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Hey all, JB here.

I'm a DM for a large number of games here on RPG, as well as a player in several others. Many of the games I run are overly complex, or they involve Dungeons and Dragons (which is also overly complex!).

I work 40+ hours a week, and am the proud father of two tiny terrors named Chibi and Chibette and married to my beautiful Wifey. As such, I am quite busy more often than not. I typically write 2-5 paragraphs per reply and try to maintain an excellent level of grammar. If you noticed me glancing at your profile, I probably was looking to see if you would be a good match for my RPing style. Even if I didn't send a PM to you, feel free to send one back!

I enjoy 1x1 RPs and small groups. I'm fond of medieval, steampunk, and futuristic settings, and I'll jump into romance, adventure, and slice of life RPs fairly quickly, although supernatural (vampires, werewolves, etc) RPs get old for me pretty quickly. If you're looking for an RP partner and I've glanced at your profile, then I'm most likely willing to give it a shot, but decided against PMing you because I'm actually kinda shy. But I'm always looking for a new friend!

Please feel free to say hi at any time!

Name/Aliases: JB, JBRam, Jeebs
Gender: M
DOB: June 1988
Location: Maine (East Coast USA)
Hobbies: Ridiculously complex RP ideas involving lots of spreadsheets.

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The former duchess had a difficult time not only walking, but forming any coherent thought. This wood elf lady that helped her along certainly was a boon, but Ada was a duchess! She could stand in her own two... nope. Maybe she had just a little too much to drink after all.

Even in her inebriated state, she could see the fumes coming off her brother. He probably was pretty angry that Ada would go get herself into such a state, but the Seeker seemed trustworthy from her research. Mostly. At least nothing bad had happened. That duke needed to learn to let go once in a while and relax. Of course, Ada had been just as uptight as him for several years now.

Oh great, the duke was speaking now. Something about "blah blah, she's not normally like this, blah blah." She didn't need Vicente to apologize for her. She was finally free: a normal citizen of Mavros. To think that a mere decade earlier, she would have killed to be the ruler of the city, but now she was almost relieved to be rid of the responsibility. Almost.

After the duke was finished talking, Ada pulled herself to her feet, steadying the swaying room with a hand on the magical table before her. "Thanks, Vinnie," she began, definitely not slurring in the least. "We prolly oughta get some sleep 'fore the giants come. Or whaddever." Another scoff from her brother. What did she ever do to him? Oh... right.

"The staff'll get yer rooms set and stuff," Ada continued, waving in the general direction of one of the maids who seemed to have a concerned and bewildered look on her face. "We can talk about more stuff later... and stuff. Tomorrow." With an unnecessary flourish, Ada pushed away from the table, nearly collapsing before a half-elf girl caught her, helping her down the hall. Ada could be heard lauding the maid for always being a good friend as she was led away, to the disapproving sighs of the Duke of Mavros.

"Well, that certainly wasn't an embarrassment," Vicente muttered. "As Ada mentioned, rooms have been set aside for each of you. I suggest retiring sooner rather than later, as it is already quite late. If you need anything, someone will be posted outside your door to answer your beck and call." As Vicente stood, the table before the party began to shrink, finally condensing into a dull grey sphere, as if it were a burnt-out gemstone, which the Duke collected. "Please have a pleasant evening."

All who was present for the entire duration of the feast and consumed food from it are under the effect of the Heroes' Feast spell: "A creature that partakes of the feast gains several benefits. The creature is cured of all Diseases and poison, becomes immune to poison and being Frightened, and makes all Wisdom saving throws with advantage. Its hit point maximum also increases by 2d10, and it gains the same number of hit points. These benefits last for 24 hours." The HP increase is 6 for everyone.

I will allow a week for people to post their nighttime activities / conversations or to pass on a post. Once everyone has posted or passed (or a week has gone by), we will move on. If you do not post, I will assume you went straight to bed.
@ihinka - Safira is up!

Bears are not a fan of slippery surfaces, a fact that Bobbin was beginning to learn as the oily substance coated the ground beneath him. Fortunately for the kenku, neither were bandits. The slipping and sliding would be comic if not for the threats against the young girl... or the stench. The bear roared in pain as the two bandits slashed at him, but what hurt more was that disgusting smell permeating his nose. Also, he had specifically chosen to be a brown bear, not a black bear, so the fact that this greasy substance was the color of coffee did help alleviate his annoyances. Somewhat.

The bear found purchase under his feet long enough to stand and swipe at the two bandits nearby. He bit at the one called Barney, and the taste of this oily substance was certainly no better than its smell. His claws crashed down on the one called Brett who had been stupid enough to run into the mess and attack him. It might very well be the final mistake that bandit ever made, as his full weight crashed down on the bandit. Unfortunately, his attacks also threw Bobbin off balance, and the druid lost his footing once again, crashing down in the middle of the puddle of grease with another painful yelp as a stray stick found purchase where it never should have.

It was not funny. Stop laughing.

@Guardian Angel Haruki 11. Bears don't have great dex.

25 - Sword Monk A
25 - Sword Monk B
24 - @Zverda - Hanani
23 - @Ermine - Kyoumi
21 - Chung Po
21 - @JBRam2002 - Maiko
21 - @Big Dread - Haksir
19 - Spade Monk A
18 - @Muttonhawk - Ming
15 - @16 bit - Elora
12 - Spade Monk B
12 - Meteor Monk
Map of the Grand Pavilion

The two sword-wielding monks dart out into the arena, both taking up positions on high ground and awaiting the other party to come to them.

@Zverda - Hanani double moves into the arena, intentionally stepping into as close to the center of the area as he can.

@Ermine - Kyoumi cautiously walks north 30', her blade held in one hand and the other behind her back, making no attempt to move further.

Chung Po darts forward, seeing Hanani open, and grapples him, easily succeeding with a CMB of 31 (+1 from crowd). As a bonus action, he raises his first in the air and waves to the crowd, but they don't seem to approve.

@JBRam2002 - Maiko runs in as well and attacks Chung Po, but misses with a roll of 17.

@Big Dread - Seeing the team leader of their enemy had elected to reach his bloody end as quickly as possible, Haksir decided to assist him in that effort. He pushed his golem forward, clattering all the way up just South of Maiko and drew forth his extract of haste. "Obllige young Chung's suicide, eh?" he snickered before injecting the potent magical brew into the now giant feline girl.

One of the monks wielding a monk's spade rushed in and swung at the largest target, hitting with a natural 20... however, he could not confirm the critical, dealing only 7 damage to Maiko.

Next: @Muttonhawk - Ming!

Grand Pavilion

Ming gasped once the source of the heavy, clanking footsteps came into view. The voice was strange but the mannerisms and tone gave away the towering creature's nature. "Doctor Haksir!" Ming beamed and hugged the golem from the other side to Maiko. Ritually enduced blood placed a bright red handprint on the golem's front and back without the exctied Ming realising it.

Ming pulled away. "I knew you'd make the next boat! You always sleep in when we have a deadline..."

She subtly avoided the potion. The good doctor had been told a few times by now that Ming was 'allergic' to traditional magical healing. She did not begrudge him for it.

"Glad to see you young lady," Haksir frowned imperceptably behind his face plate, "Oh yes, yes, no potions for you. We don't want you getting sick. I'll figure out something special for you." he brought his hand to his metallic chin, "Or maybe I could turn you into a human... or half-rabbit..." he pondered the possibilities. He wondered if she would take some time to come back with him to Salhadrik once this tournament was over so he could more closely study her 'condition'. There had to be a way to alter the chemestry of her body and allow her to partake in normal methods of healing while still keeping her other abilities. He'd managed to make his own aging process slow dramatically and even envigorate himself more than a younger man might be with a simple regiment of drinking asp venom, mercury, and dilluted alchemist's fire.

"Don't think too hard! You'll hurt yourself in the fight," Ming said. She clanged the back of her cestus against the golem's metal side encouragingly and leapt to the fore of the party, planting down her shield to provide cover against any immediate surprises the opposing team had in store.

"What's our team name again?" Ming asked in the second before the bout started.

"Nothing stupid I would hope," Hanani stated while glancing over at their resident Catfolk, he really hoped they hadn't agreed on what she had suggested earlier, or called them on the ship.

"I just put down Tail Chasers," Maiko replied, grinning brightly. "How's Mother doing, Doc?" she added as she took up position at Ming's side, the light from the electrical energy in her palms illuminating the team. It had been a while since they had a good old-fashioned spar, and without the possibility of everyone getting hurt too badly, she could really let loose.

Hanani made a face, that had been what he was afraid of, "I fear that the announcers are going to have a hard time figuring out who we are. We really should have sorted out a name before we came in here... or just made an acronym with our first initials... or something other than Tail Chasers. I don't chase Tails."

"I haven't chased my tails since I was a little girl." Kyoumi's tone was solemn, and she never left her position, or honestly her battle trance itself.(edited)

"Anatomical Rearrangement Specialists." Haksir said simply. "I think It rolls off the tongue and strikes fear into our foes, eh?" he looked over at the shimmering monk, "Well, she is unruly as usual. She has no care for practicality and insists on being over protective," he srugged, "Really nothing new. My attempts to make her a seperate body has yet to yield any publishable results."

"Good luck with that," Hanani muttered, "I just put BAMFs because I couldn't think of anything on the spot and I wasn't about to call us Mercy like she wanted. She can be so self centered sometimes, I swear. If she wasn't such a good sword I'd have to put her in time out."

"Haksir!" Ming complained. "I can hardly even pronounce that!" She pouted and lowered her voice. "I liked Daikitsu's Divas but we'll see what's picked later, I guess." Not that she would stop talking. "Hey Doctor Haksir? Do you think you could put Mercy in her own body?"

"An attractive one or she'll never shut up about how you ruined her," Kyoumi piped up.

"By the Gods no! She will never shut up if you do!" Hanani blanched.

Now THAT was an interesting experiment! The nature of the soul had always been a point of interest for Haksir grew in excitement as he considered the possibilities. He had long been theorizing that the disturbed mind was a symptom of an issue with the soul. Having a soul without a mortal body would be the perfect way to test that theory. "Hanani," Haksir began, "Do not be so quick to dismiss. If we had the time and resources we could perhaps give Mercy the ability to transfer between a form more humanoid in nature and that of her currently swordly one. Think of the possibilities! I might even be able to cure her of her of her troublesome quirks if I could isolate the very soul itself!" his voice rose to an excited trill of metallic vibrations echoing through the helmet.

Hanani made a face that closely resembled a pout, "I like her quirks, I don't come up with those aweful jokes myself you know," he muttered.

"Oh, don't sell yourself short good man. I am sure your personal jokes could be just as terrible," the doctor retorted, but was interrupted before he could continue by an announcement from one of the monks who had stepped forward on the Sifu's pavilion.

"From the Western Entrance, please direct your attention to the famed Monks of the Enduring Spirit, who along with Marthysan the Righteous, uncovered the treachery of the previous tournament, and saved the Ruby Phoenix's legacy from an unfortunate demise!" The crowd erupted into applause and cheering, but were soon hushed by the monk's continuing announcement. "And from the Eastern entrance, please welcome the newcomers, slayers of a dreaded oni, the uh..." Shuffling of papers could be heard as the monk turned around, asked Sifu Xho Nuo a question, then continued tenuously. "The um... Badass Motherfucking Tail Chasing Diva Grüp for Science?" A few scattered polite claps could be heard, but it was obvious that most had no idea who this group was.

"Uh, in any case... let the combat begin!" With that, the gates rose, and the fight could begin in earnest.
druid-conjured hentai forest

I know what my next band name will be.

Maiko's early morning meditation brought a measure of peace and beauty to the catgirl's attention. This small fishing village continued about its daily business despite the clamor and excitement of the tournament's crowds. Calls from the wharf sounded as the sunrise kissed the waves in New Harbour, and Maiko watched from her perch on the windowsill as the fishermen hauled in their morning catch. Today would be another good day.

But the morning meditation would end, and Maiko climbed down from her vantage point, almost regretfully turning away to join the others. She accepted the offer of tea from the paladin, grateful that so many were keeping her safe and free from the chains she once bore. A few pleasantries were exchanged, Ming's ritual was performed, and the party was off to the Tournament.

Maiko signed the contract after briefly glancing through its contents. Yes, these rules could in extreme circumstances prove to be troublesome, but it also ensured that everyone was on equal footing. No outside aid from healers would patch up combatants; no unexpected magical gear would interrupt combat. No, the rules were fair, and Maiko's signature was quickly affixed.

As they were led into the colosseum, Maiko wondered at the size of the Pavilion and its crowd. People from all over the world dotted the stands, although there was a sizable portion of Tian Xia natives ready to cheer on local favorites. The party was led into a small area fenced off from the fighting floor where they could prepare, and through the mesh, the monks awaited their turn on the opposite side of the arena. It was a shame that they would have to fight each other so soon, but such was the way of tournaments.

As the alchemist hurried in, Maiko paused for a moment, not recognizing the new mechanically-armored ally, but quickly realized who it was. "Doc!" she called out, giving him a hug. Unsurprisingly, it felt like hugging a metal cylinder, but the thought was important. She quickly stashed the potion in her satchel, along with the others, and pulled out a couple of her own. "Glad you could make it!" she added before she began her preparations. Maiko focused her ki through her body, hardening it like tree bark before she assumed her Dragon Stance. Next, she downed a potion that made her double in size (and one would assume fluffiness), followed by her shield potion as a shimmering arcane barrier formed around her. Finally, she pounded her fists together, sending sparks of electricity flowing.

"Let's do this!" she shouted in excitement.

Something didn't sit right with Mila about this merchant. Her excessive jolliness about this situation made Mila think maybe she knew something that should be shared with the class. When Harridan decided to take Anna to the forest line to discuss wares, that only made Mila more curious. To be fair, the saying said nothing about curiosity killing tieflings, and the tabaxi was staying back with the group. After the Valkyrie announced her intention to find a tree to make a fire with, Mila piped up. "I'll grab some kindling, then," she added, darting into the trees.

The tiefling didn't make it obvious what her real intentions were, of course, but after doubling back to where the merchant and halfling had disappeared to, she took her time to remain quiet. Where Mila was from, there was little more valuable than a secret, and even less that was worth stealing. As she approached, the halfling was casting an identify spell on the products, musing over a couple of magic rods. "Interesting items. I once knew someone with similar not too long ago. You do know why you were summoned, do you?"

"Well, I can certainly guess; teehee," Anna replied. "Though, I'm not much of a fighter; you know. It doesn't pay enough. But if you or your friends need anything, I'll be happy to sell at the right price. A girl's got to make her living, and one way or another I'll get out of here as well. Be it items, weapons, or food; I'll gladly sell you what I have; even if your currency is different than ours. Though If I'm going to have to supply food, I'll need to see what game there are around these parts."

Summoned... get out of here. Mila's ears perked up. These two definitely knew something, and were definitely hiding it. The halfling purchased the rods and began to head towards the camp, while Anna packed up her wares and headed deeper into the woods. Mila could only follow one of them, but only one of them had fought alongside them. The merchant had little reason to trust or reply to Mila, and it seemed that she knew how to take care of herself in a fight as well. No, there was only one real choice. As Harridan approached, Mila decided to step out from behind a tree. "So, why were we summoned, then?" she asked with a smile.

"Summoned? And why, goat girl, do you think so?"

Mila watched the halfling's expression, but was not rewarded with as much as a startled glance. Fine. We'll do it the hard way, if we have to, she thought in response. "The name is Mila. And I'm just repeating what I heard you say. So I'll ask it once more: Why were we summoned? I just want to get back as fast as possible." The tiefling's hand lightly rested on the hilt of her sword, and her smile remained, almost increasing in its intensity. A dangerous look that she had given her prey many times, and usually enough to get information out of someone before needing to resort to violence.

"Alright, Mila. The fastest way back home is through that building." Harridan waved an unknown rod in Mila's face, a scowl spreading. "As for why; we were summoned to survive. Apart from that, I don't really know, nor do I care. There is an exit, and we leave once everyone rests. Is that all, Goat Girl?"

"Just one more thing," Mila replied, seemingly unphased by the halfling's perturbance. "Why the secrecy? Shouldn't everyone know why we're here and how to leave? If it's a secret, I can keep it. Otherwise, I'll just share with everyone." Her hand remained at her hilt, although the light tension from before had relaxed. The halfling spoke from experience, and experience was a commodity everyone else seemed to be lacking. It would be a shame to waste it. "I'm not your enemy here, as far as I know. We should work together, not in secret."

"Tell them if you must. I just .... made some mistakes. But as long as we're heading in the right direction then there was nothing to worry about." Harridan brushed passed Mila, moving closer to camp. "I suggest we hurry. I don't know how much food Anna will be able to come up with, but our days might be limited without having to resort to eating those zombies."

Mila nodded and followed behind her. "If mistakes were made, perhaps sharing with the class might be useful. No need to repeat mistakes, right? And, if you've come back here, I suppose that means our witchy friend isn't gone forever, either. It might be a good idea to share what you've learned with us once we get back." She offered a smile, although this one seemed... kinder, softer. "If the goal is to survive, we can help each other, right? No need to make it harder on anyone."

"Not the kind of mistake I'd like to make public, dear." And with that she entered the camp. Gathering her bags and putting away both of the rods within her bag of holding.

Hmmm... could have gotten more information, but it's a start at least, Mila thought as she followed the halfling in. "So, it turns out that you don't need kindling with magical fire!" the tiefling added with an absentminded giggle as they entered the camp. "I still think we should head towards that tower some more, but I won't complain about a bit of a rest. Is there anything I can do to help?"
@Guardian Angel Haruki

I'm pretty sure Jacoby would know whether the spell could do that or not.

Jacoby would typically know the wording of his spells and the limitations of them as stated in the spell. For Suggestion, here's the key phrasing:

You suggest a course of activity (limited to a sentence or two) and magically influence a creature you can see within range that can hear and understand you. Creatures that can’t be charmed are immune to this effect. The suggestion must be worded in such a manner as to make the course of action sound reasonable. Asking the creature to stab itself, throw itself onto a spear, immolate itself, or do some other obviously harmful act ends the spell.

Letting go of someone is usually a reasonable request. In fact, you could word it in such a way to make it seem that not letting go would be more harmful than otherwise.
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