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4 days ago
Current Heat is finally starting to get the better of me. Post rate may slow down for an indeterminate amount of time.
12 days ago
Got to prepare for a long trip back home tomorrow! Going via train though, so will definitely clear backlog once on it!
1 mo ago
I heard Vento Aureo, also known as the fifth part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, is coming out in October. Nice.
1 mo ago
Slow RP day today, huh? 24 hrs since I've received any IC replies. Suppose that gave me time to read the Tome of Foes if nothing else...
4 mos ago
In the immortal words of Kardel Sharpeye: "Ho ho, ha ha!"


I suppose it is about time for me to copypaste fill in some information about myself over here just as well. Only took me a few years to getting around to do it.

I am a married man in my early twenties from the country some people dare claim does not exist. The Finland conspiracy is an old joke, you can stop with it now. Not a native speaker of the language by any means, though I did begin studying it exceptionally early for our country's standards. I suppose it was some sort of a test case. With that out of the way though, what more should I be saying here...
  • I like being nice to people. If one needs to ask why, well that alone is reason enough.
  • I play and Dungeon Master Dungeons and Dragons, both offline and over here. I even have a stream of it on most Saturdays!
  • I sleep like a vampire, so my hours of activity might not be exactly what is expected from CEST (GMT +3). If I could fathom a guess, I'd say I'm most active between 22-4 local time.
  • I enjoy OOC chatter, be it planning the RP or a more casual exchange (not that RP'ing is that serious). I can make do without, but don't be afraid to talk to me.
  • Whatever the case, I'm here to have fun and hone my writing abilities!
I do think that should about cover it, yes.

Thanks for stopping by I suppose! I do also have a Discord account, but I prefer to start anything RP related on the site. At least with people I don't know from the past, that is! But hey, now if you are a longer time contact of mine and happened to read this, now you know and can ask!

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Trying to protect things with a shield is exactly what the fighting style is about, weapons not being that different, and I am unsure if I am willing to go to such overlap, however. That's a feature for classes that can take it, and I don't want to undermine viable features by allowing anyone to do that. And besides, often the man with the protector style would much rather have the attack targeted on them, I am quite sure, instead of simply protecting an ally. And if we want the ruling to be consistent, which it has to be if we are allowing the action in this game, I would err towards the side of caution and apply the drawback to every intercepted attack.
Very well, @Lucius Cypher. If that is what you desire, that requires a consistent ruling in case it is brought up again in the future. And let me try and create one quickly...

Choose any number of creatures within 5 feet of you. By expending your action and reaction, you prime yourself to absorb any incoming attacks in their stead. When any of the chosen creatures is attacked for the first time until your next turn (I find it hard to word this, though it only works once. One attack, one of the creatures chosen to be protected), you intercept the attack/spell, directing the attack towards yourself instead. However, this reckless action grants the enemy advantage on their attack roll.

What say you? It differs from the protection style by actually moving the targeting of the attack, but it does come with a drawback severe enough to not make Barbarians consider to just become walking HP pools for their spellcasters in later-game content. Or perhaps the action economy penalty is enough on its own. I would value your thoughts as well, @The Harbinger of Ferocity.
Right, let's see here @Lucius Cypher...

Your Rage would have ended on the transition period, I am afraid. You'd have to pop another one to maintain the status. Then there's the classic "Torag not found, did you mean Torus?" that I can easily solve myself but... your choice of action is the most peculiar of them all. Intercept? I am unsure if I know what you are aiming to do there. If it was only against yourself, I could count it for a Dodge action, but since you are adamant on protecting anyone, is it an attack you are going to make if anyone enters your reach? Or are you looking to get in on some "Get down Mr. President!" action? Because for that last one I would have to custom brew an action option. The closest we have now is a Fighting Style option, which I do not think you possess.

Anyhow, I think this looks about right for your movement?

Done. Not all that visible at the present moment, but will be there for future reference.

That would be correct for positioning and dropping it will be the best option then, @Hekazu. No point in making this overly complicated any further, this chapter has gone on for far too long.

Any spot in particular you would want it at? I could add an icon on the map.

This should be about right, no? @The Harbinger of Ferocity I'll have to mention that using his bow to attack and then putting it away, while consecutively drawing his sword does go over the free object interaction budget though. You are free to stow your bow, but you would need an action to draw your blade after. Of course, the exception would be if you already had your bow in hand, you could drop it and draw your weapon without any particular hassle. Object interactions are complicated, I will freely admit...

Either way, it seems to be Orchid's turn now @Lucius Cypher.
That settles that then. @The Harbinger of Ferocity, the stage is yours.
Despite the best attempts of the cult to hinder the escape of the heroes of Greenest now with a monk by the name of Leosin in tow (or more accurately bound atop the old man that had decided it would be appropriate to turn into a bear at a moment like this), the group that had put itself together by pure chance alone a night ago was making their daring escape with great success. As the last desperate attempt to cut this act of heroism short, the cult fired a volley of arrows at the ursine beast that had been a person only moments ago. However, a divine presence protected the Druid with no interest in aggressive manoeuvres from the hail and he would end up suffering of only one arrow, while Leosin would manage to grab the few arrows coming his way with his hand, exhaling loudly and leaning against the furred back of the creature as their swift retreat resumed its process.

For a few minutes, there was silence. The few men and women that had ran after them simply could not keep up with the pace of the adventurers and cursed their inability to move any faster. However, it would not be left only to those of solely human ability to chase the meddling heretics down. Several riding horses burst into the night, a search party composed of two higher ranking cultists and their three underlings took off, following the path they could still make out in the grass of the plains and aiming for the people they could see from their higher vantage point. "Get them! Bring them back to the poles where they belong!" a Dragonclaw would call out, the rest of the bunch joining him in the battle cry.

As bolstering an act as it may be, it would however serve as the first warning of the impending danger to the heroes. Had they missed the approaching silhouettes in the dark, they would now know for sure that enemy was indeed approaching. The beating of the hooves of their horses, as well as their snorting, would definitely clue them in just how they had managed to catch up to them just as well. The enemies had the speed. They knew they could not make it to the forest, not before the enemy caught up at the very least. And so, there were but few options. To cut the advancing spearhead of the enemy attack down, or to attempt to avoid it long enough for safety to be reached.

@The Harbinger of Ferocity@Ryonara@Lucius Cypher@Gordian Nought@Norschtalen
This took way too much manual effort, what with the grid being incomplete. I should probably just succumb to using some more premade tools to make things actually look good, but here we are, with the traditional "just how shitty can Hekazu have it look this time" extravaganza. Have it as a sneak peek while I move on to prepare the post itself.

Man we're all just getting some really bad initiatives. I have a 5. I don't mind Orchid carrying me as long as he follows my orders. Does this mean he goes on my initiative or does he just do his own thing?

Intelligent mounts act on their own initiative, always. And that is what Orchid is, an intelligent creature serving as a mount. They cannot be controlled on the rider's initiative.
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