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As writers we have creative freedom to write what WE feel comfortable with. For me personally I'll write pretty much anything. About the only things I won't write out are pedophilia and certain edgy fetishy type things(usually those involving bodily fluids). Pedophilia and these fetishes can be referenced in character backstories and such, but I will not write them out as an actual scenario actively happening to the characters during the course of the story.
I try to have a diverse cast, but it seems most of my favourite characters to write are the morally grey types. I also like to write characters from various different cultures and ethnic groups because it plays off my own interest in other cultures. Plus it's an excuse to research said cultures.
For me, nearly anything goes. I quite enjoy exploring topics I would be unable to otherwise. I'd say about the only thing I won't touch are graphic depictions of pedophilia or bestiality. Characters can have these as part of their history and perhaps be something that influences them heavily in the present, but I'm not writing out the actual acts.
Certain historical settings. It's usually always Victorian, Medieval, age of piracy, or various ancient settings. I'd love to see more exploration of other eras.
Fandoms are easier since you don't have to engage in world-building and such. It's for that same reason I think that realistic modern settings are also popular.
I do not want children, and on the unlikely chance I change my mind I'd have to adopt. I've vowed to remain a virgin for life. I'm 29 in a few months so I'm doing pretty well with it so far.
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What are your sources for researching?

Honestly, it depends what I'm looking for. Oftentimes just grabbing the first thing to pop up on Google or Wikipedia will suffice.
I'm potentially interested in time travel, exploration of the far East, or Avatar with OCxOC.
I don't know anything about the fandom this is based on, but the idea sounds cool xD
I think period pieces in general. Even if the idea is mundane enough, it seems if you add "1960s" or "1980s" onto it it suddenly makes that mundane idea into a niche, obscure one. People are too afraid to research or deepen an idea with period flavor.

This is sadly pretty accurate. I think a lot of people genuinely do fear any historical RP's because it requires doing research. There's no harm in researching things. I mean, I just had to look up SS and Gestapo ranks for a RP I'm doing on another site that is set in Nazi Germany. It was actually kind of fun just for the sake of learning some things I hadn't known before.
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