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19 May 2017 12:33
Game Jam incoming! Will be creating a video game over the weekend, likely to mean I won't be posting much.
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8 May 2017 23:06
Orks da best! WAAAAGGGHHHHH!
5 May 2017 14:32
Guild uses https now! Awesome!
2 May 2017 17:46
May day has passed. Time to catch up on things here...
28 Apr 2017 16:29
Bad news fot those who await replies from me: May day and the celebrations it brings are upon us! As a student, I'll be attending as many as possible, so expect an activity decline from me.


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In Late to the party 27 May 2017 19:46 Forum: Introduce Yourself
Welcome to the guild, local man ruining everything! Or @Ahab at Sea, whichever you happen to prefer.

As far as I've seen there's a bit less of the advanced side on the 1x1 department, but I'm pretty sure if you set up your own check you'd find people interested. I hope you have a good time here!
Dyn'yer'zhead was highly disappointed by how his magic failed to take effect and how the gnome in turn succeeded in imprisoning the creature without difficulty. The only thing that kept the Beholder's pride in check was the fact that her magic was nowhere near as useful as his would have been, given it quite clearly protected their opponent as it soon howled at them, something he consciously ignored. The wolf ws insignificant to him as long as it could not be harmed for trying to give him orders.

There was no other option but to turn his attention towards the chanting serpents, staring at them through the cloud of raining fish. Jill shouted something about them being more dangerous drakes, more threatening than they appeared she said. Dyn scowled at them, but since he had nothing else to do he could as well focus his attention on them for a moment. His eyes itched, not from the water or the salt contained within, but of the will to fire off a few eye rays. But the brain housed within his brilliant form had other plans.

"This world... could use a little more... me!" Dyn yelled, ignoring the possibility of nobody hearing. It was him talking, of course they would listen. He swung his tentacles around, mumbling a few words of power. As he did, black tentacles erupted from the side of the ship, reaching for the two drakes in the water. Created from a part of him, Dyn was sure his magic would have the wanted effect and began making his way across the deck to be in a better spot come the moment to strike at the wolf.

But alas, even the confidence of a Beholder is not strong enough to alter the cruel reality.

Confirming takedown of the initiative order. Feel free to proceed.
@Lucius Cypher
Very much so, basic leather armour is what most of the attackers have been wearing.
The remaining assailant had been ready to pull back, but the half-orc defender was having none of that, launching a brutal assault at the leg of the brigand. The silence of the attack was broken as the target cried out in agony, the blade digging into the back of his leg, blood splattering around him. The man raised his blade once again, doing his best to face the half-orc with his injury.

The man's eyes echoed desperation. He didn't seem to have a way out, so all he could do was fight against the impossible odds. His hands guided the blade at Orchid, deftly striking past both his shield and further attempt to dodge, but due to his wound he couldn't get quite as much force behind the strike, only managing to scratch the side of the green man's abdomen. The man bit his lip too hard, even drawing blood. If he had to fight, he'd have to give it his all.

I dunno what you're talking about, me's a thinks it's only Ryo doing that. Get your phone fixed boyo!

Hold on now.

I just happened to be typing up a reply on an older tab of mine, and would ya look at that? Joke or no joke, I've no tolerance for this kind of behaviour. I hate people throwing other people under the bus, so please refrain from doing such a thing in the future, okay?

I may be making a chicken out of a feather here, but it very much is a pet peeve of mine.

Back to typing that reply it shall be.
@Lucius Cypher
Your turn!
Theodore had focused most of the time their journey had taken to collecting edible stuff from around them while simultaneously keeping up with the rest of the group. Nobody seemed to be bothered by it and it let the masked zealot think about what had happened before they had got back on the move. Thea seemed to... like him. But he couldn't say it back for some odd reason. His body just refused. Whatever be the case, he was both happy and extremely confused about it. But he couldn't let that distract him too much, he concluded as he noticed he had picked up a less-edible mushroom and tossed it back over his shoulder.

The scenery didn't seem to change much as their journey went on, but the Ranger didn't mind. If there was something for him to collect, that would keep him busy. Eventually he even noticed that he didn't really feel hunger at all, yet he still kept picking up sources of nourishment. To occupy his mind with something he could indeed understand. As they were passing a group of trees for the umpteenth time, he, noted the sun had not moved. Before he got a word out of his mouth, however, he had to notice another thing. They were under attack. Giant birds were circling above, rushing towards the party. There had been many a time the Ranger had seen a bird hunting, but never one of such sheer size.

He didn't get the bewilderment get the best of him and was quick to assess the situation. One of the birds had chosen to fly towards a bigger group of his allies, so they could handle themselves, but there were two that rushed for Thea and Cesar who had much less of an advantage in their position. He would need to reinforce them, Theodore decided and took off in a run.

Arriving below a smaller tree, he yanked his mask off his face and slammed it onto his bolt case while pushing the hood back and drawing out his crossbow with the other. He stared at his target, the bird circling above Thea and could feel just how... mundane it felt. Sure it was big, but it didn't feel like there would be anything else to it. With the size being the only remarkable feature of the bird, he decided to deal with it as with any other threat thus far: Aiming the crossbow at it and taking the shot. And as far as he could tell, it was a good one.

@The Harbinger of Ferocity
The heroes were quick to start the offensive, before the raiders could even react two critically wounding strikes were handed out by the Paladin and the Priestess, already taking down two of the three enemies. The druid dropped the captured one onto the ground as he rushed in to continue this mighty assault, but to his bad luck the opponent managed to sidestep the weapon, avoiding both the sheer blunt force of the strike as well as the magical enhancement.

However, with both of their friends dead and him being cornered by the Druid and Paladin, the raider raised their free hand in front of them and lowered their blade towards their side. It seemed as if they were not that eager to die.

@Gordian Nought
Sure, we can assume that to be the case. I'm not sure what you would use your bonus action for on the first round anyhow, but I don't see a problem in him being wary at a time like this. Usually when it comes to stealth checks, things like this affect them, but since I rolled them this time around you didn't really have time to react. If this is the kind of behaviour I should expect of Torus, I'll keep it in mind for future checks.

In general, if there's anything you think your characters would be doing consistently when moving around, do inform me of it so I can take it into account if things come up!
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