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4 mos ago
Should have been writing posts. Took part in D&D shenaniganry instead. Got to fix that tomorrow.
5 mos ago
There's a lot of backlog here on my end. I'm trying my best to lessen it, but replies might be less frequent for a time. A welcome change from the nothing doing I went through though! Thanks partners!
5 mos ago
I'll be largely out of reply writing for the weekend. See you on Monday, maybe Sunday evening!
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5 mos ago
So has ended the year 2018, in the middle of a snowstorm. Let's see how the next one will fare. RP wise, all is looking well. Now I'll only need to see them stand the test of (further) time.
7 mos ago
Fever struck. Cowbell won't heal this one. A blanket, few cups of tea and a bit of rest should, though.


I suppose it is about time for me to copypaste fill in some information about myself over here just as well. Only took me a few years to getting around to do it.

I am a married man in my early twenties from the country some people dare claim does not exist. The Finland conspiracy is an old joke, you can stop with it now. Not a native speaker of the language by any means, though I did begin studying it exceptionally early for our country's standards. I suppose it was some sort of a test case. With that out of the way though, what more should I be saying here...
  • I like being nice to people. If one needs to ask why, well that alone is reason enough.
  • I play and Dungeon Master Dungeons and Dragons, both offline and over here. I even have a stream of it on most Saturdays!
  • I sleep like a vampire, so my hours of activity might not be exactly what is expected from CEST (GMT +3). If I could fathom a guess, I'd say I'm most active between 22-4 local time.
  • I enjoy OOC chatter, be it planning the RP or a more casual exchange (not that RP'ing is that serious). I can make do without, but don't be afraid to talk to me.
  • Whatever the case, I'm here to have fun and hone my writing abilities!
I do think that should about cover it, yes.

Thanks for stopping by I suppose! I do also have a Discord account, but I prefer to start anything RP related on the site. At least with people I don't know from the past, that is! But hey, now if you are a longer time contact of mine and happened to read this, now you know and can ask!

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The situation was not improving for the kobolds despite the last stand the one with the wings was making up in face of what could only be seen as certain death to come, and its less brave brethren decided to follow up with the original plan. It had two options, and it would choose to follow the one that it believed held most promise of safety, or at least backup. It rushed up the stairs, a heavy blade biting the stone floor behind its nimble steps, the little creature scrambling away from what threatened it to the best of its ability, luck remaining on its side for now.

Yet it wouldn't be left alone, for where it hopped over the fallen rocks in the stairs hewn to the stone leading back up to the area the adventurers had recently forfeited wholly clearing, the repeating clangs of heavy boots followed after it. Brannor held his blade on the side, ready to be brought for a strike but not in any position where it could end up snagged on something in order to keep up the speed. At the top area, the kobold had to climb over one particular rock that the woodsman could merely leap over with the grace of a lean predator, but the time it took to ready the blade again was too long, and the critter was already nearly on the move again. The chase was leading them towards the caged up drakes by the minute. He still had a chance to stop the kobold, but it would be up to the next swing. It was quite fast on its feet after all.

Brannor will keep pursuing it until it is dead or until it goes so far ahead that it leads down surely some other trapped passage.

So if it ran up the passage through which you entered, you would follow it up? I can include that in my post if you'd like things to move along faster?
@The Harbinger of Ferocity - Speaking of, now that it's getting to the kobold's turn would you like to roll an opportunity attack for me? No disengage this time either. Seems that the action option preferred remains as Dash.
If the adventurers were thinking the way to get a pack animal to surrender to certain death was to point weapons at it with obvious intent to harm them, they would have a very interesting image of wildlife or even kobolds specifically in general. The little creatures may be cowards, and only have power in numbers, but they were built to cling on to life. It wasn't the objective for them to pass away with the smallest amount of pain that they could have, for they didn't think that far. This winged example, for instance, would be more likely to cash in the one in a million odds, and go for broke. Their life weighed against those of multiple adventurers. The dagger remained drawn and the wings spread in an attempt to intimidate, but what truly mattered was the follow-up move.

With Brannor having left its reach, the kobold with wings rushed towards the one that thought himself superior, raising the dagger against the unattended thigh of the roaring barbarian. The strike would land too, causing a nasty cut that most people would not be standing after. But for the man much too angry to even make not of it, it was just another wound to be added to a collection that he had been amassing for the last few days. Would some leave permanent marks? Would they be treated as marks of honour and glory, or failure? These were up to the half-orc, his green skin now tinted with red.

Bold of you to assume 7 damage amounts to a shower of gore @Lucius Cypher.

Anyway, yeah, you kill the target. It'll be the turn of the winged kobolds next. I'll save that for when I'm more awake instead of falling asleep where I sit!
Have fun with that!
They are very near to the ceiling, low as it is, so he'd either need to jump at them (and risk them getting an opportunity attack if he doesn't kill), or be throwing weapons, yes @Lucius Cypher.
Two daggers, one dead flying kobold. You needed both to hit the same for the kill, so there they went @Norschtalen.

Two flying ones remain, and the one grounded on the run. It is now Orchid's turn @Lucius Cypher.
So in summary, say Kyra already has a dagger out from last turn since she's considering going into melee anyways, throw the dagger, drop the bow, move to the other dagger, throw that one too.

All good?

Well, suppose in the strictest sense you would have to throw the first dagger only once you have the second in your off-hand, but given the fact there are no disadvantages to be dealt out for any position, describing the events as such is fine with me.

Remember that the second attack does not benefit of the ability modifier to its damage, but is otherwise identical!
Hm, no wonder something kept nagging at me. That was a long while ago though, so it shouldn't be a surprise when I say I didn't remember that detail.

If bows weren't explicitly marked as weapons that need two hands to effectively wield, I'd let this happen. But given they are, that label disallows the holding of a dagger in wielding ready position in the other hand, requiring an object interaction to actually make it work. Could hold the bow in one hand if you weren't attacking with it though.

This means the desired objective could be achieved had you prepared the dagger on your last round after taking the shot. No need to even drop the bow if the dagger flies, she runs to another and tosses that. You did mention her considering using a dagger back then. Perhaps she did a little more than just considering? @Norschtalen

EDIT: Hm, but then again, is that two-weapon fighting any longer with the abolishing of the concept of the off-hand… so it could be made work with the dropping of the bow if the dagger was prepped last turn.
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