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Rathe Grey & Chiya!
Location: Askavi Mountains, Fort Helios, Sky Pass

Fort Helios. A grand design placed in the pass that split the Askavi Mountains, called some way adequately Sky Pass. It is here that the fort had stood against countless invasions and attacks for just over two centuries. Garrisoned by some of the finest men the Askavi nation could muster. At the head stood Rathe, Warden Commander of Fort Helios and Lord-Defender of the Pass.

Out for his daily routines Rathe walked along the upper ramparts, dressed in full gear and always ever alert for the unannounced strike against the Askavi lands. As his feet fell against the cold, windswept stone one after the other. It was always cold this high up and it wasn't an odd event to have it snow even in Summer when this high up. However, it was this height that gave the fort it's tactical advantage. Any higher and intruders couldn't fly, leaving them to either brave Fort Helios or spead weeks navigating the treacherous mountain passes. Though with Rathe walking the ramparts it was a sure bet that the mountains would be safer. Yet even with that fools still tried to beat the wrath of Rathe and his men. Today was no different than any of the others over the past 200 years and the outcome will be the same.

This time, like always, Rathe was not walking the ramparts alone. The Kindred Wolf that he saved a few years ago and couldn't seem to get rid of. Though he'd never want to, Chiya was his best and only friend. And while he's never told Chiya that, he seemed to understand. Happily prancing along, keeping pace with a cheery gait. His tail wagging so fiercely that it threatened to fly off and get launched to the stars. "I hear something! Like voices!" He chimed up, running instead of after Rathe to an arrow slit in the ramparts, looking out at the horizon, or at least he would've had he been tall enough to leap over the cusp.

Rathe, witnessing this adorable little feat slowly walked over to him and reach down with a single massive hand, scooping up the pup and putting him on the edge so he could look out into the horizon like he had originally planned. Looking out at the horizon with his friend the two saw how beautiful the wild world was. It was gorgeous and wonderful. Yet it couldn't fool either. They knew what dangers bred like rabbits out there and now more had come to their walls. Rathe looked out at the land to see a threat and where it was, but it wasn't until Chiya chimed up again to add, "Look in the sky!" DId he look up to see what at first looked like a black cloud. Yet, he knew the truth of what it was. Letting out a grunt he picked Chiya from the edge and set him back on solid, contained ground, before walking off briskly to one of the massive bells that were set up on the wall. "Protect your ears." He said to Chiya, who very quickly put his head down and paws over his head. Once that was done he gripped the chime of the bell and begun to swing the heavy metal thing back and forth, causing a resounding clang to echo through the entire fort. With the clangs came his voice, "To arms! To arms! To arms! All men to their stations!"

Within but a few minutes the men of Fort Helios were roused from breakfast and some even from sleep as they scrambled to to armor and weapons. Having been trained, drilled, and experienced in handling situations like these, several ranks were already at their volley points. More still at the artillery stations as their weapons were either themselves or mounted on the walls in the form of ballistae and trebuchets. Yet even as the first few hundred men grew ready they did so before the enemy was in range. Thanks to Chiya's supernatural ears they had removed the enemy's element of surprise. Before long the entire fort was at arms and ready to fight.

Rathe stood on the highest tower of the fort, overlooking the fields and his own men as they readied all weapons they had to bear. His tower was the forward most place as well, so he could even see down the front facing wall of the keep to ensure that all positions were ready to fight, and so that he could give commands. The first of which, "Artillery! Ready!" Waiting a few moments as the artillery stations and mages took aim and drew upon their power. As the swarm came closer he waited and waited, watching them get closer and closer until finally, "Fire!" All across the fort mages and ballistae let fly their long range bombardment to the swarm. A few moments passed as the bolts and blast flew through the air until finally making contact. Energy blasts exploding and clipping many sets of wings at once. Bolts from ballistae punching holes through the swarm and many Rhilander bodies. Even from so far away Rathe could see as the clumps of bodies well from the sky. Again and again, wave after wave was fired at the swarm, taking down hundreds of bodies, but still the swarm was only minorly shrinking, just as the shadwo began to cover the fort.

Turning to his men, Rathe smirked, which many people could say is almost more concerning. "Thank our assailants men! For they had seen to giving us the pleasure of fighting in the shade! Enjoy it while it lasts and know that in their passing, their final deed was a minor convenience for us! Archers! Open Fire!" At the closing of his speech the archers on the upper and lower rampants drew, took aim, and unleashed volley after volley on the approaching Rhilanders, peppering them with hundred of arrows. Still more of their numbers fell as magic, arrows, bolts, and arcanic seige fire lit up the approaching swarm. Greatly reducing their numbers.

Rathe watched as his men did their duty, killing for Askavi and their family behind the walls. Yet he had done nothing but direct his men so far and that would not do any longer. With Harbinger in hand he pointed the blade at the swarm, readying his aim and power before taking several broad swipes and lunges with his weapon. As if making some sort of dance or training drill with his weapon. Yet on each cresendo a deep, dark grey lash or pulse of energy struck out, growing in size and reaping havoc upon the gathered swarm, cleaving swaths of blood to be cut from countless Rhilanders as the strokes continued through their unprotected bodies. Of all the men on the wall Rathe was still the most devastating in combat and he wasn't going to let anybody beat his kill count. So he continued his dance of death, twisting his weapon like it was a part of his own body. All the while cutting apart hordes of foes.

However, much like many battles with enemies of this size, they could not keep them at range forever and as their swarm was cut to a mere quarter of it's size, they reached the ramparts. The small, mischievous, and violent invaders attacking the archers first and very quickly overwhelming several who were carried away and cut to pieces by countless blades and claws. Although as it continued on the vanguard arrived with their spears, swords, and hammers. Piercing, slashing, and smashing at them to repel all boarders, sending most over the edge of teh castle for the wolves to reclaim.

Rathe still in his Warden's Tower watched as the swarm was being repelled at the wall and while the landed Rhilanders fought the vanguard he drew up his blade in hand and stretched his great wings taking flight with a great surge and charged into the swarm, erecting a magical barrier to leave him with a shielded bubble in a crowd of flies. Cutting around with his physical weapon to cut Rhilanders in twane. Yet for each one he cut another hundred seemed to be around him, swarming. As they surrounded him and walked right into his trap he quit swinging and instead started to summon all of his power inside, building up for several moments before with a great roar he let it all erupt out and surge past his form to burn and melt away the gathered Rhilanders. Killing countless and blasting a huge hole in their swarm. At that stage their numbers had be reduced so much that many of the stragglers became flapping at top speed away from the fort. With their forces in full retreat Rathe flew and hovered gently before his men on teh ramparts. Harbinger held firm in hand as he watched those swho remained be put to the sword.

Returning to the ramparts he started to walk past his men, "How many fell in the attack? His question simple and cold, showing no sign of remorse or regret for the fallen. Yet that did not mean he didn't care. He needed to know how many he must honor and ask for their eternal vigil from the after life, to keep and protect their vows, and to ensure that Ashkavi will always be safe.

"Twelve my lord. Died with sword in want, faithful to their oaths." A captain among his ranks declared, approaching, saluting, and reporting to code. Rathe nodded in kind and walked away with teh captain following, "Have their bodies dressed and their graves prepared. I will preform the rights myself. Get messages to their families. Tell them all that they passed honorably." Rathe said in response, always volunteering to provide the last rites of his men. To him it's more than sending to to teh beyond, it's about honoring them for their faithful and loyal service. And of course to request they stay and keep to the walls of Helios to watch over their fellow men and to keep Eternal Vigil of Ashkavi. It was never something he wanted to do, but he owed it to each and every soul who was his subordinate as their loyalty and devotion could never be repaid, so this was just a small offering he could make to start repaying that debt.
Sorry I haven't been around ya'll but as soon as I was looking to join you folks life came by and got all fussy and busy. I've had to fight that and with it for a minute now and it doesn't look like it's gonna slow down. I'm not exactly in the RP but I figured I'd let you all know that I won't be able to join. Sorry folks, have fun without me though!
@Regitnui I love that name... but naughtiness needs to change to nefariousness.

@thewizardguy I could easily see that happening. With some work I'll see about PMING you details so we can bring the NEW Love Muffin to the height of power, so that we may rule over the world with and iron fist... yet soft and moist interior...

Also sorry about being MIA for so long life was being a butt. But on a positive note the new IT movie is legit.
@thewizardguy I'd be good for that! Especially to make a sort of Coalition of Evil-Doers Against Goodie-Goodie Two-Shoes Heroes or CEDAGGTSH for short.
I've got a few ideas ranging from basically Lex Luther, to Shadowmancer, to Corrupting Virus... type... guy. But either way it goes down I want to have something strong on my side to deal with all of these valiant heroes. Not in the sense of like... I'm an all powerful God. But liek expendable resources that heroes can fight and beat without me feeling like I'm spending vital things and I can't make much happen for a minute. Ya know?
Howdy ya'll. I saw your RP and liked the premise surrounding it. Similarly I recognize quiet a few of the names here. I also can see that the cast is quiet extensive, so I figured I'd ask if there are still open spaces for new guys? I do have a request though, may a be a villian with henchmen/a power that makes henchmen?
Fenix "Blyze" Lyranis
Location: Vrondi Castle, aboard the Fotian Airship
Interacting With: @Rai

Fenix had a day, but what made it all better was the night that followed. The airship flew through the skies towards Vrondi Castle and on the way he had the fortune of meaning two lovely ladies by the names of Rena and Lorain and as luck would have it they took a bit of a liking to him. One perk of being a Fotian was the liberating freedom that the kingdom embraced and that includes the free act of love. With the flirtations going splendidly and the following acts going better yet he was treated to an active night with plenty of loud noises and quiet the mess to deal with in the morning as he opened his groggy eyes. To his right was Rena, the beautiful warrior woman who brought the same vigor she has in battle as in bed it would seem. Mostly due to the fact that he may have some claw marks on his back well into the coming week. Then turning to his left he say Lorain, the dexterous preforming who's flexibility shattered all realm of normal human reaches. The positions they had... no experience will ever be as adventurous.

Though as he looked at the beauties he made the mistake of looking at the time. The ship had landed and the royals were just beginning to make their escape to solid ground. That in turn meant he'd have to leave, though it would be such a shame to leave these blessings to the world of beauty without saying goodbye and so he remained in bed with them, curling around to Rena and running a hand down her naked frame, giving her neck a subtle kiss that had proven enough to stir her from sleep. "You wake my bedroom warrior..." He whispered out to her returning senses.

Though before long he was the victim of a foreign touch as Lorain had stirred as well, running her arms over his sore shoulders. "And you as well my champion..." she said at first, but looking to the clock she let out a sigh, "I wish you could stay... I want more..." She finished, running her soft and tender hands across his body.

"I know and I wish I could spend the rest of the week here, but I have an audience to meet." Fenix started to say, turning to face Lorain and return the exploratory favor. Though before long he had to rise from the bed, "I do hope to see the both of you among those crowds. In fact I'll be offended if you aren't there... Can you promise me that much?" He posed to the pair. Rena nodded and firmly gripped his hind end, again asserting a almost pathological need to assert some level of strength, but he kinda enjoyed that about her. Lorain on the other hand chimed up to say, "You have my word..."

From that point on he had gotten dressed in those damned layers given to him by the Fotian royals. So stuffy and constricting, but it was what he had to deal with when dealing with such crowds. Taking his peace from the beauties in his room he began to walk through the halls of the airship to the offloading stairs that let him set foot into a grand and beautiful castle that much like all the others he ran across on the way to here, was made to embody beauty. As great and true as the Fotian people and world is, it is still a great and wide world with such varied wonders.

Fenix had missed the first part of the meet which appeared to be just winding up some possible tensions as well as greetings and that was ok in his books. He was a racer and all this racial, political, and warring friction was a foreign and somewhat bothersome topic for him. Not that he couldn't follow it, just that he wasn't a fan of such underhanded actions. Why not settle things with simple tests of ability like running. Though as things wound down quiet quickly he looked to see the great gates of Castle Vrondi open up and reveal the interior hall that was to hold the host of guests. The music, the food, the architecture, the diversity, and of course the great diversity of women, were all wonderful things to his various senses. Treating himself to a few delicacies and indulging himself of the foreign culture he made his presence know around the hall, introducing himself to royals, nobles, and all the other attendants while also greeting those who recognized him at a glance. Many of whom were Fotians, but the championship title travels across the world, so many others from different kingdoms saw fit to let him join their royal parties. Funny how far a simple thing like a title goes.

At that stage the party had evolved from a simple gathering to a show as a woman dressed with scant leaves and vines that left nothing to the imagination did wonders with seeds and vines, turning the stage into a work of art in motion, not to mention showing off her own artistic body. Barely able to take his eyes off of Luxia he was only able to break contact when approached by a few individuals who recognized him. Though through it all he couldn't help but think constantly about his internal dislike for these stacked garments. And while it would be rude to spur a gift, he figured it wouldn't be so bad to shed at least the jacket and perhaps the vest... So in that moment he started to undress after taking to a less filled corner, in the hopes of not being mistaken for a male stripper. Leaving himself garbed in only his split vest, showing off his toned chest and arms to all onlookers, carrying his jacket under his left arm. Now this was his kind of place. Finally comfortable and still among all the wonders of a foreign gathering.
My heart breaks to know that this RP is heading out. But Much like Bubblegum I did enjoy the ride while it lasted. Maybe one day we can find another RP to play in again because you guys rock!
It's official. This RP is on definite hiatus. Until further notice it's to be considered closed and inactive. It's been a ride everybody and I am glad to have played this far with you all!
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