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Current Anyone see the ceremonial sword the king had at the coronation last night? That thing was kickass. I'd conquer a couple of villages with that!
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You know why you feel uneasy when you let a leg hang outside of your cover at night? It's because I'm oogling at your legs! Share a bite for me!
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Just a small bump. This interest check is open to all by the by. I can do more than one.
@DayzeeLewis1121 Thank you, and well met!
@Raven Daas Come on, who wouldn't want an apostle harem?
@Vampiretwilight Thanks so much!
Warning: This post is recruiting people for a roleplay with mature themes, such as gore, drug-use and and other violent content. You get what you put into this roleplay, so only provide what you are comfortable with.

Ever seen a door in a strange part of your house? Maybe a corner that's out of place. Maybe if you put a couple of nails to the slowly decayed paint, you'd chip it away to discover a tunnel that extends as far as you can perceive the light uncoiling into pitch dark? Maybe you're troubled, you need an escape, or better yet, you're hungry for answers. Answers about yourself, answers about your own reality.

If you were to sit there, knees bent and arms stretched out in a crawl, listening... You might hear a voice.

"Anything that's in here is only what you take with you..."


This roleplay will begin with a small questionnaire. This ranges from your fears and phobias, your opinion on other humans and your life as a whole. Your horror adventure will be the subject of what you put into this interview. The more information you give means the more dimensions your little personalized nightmare-scape will have. This will be done in PMs, but the roleplay will be public.

If there are questions you'd rather not answer, that's perfectly fine, and if any themes happen to upset you in a way beyond chills, please let me know. But the creatures you meet might just be a personification of the inner machinations of your mind, and it will be your task to defeat it. Whether you find a secret mcguffin, or you find the strength or way to fight back on your own is anybody's guess.

Be prepared.
Hi, my name's Jasper! I've been writing/roleplaying since 2008 and I'm a big fan of writing horror stories. My hobbies include boxing (I do amateur matches sometimes), writing, video games and learning random samples of information that don't necessarily correlate with one another. If there's a pure writing section on the site, you might see a couple of my stories here and there, so feel free to criticize and/or enjoy! I'm always looking to improve. As for the roleplay side of things, I love the usual themes like Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Romance, but niche (maybe not niche to some..) sub-genres I've been known to participate in are:

Post/Post-Post Apocalyptic: I enjoy the usual post-apocalyptic types of roleplay, but I love the AFTERMATH of those worlds. For example, a medieval type world that slowly uncovers "ancient" technologies that might have once represented an incredibly technologically advanced society. You know - knights wielding ancient tech "from the gods" or whatever. That's my kind of gravy.

Lovecraftian/Surrealist Horror: I love getting into the grit of some good old fashion lovecraft - incomprehensible monsters or existential concepts given a horrifying body, but I do like me a psychonautic adventure, delving into the mind of traumatized victims or mad-men, having their grievances given form and extreme capacity for violence. Me likey.

Gauntlet/Tournament Style One-shots: I absolutely love it when a patch-work cast of characters face off in battle Street Fighter style. Whether it's magical in nature or all subject to the ability of one's own muscle-bound body, it's all the same yummy taste to me.

Harem Romance: Everyone's got their one weird interest, don't judge me too hard. Ever since reading the "Tempting Monsters" series (people under 18+, don't look into it or you'll be sent to the time out dimension) I've caught feelings for groups of loving, comforting men tending to one man or madame. It's the kind of feel-good romance that makes you feel safe and cozy. I dunno.

So yeah. That's a big block of text. To those who've read it, thanks! I hope to roleplay with you guys soon!

P.S: Fun little activity I like to do - send me a random image or a vague sentence and I'll make a short horror story out of it!
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