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13 days ago
There's a lot of backlog here on my end. I'm trying my best to lessen it, but replies might be less frequent for a time. A welcome change from the nothing doing I went through though! Thanks partners!
18 days ago
I'll be largely out of reply writing for the weekend. See you on Monday, maybe Sunday evening!
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22 days ago
So has ended the year 2018, in the middle of a snowstorm. Let's see how the next one will fare. RP wise, all is looking well. Now I'll only need to see them stand the test of (further) time.
3 mos ago
Fever struck. Cowbell won't heal this one. A blanket, few cups of tea and a bit of rest should, though.
4 mos ago
When it comes to this whole Bowsette thing, surely there is only one real option. Booette.
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I suppose it is about time for me to copypaste fill in some information about myself over here just as well. Only took me a few years to getting around to do it.

I am a married man in my early twenties from the country some people dare claim does not exist. The Finland conspiracy is an old joke, you can stop with it now. Not a native speaker of the language by any means, though I did begin studying it exceptionally early for our country's standards. I suppose it was some sort of a test case. With that out of the way though, what more should I be saying here...
  • I like being nice to people. If one needs to ask why, well that alone is reason enough.
  • I play and Dungeon Master Dungeons and Dragons, both offline and over here. I even have a stream of it on most Saturdays!
  • I sleep like a vampire, so my hours of activity might not be exactly what is expected from CEST (GMT +3). If I could fathom a guess, I'd say I'm most active between 22-4 local time.
  • I enjoy OOC chatter, be it planning the RP or a more casual exchange (not that RP'ing is that serious). I can make do without, but don't be afraid to talk to me.
  • Whatever the case, I'm here to have fun and hone my writing abilities!
I do think that should about cover it, yes.

Thanks for stopping by I suppose! I do also have a Discord account, but I prefer to start anything RP related on the site. At least with people I don't know from the past, that is! But hey, now if you are a longer time contact of mine and happened to read this, now you know and can ask!

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Probably not see, per se, but heading back in the (approximate) direction of where you came from should serve you well enough if that is what you desire.
Attack lands, the last of the stirges going down. You are in a middle of a frantically flapping bat swarm. Do you seek to push onwards as is, or would you rather wait? I'll write my post accordingly.

@Ryonara@Lucius Cypher@Norschtalen@The Harbinger of Ferocity
The heavy boots of the gangster thumped against the third level pavement as he walked alongside Nina. The looks he got from those around here were always an equal mix amusing and insulting. Every here and there a group of solos in trenchcoats with their guns held in clear view gave him a sideways look behind their mirrorshades, but Croaks was pretty sure these were just some local variation of boosters, kids playing tough. A real solo tried to hide their weapons and occupation in at least some way. Hell, for all he knew this Nina could be a solo in a cleverer than clever disguise, but the risks she had taken meant she'd either be some top notch chromed to the teeth monster or just the suicidal info broker she made herself out to be. The latter was a much more likely truth to it all.

The pair was left well alone by most though, many making way or outright changing sides on the road they were walking. Croaks let them be, live in their fear or deal with their disgust. This may not have been the layer people like him was expected, much like this Eric friend of Nina's had made perfectly clear, but he wasn't just some rabble rouser that would have come here to get cheap kicks. He had business out here, be it that he wasn't fully aware of what that business would eventually consist of other than drinking, if anything. Nina's birthday and all, but she wouldn't drag a 1st level gang boss to 3rd level for a friendly outing, now would she?

They had put some distance between themselves and the checkpoint now, the entrance curving away as the walkways curved with the river down below, the only important detail of the moment being how Nina let out a breath she had seemingly been holding in for a fair bit of time. Croaks glanced her way, raising an eyebrow as a sign that he was listening and let her say what was on her mind. And he had been right about there being something, though that wasn't exactly a surprise. That there was someone worse than Eric out there. "He ain't got no respect for the tough life we live down there is all", he shared the source of his dislike for the words of the man, lifting his shoulders up in a shrug with his hands still in his pockets. Wouldn't stop Nina from saying more though.

She went on a bit about the brothers and how Eric still was the more manageable of the two, despite having a big brother complex over the info broker, and then informed him about the giant crush this Marcus apparently had. And how Eric was married on top of all the other differences. Croaks let out a rumbling sound that somewhat resembled a laugh when Nina mentioned the redness for Eric being unusual. "You do seem to collect people who try to look after you, do you? I just do it to see your job through, while they… well, who knows about this Eric fellow, probably just helps his brother out. You get the drill. You've had it for the time you've known them and all 'at", he offered his two cents once again, letting Nina go on about how he might come to like Eric if he gave him the chance.

Croaks lifted his right hand from his pocket and brushed it through his hair, shaking his head. "I don't particularly like bar brawls. Necessary part of things at times, but fuck 'em if I can just not have any. Gets my boys and girls hurt for no fucking reason. You might not think running a gang takes brains by looking at me, but if you had a look at Ribby while we were back there you'd see that we ain't just some boosters who shoot on sight. The amphibians have a place and business. They's my people", Croaks discredited the part. "And if he could keep his wits about 'im, ain't he one of those too good folks, that wouldn't look my way twice if it wasn't part of his job? Half the Night City is people like me though, whether he likes it or not. This ain't an utopia." Croaks not being happy about the society out there was nothing new to hear. But he had his place, and had enough trouble hanging on to that.

The mention of a storehouse they would be approaching caught him off guard though. She must have mentioned that earlier, but had it just passed from one ear to another all the bloody time? "The storehouse…" he mumbled, trying to dig his memory of any memory of it. "Ah, that place. Can't say if my gang could use anything right now. Should've looked to it earlier. I might though, so won't be all going to a waste." With that, he would continue on with her. He felt like going to the bar first, but might as well do the business sober if there was going to be any. And it would not take the pair long at all to reach the storehouse, as had been discussed.

The people here had a bit more familiar a look to them, one of them even looking towards Croaks not only with a look of surprise, but a bit of recognition too. Might have been one of the smugglers that had made use of their services, but there were much too many of those for him to really keep tabs on them all. Could be, could not be. Droopy face though. Weird tattoo. Meh, probably not important. "So what's next?" he asked of Nina. "Get the bullets, a few rapid firing handguns for good measure, and be out to a bar? I didn't bring no gym bag though."

Had a bit of a chat with @Terminal in private communications about things to come, and I think there are some things there that will help me along with my next post. Pardon the gross delay, I can assure you it has been weighing on my mind as well. I've just been… less than stellar example of acting like I wish people did.

Either way, I'm looking to post on Saturday. Might be most relevant to @13org and the already pinged individual.
Confirming the miss @The Harbinger of Ferocity. Stirge remains in flight.

Parum is up next @Ryonara.
He should be able to find it in the swarm within his movement reasonably likely without rolling for additional checks since he saw what way it went originally, I'm willing to rule @The Harbinger of Ferocity.
The small predators had chosen to tangle with the big one. A bad decision all together. Torus had considered using some of his time to recover from the wounds inflicted, but first he would have to try and rid his wild shape of the attacking stirges. His jaws opened once again, and bit past a few bats that nearly flew straight in. The teeth on the right side of his mouth closed around the greedy creature's wing and a fair part of its abdomen, the speed so high that if one blinked they might have well missed it, were anyone close enough to see it through the bats in the first place.

But that would not be enough. With blood rushing through his maw, Torus soon forgot all about the earlier plan and again twisted and turned to practically toss the remaining bloodsucker between his jaws. It was a complicated manoeuvre, but the flexibility his shape allowed him brought it to fruition. Another stirge was soon crossed out from the ever dwindling list of threats, and now there was but one more. Somewhere, out there in the swarm of bats, the last stirge awaited for the chance to strike. But it was as dim witted a creature as the other examples of its kin. It would come out sooner, rather than later. This much any adventurer worth their salt would know.

Another stirge vanquished @Norschtalen. Second attack misses. I will take this chance to remind everyone that the bat swarm in its flapping and squeaking drowns out all sound, so Kyra's shout will very likely go unheard, or at least be very difficult to catch even to those near to her.

I shall be next to move, give me a bit and I'll see to it.
I'll default the actions tomorrow evening if nothing on the contrary is heard.
So that drops both of your attacks by two… You'll kill one stirge. Stirge #9 dies, #10 is wounded @Lucius Cypher.

It is now Kyra's turn @Norschtalen! Two stirges are on Torus, two in flight.
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