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So... bored... Need GoT RP...
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Still looking!
Well, I don't know if you'd be interested in it, but a common joke I've thrown into my dracon RPs (dragon-people, like in my avatar) involves a book there called "Fifty Shades of Blood" involving a dracon gladiator and his affair with a princess. Maybe something a bit like that? :D

Not really my thing, but thank you.

Still looking!
Another little bump.
Added a new fandom.
A wee weekend bump!
Welcome to my over-caffeinated interest check! I've got 15+ years of experience. I am over the age of majority and require that my partners be as well. I anticipate pretty much all stories will contain those things which earn a TV:MA rating. That is not to say that all stories are going to be smut-based, because that is not the case.

I write on an adept to advanced level and am looking for partners who do the same. Depending on the exchanges between characters I've been known to respond with 5 to 15 paragraphs. Sometimes during dialogue things are on the lower end, during an important bit of exposition things stray higher. I'm not going to put a solid limit here but I would think that anything less than 3 paragraphs doesn't precisely count as high-casual, and certainly not advanced. I am very likely to lose interest in RPs where the post lengths drop to and remain at 3 or fewer paragraphs (unless we’re exchanging posts a few times a day).

Despite how I fear that last bit sounded I really am an easy going and friendly person. I like to have an OOC PM alongside the IC PM to discuss ideas, etc. Don't be afraid to message me, I don't bite unless asked politely.

I am on Pacific time in the US, and I tend to be on at all hours. I'll be checking my messages a few times per day and would like writing partners that can usually get out at least a few responses a week (daily would be a godsend, but I know that’s unlikely). I understand that life/vacations/finals/busy seasons happen and sometimes RPing slows down but just give me a heads up.

As a female I'm much more comfortable playing my own gender. For original stories my primary characters will always be female, though I can do male side-characters and "NPCs." For doubling in the case of fandoms, I am certainly willing to play male characters. If any of these Originals or Fandoms catch your eye please PM me rather than responding to this thread, as I am not likely to see it. I also prefer all RPs be done in PM.

Plots conjured from the depths of my mind. If you see one I've crossed off but really have your heart set on it, let me know and we'll see what we can do. Bold title(s) indicate which I’m most searching for at the moment.
Blood and Sand

There's only one way to become champion. Never fucking lose.

Roman Gladiators! Doesn’t have to be strictly historical, could be low-fantasy. Just a general idea that needs fleshing out with a good writing partner. Stolen Spartacus title and quote aside, not really looking to write a fandom story for it. Leaning FxM for romance, but the possibility of doubling is certainly there.

One plot idea for this revolves around the wife of a senator (my character) whose husband buys her a gladiator (your character) to keep her “entertained” while he’s off doing other things (and women).

Not even gonna be sorry for suggesting this for the gladiator.

"Tales from books, movies, and video games, reimagined. I am almost always willing to double, but there are bound to be some characters I just can't do justice or don't really care for. Let me know who you're looking for me to play against whom in return and I'll try to accommodate! Fandoms are listed in alphabetical order for simplicity's sake.

Bold typeface indicates the character I would like to play and pairings are given a scale of one * to three *** of desire. If you see one I've crossed off but really have your heart set on it, let me know and we'll see what we can do.
ASoIaF / Game of Thrones

This is my single biggest craving right now out of all original plots and fandoms. I’m 100% current on the series and I’ve read about 125 pages into A Dance with Dragons. I don’t mind if my roleplaying partner hasn’t read the books. For doubling here I could play *most* characters, but there might be one or two I just can’t handle.

OC x Tormund Giantsbane ***
Dragon Age

Looking for a long-term and in-depth 1x1 RP based off of/around the Dragon Age games. Primarily interested in the DA2 and DA:I timelines at the moment, looking for someone up to playing Cullen. I might be willing to delve into other parts of the timeline for Origins and/or in between.

Hawke x Cullen ***
Hawke x Fenris *
Hawke x Sebastian *
Inquisitor x Cullen ***
Warden x Alistair *
Warden x Cullen **

There are a lot of different things that could be done with this one, from Avengers to X-Men and anything in between. I’m familiar mainly with Marvel Cineverse as opposed to the comics, and once upon a time I watched the old X-Men cartoon. Open to discussing ideas.

OC x Hawkeye ***
OC x Thor ***
OC x Victor Creed (a la Wolverine: Origins) **
OC x Wolverine *
OC x ???

After playing the game a bunch (again) my love for it has definitely been rekindled. This is the only Elder Scrolls game I’m currently familiar with, so the only one I’m interested in playing a story for at the moment. The possibilities for before, during, or after the events of the game are all there.

OC x Ulfric Stormcloak ***
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