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19 May 2017 12:33
Current Game Jam incoming! Will be creating a video game over the weekend, likely to mean I won't be posting much.
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8 May 2017 23:06
Orks da best! WAAAAGGGHHHHH!
5 May 2017 14:32
Guild uses https now! Awesome!
2 May 2017 17:46
May day has passed. Time to catch up on things here...
28 Apr 2017 16:29
Bad news fot those who await replies from me: May day and the celebrations it brings are upon us! As a student, I'll be attending as many as possible, so expect an activity decline from me.


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@The Harbinger of Ferocity@Lucius Cypher@Gordian Nought@Norschtalen@Ryonara
I had forgotten to address a certain matter: The mill is not on fire! The attempts of the brigands had not yielded results, so it is still very much in one piece and not burning.
We'll see to that once the prisoner awakens, but I'm leaning towards your characters at least being present during the interrogation. Aren't you at least a bit curious?
Am I spamming your notifications yet?

Anyhow, I was talking about some mechanics and remembered that we once came to a conclusion about Inspiration in this game, which eventually came to not implementing them in any shape or form. However, I can see the merit in them and I should reward people for playing their characters well, but since I myself am horrible at giving it out (had to stop it in irl games too), I propose we let you, the players hand it out. Of course I will still need to approve any proposals so it won't just end up being "we need an advantage on this roll" button, but since my biggest problem is forgetting them, if you bring them to my attention I should be able to implement the mechanic nicely. Thoughts?

@The Harbinger of Ferocity@Lucius Cypher@Gordian Nought@Norschtalen@Ryonara
Theodore gave the map a glance, but it wasn't really anything much. His experience in travelling, acquired on the many crusades against the wicked, had already pieced together that this might be a valley with little directions to head to and the map only made it clearer. Katia said this out loud, to which Theodore simply nodded and grunted something that resembled the word "Yeah." As Katia mentioned the food sources in the environment, he smiled beneath his mask and actually spoke up: "Affirmative. I've been on expeditions like this many times before... won't be much different this time. The land seems good and fertile, we should have no trouble."

It was then that he noticed Thea was... she was... oh. Oh dear. In an instant, he felt really conflicted. Thea was taking the breastplate of her armour off and he both wanted to look and to preserve her modesty by not doing so, given how her garments under that were not exactly opaque. Sure, he had seen Katia with less, but who would not have seen her with less than that given her standard of clothing herself. No, Theodore had to move and that wasn't exactly something he was graceful at right now. Choppy as his movement was, he did manage to walk away and approach the lake, only to find Cesar there with most of his clothes off.

"God dammit, can't I go anywhere without being bombarded by half-naked party members?! We are in, well, mostly uncharted territory!" he half-yelled into his mask, rising his arms into the air as a mark of frustration. He let his hands fall back onto his sides as he muttered, now in a much less audible volume: "At least there's still some people who know how to dress..." This was of course referring to himself, Wick and Haemar who yet had to throw their clothes on the ground. Oh, and Cesar seemed to be dressing up now.

@The Harbinger of Ferocity
Your intuition would be correct on that one.

Next question is, are you going to chase the others or let them be? I should probably break the initiative order in any case... yeah, order is free! Anyone who wants to chase will probably draw the other in anyhow. *Dusts off DMG chase rules, just in case*

@Lucius Cypher@Gordian Nought@Norschtalen@Ryonara

Also, I do believe the current majority is on the side of Milestone leveling, so we will be remaining in that system.

Combat over, posting order is free
@Gordian Nought
Anyone has the possibility of stabilising somebody on a successful WIS(Medicine) check, or at least that's how I've understood it. Given how I am upholding the initiative count for now, you would need to wait for your turn, but if she is not stable by then, you can go right ahead.
Well, that was a turn of events even I was not exactly expecting, but I think I managed to make the best of it. Had to alter @Lucius Cypher's turn a little, but I hope what I wrote does correspond to how Orchid would have acted.
The opponent that had not been as quick to react was not very lucky. First the magically infused words attacked their mind, then they got an arrow to their leg and as if to add insult to injury the last thing they saw before they blacked out was the leaping half-orc on unavoidable collision course with them. Luckily enough they didn't have to experience the impact itself as their consciousness drifted away just a moment before that.

The green half naked barbarian collided with the limp person, sending both of them tumbling five feet to the side, ending up with him on top of the non-resisting person, whose hood had been thrown off their head in this turn of events. And, to the possible surprise of many, it was a she. A human woman in perfectly ordinary armour, wearing the same kind of gear as many of the attackers they had seen earlier. Whether he was fazed by this or not, Orchid nevertheless got to work and bound her up, just as he had planned. The rest of the group continued running, still knowing they were outnumbered.

I'll be able to properly tally the outcomes of the current attacks in a few hours.

@Lucius Cypher My take on the attack thing would be that either works, the attack being more favourable the more damage his target has taken beforehand. And if the enemy saves against Mockery, they avoid all damage, like is the case with all Save or Dmg cantrips.
After Torus' words, few other words were exchanged. Most agreed with his notion: It was time to act. Even Parum who was not too enthusiastic about this manoeuvre eventually followed, being the last one to approach the mill. They could cross the stream just fine, especially with the water wheel that powered the mill still turning. Why it did so was unclear to most, but Kyra who had been here since the beginning had happened to notice how the mill had been operation later than usual. They just hadn't had the time to shut it down before they had had to run for their lives.

Their formation was hastily built, but in the end Orchid happened to be the spearhead of the strike, sneaking furthest away from Parum who indeed remained at the back. The next one to the front was the priestess of Chauntea, eager to strike at those that had wronged her home town, followed by the Paladin, leaving the Druid to fill in the final remaining spot. They got quite close, but eventually the one slightly further away heard a noise coming from their left.

They slapped their friend on the shoulder and shouted in common: "Defenders! Many of! Run!" with that, he himself was already following his advice and took off running without even drawing his weapon. The other froze on their tracks for a moment, but did begin stumbling away after their friend. Luckily enough, they didn't get quite far enough to escape Orchid's reach... The rest of them had already been further away and heard the commotion, backing off just as well.

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