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Current Won't be replying for a while. Am hiking.
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My congratulations to the winners of TI9! Well played gentlemen, well played.
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8 mos ago
Should have been writing posts. Took part in D&D shenaniganry instead. Got to fix that tomorrow.
8 mos ago
There's a lot of backlog here on my end. I'm trying my best to lessen it, but replies might be less frequent for a time. A welcome change from the nothing doing I went through though! Thanks partners!
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I'll be largely out of reply writing for the weekend. See you on Monday, maybe Sunday evening!
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I suppose it is about time for me to copypaste fill in some information about myself over here just as well. Only took me a few years to getting around to do it.

I am a married man in my early twenties from the country some people dare claim does not exist. The Finland conspiracy is an old joke, you can stop with it now. Not a native speaker of the language by any means, though I did begin studying it exceptionally early for our country's standards. I suppose it was some sort of a test case. With that out of the way though, what more should I be saying here...
  • I like being nice to people. If one needs to ask why, well that alone is reason enough.
  • I play and Dungeon Master Dungeons and Dragons, both offline and over here. I even have a stream of it on most Saturdays!
  • I sleep like a vampire, so my hours of activity might not be exactly what is expected from CEST (GMT +3). If I could fathom a guess, I'd say I'm most active between 22-4 local time.
  • I enjoy OOC chatter, be it planning the RP or a more casual exchange (not that RP'ing is that serious). I can make do without, but don't be afraid to talk to me.
  • Whatever the case, I'm here to have fun and hone my writing abilities!
I do think that should about cover it, yes.

Thanks for stopping by I suppose! I do also have a Discord account, but I prefer to start anything RP related on the site. At least with people I don't know from the past, that is! But hey, now if you are a longer time contact of mine and happened to read this, now you know and can ask!

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Bit of a warning, I won't be around for a few days as I'm going to spend a few days away from connections and/or wall sockets to draw electricity from.
The warrior brought the handle of his axe to meet one of the strikes. Yet there was a mistake in the movement, a mistake that led to Orchid's weapon clipping into his fingers and a hiss being released through the more and more grievously wounded man's teeth. And with that, all so quickly, his fate was sealed. Body fighting against the pain, he had not enough time to react to the follow-up strike. The blade cleaved into the side of the scar-eyed man's neck, ending up stuck against his spine, but it needn't cut all the way through. At this point, more than enough damage was already dealt. He knew it, and if he'd been able to he'd released his weapon. The fingers of the hand that still worked did let go, but the other remained grabbing the long handle of the weapon.

Blood oozed from the warrior's wound, his punctured throat letting out a gurgling hiss of his own before the weight went out of his movements and he fell towards his weapon, the heaviest thing in his possession. Were nobody to catch him, that would bring him down to the ground between the half-orc and the cleric, the sound of metal crashing against stone with only its own weight to speak for in power. Four bodies more were added to the toll caused for the cult of the dragon. But these, too, had to have come from somewhere. As momentary peace descended upon the heroes, a familiar question hung in the air. Unspoken for now, but ever so obvious: What were they to do now?

Well, that attack does it. Combat will be adjourned. Would you like me to post a death description or splatter yourself in the amount of gore you were looking for @Lucius Cypher?

(I will note that his strike was at Orchid's chest, rather than neck. So it's not as much "returning the favour" as you might think.)
@Norschtalen - Shortsword misses I am afraid, but your dagger does find momentary purchase in his upper back before he shunts you off him. Another wound is added to the mix. Target remains standing, but is ever weaker.

Next up, Orchid @Lucius Cypher.
The momentum of battle was such a fickle thing. This knowledge was no stranger to Langderosa Cyanwrath either. He'd been in the shoes of the one that turned the fight around just as well, and now that the fight turned on him, he could only blame his own carelessness. Too much aggression, too little focus on protecting himself. His blade may have turned towards the attack, but it did so a fraction of a second too slowly. The second attack to come, for that he did not even possess such a chance. And of any normal warrior he could have taken these two blows in stride and kept on fighting. But not one whose strikes were flavoured with divine vengeance itself. By letting himself be hit, he had failed to keep his lead in this battle. And by failing to keep his lead, he had suddenly fallen right into the jaws of defeat.

As the second attack knocked him off-balance, his blade still turning in the air to meet the champion's in another strike, this one in retaliation rather than the proactive role he'd commanded, Cyanwrath felt his consciousness slipping from him. His greatsword clattered to the ground, bouncing a few times on the slightly uneven floor dotted with small rocks, the half-dragon himself falling on one knee without the intent to do so. The light of the Pale Lady circled under his scales, the sparks of his lightning dim in comparison. "Your allies… cheated", he noted as the last thing before the light flashed outward from his eyes and nose and he would fall over on to his side with a single spasm of his muscles.

The tone his words had carried had not been the expected one. He hadn't been angry. He'd been bested in the end, and he couldn't see it having been the fault nor merit of those that had unjustly intruded in his duel. The tone, unlike the one with which he'd yelled at Brannor in their earlier combat, it had now been only dissatisfied. Not with his opponent. But those that he called his friends.

Next do go I, to describe Cyanwrath's fall. That'll come tomorrow if I am lucky, the day after if not quite so. Should be noted I'm off to bed very soon, so tomorrow may be there earlier than you think!
Well well. Well well welly well well. I believe congratulations are in order. Orchid has both survived with his racial ability and you have downed Cyanwrath in a single turn.

I'll detail his fall more on his turn in initiative. In the meantime, we are looking at @Zverda.
Will a 17 hit Cyanwrath's Armor Class?

Yes. Yes it will.
So it will be. A climactic use of the ability, if I've ever seen one.
The eyes of the axe wielding warrior upon whom four combatants were clumping upon flitted between each target despite the seeming blindness of one, visualising angles of attack and retaliating strikes and their possible opportunities. This man was by no means inexperienced. Yet despite the ability to know something was coming, all good it served him was being able to mitigate some of the force behind the strikes rather than block them in their entirety. There were simply too many to work with for the battling to proceed favourably for the hide wearing cultist who bit his teeth together as weapons struck together and some strikes even drew blood. He grunted as the first bleeding cut was cut and spat out a curse as the insults of the halfling sunk into his mind. He turned his good side towards Parum for a moment, shooting her a quick glare before baring his teeth and picking an actual target for his attack. That would be the one who had just opened himself for one.

The axe was swung at Orchid, it cutting through the air towards the barbarian's naked chest. The lack of confidence inspired by the bard's interrupting magic did not manage to quell the sheer destructive power of the large weapon, the sharpened edge of the axe sinking into the skin and hitting bone, the tassel attached to the weapon's tip slapping the berserker in the face before the force of the impact would truly register through the man's rage, one pouring forth from primal instinct. "You wait for your turn halfling, and we'll see about that!" the warrior fired back with his successful attack, his stare stuck on the target he'd just hit, just waiting for the male's eyes to roll back in his head.

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