his chair to accent that silence was to be held in his war room. "I leave the fort in your hands my Wardens, she will be safe until I return." He concluded collecting up his weapon using it to gesture at the model on the table. The fine tip of his blade touching the territory of Hyall. "It is a trek to her land, but one that will not take a small band very long. We can move fast and keep to the chief roads of Ashkavi for most of the way. I leave tomorrow and I have made my decision." He finished tapping the bottom of Harbinger on the stone floor like a gavel. The Wardens looks among one another, quiet a bit shocked as this would be the first time in 200 years that Rathe would have left the walls of Fort Helios. He's known as the Eternal Warden for a reason after all. Yet, he didn't seem to be bothered by the idea of leaving his keep.

Chiya broke free from his confident pose and looked back at Rathe with wide eyes. In Kindred he spoke out with jubilation that seemed to almost radiate from his little form, "We're leaving the fort!" He spoke out with enough glee to match the vigorous wagging of his tail. His whole hind end wagging wildly and blindly as he hopped around on the table. "I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't wait! Are we going to see the plains? And the forests? And I heard about big bodies of water called oceans! Are we going to an ocean?" He continued, wildly speaking his mind with no censor.

For Rathe he looked at the hyped pup and with his usual cold and blank face he held out a hand to make a bridge that Chiya happily jumped up to reach his usual position on Rathe's shoulder. Sitting down, but that didn't stop his wagging tail or constant questions. "Have you been to the ocean? I know it's a lot of water. Like a LOT a lot of water and it's not water you can drink, because it has salt. And the salt actually makes you..." He continued on, seemingly talking without end long into the night.

On the cusp of the next morning, the team was made ready. Rathe and Chiya were to travel with four other guards of Fort Helios as an envoy that would forge a path into Hyall and to meet this Queen Heketah.

Rathe Grey & Chiya!
Location: Askavi Mountains, Fort Helios, Sky Pass

Fort Helios. A grand design placed in the pass that split the Askavi Mountains, called some way adequately Sky Pass. It is here that the fort had stood against countless invasions and attacks for just over two centuries. Garrisoned by some of the finest men the Askavi nation could muster. At the head stood Rathe, Warden Commander of Fort Helios and Lord-Defender of the Pass.

Out for his daily routines Rathe walked along the upper ramparts, dressed in full gear and always ever alert for the unannounced strike against the Askavi lands. As his feet fell against the cold, windswept stone one after the other. It was always cold this high up and it wasn't an odd event to have it snow even in Summer when this high up. However, it was this height that gave the fort it's tactical advantage. Any higher and intruders couldn't fly, leaving them to either brave Fort Helios or spead weeks navigating the treacherous mountain passes. Though with Rathe walking the ramparts it was a sure bet that the mountains would be safer. Yet even with that fools still tried to beat the wrath of Rathe and his men. Today was no different than any of the others over the past 200 years and the outcome will be the same.

This time, like always, Rathe was not walking the ramparts alone. The Kindred Wolf that he saved a few years ago and couldn't seem to get rid of. Though he'd never want to, Chiya was his best and only friend. And while he's never told Chiya that, he seemed to understand. Happily prancing along, keeping pace with a cheery gait. His tail wagging so fiercely that it threatened to fly off and get launched to the stars. "I hear something! Like voices!" He chimed up, running instead of after Rathe to an arrow slit in the ramparts, looking out at the horizon, or at least he would've had he been tall enough to leap over the cusp.

Rathe, witnessing this adorable little feat slowly walked over to him and reach down with a single massive hand, scooping up the pup and putting him on the edge so he could look out into the horizon like he had originally planned. Looking out at the horizon with his friend the two saw how beautiful the wild world was. It was gorgeous and wonderful. Yet it couldn't fool either. They knew what dangers bred like rabbits out there and now more had come to their walls. Rathe looked out at the land to see a threat and where it was, but it wasn't until Chiya chimed up again to add, "Look in the sky!" DId he look up to see what at first looked like a black cloud. Yet, he knew the truth of what it was. Letting out a grunt he picked Chiya from the edge and set him back on solid, contained ground, before walking off briskly to one of the massive bells that were set up on the wall. "Protect your ears." He said to Chiya, who very quickly put his head down and paws over his head. Once that was done he gripped the chime of the bell and begun to swing the heavy metal thing back and forth, causing a resounding clang to echo through the entire fort. With the clangs came his voice, "To arms! To arms! To arms! All men to their stations!"

Within but a few minutes the men of Fort Helios were roused from breakfast and some even from sleep as they scrambled to to armor and weapons. Having been trained, drilled, and experienced in handling situations like these, several ranks were already at their volley points. More still at the artillery stations as their weapons were either themselves or mounted on the walls in the form of ballistae and trebuchets. Yet even as the first few hundred men grew ready they did so before the enemy was in range. Thanks to Chiya's supernatural ears they had removed the enemy's element of surprise. Before long the entire fort was at arms and ready to fight.

Rathe stood on the highest tower of the fort, overlooking the fields and his own men as they readied all weapons they had to bear. His tower was the forward most place as well, so he could even see down the front facing wall of the keep to ensure that all positions were ready to fight, and so that he could give commands. The first of which, "Artillery! Ready!" Waiting a few moments as the artillery stations and mages took aim and drew upon their power. As the swarm came closer he waited and waited, watching them get closer and closer until finally, "Fire!" All across the fort mages and ballistae let fly their long range bombardment to the swarm. A few moments passed as the bolts and blast flew through the air until finally making contact. Energy blasts exploding and clipping many sets of wings at once. Bolts from ballistae punching holes through the swarm and many Rhilander bodies. Even from so far away Rathe could see as the clumps of bodies well from the sky. Again and again, wave after wave was fired at the swarm, taking down hundreds of bodies, but still the swarm was only minorly shrinking, just as the shadwo began to cover the fort.

Turning to his men, Rathe smirked, which many people could say is almost more concerning. "Thank our assailants men! For they had seen to giving us the pleasure of fighting in the shade! Enjoy it while it lasts and know that in their passing, their final deed was a minor convenience for us! Archers! Open Fire!" At the closing of his speech the archers on the upper and lower rampants drew, took aim, and unleashed volley after volley on the approaching Rhilanders, peppering them with hundred of arrows. Still more of their numbers fell as magic, arrows, bolts, and arcanic seige fire lit up the approaching swarm. Greatly reducing their numbers.

Rathe watched as his men did their duty, killing for Askavi and their family behind the walls. Yet he had done nothing but direct his men so far and that would not do any longer. With Harbinger in hand he pointed the blade at the swarm, readying his aim and power before taking several broad swipes and lunges with his weapon. As if making some sort of dance or training drill with his weapon. Yet on each cresendo a deep, dark grey lash or pulse of energy struck out, growing in size and reaping havoc upon the gathered swarm, cleaving swaths of blood to be cut from countless Rhilanders as the strokes continued through their unprotected bodies. Of all the men on the wall Rathe was still the most devastating in combat and he wasn't going to let anybody beat his kill count. So he continued his dance of death, twisting his weapon like it was a part of his own body. All the while cutting apart hordes of foes.

However, much like many battles with enemies of this size, they could not keep them at range forever and as their swarm was cut to a mere quarter of it's size, they reached the ramparts. The small, mischievous, and violent invaders attacking the archers first and very quickly overwhelming several who were carried away and cut to pieces by countless blades and claws. Although as it continued on the vanguard arrived with their spears, swords, and hammers. Piercing, slashing, and smashing at them to repel all boarders, sending most over the edge of teh castle for the wolves to reclaim.

Rathe still in his Warden's Tower watched as the swarm was being repelled at the wall and while the landed Rhilanders fought the vanguard he drew up his blade in hand and stretched his great wings taking flight with a great surge and charged into the swarm, erecting a magical barrier to leave him with a shielded bubble in a crowd of flies. Cutting around with his physical weapon to cut Rhilanders in twane. Yet for each one he cut another hundred seemed to be around him, swarming. As they surrounded him and walked right into his trap he quit swinging and instead started to summon all of his power inside, building up for several moments before with a great roar he let it all erupt out and surge past his form to burn and melt away the gathered Rhilanders. Killing countless and blasting a huge hole in their swarm. At that stage their numbers had be reduced so much that many of the stragglers became flapping at top speed away from the fort. With their forces in full retreat Rathe flew and hovered gently before his men on teh ramparts. Harbinger held firm in hand as he watched those swho remained be put to the sword.

Returning to the ramparts he started to walk past his men, "How many fell in the attack? His question simple and cold, showing no sign of remorse or regret for the fallen. Yet that did not mean he didn't care. He needed to know how many he must honor and ask for their eternal vigil from the after life, to keep and protect their vows, and to ensure that Ashkavi will always be safe.

"Twelve my lord. Died with sword in want, faithful to their oaths." A captain among his ranks declared, approaching, saluting, and reporting to code. Rathe nodded in kind and walked away with teh captain following, "Have their bodies dressed and their graves prepared. I will preform the rights myself. Get messages to their families. Tell them all that they passed honorably." Rathe said in response, always volunteering to provide the last rites of his men. To him it's more than sending to to teh beyond, it's about honoring them for their faithful and loyal service. And of course to request they stay and keep to the walls of Helios to watch over their fellow men and to keep Eternal Vigil of Ashkavi. It was never something he wanted to do, but he owed it to each and every soul who was his subordinate as their loyalty and devotion could never be repaid, so this was just a small offering he could make to start repaying that debt.
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