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Hey all, JB here.

I'm a DM for a large number of games here on RPG, as well as a player in several others. Many of the games I run are overly complex, or they involve Dungeons and Dragons (which is also overly complex!).

I work 40+ hours a week, and am the proud father of two tiny terrors named Chibi and Chibette and married to my beautiful Wifey. As such, I am quite busy more often than not. I typically write 2-5 paragraphs per reply and try to maintain an excellent level of grammar. If you noticed me glancing at your profile, I probably was looking to see if you would be a good match for my RPing style. Even if I didn't send a PM to you, feel free to send one back!

I enjoy 1x1 RPs and small groups. I'm fond of medieval, steampunk, and futuristic settings, and I'll jump into romance, adventure, and slice of life RPs fairly quickly, although supernatural (vampires, werewolves, etc) RPs get old for me pretty quickly. If you're looking for an RP partner and I've glanced at your profile, then I'm most likely willing to give it a shot, but decided against PMing you because I'm actually kinda shy. But I'm always looking for a new friend!

Please feel free to say hi at any time!

Name/Aliases: JB, JBRam, Jeebs
Gender: M
DOB: June 1988
Location: Maine (East Coast USA)
Hobbies: Ridiculously complex RP ideas involving lots of spreadsheets.

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@Nymeria I also wasn't around for the original, so you're in good company :D
@LovelyAnastasia - Heya, we're rolling up init in case you missed the Didcord. Need a roll by morning or I'll roll for ya.
Ulor's whispers echoed throughout the tunnel off the surface of the water, carrying out into the large room. The chanting halted suddenly, and the scurrying of feet could be heard before a voice spoke up, booming deep and harsh over the murky water. "Who dares interrupt our rituals? Show yourselves, so that we may add your number to our sacrifices and rid the world of your stupidity!"

As if bidden by the voice, the current increased, tugging the boat forward into the open room. To the west, a devilish figure sat on a throne, glaring as the boat entered view. Before him was a man bound to a pillar, stripped of his gear and nearly naked. A sahuagin priestess guarded him, and a kuo-toa was to his north. On the other side of the river was a black dragon child who seemed to be the source of the voice, along with a pseudodragon minion and an undead skelton. The group seemed organized into a specific pattern for some ritual.

As the boat pulled into view, the dragon snorted, perhaps expecting an easier prey. "Didn't we already capture half of you?" it asked with annoyance. "Bah, you humanoids all look alike, especially once you have been destroyed! Kill them!"
Roll for Initiative!

21 - @Oraculum - Ulor
20 - Black Dragon Wyrmling
17 - @Oraculum - Octy
16 - @Cao the Exiled - Auro'pol
16 - Kuo-toa
16 - Sahuagin Priestess
15 - @JBRam2002 - Eilina
13 - @corneredbliss - Ary
11 - @Ms Ravenwinter - Yvah
9 - @LovelyAnastasia - Solglia
8 - Pseudodragon
7 - Spined Devil
7 - Skeleton
6 - ??
2 - @Ermine - Peony

@Oraculum - Muttering something about reckless fools and blind oxen, Ulor precariously stood up from his position in the boat and, having obliviously and rather roughly jostled his way to the fore, gracelessly hopped from the vessel onto the western embankment. Moving a step forward, he raised his left hand in the kuo-toa's direction, whispering his indistinct chant. Spectral flames flowed towards the creature as the shadows around it formed into thrashing, amorphous shapes that were cast by no body. [Ulor steps out of the boat and onto the western shore, where he moves a square forward and down. He then Hexes and Eldritch-Blasts the kuo-toa. He hits with a 21 for attack, dealing 6 force damage and 5 necrotic damage.]

The Wyrmling approached the boat, chuckling menacingly as it flapped its wings, and summoned a gout of acid breath, spewing it in a line across the bow of the magical vessel. Ulor, Yvah, and Peony must make a Dex save or take 11 acid damage (half on success). [I rolled terribly... four of those dice were 1s.]

@Oraculum - Octy is next!

Katia watched her allies with a look of dismay. The antics of their bard certainly was not helping their case, and the others had already taken shots at the Green Man. Everyone in this world seemed to be fools: Birbin with his naivete, Valmjr with his lust for glory, and now this man would turn away assistance without talk. His armor was thick and tough to pierce, but it seemed his head was even thicker.

"There was no need to fight until you attacked us," Katia called out even as she rushed forward. But now there was a need. He had struck at her friends, attempting to tear them down, accusing them of spreading the blight on this world. Maybe he was right, that they might have caused more darkness to spread. But if that was the case, they should have dispatched the shadows together, working in unison against evil. But now they were fated to duel this defender of the ancient ways.

"But I will protect my friends!" With a flurry of wood and claws, Katia attacked ferociously, although sge felt her strikes barely got through the armor. Her last claws swiped straight across his face, and she hopped away a few feet. Now, he would have to get through her.

@Cu Chulainn - Cesar (Next!)
@The Harbinger of Ferocity - DM
I kinda like the familiar idea. It can give you a lot of interaction, etc, even if not a lot is going on, since you can talk to the animals too. One thing to consider maybe: why is your PC here instead of out among the normal people? Was there an aspect of thr power that got him/her in trouble?
Nicholas Maxwell

Name: Nicholas Maxwell
Age: 18
Powers: Can control free electrons (electricity)

Weapons: Rods to conduct current in a direction, otherwise is a barefisted brawler
Bio: Nicholas was on the fast track to getting a full football scholarship to UConn as a running back. His grades were decent, he could run with the best of them. On weekends, the team's O-line would travel down to New York to screw around. Nick went with them one weekend and they decided to explore the subway. To sum it up, there was an incident involving the third rail where Nick should have died, but was completely unharmed. The team turned him into their science experiment, trying to shock him in various methods, to no avail. One day he decided to prank them back, killing the team quarterback in the process.
Dreams/Wishes: To atone for the harm he caused, and better life for those whose powers are as much a curse as a blessing.
Evil, Good, Walking the Line: Good
Siblings (If Any): None
Pets (If Any): None
Are we free to post characters that have been approved?
@Lost Whispers Do you believe we have enough PCs to set up an OOC thread?
@DziadyHey, welcome! We have a few D&D games, but the site could really use some more DMs. Hopefully you find what you're looking for!

With the wolves defeated, Kiki wiped the blood off her blade using the dire wolf's hide and turned away from Bar. She didn't want to see his mangled corpse, and it was only adrenaline that kept her from bursting into tears. She hadn't known Bar well, nor did she like him overly much, but that didn't necessarily mean he had to die. If she were a little faster, maybe she could have stopped him, or at least given the wolves another target to tear into. Of course, then it might be her own corpse lying mangled on the cave floor.

Kiki turned towards their bard, expecting to see Cas from her voice, but seeing Ardiane instead. Kiki reached out to embrace her, some small comfort in this den of death. Was this what awaited her outside Halruaa? Mindless death and ruin, pointless slaughter? This job was to be simple: escort a wagon, collect the pay. And now Bar was dead. And for what? They could have walked past those wolves unharmed. There was no reason to fight. It was pointless. Stupid, even. And now he was dead.

The mystic was brave enough to inspect the body, and the sorcerer to look for another way forward. Kiki remained outside the wolves' den, but even she could hear the sound of stone rumbling against stone, echoing through the cavern as Brim cast a spell to shape the stone. She winced. "No use trying to be quiet now," she muttered. "Then again, fighting the wolves wasn't exactly silent." Her weapon was drawn again, ready to strike should an enemy make itself known. "You weren't hurt, right, Ardiane?" she asked over her shoulder as she peered into the darkness.
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