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Current So, right! Am back from my weekend excursion! Back to business as usual.
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6 days ago
I'll be on a cottage over the weekend. Will be back on Sunday!
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2 mos ago
The Wi-Fi on this ship is way worse than I believed. Will not be able to contribute much until Tuesday.
2 mos ago
Game Jam incoming! Will be creating a video game over the weekend, likely to mean I won't be posting much.
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Orks da best! WAAAAGGGHHHHH!


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Would Danger Sense proc for something like a breath attack? I'm pretty sure that's dex based, though the text only specifics effects I can see and uses Traps and Spells as an example.

This is direct quote I happened by when checking the actual wording quick on the interwebs.

"I would rule that as long as you aren't blind, deaf, or incapacitated, you have advantage on dexterity saving throws related to avoiding danger.

I am a merciful god."

And that would be my ruling just as well. So it includes breath weapons.
I'll have to determine what the people of Greenest can supply while they are starting the rebuilding for themselves. I can safely say that studded leather is not too likely to happen at this point in time @Norschtalen, what with Greenest probably not having any of those in the first place, but longbow is a possibility.

Right now I'll be heading to bed though. Will be back to answer to more questions once I wake up.
Looking like we'll be having an elongated hiatus on 25th to 30th, depending on what's going on at that point. Just prepare for it beforehand since there are few things I would not just call the stop on.
@Lucius Cypher
Manners. You have them. Feel free to act accordingly.

Rrrrright. How long does this last? Best case scenario there is no overlap. As for time to talk, the long rest is eight hours just as well and not all has to be spent sleeping. Feel free to participate in discussions.
... I guess this might be a bit awkward to mention now, but I'll also be gone for a while next week. Specifically the 25-30, because of a family emergency. I'll try to post more before than bit it might be just a bit troublesome.

Also noted. Will control two characters for that time period. If we get a third, I'm just calling a temporary hiatus for that time, but I am hoping that will not be the case. The same instructions as for Lucius Cypher apply.
I should warn you though, starting from the 23rd I'll be gone for the entire week away from my computer to go on a family camping trip. I won't return until about the 30th, give or take.

Warning received. Will assume control of Orchid for that time period. Leave me a contingency plan if you'd like, but that's more appropriate if there's something specific you know is coming up, right?
I am actually curious to see the rolls that were made on each warrior's behalf.

Mine were performed using my own physical dice so I cannot link them easily. If you really, really want Cyanwrath's rolls though, I can post a list detailing what was what. Let's just say that his defensive rolls were much higher than his offensive ones.
The fight is over! Thank you for your patience! Now, to the more technical side of things!

Welcome to level 2 everyone! The night in Greenest has been concluded and from now on there is but one direction to head to... the cult of the dragon evidently needs to be stopped. It's time to take the fight to them, and what better moment than now with newly acquired power! (The gained max HP is the static value given for the levels beyond first)

Wait a second, hold on? Are you all not injured after these events? Worry not, you also can begin and conclude a long rest! No more interruptions!

There's also one more thing... We have been using DMRoyale to house our character sheets, but I have both noted that they cannot support https protocol and heard that at least one of our players is still having trouble logging in to the site. No matter how good DM tools the site offers, if players cannot access their character we cannot go on. I thus propose characters to be 'remade' over on Myth-Weavers. I am deeply sorry for the trouble, but this transition needs to be made. After you are done moving and leveling up, remember to mention me so I can have a link to the sheets somewhere where I can easily reach it.

@The Harbinger of Ferocity@Norschtalen@Gordian Nought@Ryonara@Lucius Cypher
The few heavy volumes tossed at the Jailor seemed to knock it out of whatever trance it had been in, the blue flames that were all around its body flaring to even greater life than they had already exhibited. A final, much more forceful beat of its wings finally cut the cord that kept Derrick's soul attached to his body, a dullness setting in as his ethereal form slowly, even gently, began being absorbed to the Jailor's flames. "I am inescapable!" the Jailor bellowed, releasing another blast of ethereal energy, fuelled by the male hunter's essence.

The shot impacted Mistletoe, them soon finding themselves in a similar predicament to the other hunter. Their body collapsed down to their feet, their soul standing above it, attached by a silvery cord. A small blue flame that had not been there before burned at the end of the shackle held in the Jailor's left hand, somewhere from which Derrick could just barely make out what was still going on. But he could not move. Only watch.

"Follow me. The Narrow Maze awaits", the Jailor suggested and approached with a slow beat of its wings, carrying the weight of inevitability in its actions. However, something kept gnawing at the back of Mistletoe's mind. Maybe, just maybe, there was still a way out of this situation... An unfortunately familiar coldness began to form around her as she thought. Whatever it was she would do, it would need to be done quickly.

@Dusksong@Lord of Evil
It felt like an eternity. Nothing notable took place after the travel ban had been lifted for the longest time, something that only served to irritate the General further. Could these people not do anything right? If even diplomacy was so inefficient, how would their production fare? Had they as pressing a need to survive as Scroungers, they’d be dead at this rate, no second thoughts about it. “Remind me again, your royal highness, just how long have these excuses of a government kept us waiting?”

Chayyliel looked at the general with a raised eyebrow before smirking, “I would say that they have kept us waiting for the past five hours,” they replied, “Five hours without offering us so much as a drink or something to snack on. Rather rude wouldn't you say?” The royal’s raised eyebrow came back down to rest in its usual neutral position as blue eyes narrowed on the door they had been waiting to open.

The exoframe of the general strained itself to replicate the sound of a natural creature’s sigh as the General shook his head at the answer he had received. “So an approximate eternity for all I care. Five standard hours down the drain, ugh”, he complained, tapping his sharp fingers against his leg. “But as things are, we cannot help but wait for their inefficiencies to finally figure out that the people in their lobby might be of the important sort.”

”Might be? One of us is a General and the other a Royal that is known to blow a few things up when angry,” came the oddly chipper response.

“That does not mean they have realised it”, Creft interjected. “They don’t seem to be the most orderly folk.” Of course, most of the Scrounger’s opinion was formed from what he had seen in the last few hours, but you only get a first impression once.

“A first impression they have wasted gloriously,” came the retort, arms crossed over a metal covered bosom, Chayyliel rarely ever wore much else as their living metal made itself into a rather impressive set of armor. Flashy… not very practical.

“Agreed”, came the General’s reply, after which he leaned back in his chair, moving the rapping fingers from his exoframe’s thigh to his forehead. It was unnatural for someone of his race to be wasting so much time, as had become clear by now. But the cause demanded it to happen, so he couldn’t help but comply to giving UFP officials the time they were taking.

Ceraun arrived, fashionably and uncharacteristically late. She smoothed her hair back and noticed the grumpy looks on the faces of the general and royal before her. “Sorry for the delay,” she apologized as she rushed forward. “Someone fell flat on their face right in front of me, knocked out cold. I had to stop. What did I miss? Are we official yet?”

“I wish that would be the case”, the General groaned at the arriving chief of medical facilities. “What you have missed amounts to nothing.” As he had said those words, however, pieces finally started falling into place. The doors at the other end of the room swung ajar slowly, a single humanoid walking to the waiting lobby.

“The council of Vasishka will now meet the individuals that have identified themselves as ‘General Ogni Emethel Haw'kohd Dis'nahm Bi'ahni Lawga Ormo Pohmpus Da'nit Ar'edi Iz Creft’, ‘Chayyliel-Drekavac Mikhailov, child of Sergei-Ari and Magdalena-Kristoff Mikhailov, second in line for the throne of the planet Elysium and first in line to the throne of the country Bastillus’... and ‘Ceraun Farohm’, all of formerly unrecognised ‘Ragnarov Fleet’”, the android declared in robotic voice.

“Finally…” Creft stated and rose to his feet. “We have the Ragnarov Fleet to represent, fellow members of the council. Let’s do ourselves proud!”

Chayyliel stood up and made a show of dusting their hands off on the metal greaves they were wearing, a compressions suit showing where skin normally would. “It's about time,” they growled out, following behind the General as they made their way into the meeting chambers.

“Gods, I thought I had seen the last of diplomatic delays. You were here for hours!” Ceraun shook her head with annoyance. “I sure hope that this is worth it. I could be experimenting with that boy’s abilities right now.” She sighed and followed the others into the chamber, ensuring that her words remained outside the doors. With any luck, this meeting was a mere formality.

@Circ - The entourage of diplomats sent by Ragnarov Fleet have been received in a collaboration post
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