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Going on a cruise. Will return to business as usual on Monday!
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This has got to be the first morning in a good while where I have no RPs to reply to. What am I supposed to do with my Saturday morning now? Watch cartoons or something?
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AN' DERE AIN'T NO SUCH FING AS ENUFF DAKKA, YA GROT! Enuff'z more than ya got an' less than too much an' there ain't no such fing as too much dakka. Say dere is, and me Squiggoff'z eatin' tonight!
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So, right! Am back from my weekend excursion! Back to business as usual.
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I'll be on a cottage over the weekend. Will be back on Sunday!
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The Duke was rather amused by the fact this human offered his hand to him. After all, the size difference between them was quite notable, made even more obvious when the metal man reached for the extended hand and wrapped his around it. "Duke Rexes Virne, Ragnarov Fleet. People are right eccentric at times, so her behaviour was nothing new to me", he returned the greeting and let go of his hand. "Is just right peculiar, leaving like that if she was s'posed to be looking for work. But it is none of my business in the end", he mused before taking another sip of his drink.

He turned to have a better look at the human, surprising himself with just how... irrelevant he looked. With him being so used to the members of the council, a creature this ordinary... it was almost fascinating to him. He decided to play along, to keep the chat rolling about the arrogance of the woman: "Yet I've already made it my business, so might as well keep at it. Do you know her? You two, or three, maybe four, were talking."

There were a few new appearances, settling down where they did. None of them seemed to take an immediate interest in the Duke, or at least they did not initiate conversation with him. He received his drink from the bartender with no need to even pay directly: The system would handle that automatically. He snickered as he thought of it encountering the Ragnarov Fleet rubles, but it could probably find some sort of a common communications interface with ACASIAS to sort that thing out. Or they would not serve him further. Whichever worked for him, really.

But it seemed the amount of people was not only on the rise, given how the dragon lady made her way away with not as much as a sentence, the sign disappearing with her. She had had enough. Virne shrugged and let out a disappointed hum, taking another sip of his drink. To break the air of people refusing to talk to one another, he opened his mouth and let his voice boom in the room: "Well wasn't she in a hurry. I barely got here and she is already gone." The sentiment was mostly a joke, but he still wondered if she had seen members of his race somewhere before. He could remember creatures quite like her existing on his home planet while it still existed.

The eyes of the Lardanerus scanned the group that was still left behind, many of them appearing quite ordinary in comparison. The most intriguing case had to be the man fooling around with the vials some distance away. Virne frowned at the sight and would have bit his lip if his form was capable of. That sort of an action would never stand in the Fleet, but here he was not the boss. It actually bothered him somewhat.
Theodore was well beyond reasoning. The Green Man may have caused the templar to become just as bullheaded as him by doing as little as to insinuate that his Light would be the cause of the Darkness. Their mocking words would not enter the Monster Slayer's ears. He had had enough. A certain radiance attempted to push through his eyes, his irises taking a bright shade of hay for a second before he swallowed and yet contained the searing radiance. He could let his fervour get that far.

The swing of their giant blade would find Theodore's flesh, even with the Ranger's attempt to sidestep the blow. An unfamiliar light entered his body, harming his foot before being absorbed into the contained radiance within the man. And then the opponent dashed right after Cesar, the fool proving to allow the others a brief moment of respite if nothing else. It was probably for the best that Theodore's ears were not in a state of actually delivering things to the man's brain... in his rage he might not have been able to tell a bluff from yet another insult towards the Light even Cesar was supposed to stand for.

He aligned his heavy crossbow's sights in the middle of the opponent's back, another Valhallan bolt set on the track of the weapon, ready to be launched. And launch he would, the end result of the attack appearing more or less the same as the last one, unlikely to cause any real damage. Then again, the strike of the Green Man was not visible on him either. It was simply the nature of this world, as well as the Shadows they so often fought. But now that the moment had passed and the man was preparing another attack, he noted how he could no longer feel the presence of ghosts, nor the aberrant shadows. He cursed the so called "Face of this World". If this was what this world was to be like, it would not deserve to be saved.

@The Harbinger of Ferocity
The General rapped his exoframe's sharp fingers against his table, taking in the story of this traveller one more time. ACASIAS could confirm: The story had remained the same for the entirety of the time. It was almost too rigid, he thought, with so few details changing between tellings. Like he had memorised it from somewhere. Yet it could well be he had indeed thought what he was going to say to people in his time in the escape pod, drifting through space with no destination in mind. He could not form a solid stance yet. It was for the best for him to conclude the interview and see what this man knew in the first place.

Before he got to asking his question, the door suddenly opened. One of the two guards stepped in front of the approaching person, but simply nodded and let her pass when they realised who it was. Captain Vropda had been given a few more liberties when it came to the General and the thing he influenced than strictly necessary, but then again she was his sister. It would not be the first time siblings of ranks close enough to one another would both simply use the might of the higher station.

Creft had still been piecing together his next question when the new arrival spoke up and asked what it was that the criminals that had held the man hostage were actually harvesting from the planets. That was an excellent question and perhaps more crucial than the newcomer had any way of knowing. After all, it just might mean the Fleet would be interested in heading there before all the material was gone. Raiding the stockpiles and settling in to gather the rest. "She would be who I mentioned would arrive soon", the General introduced Vropda to the newcomer, "but as I am General, call her Captain. And please, answer her question while you are at it."

@scifidude47@Gordian Nought
Much, much later

Creft sat in his office, his head leaned against his right hand. More safety briefs. Of course. Duke Virne did not spare even his friends from his watching eye. Meeting his professional side was something he could have well have done without... the jolly man that was present in the meetings of the council, even if he did not specifically find things a laughing matter, was a much more tolerable person than the strict wall he was when concerned about the internal safety of the Fleet. But at least he had been reminded why he was in charge of that. And the General, if anyone, knew how important it was to have trustworthy men operating under one's command.

He sat up straighter and called upon ACASIAS to repeat the message he had received earlier once more. On sector Delta 14 as UFP called it the Fleet had picked up a drifting escape pod. It had been nabbed for investigation, but instead of a valuable person worth trading anywhere they had obtained somebody who, according to their own words, would not want anything to do with the Federation any longer. A shame, until the crew had realised that this man might well have insider information they would freely share with the Fleet. Of course, it could all well be a trap for all the General knew. But at least the man could not make an attack on his person. The pickaxe of his had been confiscated once the vessel he had been sent to Universal Nova on had docked. The General briefly considered reprimanding the troops for letting him keep it until here, but then again if they were to trust the man enough to bring him in here, to chat with the General himself, perhaps they could also hand the tool back later.

The bell to his office rang and the sharpened metal digit pressed the blue button. The door opened and two Scrounger soldiers led the man in. These two were not the ones he had travelled with, just in case he might have influenced that lot. They would remain at the door while the General would motion the human to sit down on the other side of his desk. "I hope you understand just how important a person you are meeting. The reason you sit there before me is that most of the others that were on the diplomatic mission to your former home Federation are... busy. My sister may join us soon, but before we get to what she needs... could you repeat your story for me?" General Ogni Emethel Haw'kohd Dis'nahm Bi'ahni Lawga Ormo Pohmpus Da'nit Ar'edi Iz Creft asked of the new arrival.

@scifidude47@Gordian Nought
If anything else of interest arises while our paladin continues the work, do let me know, @Hekazu. Be it overhearing some of the cultists, the prisoners, the strange boxes perhaps having been broken by accident. Anything and everything is an opportunity at this point.

Can do and will do. I am currently waiting for input from our last player, @Irredeemable, to see how they would react to the received reply. After that we will move to the next step. Trying to keep the timeline organised and that would become a chore really quick with mostly everyone wandering on their own if I did not do it this way.
4 days ago.


I am not having this. If you are not able to hold on to the rule we set in a common agreement, what am I to do here? If we go one more day without activity or the activity dips too low once again after that, I'm done. I'm not going to drag a game through muck where I have to keep kicking my players to participate. This is the moment where the DM snapped. No more.
Next post is likely to be up on the actual Ragnarov Fleet controlled space topic. Will most likely come tomorrow.
Theodore jumped as the Green Man, apparently also known as the Face of the World began his assault on his allies, ignoring the words of Wick just as well. His hand hopped onto his mask and was swiftly slammed onto the side of his bolt case. He drew one of said bolts to his weapon in a smooth move and began taking aim. He could feel the Light blooming in his chest, fighting to be released in a grand display of righteousness. But the divine insight he had received through his Slayer's Eye told him that would likely only sere to hurt him more that the opposing Paladin of the wilds.

The words of the man hurt Theodore's pride deeply and he roared his own response at him: "Hah! Without Light, there would be nothing but Darkness! Without Light, no wholesome life would flourish! Without Light, we would all be driven to madness!" At this point he released his bolt, unfortunately seeing it snap into the man's armour. It didn't pierce all the way through, so he could not be sure if it had actually hurt him, but he wasn't seeing his chances as too high on this one. Nonehteless, that would not stop him from continuing his tirade as he prepared for another shot.

"The Light nurtures! The Light protects! The Light feeds and cherishes! And those who would seek to snuff it out are an enemy to the temple!" The templar would not be dissuaded from fighting the Green Man any more. They had gravely insulted him by even remotely suggesting that the Light could somehow be blamed for this.

@The Harbinger of Ferocity
The others on the vessel were few, but those in the compartment he was guided to numbered three in total. Two were once again of the Scrounger race, naturally in their armour, but there was also this massive metal creature that at first glance looked like a statue, but it shifted slightly to give the fresh arrival more room to settle in. All of the people he would be travelling with appeared armed, but that was nothing new to the Ragnarov Fleet, was it now?

The metal man tried talking to Jace, but the man would not understand the language they were speaking. As a matter of fact neither really did either of the Scroungers, but one procured a deck of cards from somewhere. The symbols on them were new to the human passenger, but these travelmates tried their best to show him how the game would work if he would just pick up on the rules non-verbally. It sure did not appear too difficult. Well, whether he learnt or not, the ship was on the move now.

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