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Hey all, JB here.

I've been a member of a few other forums, and I am a Mod for an RPing section of a forum that has recently seen fewer participants. I'm looking to find a new home, and hopefully some fun and interesting people. I have DM'd several RPs, most of which are based on existing works, including a four-year RP based on Persona, as well as RPs based on Mass Effect, Kingdom Hearts, FATE, .hack, and some creations of my own. I have also GM'd a D&D 5e game that recently wrapped up, and I am a participant in another D&D 5e game as well as a Pathfinder game that alternates on weekends off-site. I would like to find some play-by-post games to keep me busy in my downtime.

Please feel free to say hi at any time!

Name/Aliases: JB, JBRam, Jeebs
Gender: M
DOB: June 1988
Location: Maine (East Coast USA)
Hobbies: Ridiculously complex RP ideas involving lots of spreadsheets.
Personal life: Proud father of two tiny terrors named Chibi and Chibette. Married to my beautiful Wifey.

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@Nohbdy I would recommend maybe finding a temp pic and hoping the DM is gracious enough to give you a pass. If you no longer wish to participate, however, I do not think further complaints will change anything.

Kiki was helping load up the carts when the distinct sickening sound of breaking bones filled her ears. She paused in her actions, the nauseating fwelfeeling quickly overwhelming her momentarily. When she forced herself to look, it seemed that her advice had been followed in technicality. Breaking the goblin's shin seemed... unnecessary, but such was the way of things in war. Kiki breathed slowly, regaining her composure as she finished loading up the excess weapons and arrows.

Her job during their trek to the goblin encampment was clear: look out for traps or hidden enemies. No one needed to ask her; it was simply expected of the thieves and assassins that were often hired for these jobs. The snare trap was an easy trap to point out, but Kiki was curious how her barbarian friend would react. Quickly, was the answer. Almost nimbly. Kiki of course had to rub it in the half-orc's nose a little that she had seen the trap and he hadn't. Perhaps she would prove her value was higher if they worked together.

Her mind drifted off towards Halruaa over the next leg of their journey. She saw the faces of her friends and family that she left behind, and the noble who had forced her into exile. There was nothing she could do about them now. A sigh escaped her lips, followed by a loud snap from beneath Bar's feet. Kiki stopped short as the pathway in front of her opened into a cavernous pit. Deadly? No, but it would have been painful nonetheless.

Kiki's thoughts returned to the present as they finished their trek. She needed to be alert. Reminiscence was liable to get someone hurt, or worse. It was in this state of alertness that Kiki saw what she would be unable to unsee, as Bar abruptly stripped down and began bathing. It would appear the bath was required, but the timing was fairly questionable. Kiki less-than-promptly turned her gaze away from the large green man and proceeded with the obviously enticing task of counting her arrows.

It was during the sixth recount of this ever-important task that Kiki heard Bar's approach and looked up to be greeted by a goblin skull that barely performed its function of covering the half-orc. Bar's request was, albeit somewhat rough, slightly charming, and Kiki nodded her head. She followed him, not sure if the barbarian was planning to test her armor again, but politeness was such a rare thing thus far to find from Bar that Kiki simply felt compelled to follow. Besides, a clearing in the trees was obviously worth investigating, right?

As Mara leaned down, key in hand to unlock the shackles binding her poor Fern, the albino began to squirm. "Hold up, will ya? We'll be safe soon, ya?" she cried out, evidently garnering the attention of the mechanical figure nearby. While he and the fairy started bickering, Mara lost her grasp on the albino. "Aw, piss in a canteen!" she muttered. How many times would she have to march over amd retrieve...


The giant spider before her had approached and opened its fanged maw, its metallic teeth dripping with some sort of ichorous poison. Mara felt her knees weaken slightly. Not in the good way, like she had when the captain of the guard had swooped in and rescued her. No, this was the giant-metal-spider-bout-to-fuck-yo-shit-up sort of knee-weakening that Mara generally was not accustomed to. On the plus side, the spider had blocked her pale acquaintance in his attempt to skedaddle. On the less-than-plus side, the guy was now unconscious on the floor.

"Didja really gotta go and do that, though?" Mara called out in annoyance as she turned back to unlocking her pet. "I see where ya got me wrong, seein as Whitey ran away from me. But I had that completely under control. Mostly." Mara hopped aboard Fern's back, giving her pet a hug, despite the bony ride she knew she was in for, and then moved to the tiny fairy, attempting to place herself between the two combatants. "Now look, no need to start up a war or nothin. Let's all tryna get along til we get outta here, ya?"
Friends, although I am sure many are quite impressed by your dedication to the purity of the genre, I feel obliged to remind you that the definitions of both genres, cyberpunk and fantasy alike, are vague and encompassing. Something can be both A and B at the same time without diminishing either aspect. If it is not your cup of tea, then it is not. That does not lessen the enjoyment of others.

I feel it is also largely inaccurate to say a genre of literature is akin to a cuisine or culture. One can have Jazz with elements of Rock. It is still both Jazz and Rock at the same time. Whether it falls into one category or the other depends on whether one aspect overpowers the other. One can have a young adult fiction with Shakespearean elements or even language. One can have historical fiction with fantasy elements. One can even have futuristic dystopian fiction with fantasy elements. It does not diminish any side of the story.

Whether something is A with traits of B, B with traits of A, or something entirely unique does not really pertain to the RP at hand. From my understanding, we have no fantasy elements in this RP. Is that not the only aspect that actually pertains in this case?
@JBRam2002@vickylarz any takers?

I will look over stuff above; possibly will be sending a PM later tonight~
+100 netpoints for Tali x Femshep. What are your posting requirements (length, frequency, etc)? Also, before starting, would you determine the major plot choices you made? Obviously the PCs we use would be alive, so that limits some things.
My character also hates hummus, although perhaps not as much @Atrophy. I approve.

Well, of course the albino was running. If Mara had swapped shoes with him, she'd probably be just as scared, especially if the albino knew the value of that gem in his chest. The invisible woman seemed to have gotten away from her, but this man was a different beast altogether. Mara ducked as the door clanged onto the opening just above her, barely doing so in time to avoid a nasty bruise on her noggin. Whoever that was up above should take more care where they tossed heavy steel slabs. They might hurt someone.

"Oy, Whitey," Mara called out as diplomatically as she could, given the circumstances. "Look, you ain't about ta outrun me. Might as well stop, ya? We should put our heads together. Might be we figger sumthin out here." To prove her point, she jogged down after him, and just happened to notice a giant mechanical spider. "Woah, shite! On second thought, maybe you got the right idea, ya?"

The next thing that caught Mara's attention was the portal. Mara might not be the brightest pineapple in the wheelbarrow, but she knew a shimmering gateway when she saw one. The other side promised either freedom or a trap, and she'd be damned if she were going to walk out into a trap without her gear. A glance back at the mecharachnoid showed her the other animals tied up, including her own trusty pet.

Without slowing down, Mara reached out and grabbed at the albino. Despite his attempts to push her away, she was able to get a decent grip on his arm. "Come on, Whitey. I gots me a plan a-formubatin up in that brain of mine." If that statement were not terrifying enough, Mara then summoned a burst of energy as she nearly flew back towards the mounts, the albino in tow. Should the spider attack, there would be little but pain awaiting it, but if it acted like most spiders, minding its own business unless provoked, Mara should be fine without her trusty spider-mashing mallet. For now.

Despite the albino slowing her down, Mara was able to return to the makeshirt stables with relative ease. She beelined straight for a cage that contained a Dire Wolf, tsking at the chains that bound her companion. With a quiet whistle, she got her mount's attention. "Fern! My baby! Tell mama they didn't hurt you!" the genasi called out affectionately before noticing the matching gem. The barbarian's cooing turned immediately to a quiet growl at the revelation. Messing with Mara was one thing. Laying a hand on her wolf companion? Beyond the pale! Uh, no offense, albino. The key dangled just outside her grasp, but a quick jump (weighed down by her less-than-willing compatriot) netted her the key easily. The only thing left to do was actually retrieve Fern.

Hopefully they didn't queue themselves up for a painful mechanical spider bite in the meantime.

When Wick had left the room, Katia giggled into her pillow. The poor girl was so tense, but the tabaxi hoped that she had helped change that. At Cesar’s remarks, Katia had shot a wink to her embarrassed friend, but spoke no words. Nothing needed to be added, and part of wisdom was learning when one should keep their thoughts silent.

The fact that their gnome guide was correct about the birds was unsurprisingly, albeit disappointing. She still believed that taming the bird would have been mostly trivial, but with few others willing to consider such a course of action, it simply wasn’t worth it. Birbin’s early morning piping was enough to make Katia consider muzzling him, but befriending this abrasive annoyance would hopefully yield rewards beyond simply a place to stay, something they could easily have found on their own, and a tampering of any fun or strategy they could have.

And so, as they left the inn, the entire group traipsed forward without a care to the potential of enemies surrounding them. Birbin even stopped to admire the feathers of the Really Big Crow they had fought off. Katia could have told him that was a moronic waste of time, and was about to do so when her fears were realized. Quick as a flash, her claws and staff whipped forward to assault the closest shadow before she leapt up the side of the building. Her attacks were more to scare it and soften it up than to actually kill it off, and she cared little whether it would attack her in retaliation or not. Safety was at the top of the roof if her previous encounters were any indication.

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