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Rathe Grey & Chiya!
Location: Askavi, Skypass mountains, Fort Helios

Interacting With: N/A

Fort Helios, positioned high in the Skypass Mountains and nestled up at a key choke point in the Askavi kingdom. Built by Eryian hands, for Eryian lives not because of them. Though the story of Helios is not one that came without bloodshed. After all the Warden Commander of the fort, Rathe Grey only came to this position and to see this fort built after the previously undefended pass cost him his family, home, and original life. Though it served to put him into this position and make him the man he needed to be to run it.

For Rathe this was just another day and thankfully one of peace. With the threat of raiders, bandits, vagabonds, and other unwanteds always present, it was good to have a moment to handle the other matters of the fort, bearing witness to the hustle and bustle of his men and women, moving about the walls, battlements, and emplacements of the fort to ensure that everything was in tip top condition for the next siege. One they knew was coming, yet when was the only question left to chance. There was a certain peace to knowing only war. Knowing that your foe will come and being ready for them, being strong enough to defend against them, and of course knowing that the brothers and sisters to your left and right were here to make sure you survived. It was a twisted and dark view, but it was one some could find solace in. It was also the view that the banner of Helios was formed under and let people from all the lands fight for the people instead of a dark and corrupted queen.

Rathe was on his way to the War Council, ready to meet with his Wardens. Chiya was with him, keeping pace at his ankles as Rathe strode with a sense of purpose towards the War Room. All the while the ever cheery pup chatting along about whatever crossed his mind, "... And that's when I foudn them all! They were glowing like a bunch of lights but they flew and hovered and moved all about! It was pretty and it looked like stars were having a fit! I thought I was going crazy but then one landed on my nose and I saw it! I saw it big brother! It was a bug that glowed bright like a star and stuff! There had to have been like... a hundred or them! It was awesome!" Though before he could get onto his next tangent or continue to explain how his first time meeting fireflies they reached the grand doors to the War Room. Rathe, using his great size and strength opened the doors with ease and stepped in valiantly. Chiya followed suit and once inside the chamber he scampered up, quieting in an instant, towards the table. Chipperly saying, "Hiya everyone~!" and making use of a pulled out chair to prance up and leap onto the table. Taking his place in front of Rathe's seat as he entered and was given the salute of Helios. A hand curled up to the heart and brought into a fist while standing at firm attention. The guards and Wardens giving him the respect the Eternal Warden was due.

Rathe bit them to rest and not prolong this saltue, he ruled with rank, but not with an inflated ego. So as all in the room returned to their seats and positions he in turn walked around the table to sit himself at the head of the round table. Emblazoned upon was a 3D map of Terreille, rendered out of a solid piece of vanished wood. Giving them a sense for their position in the world and a better understanding of where everything was in relation to them, especially being in the center of it all. The Warden of Blades, Lord Erval, stood to Rathe's right, a man of many years and many battles, scarred and marred to show his worth. To his left was the Warden of Bows, Lady Amaralia, the ranged master of the fort and easily the greatest shot this side of the world. To the right of the Warden of Blades stood the Warden of Siege, Elder Yusalf, a master engineer who either built or oversaw the construction of all the siege engines in Fort Helios. Then finally to the left of the Warden of Bows was the Warden of the Arcane, Magister Granild, a master magister and great teacher and scholar of the fort. And of course Chiya sat on the table next to Rathe, trying to seem confident and regal as all the others in the room had, but in truth it looked for like he had a stick up his hind end, making him look like a statue staring up at the chandeliers. It was more adorable than regal in actuality.

Addressing his council he bid them for a status update, eager to learn how their numbers and supplies faired since the last month. The Warden of Blades was the first to chime up, shuffling through some papers that apparently were a type of roster before saying, "Recruitment has gone up, another 63 able bodies have joined us from mostly Dhemlan and Hayll. Apparently some injustice from local queens has spurred them to seek shelter under our banner. We have already begun training and preparation for induction." Rathe nodded and spoke up to say, "Good, it is welcome to know that we still have those amoung the world who wish to see justice and honor fulfilled. Elder Yusalf, how go the repairs to the western battlements?" He spoke up, curious to see how the damage caused by rudimentary catapults on the last siege were shaping up. "Excellent Warden Commander, repairs are exceeding my original estimates and that is mostly in thanks to the new hands we have on board. Several were experienced engineers before arriving at our home." Once again Rathe nodded in approval and looked over some documents laid before him by his counsel. Reports of ranges and scouting missions that would better serve to inform him of the outside world. Though due to his position high in the Ashkavi mountains it left plenty undiscovered. Though one did stand out and caught his eye. A report that spoke of decay and discord within the territories of Dhemlan and Hayll. While the Warden of Blades spoke of discord in his notes on the recruits, this was... different. The rate and style of the advance wasn't one of petty dispute or uprising and instead seemed to be a power play, looking to change borders and expand. This could only mean one thing, another queen was rising to power with a fury.

Rathe was not one for anarchy, seeking to dethrone queens. In truth he didn't have a problem with queens in general, but it was the ones who spread this decay and discord that stung him. The purpose of leadership is to protect the weaker and misfortuned, not abuse and harp upon them. "Send scouts and guards to Hyall and Dhemlan. With this rising discord we may be able to source out more recruits yet. Further bolster our numbers and secure our place here in the mountains. Though order them to keep their heads down and not cause waves. I do not wish to see another incident with the hierarchy of foreign powers."

From there it was just a short matter of making sure that enough supplies were being sourced from local towns and ranges to handle the needs of the fort. In addition to bolstering and forwarding the construction of more siege engines on the north battlements which while that was firm in the high peaks of the mountains, it always served to be ready for an attack from anywhere. Finally was the matter of organizing the scouts to head into foreign territories for recruitment and assistance, which was no small feat to find able hands who could move through the realm under cover. Yet it was all done and that in turn left Rathe with nothing more than to adjourn the meeting, dismissing his counsel and making leave himself. After all Chiya and himself had 63 new faces to need for their induction to the fort.

Official CS for review.... again.
I'm bringing Rathe back for sure. Gonna need to do a little rewriting, but he'll be back for sure!
I don't plan on losing this RP to nothingness. If you have a post feel free to do so, but I'm also going to be opening up admissions again to have people join in as members of the team already present in the previously listed number. So for those of you who want to join feel free to drop me a line!

As for those of you who wish to stay and haven't posted please post!
Anselmo Date 2353-08-14
Location: The Wild World, Grand Forest, Sector HY-4923

Jake had been on near countless missions that started from various locations and led to wondrous and lethal places. One thing that set the Treehouse apart from the others, how they sent people into the Wild World. Posting his leg up on the cabin and even reaching up to brace himself further he felt the sudden vertigo of the drop that led them down a few hundred meters to the forest floor. Though before they hit the ground he heard Prophet talking wild and manically as Jake looked back and started barking orders back over the cabin to, "Get your ass back in your seat! You dumb mother fucker! Sit down!" Yet his unceremonious outburst fell on deaf ears as it was too late to do anything. Bouncing and sending that strong vertigo straight back up with more than a few stomachs. Jake, much like his driver, had to choke back the urge to hurl as no matter how many ranges you've been on you don't get used to something like that or even ever do it more than twice. Upon collecting himself he looked back to see a stunned and possibly dead Prophet lying on the ground. Taking a minute to think of how this could have gone so South so fast he was speechless. Though that was quick to end when Prophet grunted and started to rise with a bloody nose. Not wanting to deal with it he just continued to say, "Just sit back down and try not to get us all killed." Leading to a rapid response of fuck this and a disembarking to the top of the QRTV. Which only warranted the rolling of his eyes and a swift turn to Andy saying, "Just go, he falls off we'll debrief a casualty." Following that he got situated back in his seat, calling up over the radio that the operation was a go and they are to make all due haste towards the pillar of light.

Chapter 1: The Obsidian Tear

Anselmo Date 2353-08-14
Location: The Wild World, Grand Forest, Sector HY-4923

The first leg of the journey was simple, rough, but simple. The gnarled roots and expanding under foliage of the Grand Forest gave a bumping and rocky ride for all of the vehicles involved, but nothing the QRTVs couldn't handle a thousand times over. For Isis and Bastet it was a true haven! This was the natural environment of the Duvari and in fact several wild bands of them were seen running about the forest grounds, one even deciding to take up and give chase with the convoy after seeing Bastet. More than likely curious to see such an alpha running with loud machine beasts. Giving the convoy quiet the entourage for the final legs of the forest.

Upon reaching the cusp of it, bursting through a particulayly dense thicket of low hanging plants the convoy was set upon not only much more level ground, but a beautiful scene. Monsters and beasts of all kinda roamed wild and free along the plains that stretched before them. No cover to hide teh majority of luminous and varied creatures that lived their lives upon the newly overgrown planet. Duvari scampered and played about with one another as pups chased and 'fought' their parents. Silverbacks bayed and roared about at the cusp of the forest, hanging on branches from strong arms as they watched the convoy roll on. As well as a colony of Will-O'-The-Wisps fluttered through the air, glowing and glinting their wondrous lights show through the waning lights of evening. Almost as if they were forming a path of light to guide the convoy into the encroaching night.

Jake was one to take in the moment of peace, lifting the hatch on top of the QRTV to let his head be at the open air. Watching the wonders roam around in what seemed like a foreign harmony, perfect yet... different. A small smiling walking up the side of his face as he lost a part of his whimsical side to it all. Only they had a job to do. Pulling across his radio headset he broadcast across the convoy for all to hear, "We convoy into the night to make up for lost time, but I want everybody to have eyes open. We're officially in unknown territory which provides countless dangers but not to mention the fact that we are in fact rolling towards something that is detonating with the psionic equivalent of a neutron bomb each day. I won't sugar coat it, this is a suicide mission, but you were all selected from your fields because you ARE the best at what you do. The damn best and the ones who are coming back from this mission no matter what crosses our path as we venture into the unknown. I know you won't let me down and I won't let you down as well. Keep your wits about you, your gun close, and your teammates closer and let's find the source of this psionic superweapon!"

Crawling back into his seat he sealed the hatch above his head, turning to Andy and nodding, more out of respect for faithfully driving them into the wild Hell around them. "Keep us on track Corporal. And when you can steer clear of high roads and ruins. Keep those High Cats out and our noses down." More to just say it for his sake. Andy was a top driver so that meant everything he said was redundant, but that was the military life for you, say everything six times and run everything into the ground.

Turning around to look in the cabin he addressed Castan next, "You're our biologist right? Keep your eyes out. We're in new ground and I want to know everything that crosses our path. Just make sure you find those weaknesses first!" He finished with a half hearted joke, knowing that it was people like her who kept people like the rangers alive. Otherwise how would you know where to shoot and what hurts the most when hunting a monster the size of a house. In fact of all the people in the QRTV she had the most valuable job given this was at it's core element a research mission.
Anselmo Date 2353-08-14
Location: The Wild World, Outpost ZT-141, 'Treehouse'
Time Till Departure: 1 Hour 22 Minutes

Jake continued to look and address his team as they saw just what brought them all together out here. Despite their differences and obvious impressions there was a certain air that followed that pulse and the still glowing beam of light that pierced the sky, bleeding out enough raw energy to power Anselmo for a year by the looks of it. The air of adventure and wonder that came with the now hidden world. It is what Jake lived for and given the reactions to the rest of the team, so did they. Although The Event brought out some colored sides to more than a few people.

The first to answer to was one of the monster biologists who would be going their team on this. Mostly to catalog monsters they find out in the way Wilds, but also to provide helpful feedback and be a leading force in identifying and properly handling hostile, monstrous life. Though this one seemed to be a little... off kilter. Perhaps not all together for this mission, but regardless he'd gone over her file and she was... eccentric, but easily one of the best in her field. So as she gave a civilian's salute and offered her hand to shake he reach out to return the respect. "A pleasure Ms. Heulyn. Please don't make a habit of it and we'll let this instance slide. But please gather your things and board your vehicle." He started to say turning away from her to address everybody.

Though before he could he was interrupted by Corporal Andy Tabbet, a choice driver and the drive he chose personally to spearhead this convoy and be his driver. Though while interrupted he was not bothered by it at all as she reported increased efficiency and sure more paperwork for him to deal with, but when it was in the name of a well done and provisioned convoy he couldn't have less of a care. Taking the clipboard in hand and signing with a smirk. "Good work Corporal. Report to your vehicle and standby. We SP in 90 minutes." Handing back the clipboard so the she could finish her requisitions before standing by.

Without further interruptions he called out for everybody to mount up, whooping a hand over his head and gesturing for the vehicles that stood on their chain hangers. Ready to go down into danger. THough before he could get all the way through he had another issue to sort through already caused up by the self proclaimed 'Prophet'. To Jake he was just an absolute nutcase. Losing his damn mind and if it hadn't come from the orders of a general he would have left him in the asylum. This time it wasn't anything to do with The Event which almost seemed to have a distracted effect on him, like a kid with car keys... Instead he was racking around telling everybody he was to be listened and heard at all times, gauging their lives to his whims and making a pass at Isis in the same move. The first he could let slide and the second he could as well... but tagged together they were starting to paint a pattern. "Prophet! You were brought on as a Seer consultant for your abnormal gifts, but that does not give you command of this mission nor does it allow you to demand orders and obedience from the team. It all must be earned and so far you've only served to turn most against the idea of our commanding general. SO I ask that you control yourself or..." At that stage he just trailed off as Isis made her veiled threat and to end his sentence he merely gestured to the really angry girl with her really big puppy.

At the close of theatrics though he was quick to reorganize and get his team moving shouting out a stream of orders starting with, "All members of my team get to your vehicle and stage your supplies and gear! We SP in under 90 minutes!" Taking a head into the crowd as the vehicles were adjusting with final preparations and made fit and ready for what they were about to embark on. Gear was loaded, crates upon crates of ammo was loaded and some of which was chambered on the transports just in case they caught a tail or ten. The best part about rolling in a heavy convoy was despite the lack of roads leading to a curvy trail and a bumpy ride, was that they had teh room to carry enough boom to take on the Wild World.

So as things fell into place, time ticked by, and everything moved into where it had to be he went up to his transport, jumping up and leaping into the command seat, checking his last dues before glancing back to see the other key members of his team in behind him. Vitra, Tabbet, Matthew, Castan, Vargaas, Callum, Asta, and Dexter, with an open seat where Isis was supposed to sit. Though instead she insisted on running with Bastet so that gave them some free room. So with a little last minute shuffle one more may be able to move up on the convoy line to better give them an effective mission. "Last checks boys and girls! If you didn't bring it you'd better not miss it! Corporal. Fire up the engines and get ready!" He called out to the cabin, and his driver.

Anselmo Date 2353-08-14
Location: The Wild World, Outpost ZT-141, 'Treehouse'
Time Till Departure: 6 Minutes
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@Oblik I know I said things were closed, but given you put some thought into this CS and I kinda like 'em so how's about I make one tiny exception. Just do me a favor and fluff up that background to get a little more substance in it! Beyond that I'd be ready to accept 'em!
Anselmo Date 2353-08-14
Location: The Wild World, Outpost ZT-141, 'Treehouse'

Jake was distracted by the beautiful rise of the sun, though he wasn't so far out of it to not hear several figures approaching, starting with one called Leon. Turning to face the gas-mask covered woman he heard her words for the briefest of moments as she expressed her displeasure at their current state of deployment. She had a point though, time was wasting, but at the same time there was a reason for everything and this time was no different. "A pleasure Ms. Spook. Jake. Jake Cross." He offered in addition to his hand, looking to shake with another new face... or mask on his team. "Though I think we should have a little more patience. It's not ideal but I've been promised one final bit of information before we depart." He concluded, taking his hand back after a firm shake with the woman.

Then to make matters more crowded, and all for the better he may add. Introducing himself as Matthew Reed and given his dress clearly some sort of operator in turn. Holding his hand out to him next he looked to give the same respect and courtesy to him. Upon a firm clasp of his hand he confidently stated, "A pleasure Mr. Reed and thank you for your prepared state." A simple greeting, but one he was more than happy to make given each person here was about to go into the Wild World to watch his back and make sure he got back safe, just like the rest.

Next on the chopping block was a man who introduced himself as Mr. Kilono. A man who looked like he could handle a fair fight and perhaps even a few unfair fights before needing a breather. Regardless, he was certainly a man he'd want on his team heading into these Wild and uncharted lands. Unlike the others he reached out instead to clasp him on the shoulder in a sign of respect, knowing that this man was a fighter at heart and would understand this gesture more than a handshake.

However, that was when things turned towards the... abnormal. The next man to approach him was a guard of designated authority althrough the fellow person with him was not one who took note of it. Treating him rather... disrespectfully and playfully. It was funny in a certain sense, but at the same time he glowered because he knew this man. Salvador Vargaas. The Prophet, as he liked to call himself. Yet to all others he was simply a madman who'd lost his mind on one to many trips into the crazy and mad world around them. In fact if anything he was a walking example of what to look out for and avoid in this crazy land. At the comment of tag he could only let a sigh roll off his lips, realizing that the day had come where he was under his command. Only to sigh once again at his ending comment, [color=tan]"Vargaas, you are brought on this mission to act as a special and abnormal Seer substitute that shall work in tandem with our dedicated Seer unit. Your purpose is to keep us all alive so with respect I'd rather you commit to that."[.color] His words trying to get the man on topic and on mission. Wanting him to do his job despite failing every single field aptitude test and psychological evaluation. In fact the only test he passed was the combat aptitude test. So not only was he mentally unstable, but he's mentally unstable and good and killing... And now he's on Jake's team.

At least things somewhat looked up following the next team member to arrive, though it was still rather concerning as the next team member pranced up on the silent feet of a wild, thorough breed Duvari. A really, really big one at that. So as she came up and the Duvari proved to be a big sweetie to the her rider he lightened up partly but still that was a wild and powerful monster that woman called companion. Though there was certainly a level of trust and protection the Duvari shared with her master that made him think. One day he'd have to ask her about it. Regardless, he extended his hand out to the woman who pronounced herself to be Isis Nasri saying, "Uh... well, a pleasure Ms. Nasri. It's good to have you about the team and I extend the same respect to Bastet. Who seems... in good health." Curious as to how his hand would go with this big beast looming over her.

Barring a missing hand at the maw of this large beast of a Duvari he would turn around to pace a few steps back and return to teh railing. Only once there and after seeing out into the Wild World he turned around to sit on the railing and address the gathered members of his team. "So as Spook here had stated. we are basically wasting out precious time here. Burning the safer hours of the day double and triple checking our gear for what reason? As much as I love to ensure we have all our gear we are waiting for something the Treehouse calls 'The Event'. For those of you who've read your brief we are to recon a deep part of the Wild World, yet the part and reason has remained classified. The reason ebing is due to the nature of the event." Starting to pace about he made sure to add a bit of a dramatic flair as the Treehouse outpost alert system blared on to declare. "All Personnel~ All Personnel~ Brace for Event T-minus 2 minutes!" Repeating the message twice more before making a final call at 30 seconds. "We are to investigate a supernatural anomoly that well... can't be stated and apparently must be witnessed for one's self." Turning away to look out at the Wild World he waited for what seemed like an eternity before it happened.

In that instant the world went quiet. Suddenly fading a shade darker as teh clouds above the Wild World were sucked towards teh ground, like a great influx sapped at them before erupting, piercing the Heavens with a grand pillar of light that punched through the clouds sending them fleeing from the pillar of radiance. Seeing it was an erupting surge of energy that was unlike anything other than a nuclear bomb detonating. For a moment things were deathly still, only to have the blast catch back up with reality and a powerful surge of wind washed over the Treehouse, shaking the massive leaves that surrounded then with a mild wind. While not dangerous or particularly strong by the looks of it the source was several hundred miles and multiple days away. So to feel the bleed off from it was... Phenomenal. "And that is an occurrence for the Treehouse and according to reports it's only started 2 weeks ago. Happening once a day. EVeryday. We need to find out why." Jake finished, moving his hair back behind his head having been rustled from the blast.
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