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2 mos ago
And back I am. Exhausted, certainly, and may need a while for that to wear off, but I'm once more here to read and even write!
2 mos ago
Won't be replying for a while. Am hiking.
3 mos ago
My congratulations to the winners of TI9! Well played gentlemen, well played.
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10 mos ago
Should have been writing posts. Took part in D&D shenaniganry instead. Got to fix that tomorrow.
10 mos ago
There's a lot of backlog here on my end. I'm trying my best to lessen it, but replies might be less frequent for a time. A welcome change from the nothing doing I went through though! Thanks partners!


I suppose it is about time for me to copypaste fill in some information about myself over here just as well. Only took me a few years to getting around to do it.

I am a married man in my early twenties from the country some people dare claim does not exist. The Finland conspiracy is an old joke, you can stop with it now. Not a native speaker of the language by any means, though I did begin studying it exceptionally early for our country's standards. I suppose it was some sort of a test case. With that out of the way though, what more should I be saying here...
  • I like being nice to people. If one needs to ask why, well that alone is reason enough.
  • I play and Dungeon Master Dungeons and Dragons, both offline and over here. I even have a stream of it on most Saturdays!
  • I sleep like a vampire, so my hours of activity might not be exactly what is expected from CEST (GMT +3). If I could fathom a guess, I'd say I'm most active between 22-4 local time.
  • I enjoy OOC chatter, be it planning the RP or a more casual exchange (not that RP'ing is that serious). I can make do without, but don't be afraid to talk to me.
  • Whatever the case, I'm here to have fun and hone my writing abilities!
I do think that should about cover it, yes.

Thanks for stopping by I suppose! I do also have a Discord account, but I prefer to start anything RP related on the site. At least with people I don't know from the past, that is! But hey, now if you are a longer time contact of mine and happened to read this, now you know and can ask!

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Right. I believe that to be about it. Party is not split, and gathers in the room where the last battle took place, was that so?

The trap that dropped rocks from above cannot be reset unless significant effort is invested. This would mean some people of the party do not receive the benefits of the short rest. It is up to you if some will attempt to follow through with the plan. Other than that, you are welcome to apply the benefits of the short rest and prepare the next steps of your plan.

@Zverda@Ryonara@Lucius Cypher@Norschtalen@The Harbinger of Ferocity
I'll get back to all this on Tuesday once I'm back at my computer and so help me God if you all have not thought through what actions (short rest or no short rest, chopping off heads or not chopping off heads of your fellow humanoids and what your next direction of approach is) you will be taking I will be burning everything I have and spending it on starting a new Lamentations of the Flame Princess game!
You may want to inquire about the attitudes of other characters sharing said space about that before you move on with such a plan. But if they approve, I suppose there won't be much to stop you from taking part in trying to make a hat out of the head of a creature that is mostly your size. That would take a check of that sort, I imagine.
@Lucius Cypher - I'll have to note skinning a half-dragon will not yield as much material as you might hope for. Their scales aren't quite as tough and numerous. And you'd end up with a lot of just plain old skin. This much is obvious as soon as one strips Cyanwrath of his armour. The toughest of the scales are on the head.
Would it be possible to take Cyanwrath’s armor and make it functionally a breastplate? I figured that’d be as simple as just taking said chest part of the armor, leaving off the extra bits like grieves, pouldrons, etc.

Maybe? It'll take you a fair bit longer than the time you have in the dungeon though, and some knowledge in Smith's Tools for that refitting. You'll save in materials though. Taking "just" the chest part isn't really cutting it since it doesn't provide the same kind of flexibility, given the structure of a splint mail. Should be possible in the longer run though.
It would take a great deal of time to check the carvings that were on the walls, but something to give motivation to spending those minutes soon came to light. Lit by the lantern the group had commandeered or spells if they so chose, the many dragons of the walls showed their nature. Most of them were black, and every single one of those featured a small hole near their maws. Not one could be found that would not feature this quality, with the most notable exception of all. The great five-headed dragon emerging from its volcano had no such thing for its black maw.

In addition to the search for traps, as Kyra had to make the round around the room to make sure there wasn't anything more than that, she caught a glimpse of a ladder heading up in the South-Western end of the elaborately decorated space. A way out? It could be. But there was nothing more to say of it, unless one was ready to leave this room behind and wander off to have a closer look.

@Zverda@Ryonara@Lucius Cypher@Norschtalen@The Harbinger of Ferocity
The scene of now two battles in this kobold barracks of a waystation between the stairs would be left behind. Orchid weighed himself down with more weapons, Brannor refused to follow suit to any degree be it weapons or armour, and the cleric was the first to descend the stairs that would turn out to be surprisingly long. Those of the group that were keeping track of directions they were taking in this cave might note that this descent had to bring them below the hall of the bats and then some, possibly even beyond it towards the South-East. Few would possess such a compass, but these people weren't just any people. A fair few of them knew nature like the back of their hand, and so keeping directions in check was actually rather trivial a task.

Once the stairs finally came to an end, before them opened an enlarged, even reshaped chamber, its original form long since mauled away by several tools just like the kobold barracks. Yet here care had been taken as the walls were smooth, not to mention how stalactites and stalagmites had all been polished into gleaming columns. Every single surface glistened with moisture here, the air oddly warm and understandably humid. The flat walls were decorated too on a closer look, though one needn't get very close at all to recognise the depictions. Shallow and abstract carvings of what other than dragons, tails coiling into intricate patterns and knots flowing along the walls. Yet in the North-Westernmost corner of the chamber a figure stood out in the carvings: A five-headed dragon rising from an erupting volcano. Other dragons, in their depiction much smaller, flock to this great figure. And there, at its foot, a small wooden chest with silver and mother-of-pearl inlays sat still.

Nothing came to greet the adventurers, but the room wasn't completely devoid of every sign of adversity either. In the middle of the floor lay a winged kobold, one wing still attached to its back, another torn asunder with a large chunk of the creature's shoulder with it, a hand barely attached to the poor thing's body clutching at the shaved off part. The lifeless creature lay in a pool of its own blood, still rather fresh. It couldn't have been here long. Yet this was hardly the end of everything as far as the size of the cavern went. In the South-Western corner one could see a passage turning back Northwards, curving beyond vision, while due East a hefty set of stairs hewn into stone led further on down to another platform of solid stone.

@Zverda@Ryonara@Lucius Cypher@Norschtalen@The Harbinger of Ferocity
I think we were waiting for you, @Hekazu.

You hadn't moved anywhere before the latest post though, so I didn't have much to contribute

I'll try to get back to you people soon, in the next two days should be the most likely window.
Welp, not much seems to be happening. And days are just ticking on by.
Orchid is starting to look like this guy

Anyone else got anything to say?
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