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Hey all, JB here.

I'm a DM for a large number of games here on RPG, as well as a player in several others. Many of the games I run are overly complex, or they involve Dungeons and Dragons (which is also overly complex!).

I work 40+ hours a week, and am the proud father of two tiny terrors named Chibi and Chibette and married to my beautiful Wifey. As such, I am quite busy more often than not. I typically write 2-5 paragraphs per reply and try to maintain an excellent level of grammar. If you noticed me glancing at your profile, I probably was looking to see if you would be a good match for my RPing style. Even if I didn't send a PM to you, feel free to send one back!

I enjoy 1x1 RPs and small groups. I'm fond of medieval, steampunk, and futuristic settings, and I'll jump into romance, adventure, and slice of life RPs fairly quickly, although supernatural (vampires, werewolves, etc) RPs get old for me pretty quickly. If you're looking for an RP partner and I've glanced at your profile, then I'm most likely willing to give it a shot, but decided against PMing you because I'm actually kinda shy. But I'm always looking for a new friend!

Please feel free to say hi at any time!

Name/Aliases: JB, JBRam, Jeebs
Gender: M
DOB: June 1988
Location: Maine (East Coast USA)
Hobbies: Ridiculously complex RP ideas involving lots of spreadsheets.

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Eilina hadn't known the tiefling long (barely even could remember her name... some sort of flower?), and so she largely stood awkwardly silent as the others mourned. The elven ranger pushed past in her grief, and Eilina did nothing to stop her. It was a cowardly thing to do: running away when faced with mortality, but the gnome had more important things on her mind. Soon after, Lex the Paladin stated that he would go upstairs and keep watch in case Ceria returned, and also left. The party was quickly dwindling.

It was only after the feline kurjian mentioned that they should move on that Eilina stepped past the crumpled body on the floor, not wanting to look at it. She hadn't the stomach for that sort of thing, and Yvah's short eulogy already had gotten her slightly teary-eyed. Instead, she sniffed and wiped away the tears that threatened to spill from her eyes, composing herself for the next room.

In the northeast corner of the tiny room was a tank with a young humanoid girl, barely taller than Eilina. The gnome wondered if the spell that the girl used to enhance her voice hurt her ears any, and winced in empathy. Next to that tank was a coffin, and another tank and coffin on the opposing wall. The tank opposite was empty, but still filled with the same liquids. Perhaps it was in preparation of another victim?

Worse, it seemed like they had reached a dead end. "I'm sure we're missing something," Eilina said quietly. "Maybe they hid a clue inside the coffins? I don't think we should open them until everyone is ready... and maybe after we save the poor girl."

Kiki smiled up at the bard who cradled her, glad someone cared for her well-being. The pain from the goblin's attacks subsided as her wounds magically closed, and she let out a quiet giggle as Ardiane kissed her forehead. "I think I like you best this way," she whispered before forcing herself back to her feet. "Should we keep moving?" she suggested.

Kiki stepped into the cave's opening once everyone had gathered. These goblins didn't seem very vigilant; perhaps they didn't expect anyone to interrupt them. The sound of running water echoed through the cave from the stream that flowed from its mouth. Kiki hoped the sound would cover their advance.

>Everyone who wishes to enter the cave, please roll Stealth with Advantage.
Sigurx's Cave

As the group began to prepare for its attack, the troll calmly put down the food it gnawed, grabbing instead what appeared to be the trunk of a tree. "Oi, there ain't enuff of ya to be gobs!" It called out loudly as it stood to its feet. "If you ain't be gobs, I got no quarrel with ya. Put down yer shiny bows and blades, or else you be squishies."

As Kyra got closer, she could see that in addition to the grotesque features of a normal troll's face, this troll also had severe burns covering half its face, and one eye was missing. All across its body were jagged blade slices crisscrossing, as if he had felt the gentle caress of a thousand cuts. The troll was old, perhaps bordering on elderly, and he was no stranger to battle.
Welcome back!

Once again, the battle was over almost before it began, leaving Katia feeling temporarily winded. This strange place took more from her than she desired to give, and although she remained uninjured, she had expended most of her energy in the batle. She spent a few seconds to collect and center herself again, trying to remember the lessons she was taught long ago. Would she ever see her family again? Would she ever walk those verdant paths, unburdened by the cares of the entire world? Or was she doomed to a life driving shades back from empty villages?

The answer she found in her brief meditation troubled her.

Katia shook off the doubt, instead choosing to approach the new face. "I wouldn't go that far," Katia spoke up in response to the man's praise of Birbin's magic. "We found the guy running for his life, and cleared out some of those pesky shadows that chased him. But he took us in for the night, so I suppose some measure of thanks is in order. You look less... Green than I expected." Katia's non-sequitur was abrupt as she leaned closer to investigate. "Valmjr of Ysgard, I am Katia Lei... of a location that now seems of little consequence. A rest in this Hall would be much appreciated, as would some further answers about this town. I hope you might know a bit more than your gnome friend could offer."

From Drajhan's astute observations and knowledge of social situations, it appeared evident that the man with two toes... er, fingers, was unlikely to assist at this time. "Perhaps another time, then?" the dragonborn offered as he approached the cave's entrance. The sights that greeted him were quite remarkable indeed, the likes of which he had never seen before. Of course, he could not let his ignorance show, and pointed out the bubbling pools of liquid to any who may have not seen them. "I would recommend avoiding stepping in those puddles, at least until we can identify the substance," he offered helpfully.

There was little more to do outside the cave. Drajhan's interests lay deeper within. And so, he stepped into the mouth of the cavern, keeping an eye out for anything out of the ordinary and trusting that tge good folk he traveled with would accompany him. Eventually. Preferably before he triggered some sort of magical explosion or whatever other nonsense was trending in these kinds of caves.
With little left to explore in these caves, the party continued on their journey, following the directions previously provided. Barely an hour had passed when a sign was posted on the road bearing crudely etched words in common:

Near the sign was another path leading away from the main trail. Among the many hobgoblin tracks that were easily discerned by the accomplished druid were several larger and fresher footprints, some of which were freshly made since the rains a few days previous. It was likely that they were still about a day's journey from the castle.
Jill watched the reactions of the group from a short distance, allowing them to express their enthusiasm for a new recruit in their own ways. Koan was, of course, a touch more aggressive than the situation warranted, nut thankfully it did not seem to bother the other Aasimar. In fact, it almost sermed to Jill that he enjoyed it more than one would expect. She filed that particular piece of information away for later use; Koan could entertain in public, but Jill preferred a more intimate setting.

It seemed Nemiea was of a similar mind, although much more perturbed by Koan's antics. It made sense: the draconic sorcerer had always worked her wiles in a more subtle fashion, and with Koan stealing the spotlight, there was little reason for Nemiea’s subtlety. Jill nodded her consent for Nemiea’s departure, but the circumstances troubled her somewhat. Cynthia had already mentioned the expected difficulty of their quest, and fewer crewmen meant a more arduous journey lay ahead.

"Our freedom has its benefits," Jill replied to Sauron, "and also its trials. But none of the joys in life ever come without a little pain." She watched wih a twinge of sadness as Nemiea departed the group. "In any case, it appears we are suddenly short a person. Cynthia, would you know anyone you can trust who would join us at short notice?"

The merfolk thought for a moment. "There is another member of the watch whose expertise might be useful. She might take some convincing, but most of us watchmen are interested in fixing how things were. I'm sure she would be little different."

At my request, the merfolk led us out of the city to a nearby patrol group, our three-dimensional map in tow. After Cynthia stated her leave, she asked the whereabouts of "the tiger." Soon, we were led to a new person who was surprisingly familiar to at least one in our group...

As one of the shadows charged at Katia, she was ready. She waited patiently for the enemy to commit to its attack and ducked under the blow, swinging her quarterstaff about with both hands to knock it off balance for a split second. Before it could react, she was already gone, scampering away to find her next target without looking to see what happened to the first.

Her allies had done an excellent job at clearing out the more dangerous foes, but Haemar looked to be struggling. "Hold on, I'm coming!" Katia called out as she darted behind the enemy, raking at it with her claws. She could feel the shadow between her fingers with the blow, but couldn't tell if she got any true purchase with the strike. Not wanting to miss twice in a row, Katia carefully aimed her final blow at the nape of the enemies neck, definitely landing a hit this time, but her strike did not feel nearly as powerful as the first. "We've almost got them! Just a little more!"

@Hekazu - Theodore (Next!)
@The Harbinger of Ferocity - DM
Ryobi didn't need to read Lillian's psych profile to know that she wasn't entirely all there. The woman had two things on her mind at all times, competing for space on that deteriorating platform: sex and paranoia. If he could draw out the former to take control, perhaps he could get her to forget about the well-deserved paranoia. The trick was in doing so without getting Jan shot.

Ryobi tossed the captain a glance, hoping she would follow his lead. Lillian was despicable, but a negative reaction could wind up with a bullet in their brains. "Lil, why would I want to lock you back up? I've been waiting months for this chance: to get you and Jan alone in a room with me. What guy could resist such an opportunity? Here, how about a contest? The person who gives me the best kiss can get first dibs, hmm? Why don't you show your stuff first, Lillian?"
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