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In the immortal words of Kardel Sharpeye: "Ho ho, ha ha!"
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New interest check has been placed out there. Time to panic.…
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This has got to be the first morning in a good while where I have no RPs to reply to. What am I supposed to do with my Saturday morning now? Watch cartoons or something?
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AN' DERE AIN'T NO SUCH FING AS ENUFF DAKKA, YA GROT! Enuff'z more than ya got an' less than too much an' there ain't no such fing as too much dakka. Say dere is, and me Squiggoff'z eatin' tonight!
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If that is so, @Lady Selune, we would be waiting for @Sofaking Fancy and @Mortarion.
You heard the monk. It appears that despite everything, he isn't too happy about the rescue attempt. What do?

@Ryonara@Lucius Cypher@Norschtalen - Currently in line for action
@The Harbinger of Ferocity@Gordian Nought - Elsewhere/Recently acted
@Hekazu, as a rat, can Torus tell that the monk is unconscious?

He is able to tell that the man is conscious, as evidenced by him moving occasionally.
@Norschtalen@Lucius Cypher@Ryonara

It seems Torus and Brannor were able to make it to Leosin. With that, the Druid has also been able to guide you there at a point when a guard is unlikely to be present. Feel free to rendezvous.
That is somewhat dependent on your Druid's performance @Lucius Cypher, but if they neglect to participate that is a whole another can of worms. I should have my notes at hand in six hours or so. If we lack any note from the player by that point, I will assume they neglect to arrive personally at the scene you are at and give you the information accordingly.
I believe the message is still in your court at the moment, @Hekazu, unless that was the end of it and its details.

Ah yes, that was dependent on what the druid was up to, that. @Gordian Nought, any details about your actions?
I was under the assumption that there would be a post from @Gordian Nought or @The Harbinger of Ferocity before we move on at the very least. Have I made a mistake?
Mr. Spices seemed displeased at the hurry the majority had in hearing the reason for the summons. It shook its head under the cloak and took a huff from the hookah before spreading its arms and speaking up in its high pitched voice: "All this laid out for you, and still you would choose to go right into the matter at hand? Despite all the preparations we have seen?" Part of the colour drained from Lady Monica's face. Had they displeased a Master by being more interested in them than all that they had generously offered? Was it offended? Would it not share the knowledge with them now that-

She wasn't quite done with the panicking by the time Mr. Spices set the mouthpiece of the hookah back into its place and laughed. A Master laughed, pleased at something that the Parasol-toting Poet now began to realise. Offerings were quite largely the style of Mr. Wines. Of course! Spices was only pleased that they had... oh dearie her, she had these brash individuals to thank for handling this situation properly. They had won over the Master for her. She should keep count on these people. Do a good turn for them in return one day, perhaps? Assuming she would ever get to know their actual identities... she reached for one of the other mouthpieces and inhaled some of the smoke herself. The steam was pleasantly sweet tasting, and... oh, one could truly feel the Master's expert touch in this. She hadn't had anything quite this fine since... ah, but that visit to the Labyrinth was a whole another matter. It could wait. The Master was speaking.

"There is a certain individual whom we formerly considered an important agent. We have heard worrying news of their latest activities, and... the varying areas of expertise of the people invited here will prove quite handy in chasing them down. You. You have shown initiative. And your very presence here should tell you that we did not find your skills lacking. Now perhaps you can correct the mistake of... no, let me not get deeper into that", it explained, already quite lengthily. It was not the complete story, but it answered the questions asked from them. The Master took another huff for themselves, waiting to see if the more impatient of the folk were going to make good of their promise to tuck tail and move away, disinterested in the whole ordeal laid before them.

Lady Monica, for one, was one of the last to even consider such a thing! To work directly under a Master's command... it was quite the exciting thought for her to be sure! She had, for the longest time, worked only under those that worked for the Masters, her name having risen in their knowledge, but even then that usually amounted to nothing but Mr. Pages sometimes looking the other way when the Ministry had got their fangs on one of her publications. But now... oh dear, what an opportunity this was! More of the hookah steam was inhaled in celebration, all the while she spun her parasol again, the small ribbons flapping quite happily in the air. She was obviously downright giddy!

@Lady Selune@Sofaking Fancy@Gordian Nought@Templar Knight@Mortarion
We will be advancing this story tomorrow, whether we see a post from @Lady Selune prior to that or not! The wait has been long enough!
Nothing in particular. Time to escape!

May Judgement find Parum, Orchid or Kyra, @Hekazu?

If you want them to. You have a mental link to them if they are close enough to you, right? I would suppose in this time they have been within 100 feet range of you for you to give that order. And you can always look through its senses if I've understood correctly.
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