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Alria Vicrinus
Location: Citadel Presidium, Remembrance of Fallen Heroes

Interacting With: @Andromedai

Alria was navigating through the crowd, looking to place herself at a much closer distance to the door before any more hostiles made their presence known. At a glance though she was almost to the door and ready to take actions to remove the obstacle from her path and set everybody free to evacuate. That was when her comms came to life and she heard her name ring through the speakers, proclaiming that she had support and explosives on the way. Turning to face the indicated direction that Andromedai gave to see the belt cascade through the air and hit the ground with a solid thunk, sliding from that point on towards her position. It took a little detour but she made it in order to slide down on her knees to sweep up the belt and hold on tight for her pop up and continued run back towards the door.

Carrying on towards the door she encountered another obstacle, a collection of troops had seen Alria running towards the door and started to open fire at range. banking right she dove for cover behind a collection of upturned tables and counters. Safe from there fire he peeked her head out and just barely managed to pull it back before a round snapped into the metal table. She was effectively pinned and wasn't going anywhere without help. Though in that moment luck struck and fire was returned to the hostiles by a patrol of C-SEC troops, taking their fire and giving her an opening.

Running from behind cover she diverted to the group of hostiles and closed the distance without firing, instead holding up her arms and arming her Nightshade Blades. Activating them when in range and unleashing a volley of sharp blades to dig into her targets, hitting true and taking 3 out in one rush. From there she pulled up her pistol and fired a collection of 4 shots to take down another. Helping to thin their ranks she diverted again to continue on her way to the door.

That was when she finally reached her target and ran up, placing her hands up to catch herself on the jammed door. Looking around it for weak points she made note of the seal and how where the two doors met would be the most weak point. Pulling out the strip of explosives she unrolled it and pressed the belt against the door, making sure they had a good seal and where in perfect place. Then she brought up her omni-tool and started the sync process which didn't take to long thankfully. Keying on over the net she said for all friendlies to hear, "This is Angel, explosive on door at set, prepare for blast." Turning her back to the door and observing her surroundings she saw a good safe place to detonate, heading there with a quickness and diving behind cover with a tumble. From there she ducked down her head and activated the detonation sequence which gave a 5 second timer before a resounding boom echoed through the halls. Kicking up a fair bit of dust and letting it pass through the air to fog things up a bit. At least it wasn't the tear gas though.

Waiting just a few moments she let the dust settle and residual debris to fade away before she peeked her head up to see a healthy sized hole where there used to be a door. Heading out once again she activated the speakers on her helmet to broadcast her voice. "Door is open! Secure the exit and start funneling people out!" Heading to take cover using a scrap hunk of the door and take aim with her pistol to cover incoming friendlies.

Alria Vicrinus
Location: Citadel Presidium, Remembrance of Fallen Heroes

Interacting With: @Andromedai

Alria had finished her call in and looked about the room as so many others from different branches, services, and races chimed in to make their own mark upon the net. To ALria it was so weird to work with so many non-Turians and REALLY weird to be working with Geth and Quarians, but they came across the net in their own special way nonetheless. Regardless of her thoughts and sort of wonder involved with working such a prestigious event he made her way up to the speaking area to hear the delegates and council members give out their words to inspire and bond teh many races who took their part in the Reaper War to fight for the sake of all life in the galaxy.

Alria was a sucker for such things and the heavy notes of patriotism that sank through the notes of the Turian council member. Having been inspired to pursue her career in the military based upon a dense family tradition that she was more than happy and pleased with herself on what she did with her life course.

It wouldn't be so far to admit that Alria was just the slightest bit distracted by the Turian Councilor's speech that left her a bit stunned when the canisters begant o sink and fall down from the ceiling, falling into the crowd to cause absolute panic and uproar. The sense of which gave Alria a start and made her click up her helmet to secure her some fresh and breathable air. With her little atmosphere checked and ready to let her operate unhindered she drew her pistol and started to look about the crowd for signs of hostile threats, only to find them instead descending from the rafters. Upon clearing her threats she was about to move into engagement range before her net blared to life and let her know the situation. Her allies were engaging the enemy and Andromedai was blaring orders that the door was sealed and somebody needed to open it. "Angel is on the door!" She declared over the net to let her friends know her intent.

From there it was a sheer sprint where she showed off her nimble agility and grace by weaving through the crowd with almost supernatural speed and agility and when the option of a path didn't present itself she engaged her havoc jets and made one, leaping over the crowd and bursting through the tainted air with her nimble frame. Though it wasn't without incident as upon reaching her landing a hostile presented himself to her, turning to aim at her but it was too late. Alria used her momentum to close the distance and engage her foe in close quarters combat. Her first jab going high to tip his weapon upwards to avoid civilian casualties. Her second coming under to hook the inside of his left arm, pulling it away from the gun and opening his chest up to attack. Bringing herself up on his with a grip to his left shoulder she hoisted her body up and kneed his gut with a armor plated strike. Using the same upward momentum to curl her body around his head and reach down past his jaw to cup his chin with her wrist and palm. Then all at once she snapped outwards, folding her body and her arm in one fliud motion to cause a sickening crack around his neck, letting him slump to the floor and her to land gracefully on her feet.

With that encounter done she was free and able to continue on her path towards the main door. She still had a bit of a trip to make and one that wasn't looking to be an easy one. The crowd and their panic was making things hard, but what made things even harder were the hostiles that were dropping in her path. This time she had three to worry about instead of one. Running up to the small group she pulled up her pistol and let fly three closely nit shots, sinking them into the chest of a Human male and making his body shiver with the riddle of bullets.

From there she was discovered and realized to be a threat, making the foes draw up their weapons to engage her. Alria was not a stranger to being on the short end of a barrel though and dropped her whole body. One would think that she had gone limp if not for her havoc jets firing and propelling her along the floor to their legs. In an instant she had dodged their bullets and found herself in the perfect place to cause some damage, throwing a punch up at another Human male's groin to stun him. All while her legs cupped to the Turian male's shins, stopping her with her momentum. As he throw the barrel of his gun down to strike at her she tensed up and coiled like a viper to catch his gun, the barrel under her armpit. Then as he began to fire she move the barrel over and across to the Human male's feet, popping a few rounds into his friend before she reached up with a firm palm to snap at his trigger hand, making him stop for just long enough to snap her legs open and kick up at his butt, flooring him on his back with a knee jerk reaction.

Now she had one man on the ground and the other feeling the pain in his groin and foot. Curling back her body she leered up to put herself on her knees, bracing herself and throwing a quick snap at the Turian on the ground, bashing him in his face before using the same arm she whipped back her elbow to crack the Human across his chin. Using the brief moment of breathing room she stood up on her one knee and brought her pistol around to the Turian pumping one round into his head before using teh recoil of her pistol her fly around and crack the Human in his knee, bringing him lower. Again she took her moment to move and couched up, pulling the gun to his head and pumping a round into the Human at a barrel press to the head.

Once again she was in the clear and with her path now sorted to leave her able to progress, she made another sprint to close the gap between her and the door.
I am officially leaving the RP. You know my reasons as to why and I'm going to leave it stand at that. You'll have to make somebody new for the commander of Fort Helios as I'm not comfortable with anybody else taking control of Rathe. He is my character and one I worked very hard on. I feel that only I can play him how he should be.
Misspost~! Whoopsies~!
I vote 5 days. So far the RP has been up for 2+ months and we haven't made any progress. We need things to move of interest will be lost rapidly.

Rathe Grey & Chiya!
Location: Askavi, Skypass mountains, Fort Helios

Interacting With: @LadyRunic

Rathe heard the man's words wash over him like a slow tide. Each time he spoke a droning came to Rathe's ears for this man had a perchance to beat around the bush and play his mind games. Something that Rathe thoroughly hated, Hell it was part of the reason he hated the courts and despited the royals of all kinds. Be they noble, king, queen, or anything. Their words were never to give you a straight answer and curb any chance of giving a straight truth. It wasn't like battle where you knew who your enemy was, it wasn't like intelligence where you learned what you could to deal with your foe. This was... like he wanted an answer to a question that was never asked.

Glowering down at him with his stern expression he squinted his eyes and bellowed in a low and grave tone of voice. "Wait. Let me get this straight." He began, his tone taking on an almost agitated state, "You came to my fort bearing a message. Refused to give me the message until we were in private. Then when I accommodated you to not only the confines of my fort, but the chance to meet in private to show my hospitality. Only to discover that you do not bear a message but want to know my allegiance on behalf of a party that I do not know, for reasons you refuse to tell me, and for motivations that you are acting not only shady, but conniving for." Ending his tirade with a growl and snarl, showing that he was getting increasingly agitated from Belor's actions and words.

Turning to face him head on and stepping close to tower over the smaller Eryian. His chest heaving with anger and fury. "I showed you hospitality, made accommodations to hear you out, and at the end of all things you spit in my face and show only distrust. All on behalf of somebody who you refuse to name." He snarled out, drawing up his spear and positioning it away from his chest. Less as a walking stick style and more to face his foe head on. "Let me give you teh chance to do your job right. You take my message to 'your widow.' Tell her that I will kill the next messenger she sends and will continue to do so until she shows her face. I have no time for petty games and veiled warnings. I have real problems to worry about without playing your games." He finished, taking a step back to tower over the smaller Eryian less.

Though he wasn't yet done. His grounds had been tread upon, his hospitality spit on, and now his patience tried. Three strikes and punishment must be had. "Before you lies a choice. Either give me a straight answer. Or I clip your wings and send you back home on foot." He snarled out once more, activating the power of his jewel to extend the length of his balde a full four extra feet with ebon-grey energy. "What is Dorothea planning and how does this involve me and my men at Helios?" Letting his question hang in the air and drift through Belor's ears, ensuring that he knew the consequences of lying, beating around the bush, or continuing to play this petty pronoun game. Intelligence needs answers, not riddles and games.
@Dervish Not to nit pick but Alria isn't a biotic. She is totalliy biotics free! Just has some Cabal blades because they are cool.

Alria Vicrinus
Location: Citadel Presidium, Remembrance of Fallen Heroes

Interacting With: @Andromedai

Alria was pacing around her routes, having been briefed on the presidium grounds used for the celebration previously by her superior. Walking about her business and not paying at all any thought to her state of dress or weaponry, so used to her Nightshade Blades by now that she sometimes even forgot they were there. Though always remembered just how to use them when it came to a fight. Still perhaps her aloof and kind nature would help to offset the deadly power ready to go on her arms.

Scampering off to join the rest of the party goers she managed to catch sight of more than a few interesting people, either because she was briefed on them, or because they just stood out like sore thumbs. First was a Turian Cabal that she didn't recognize and could barely see. After all she wasn't exactly from a Cabal she just used some of their Nightshade Blades. The only reason she even knew he was there was because she was in the Turian briefing and knew of the sniper support that they had. Still he looked like he meant business and of course that was about standard for the Cabals so there wasn't a shock there. Still it was comforting to know that there were more blades on her side at this event. She'd have to go and pick his brain in a bit, but thought against it given he was in a secluded spot above the hubbub.

Next on her list was a collection of Quarian and Geth who seemed to be getting along quiet well! Though Alria knew they had brokered a deal and were allies towards the end of the Reaper War and beyond, she'd never really seen any of them actually walking side by side. Mostly because her life was spent on Palaven training and operating to where she was now, but still it was so cool to see them up close and personal for at least once in her life! She didn't understand or recognize any of them, but one thing she did remember in her brief was that they were called Phantom Guardians. Supposedly like Quarian and Geth special ops or something. Maybe one day she'd ask a few questions, but after what she heard Geth could do she decided against it.

The next person she ran into was a human at one of the tables, enjoying a beverage of some sort and bearing the mark of N7. Now she knew what that was. That was Human special operations through and through. Hell the most famous Human in the galaxy was N7 before he became a Spectre. Though she hadn't heard many tales of N7 operations, perhaps that was the point, she did know that they didn't raise no push overs if Shepard was one.

Perhaps that was enough wandering and idle looking. Of course there were others in droves, but she wanted to go and make friends possibly with... Her radio buzzed to life calling for a comms check and instantly briefing her quickly on just what was going on. No cause for alarm or reason to spring into action, just a harmless check up. With what sounded like a TUrian voice coming on after the Human one to designate protocol. Alria waited until the net was clear before she reached a hand up to the side of her head, keying in on her microphone so give her peace over the net, "Roger. This is Alria Vicrinus. Callsign Angel. ID 7289401. Checking in and on site." Finishing her peice to see who else was on this net and ready for any possible threat as it may come.

Rathe Grey & Chiya!
Location: Askavi, Skypass mountains, Fort Helios

Interacting With: @LadyRunic

Rathe heard the words of the messenger, listening to their worth and gauging how this was to effect him and the people under him. It wasn't until he mentioned something about a way to stop her that he quirked his head and squint his eyes. "So how does this involve me. If your widow has seen her way, then why come all the way to my keep. Unless it involves me. And if that is the case I would ask that you quit beating around the bush and come out with it. I hate playing the pronoun game." He stated coldly and sternly. Making his piece known as he once again continued to wait for a proper answer and tale for how this was to involve him. In truth this was all nothing new to him. Queens always made their grasp for power and while they did he'd still be in business, collecting those spurned by the queens and giving them direction to survive and fight back against an unjust system. This queen Dorothea was no different from any other power mad queen. That in turn just made her another threat that would prove for good recruitment down the road.

Alria Vicrinus
Location: Citadel Presidium, Remembrance of Fallen Heroes

Interacting With: N/A

Alria awoke early that day in the barracks room she was given since her home was far away from the Citadel. They were simple accommodations and provided privacy in the shape of a small room complete with desk, bed, and wardrobe. Though of course Alria brought in her own equipment locker. Fancy thing she had made custom back on Palaven to specifically house her standard loadout including armor, weapons, equipment, and utilities, all rolled into an easy to transport, weather proof, shock proof crate. Regardless, she still have to take care of herself. So whipping up a series of personal hygiene rituals and practices she was raring and ready to go in under 10 minutes! Personal best!

Heading back into the privacy of her room she checked herself over in the mirror out of habit. Looking at her near naked body to see the vicious scar on her hip. Checking to see how it was healing and if that cream she just picked up that claimed, 'Will make your scars vanish in just days!' was working. So far it seemed to be snake oil... So with a light sigh she set about herself to put on clothes, dressing light so as to let her Seraphim armor rest easy on her body. To which she began to put on as well, sliding into her armored suit and running a few diagnostics on the Havoc systems. With that done it was just a waiting game. Alria always woke up early before a mission so she could ensure her gear was in working order, but namely to check over her pistol. Pulling it out and sitting on the edge of her bed she glanced over the pristine weapon. Checking the slide, thermal systems, mag well, trigger, and finally holding it on her palms to think on what this weapon meant to her.

Following her morning rituals she was off. Without her own transport she'd have to rely on military escort to get her to the Remembrance of Fallen Heroes, which wasn't bad. They provided personal sky cars for the security team so to provide fast response and make sure the security would actually be able to arrive. So hoping into her sky car she took a beeline for the site, making sure to put her pilot skills to use to get her there quickly. Maybe breaking a few speeding laws on the way as well... but who would know...

Upon arrival, she parked her sky car fairly close to the sight in the security parking lot, close access in the event of a possible chase. Making sure it was on lock down and then pacing her way up and over to the actual center, heading though security and making her way into the actual grounds that served as a field in a bubble. Lovingly crafted to replicate a wonderful park and landscape. In truth Alria was in stunned silence, but of course not for long. In just a moment she reached up to take off her helmet, breaking the airtight seal and holding onto it with one hand. Looking up she made an audible, "Wow~!" Before scampering off to enjoy the festival. Sure she was security on a good faith mission from the Turian Hierarchy, but who said she couldn't enjoy her time here! At the sight of some food on the tables just past the entrance she gave a quick scamper over to try some Turian friendly appetizers, deciding she'd sample around just a bit before continuing on.

Though she couldn't spend her whole time eating and before long was out and about pacing around to case the place. Looking at all the strange alien life that was brought from all corners of the galaxy for this festival! Seeing if she found anybody who peaked her interest or was just out right cute!
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