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@Nevix I dig 'em! High collar down with the rest of us rats. Accepted and please put him in teh CS tab.

@Mataus You know that I'll already accept your CS, just put 'em over there already!
Things are still on, just waiting on last second CSs then we get rolling!
Well we have at least one more guy coming... though I'm not sure if he'll be big in the dating pool... He has other issues to handle that are much more pressing.
And you have your credit in the first post!
@13org Yuppers!
You found it!
@lightningalpha1 A little nippy, but it works for me! Simple answer to a simple question! Accepted! Please put them in the CS tab.

@13org You too Borg I'm waiting on ya!
@lightningalpha1 Awesome and that does make a bunch of sense! Just wanted to make sure you were sure that's what you wanted as your wish.

@Mega Birb And now we have ghost birbs.
@lightningalpha1 It's like you said, a little choppy but I like the theme and build of it all! I do have a few questions though and just want to ask about that wish. Starting with the latter. You sure you want to have her wish be something so... immeasurable? How would she know when she's reached her wish without a sort of bar to measure up to? Just a thought, you don't need to change it. As for the other bits I'd like a little more reason behind why she knows her survival training and knife handiness. It seems odd for a mechanic to have those two traits given I imagine mechanics being in shops within walls more than anything. Beyond that though I sure like 'em!
@Mega Birb@13org@Mataus@Nevix@Croissant@Dusty

Whelp we've had a minute to gather up players and such and much to my joy it's gone great! But we are missing one more man and then we shall get started. This is also not to rush those of you who haven't posted CSs yet, just a, "Get ready ya'll! We're starting soon!" out there.
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