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"By the Raven's feathers, if someone doesn't get me out of here soon, I'll scream! You hear how loud I am now? Just wait!"

The loud - and very sudden - proclamation jolted the bard from her thoughts, urging Araerys to peel her attention away from the caskets to Yvah and the girl in the tank. A bit miffed at having jumped so easily from paranoia, she called back to her, "Don' get yer panties twisted, now! Be patient, lest we up an' leave ya in there!"

She seemed to have been freed thanks to the kurjian's skill, but still needed to be lifted out of the tank somehow. The cat looked to be starting the process of attempting to heave the stranger up and out of the chamber, but was having some difficulty; and so Ary moved to help her, only to realize that the one way she would be able to give aid was to step onto the unnecessarily spooky coffin for the added height.

Frowning slightly, she gave the thing one last suspicious look before carefully climbing on top of it. She straightened up slowly, as if expecting at any moment to be thrown off by whatever might be beneath its cover. When nothing came, she exhaled with some annoyance and positioned herself to help Yvah lift the girl out. "One, two, three-!" Together, the two females succeeded in carrying what looked to be a young, humanoid girl up and out of the chamber and onto the ground.

Now with wet arms from the endeavor, the half-elf hopped down from the coffin and turned to take a good look at her. She looked to be just a wee babe of a person, and could easily appear to be harmless - but the previous booming demands suggested there was something more to the lass. Throwing back whatever hair had fallen into her face, she furrowed her brows together and placed her hands on her hips, assuming the air of what could only be described as a reprimanding mother. "What's yer name, girl?" she asked, slightly out of breath from the exercise.

Araerys knew how hard it must have been for Yvah to paint that broken smile on her face. She knew the delicate balance of composure could be shattered by any touch or show of affection meant in support. And it took every ounce of willpower in the half-breed not to walk over and simply envelop the girl in an embrace, urge her to take whatever time she needed to grieve... Imagine? Losing a close friend like that, especially after the episode she'd just had in the cathedral. Empathy was a weakness that the bard was usually in control of, but at the moment, she was drenched in the kurjian's sorrow.

So when she caught Yvah's sidelong glance, Ary followed the girl like a magnet into the room across the bridge. She entered at the tail end of the omnipresent voice's sentence, taking in the tanks and the coffins, the humanoid girl who'd spoken, and most importantly, the dead end. Before any of the rest of the group came inside, Araerys reached out, gently wrapped her fingers around the feline's wrist, and briefly squeezed. She waited a beat, then released it, cleared her throat a little, and murmured, "Time fer more lockpickin', I think..."

As Ellina entered behind them, Ary wiped her cheeks free of any lingering tears as she more closely examined their surroundings - namely, the coffins. They seemed to be made of some sort of stone, though what, she really couldn't make out. They looked valuable, but way too heavy to move. It was a really strange place for them to be; coupled with the fact that she knew these things were not above keeping living creatures in water tanks, Araerys was fairly certain whatever these stone caskets held were going to be bad news. Even worse was the fact that they seemed to have no layer of dust on them, meaning they were probably handled in some way, and recently.

She shivered slightly at the many possible meanings that held, and said, "I don't know... I've got a weird feelin' abou' them."

As the excitement subsided and the reality of the situation began to sink in with Yvah's shaking of the body, Araerys had no words. She stared at the scene, at her new friend, wanting to look away but willing herself to keep her gaze steady out of respect. There was no doubt about it; their tiefling companion was dead. The acid of the cube had burned the green girl's face into something unrecognizable, and it seemed the group knew nothing could be done to fix this nightmare. Blame could be pointed at the gelatin monstrosity, or even at themselves for being too late to save her. But it did not change the fact that what lay in Yvah's grasp was a corpse.

Ary felt a few tears bubbling into her eyes, pushing for which would win and fall first onto her skin as Ceria stood from beside the feline and escaped the tunnel the way they had come. The bard watched but didn't do anything to stop her, knowing she would be useless in trying to cope with her guilt and grief in tandem with consoling the reckless fullbreed. She searched her mind for something appropriate to say to the remaining party, having not known Daisy as long as they have but still wanting offer her condolences. Araerys came up empty and so kept quiet, allowing the hot droplets to roll freely down her cheeks.
Araerys nodded her head in agreement with the she-gnome, nonsensically mumbling as she followed along after her, "Right. Magical."

Figuring the grate merely led to the sewers or somewhere equally unpleasant anyway, the bard heaved herself up and through the tunnel after Eilina, dusting off her person as she straightened up to the suggestion of the southern route. "Wait," she said, speaking more to herself than to anyone else, really, "there was a room down this way..." Ary padded all the way to the middle of the eastern hall, the one she had initially wanted to search before Yvah had discovered the tanks holding their newest members. The source of the sound of water was finally revealed in the form of a river, running vertically from where she stood - which turned out to be a bridge, leading toward her hopeful destination. Araerys stopped in the middle of the walkway and took in her bearings, noting that what she assumed to be sewer water because of the unfortunate smell that surrounded her took a sharp turn on either side of her, as if the room was sectioned off by the dirty waters.

She covered her mouth and nose with a piece of fabric from her sleeve as a shiver ran down her spine; the horrible thought of more 'floundering flippers' spawning from somewhere down those paths struck her, until her attention finally landed on the entryway of the eastern room. The dim lighting suggested a number of possibilities, and unfortunately the half-elf couldn't resist the lure of potential prizes. And even with the lack of response to the group's loud announcement of their presence, she wanted to be as sure as she could be that there weren't any (too) crazy surprises waiting for her inside. Even a little closer than she had been when she initially glanced at the room, she couldn't really make out much of anything. A sweep of her hand toward the entrance and there appeared somewhere near the doorway a static image of herself, seemingly waiting for... something. Anything? The real version waited with bated breath to see if there would be any sort of reaction to her illusion.

Janetta, having personally experienced Lillian's aggressive libido a few times during checks, knew enough to let Ryobi handle the situation. Which he was, and were it not for the gravity of it all, she might have poked fun at him for his flirting with this ridiculous super-fan of his. There was no competing with his influence over her, she knew this; so she kept quiet and watched, muscles tensed, finger itching for a reason to pull the trigger on this bitch.

Practically purring with delight at Ryobi's attention and concern, Lillian was eager to respond to this newly interested version of the Officer. "Oh, it wouldn't mind getting hurt," she growled assuringly, "by you, at least. You can do anything you'd like to me, remember?" As if to prove her point, she brought the pistol up to her mouth, and with both eyes locked on Ito's, she flicked out her tongue and dragged it along the barrel. The taste of metals mixed on her buds as she grinned a now blood-stained, toothy grin, obviously enjoying it.

"Ugh." An involuntary, disgusted grunt escaped Janetta, and just like that, the switch went off and Lillian had the gun pointed toward the Captain. "What?" she snarled. With her eyes narrowed like that, she had transformed from a kitten to a snake. "Jealous, Pryce?" And again, another switch, as if she were remembering that Ito was still there and definitely also still had a gun. Softening ever so slightly, she added, "Maybe we'll let you in on the fun, too - but only if you're a good girl."

Her gaze threw daggers toward Jan before sauntering back toward Ryobi, to whom she grew sweet towards once more. "Anyway. Sorry to say, honey, but there's no trade. I don't want that thingy - it's not even mine. I thought it was yours. Maybe calling me to you for some fun." She snickered happily, before something dawned on her and her voice grew angry again. "Or so you can lead me here to trap me, put me back in my fucking cell, huh?! Is that it?!"
What with all of the new visions and stimuli provided by the Tree-being, it was a miracle that - in her exhausted state - the druid was able to comprehend the amounts of knowledge being bestowed upon her. Still clutching the horn of water like an anchor as the world spun from past to present around her, Ynaxandra listened to Eve question what they'd seen, what it all meant, etcetera. She seemed so much more... open to it all. And while Yna was never one to be skeptical of nature's higher power, she really had been locked away in a cell with only her paranoia for company. So somehow, the most important question had yet to be asked. With the silt already climbing at their knees, she swallowed her hesitation and mustered up whatever of her old courage was left: "And you? What part do you play in all of this?"

@Gordian Nought
"Floundering flippers, huh...?" Bemused was an understatement, quite apparent in Ary's tone of mumble as she tore her eyes away from the dwarf - not because she was much interested in the girl's physique, but because she recognized a lack of hesitation that would fit nicely into their motley crew. Her vocabulary was certainly one to keep around, if anything.

With the four of them (as well as Chip) in the room and still no obvious exit way, Araerys began a sweep of the walls, fingers dragging along the stone as if she might uncover a way out. "Well, I'm with ya there, girly. But unless you're seeing something that I'm not, I don't think there's any way out except to go back through the tunnel," she stated, just as her gaze fell onto a table that held many items of interest; most importantly, was the grate that lay just beneath it.

In her excitement to point it out, she knocked over a small, black statuette of a dog from the surface of the table, having lunged to point at the bars on the floor and consequently bumping into the thing. "Or through there!" she squeaked, then backpedaled a little as she retrieved the little canine and replaced him on the table. "Though it looks rather small..." She trailed away suggestively as she surveyed the looks on the rest of the girls' faces.
Lots of noise.
Lots of grumbling.

Araerys had thrown all caution to the wind as soon as Yvah had brought the first tank crashing down, and was only vaguely surprised when Lex clambered down to them and smashed into the remaining container. Thankfully she had still been standing a ways away from the hall when he did so, dodging the shattered glass and repulsive liquid that spewed from the thing. Soon the two captives were freed, bringing their group number to a total of eight; that would be enough to take down whatever or whoever heard their ruckus, right?

Luckily, they didn't seem to have to worry about that. At the moment, at least. She had let the others work on the tanks while she stood guard along with Ceria, a ready hand at the hilt of the rapier at her hip until her gaze found the feline shimmying into a gap at the top of the rubble of the collapsed western hall. A few choice exclamations flashed through her mind, wondering what the girl was thinking putting herself into that enclosed space alone, and immediately hurried over just as Yvah's tail disappeared.

"Psst!" she hissed hurriedly (but quietly), waving a hand to get the attention of those who could see her, knowing that the gnome would pass on Yvah's message to the others who couldn't. Ary wordlessly pointed at the space up top before she began to climb herself, and just as she reached the top she heard the feline's call of all clear. A breath of relief saw her into the tunnel, which didn't take her long to get through as she saw no reason to be quiet about it.

Upon seeing Yvah's familiar form standing alone in the new room, Araerys straightened up from all fours and dusted herself off while her gaze jumped from one point to another, finally landing on the unconscious guard. Her eyebrows lifted, impressed, and she nodded her approval. "Nice one," she said as she moved toward the cat, giving the man a little touch of her toe as she scanned the rest of the room. "Oh, look, it's their stuff."

And finally, after she'd completed her examination of the items in the area, she chuckled softly to herself. Bemused, and knowing Yvah had already noted this, she stated, "No exit, huh? Maybe the others shouldn't be following us in here..."
((Collab with @Ms Ravenwinter))

After deciding that Eve was alright enough for the current situation, Yna finally relaxed her muscles, allowing her head to roll back and hang from her neck. The world was an upside-down version of itself as she hung there, distracted only by the offering of an upside-down horn of water. "Ah," she rasped, righting her vision as she reached out for it, "Tha-"

Her gratitude was interrupted by an omnipresent voice, coming from simultaneously nowhere and somewhere. Suddenly the ground was shifting behind them, and Ynaxandra whipped around onto her knees just as the roots of the tree-being settled and the eyes were revealing themselves. One pair, then another, then another... They were everywhere, on every inch of this miraculous creature, who had chosen to make itself known to them. Evlynne's head tilted up. Silence. Blush left her cheeks. Eyes wide. The pair probably looked like oogling idiots until Evlynne's helper moved beside her.

Wordlessly, her mage hand drifted over to the roots and poured out most the horn, leaving enough for her friend. Her heart pounded as she continued to awkwardly lay on the leaf-blanketed grass. The mage hand returned, and offered drink to Yna. "Um..." she spoke, "I don't know what's going on, Wisdom? W... Wisdom!"

Blinking away her awe-stricken stupor, Yna groped for the horn once again offered to her. Once it was safely in her hand and clutched to her chest, she bowed her head in respect before answering. This was it, this was the chance at redemption that she had been dreaming of as she withered away in that cell. "Honor," she croaked, then cleared her throat and repeated more confidently, "Honor."
It didn't take long for Yvah's tugging to get the results she wanted; Araerys obliged and followed the feline to the mouth of the stairway. Though a bit hesitant at what lay waiting for them at the bottom, she couldn't deny the curiosity that was once again harvesting within her. The group climbed (more likely clambered) down the stairs, and luckily nothing awaited them just at the bottom aside from a decision as to which direction to explore first.

The room at the end of the eastward hall looked sketchy, though not as sketchy as the water tanks that lay ahead of them. Ary squinted her eyes toward the dim lighting as if she would be able to make anything out by doing so while Yvah moved forward toward the tanks. Predictably, nothing sharpened into view. The feline was just putting her index to her lips when Araerys returned her attention to the chambers, just in time to catch the dwarf within cease her squirming. In the other container was a female gnome, seemingly resigned to her confinement.

Now, Araerys obviously wasn't obvious to the time-long rivalry between the dwarves and elves, though being only half herself, she wasn't really much bothered by it. Besides, someone in that predicament deserved more than a stereotyping, regardless of however she might react to her and Ceria once they had freed them.

Because they were going to free them, right?

Once the wide-eyed shock of finding living beings trapped underneath the church had subsided, Araerys moved closer to the tanks with Yvah, surveying the chambers to decide how was best to go about it. She thought about using the same spell from upstairs that unlocked the door to the Priestess, but knew it would make too much noise and would likely blow whatever cover they managed to keep on the way down. Somewhat helpless, she looked to the feline and pointedly wiggled her eyebrows at the lock, having just seen her pick a few successfully. She then glanced at both of the captives, offering a warm attempt at reassurance, regardless of how it would be received. At least no one could say she wasn't nice.
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