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Current New interest check has been placed out there. Time to panic.…
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Finland has joined the 2018 club, so happy new year to all!
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Independence day is here! Suomi 100!
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Going on a cruise. Will return to business as usual on Monday!
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Feel free to. You have something to react to after all, @shylarah.
@Gordian Nought@Sofaking Fancy
Two days or so, a bit under I believe, to the previously agreed upon deadline of a week. I hope you can find the time to post before that.
@Ms Ravenwinter
Aww, that's indeed a shame. Well, I wish you luck in your future endeavours!

As for the group size now, I think it is still fine. If we drop one more person I'll open the search again, but until then things are good as they are.

I can post soon. If we're suppose to have a long conversation should we collab? Kyra is just going to be deflective with her answers.

Krets is going to press her for a while if that's the case. Collab could be in order. Feel free to start one in my PMs if you think you'd rather do it that way, but I can work in the thread just as well.
Dyn's many tentacles danced and whipped around as he worked on his spellbook and one of the scrolls he had found. While the fourth level magic in the third one called to him, he knew he did not have the eight hours to spare. That would take a day of his time later, but for now he would have to resort to the four he had available here. He isolated himself in a corner of the room, for both reasons of not allowing others to follow his work too closely and to make sure he did not harm them further. He needed them in good shape for the journey to come.

Of course, when scribing spells one had to also figure out the exact form of performing it. This scroll, too, had been written by a creature far more limited than him. It didn't take a pinnacle of creation such as himself long to figure out what these scribbles stood for, the words were as thus and it required a... huh, amusing. Yet the material components were largely irrelevant for Dyn, though he would still jot it down in his cipher. Truly, this caster had been of as dull a mind as their body had been flawed. Their scripture was like wax in the grasp of the superior mind, and all that took time in this was indeed translating the gestures for the body of the perfect being.

For a time as he tried to figure this out, the observant of the group could see the would-be captain exhaling breaths of different types of energy. Most amusing results had to be the stream of bubbles as well as the one time he vomited a rainbow, or maybe that one cloud of bubbling tar? But in the end, the relatively tame streams of acid, cold, fire, lightning and poison confirmed to him that he now had the spell down. And sure enough, as he closed his spellbook he found that the words had faded from the scroll. He would need to replace the spent ink in due time...

Returning to the rest of the group, he saw that they had already settled down to rest for the night. A sensible decision, considering the other option would have been to leave him behind. Something they definitely would not have wanted to do. After all, he was the greatest warrior in this troupe, his raw potential alone unmatched by any other. We needn't even get to the more refined parts. He found his spot near Jill and Adrevz and turned to see if the new guy was still awake. If so, he would return her greeting. Despite his work, he hadn't missed that. "Dyn'yer'zhead. I hope you know how to behave. There are many I've seen... and see", he added, few of his eyes darting around only to lock down on Koan and 'Sauron', thankful of the fact he couldn't see the kobold anywhere, "that fail at the concept."

@Guardian Angel Haruki - Spoke to you a bit.
Is this a dead roleplay-?

We are currently waiting to hear just how the reorganisation the staff is aiming to do will go. Since we've been told this might include complete deletion of old threads, nobody has been really contributing. Because if that's what could happen at any given moment, why bother? We could say it is on an indefinite hiatus.
The acolyte was positively flabbergasted. He could barely make out an audible "uuuuuhhh..." before Parum had already pranced away. When he had been given the task by the Dragonclaw, this was one of the last things he had been expecting out of it. But he didn't exactly know the mercenaries too well. Perhaps they were less of the "strictly business" type of killers than he had expected? Well, whatever it would be, he had to admit he was still looking forward to the evening. Now though, he'd need to report back to his superior. Unfortunately he quite doubted he would be allowed to head off with some mercenary for the reasons he had already thought of himself, but the chance was there.

AS for the other member of the cult, the one that kept huffing on his pipe as he followed the actions of the suspicious group, Krets was not getting his message across to this pink haired girl. He took his pipe out of his mouth, closed his eyes and raised three fingers. He took a breath and curled a finger. Another deep breath and another finger went down. Finally, he took the third breath and opened his eyes, placing the end of his pipe back into his mouth. "No. None of those things." He took another huff of his pipe before moving both it and the hand holding it to the side.

"What I want is ask a few questions. About your friends. So who is the blue haired one? Your leader? And do you happen to know anything about the business between the half-orc and the old man?" These questions were asked with a tone of annoyance in the man's voice, despite the almost gentle wording of them. And in the meantime, his eyes had observed Kyra's holy symbol and got stuck on it. She claimed to be no healer. Believable, even in the presence of the symbol. But less likely. The longbow of hers also spoke for that. But Krets was not given his duty for nothing. Things had to be considered. Besides, she had given a different introduction in the tent, hadn't she?

As things are, it seems there is not much to be said for @Lucius Cypher or @Gordian Nought as their characters are simply seeking food. Same would in a way extend to @The Harbinger of Ferocity, whose character will simply be assigned to more menial labour. If nobody objects, we can probably streamline things a bit by focusing on the interaction between Krets, Kyra (@Norschtalen) and by extension Parum (@Ryonara).
So on and so forth, but the good news is, is that you start at 2nd character level and take the best of both d20 Modern classes.

This confuses me, the underlined part that is. Both? I was fairly certain there were more than two, though I am probably just taking it too literally.

But yeah, sure. Every three days is absolutely doable for me. By the way, are we running a separate Sanity score or is it somehow tied to Wisdom? Trying to figure out the priority order for the stats once assigning them becomes topical.
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