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Current AN' DERE AIN'T NO SUCH FING AS ENUFF DAKKA, YA GROT! Enuff'z more than ya got an' less than too much an' there ain't no such fing as too much dakka. Say dere is, and me Squiggoff'z eatin' tonight!
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So, right! Am back from my weekend excursion! Back to business as usual.
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I'll be on a cottage over the weekend. Will be back on Sunday!
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The Wi-Fi on this ship is way worse than I believed. Will not be able to contribute much until Tuesday.
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Game Jam incoming! Will be creating a video game over the weekend, likely to mean I won't be posting much.
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The furious Beholder saw a certain modicum of sense in the response of the new blood, yet he could not let them off this easy. Not after what the had pulled. Besides, there was a slight inconsistency in his explanation, something Dyn chomped down on. "Riddle me this", he grumbled, "if one wants to remain cautious, is the plan to raise suspicion in the other party the best course of action?" The words flowing from his mouth were less venomous and more on the accusing tone now. His tentacles unfurled, spreading to his sides as he slid Tradewind out of their folds. But before they could go further, the jester arrived with her pink throne of condensed nonsense and forced themselves in between the two, not to break the brewing fight apart but to steal the stalker for herself.

Dyn was not happy about this change of events and a few of his tentacles immediately reached for Koan's throat. He was in the middle of something here and interruptions were not something he looked upon kindly. However, the drow proved just a wee bit too slippery for him as they had already twisted themselves to the other side of the fresh arrival. The Beholder groaned and murmured their protests, but instead of embarrassing himself by trying to pull the trickster off the other person he simply decided to see where this would go. With any luck, they would have a repeat of case Abbercroft and they'd be in the clear. No newcomer alive, no trouble at all. This was mostly wishful thinking though...

Wait, but what was that? Dyn almost could not believe his many eyeballs as he registered Koan cutting a wound into the man's skin and drawing blood for her shenanigans. While the third eye was still in its early stages in blooming, Dyn found himself actually approving of Koan's actions, as partial as that approval was. This was a rare occurrence. But past that, he lost interest in the fool's antics and instead followed the reaction of Sauron. And unfortunately enough, the man did not react with the expected disgust. A shame. He and Dyn would not be too likely to get along, unless the new blood was apt at following orders. He doubted that.

The situation developed further when Nemiea rushed to join the grapple and wrested the trickster away before things went too far. The Beholder was always up for seeing Koan put to her place... it was much too common of the drow to not realise when stopping would have been appropriate. A real source of headache, she was. But Sauron defended the clown's actions and Dyn slapped as many tentacles against his face as he could, murmuring a wholly audible protest: "Why does everyone that joins us find that insufferable-" which then turned to Deep Speech, his voice shifting with the language. The gargling, screeching and other unpleasant noises that always accompanied his 'normal' speech were suddenly gone. He spoke in his natural, sonorous voice again. Not that anyone could understand a sentence. But let it be known that the words meant nothing pleasant.

Once done with his tirade, he lowered his appendages and checked his surroundings more thoroughly, his body making a full 360 degree circle horizontally as his eyes scanned any- and everything nearby. Nothing stood out, thankfully. He made a single thrust with his tentacles, gliding through the water over to Nemiea's shoulder and whispered to her, now once more in the common language with his hoarse and alien voice: "Good one."

@The Grey Dust@Gordian Nought@Zverda@JBRam2002
Is anyone else planning on posting in the next day or two? Happy to hold off and wait for a couple more before I do :)

I'll be posting as soon as I can, which should be in a couple of days indeed.
The fate of Brannor's final shot would never be known to the adventurers, for both it and the man it had been shot after quickly vanished into the lengthy plantlife of the plains. Now that the fight was over, it was surprisingly tranquil here. Few sounds by small wildlife, some crackling from the already dying fire and no other signs of the cult than the pile of weapons the man of the wilds set out to inspect.

To his dismay, there did not seem to be anything important among the steel. Two scimitars and an equal amount of shortswords, all surprisingly well kept as well as a single shortbow and a quiver with seventeen arrows remaining. They would next turn their attention to the one briefly captured man, noting that he had been wearing simple leather armour with merely a few pieces of cloth tugged into some pockets, all of it ragged, none bloodied. Few carried a smell of oil. Past that there laid a couple of pouches next to his current position, right where the people had been sitting earlier. The contents of these pouches equalled, totalled together, twenty-eight coins of silver.

Orchid's interest had been on the bird they had been roasting, and unfortunately for him the hirelings of the cult had not been the greatest of chefs out there: While some of the surface flesh was charred, a fair deal of it was also undercooked. These people were not used to cooking fowl, it seemed. Yet the question of the green barely clothed man could not have been more on point: What would they be up to now?

@Lucius Cypher@The Harbinger of Ferocity@Norschtalen@Gordian Nought@Ryonara
I want to post. I can't post. I need to know what Skall does. I also need to know if Vensor got any reply at the campfire, though with Skall's (apparent) attention span, that is unlikely. @Kassarock, do you have any ETA for your post so I can stop torturing myself with the constant refreshing?
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Hello new fellow! Welcome to the guild!
Dyn did not like it when Jill disappeared like that, especially not after they had concluded that they were being stalked by an unidentified opponent, but he would not say a word. No, he would give the captain the opportunity to find out what was going on. It was a risk, but it was a risk she had judged had to be taken. He would trust her, though he did not want to trust that call. No, no, he did not like that at all. He made a mental note to always prepare the incantation of See Invisibility in the future. He needed to know. Wild cards were too wild for him. But with her disappearance, he truly was the leading figure here. "Let's move on. If we are being followed, no reason to cause more suspicion."

After a while of moving on, the water behind them bubbled to life and he spun around, Tradewind already at the ready. As luck would have it, the new arrivals were but Jill and someone he would count as this stalker. He was already prepared to dash at them to thrust the cutlass through the person's ribcage when the true captain's words quelled his anger, if only by a slight margin. "A friend?" he asked with his gargling common and swam closer, forming a rather closely knit triangle with him, the newcomer and Jill as the edges and the vertices as short as he could make them. Of his seven non-eyepatch covered eyes, four or five were focused on judging the character of this fresh arrival at all times, while the rest kept watch on his surroundings.

"Sauron, hmm? Dyn'yer'zhead. Share with me, traveller, what had you thinking it was a particularly excellent idea to send shadowy stalkers at us? A poor first impression, I'll tell you", he laid on the newcomer with dripping, unconcealed venom of scorn garnishing every word. Were it Koan talking (or if she was paying attention) puddles of illusory acid would appear in the air to drive the point further. Had he known what rules Jill had laid out for the newcomer, he would have perhaps chosen his words differently, but even now they should hint that they were dangerously close to crossing the line with rule #2. Dyn didn't really like them.

You only get a first impression once. And all things considered, the one this poor sap had provided had not won them any favours with the many eyed would-be-captain.
<Snipped quote by Hekazu>
Do you have some blunt arrows for better impact?

I wish I had.
If Skall or Hector cast Berserker's Call-

Even Sjara will connect the dots about using arrows against skeleton zombies equating to an unwise tactic. Time to pull out my sword unless together in unison with Vensor we can shoot a rope arrow or something.

An ordinary hunting bow maybe. A war bow strong enough to punch through armour is bound to do some work through sheer force of impact alone, no? Time to take a shot at it! ...assuming I don't have to use my shield and axe instead.
<Snipped quote by Hekazu>

You mean he isn't Green Arrow or Hawkeye?

Tape a knife on that bow and get freaky.

While he has trained with the war bow for his life, he is not dumb. There are weapons for hitting and weapons for shooting. Unless you happen to be a particularly stubborn individual, in which case anything longer than your hand is for hitting. Sometimes hitting from a few metres away by flinging the thing too. But that he is not.
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