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Hey all, JB here.

I've been a member of a few other forums, and I am a Mod for an RPing section of a forum that has recently seen fewer participants. I'm looking to find a new home, and hopefully some fun and interesting people. I have DM'd several RPs, most of which are based on existing works, including a four-year RP based on Persona, as well as RPs based on Mass Effect, Kingdom Hearts, FATE, .hack, and some creations of my own. I have also GM'd a D&D 5e game that recently wrapped up, and I am a participant in another D&D 5e game as well as a Pathfinder game that alternates on weekends off-site. I would like to find some play-by-post games to keep me busy in my downtime.

Please feel free to say hi at any time!

Name/Aliases: JB, JBRam, Jeebs
Gender: M
DOB: June 1988
Location: Maine (East Coast USA)
Hobbies: Ridiculously complex RP ideas involving lots of spreadsheets.
Personal life: Proud father of two tiny terrors named Chibi and Chibette. Married to my beautiful Wifey.

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The acolyte, seeing that the danger lay in an aisle other than the one she was inspecting, moved towards the aisle occupied by the thug. Having a clear line of sight to Araerys from this position, she muttered a few words in the same language as her priestess, but the familiarity of the priestess's words were not duplicated in hers. She looked upon the bard both with trepidation and anxiety, her wrist shaking as she pointed her webbed hand towards her opponent. "Поражение Божественного!" she called out, her voice tremulous yet commanding. A thin greenish light of divine radiance began to pool around Ary's feet.

>Mechanics: The acolyte targets Ary with a spell. Ary must roll a DEX save. She passes with a 19, to no effect as the green light sparks dangerously where Ary previously stood.

>Mentioned: @corneredbliss

>Next: @Mistiel
As Ryobi heard the ringing of the doctor's comm, he felt his heart plummet. Nothing was going to be easy, was it? He follwed Jan's lead, drawing his own handgun and looking for intruders from behind them as they moved towards the source of the sound.

Even though it had been silenced, Ryobi could almost still hear the ringing echoing and echoing through the empty hall. He could tell Jan was tense as well, but Ryobi's paranoia lay more behind them than before them. The lift connected to almost every part of the station, and even if they didn't approach via lift, nearly any other means of egress lay in the way they had come from. Besides, Jan could watch the twelve; Ryobi had her six.

The sight of the comm sitting on a table immediately set a thousand alarm bells ringing in his mind. As a military police, he had been trained to no trust unattended electronic equipment in conspicuous locations. As he thought through various scenarios in his mind, he decided a bomb threat was too unlikely: a bomb could rip a hole in the station and cripple it, and the amount of time that had passed since they saw Gris on the cameras seemed insufficient to convert the radio into a bomb. The possibility was still there of course, but there were only a few ways to determine the methods of a trap. The easiest way was to intentionally trigger it.

Ryobi motioned for Jan to step around the corner from the comm. The walls in the medbay might not stop a bomb's explosion, but they could shield her from other ill effects. Ryobi on the other hand would be in the middle of danger. Ryobi took a deep, slow inhale, lifting his gun to the ready. 3... 2... 1... the countdown in his head sounded. At the final number, he stepped into the room, wheeling towards the right to see if an enemy lay in wait. He hoped the room would be clear so he could approach the device and examine it more closely, but caution ruled today.
As Ary snuck around the pew, she accidentally bumped into the corner, causing a loud scuffing sound of her own as the pew scraped along the ground. The thug turned around just in time to see her scamper off, and swung his mace towards her, but it smashed into the wooden pew, causing splinters to go flying. His movement was just enough for Daisy's crossbow bolt to completely miss him, embedding itself into the wall on the far side.

The drake, still focused on the elf before him, dove down and struck her with his tail, then whipped around to bite her, both attacks easily finding their mark on the prone ranger. It then darted away, back up into the air towards the open doors. "Don't let them get away!" it cried out to its allies.

>Mechanics: The thug uses his Attack of Opportunity on Ary, but misses. Ceria takes 8 piercing damage and 5 fire damage from the bite, as well as 6 piercing damage from the tail. She must make a CON save, which she passes with an 18 for no effect.

>Mentioned: @corneredbliss, @Mistiel

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In Mahz's Dev Journal 2 days ago Forum: News
@MahzQuestion: what if an RP is set to invite only and someone accidentally leaves or declines an invite? Or leaves and wishes to rejoin later? Could there be a feature implemented to opt-in to receiving requests to join again?
@Mistiel I mean, my PC is currently interacting with yours. So... you don't have to exit.
As the group discussed their new companion, a shout of alarm sounded from the center of town. "Help! Come on, Maurice, put them down! HELP!" Julian glanced at the others and motioned for them to follow before darting over to investigate. As the group rounded a corner, they saw two Cocoon soldiers attempting to fight off a pair of fiery Pulsian multi-sided automata. They rolled and flared as one of the two soldiers frantically sent spell after spell at them, but they seemed at a deadlock. The other soldier periodically rushed in to deal some damage and give his ally a break, but was quickly overwhelmed by the flaming attacks.

"I'm trying the best I can, Rikken!" the darker skinned soldier called out, sweat pouring from his brow. "This ain't easy work, either!"

"Gah! If only we had Lily here!" Rikken replied as he withdrew once more. "There. That's the last potion. If this keeps up, we're done for."

Before the group could react, a Cocoon gunship approached, dropping a squad of Guardian Corps soldiers. "Ah, reinforcements. Good," Maurice called out before a shot rang out. "Hey, that almost hit me! Watch it!"

"Clear the area!" the GC Gunner called out. "Purge anyone who's been tainted by the fal'Cie. Start with these two."

Julian looked back at his allies. "I'm going to help them. Noir, Nyxia, Molly... if you could distract the Corps units, I think that Nadia and I can take out those two bombs. Deal? Let's act fast!"
Group A Battle!Current Time: 0 secParadigm: GuerillaNext Up: Noir
Noir - SYN HP: {[][][][][][][][][][]} HP: 370.1875/468.1875 Next: 0 sec TP: {[][][][][][][][----|} Status: None
Nyxia - RAV HP: {[][][][][][][][][][]} HP: 429.2075/429.2075 Next: 0 sec TP: {[][][][][][][][]---|} Status: None
Molly - SAB HP: {[][][][][][][][][][]} HP: 409.9175/409.9175 Next: 0 sec TP: {---|-----|---------|} Status: None
Corps Gunner HP: {[][][][][][][][][][]} Next: 0 sec Chain: {--} 100% Status: None
Corps Marksman HP: {[][][][][][][][][][]} Next: 0 sec Chain: {--} 100% Status: None
Corps Pacifex HP: {[][][][][][][][][][]} Next: 0 sec Chain: {--} 100% Status: None
Corps Regular HP: {[][][][][][][][][][]} Next: 0 sec Chain: {--} 100% Status: None

Group B Battle!Current Time: 0 secParadigm: Strike TeamNext Up: Nadia
Nadia - COM HP: {[][][][][][][][][][]} HP: 422.1075/422.1075 Next: 0 sec TP: {[][][][][][][][][--|} Status: None
Julian - SYN HP: {[][][][][][][][][][]} HP: 409.9175/409.9175 Next: 0 sec TP: {[][][][][][][][][--|} Status: None
Rikken - COM HP: {[][][][][][][][][][]} HP: 399.125/399.125 Next: 0 sec TP: {---|-----|---------|} Status: None
Bomb A HP: {[][][][][][][][][][]} Next: 0 sec Chain: {--} 100% Status: None
Bomb B HP: {[][][][][][][][][][]} Next: 0 sec Chain: {--} 100% Status: None

Group A Battle! - Starting Paradigm: Guerilla

Noir is up first!

Group B Battle! - Starting Paradigm: Strike Team

Nadia is up first!

@Turbowraith - Need an Init roll from you by tonight or I'll roll for ya. You can either mention me here, PM me, or mention me on Discord with the result.
Could be the warrior's coin purse. @The Grey Dust
I would suggest that unless anyone has a passive perception of 26 or higher, none of us likely saw it. We should be able to carry on without acknowledging the pickpocket since we wouldn't know of its existence.
@VKAllen I'm pretty sure that's the case, although others could act IC in the meantime as well.
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