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Janetta's brows pulled together as her hand toggled the switch making the camera feeds the central focus of the screens. This was a lead. Leads were good. She was in the midst of typing in commands to trigger the ability to cycle through them when she felt Ryobi's arm wrap around her. The sensation of touch was strange and out-of-place, especially in the context of such a morbid scene. Their boot soles were covered in the blood of their dead comrades and their faces were illuminated by the figures of their inmates on the big screen; but Jan welcomed the gesture without resistance anyway, pausing for a moment to lean against the only reason she was keeping her composure at the moment. She remained there for a few seconds, before nodding her head and lifting a hand to graze her fingertips lightly against his jawline.

"This is why I keep you around, Ito. Someone's gotta be optimistic," she murmured before returning her attention to the feeds. Soon they were staring at empty hallway after empty bay, finally landing on the one from the med bay:

The room was still, save for the sleepy blinking of lights on certain machines. Two med bots stood near a closet-looking door at the far end of the room, appearing to be off as they weren't moving. Slumped in a heap on the floor was a body, and even from the somewhat low-resolution of the video it was obvious that this body was badly beaten and bleeding. Standing above was another figure, shoulders moving up and down as if they were breathing heavily. In the clenched fist of the figure glinted a metallic object - perhaps a scalpel? A few more breaths passed, the figure looking this way and that way as if searching for something... Before suddenly whipping around towards the camera, revealing that it was Officer Gris. His face looked distorted, and though nothing was outwardly wrong aside from several scratches and a growing shiner, there was definitely something off about his demeanor. He took one more sweeping glance around the doctor's office before storming off to the right of the screen and out of the room.

"Shit..." Jan breathed, and as she was about to change the feed, the bots came alive and stepped aside as the closet doors opened and out stepped a nervous Dr. Widmher, eyes wide with horror at the pile on the floor that had to be Officer Davis. She cupped a hand over her mouth, looking as if she were about to throw up as she stepped around the body and gingerly made her way toward the exit, followed by her two bots.

"She's alive. Thank fucking god. But Gris is still out there... We need to find her before he does. Or any of the other inmates." Right. There was still the matter of the psychos they were normally in charge of. Great.
Everything would have been so much easier if the group had just stepped aside and let her pass. So far their resistance has earned them a lump of a goliath sliding all over the ice on the floor, and an arrow in one of their female's shoulders. Wonderful. Worst of all, the blame, and whatever wrath might come with it, would probably be falling on Araerys's shoulders. Even worse than that was the fact that this whole ordeal really was her fault, and her guilt sat like a stone in the middle of her stomach. She had led these hell-spawn straight to this uninvolved motley crew, had pleaded that they rally to her side of the fight, consequently involving them permanently; the result was a flat out brawl that began in the blink of an eye. She had hoped there would be time for at least some negotiation before resorting to combat, but it seemed one of the more forward - or perhaps, reckless - of the group had other plans.

Still, she was grateful for their help, whether it was intended or not. Undeserving though she probably was, Araerys felt some stirrings of camaraderie towards these travelers, and remained rooted to the spot instead of simply taking off while they distracted her foes. The half-elf, somewhat shocked at the speed with which events were unfolding, remained beside behind her original point of contact as she cast her spells on her blue-faced predator until her senses returned to her upon watching the bolt imbed itself into the elf's shoulder.

She knew that her next move required her to create space between the ingrate and the group for their safety. Taking a half-step from her place behind the tiefling, Ary took a quick breath and began singing a melody of disjointed notes, harsh and jarring in their complete lack of harmony. No one else but the human male could hear it, and Araerys made sure the dissonant melody was continuous as she waited for it to take its effects on him.

In Omega Station / Boop! 22 May 2017 1:28 Forum: 1x1 Roleplay

- Captain and Benton are out. Gris and Davis next. Standby.

Janetta didn't fail to notice his gesture, but didn't think any less of him for it, at all. In fact, it pushed her that much closer to shedding her own tears, though they seemed to just crowd up in her eyes and refuse to fall out. She blinked slowly to clear her vision, allowing them to slide down her cheeks freely as she reached over and placed a hand on his bicep. There was a squeeze of comfort before her hand returned to her side - all the while she kept her gaze ahead of her.

"It just doesn't make sense..." she practically whispered in response. But she didn't press the issue. If Ryobi didn't want to talk about it, or didn't want to know, she would keep her thoughts to herself for now. It wouldn't change anything, anyway. Why waste the breath?

Jan seemingly snapped out of her reverie at his request. She nodded, frustratedly wiping her face dry as she turned back towards the control panels. Kitt had wandered to the opposite side of the room and had been quiet, either waiting for further instruction or simply at a loss for words. "Yeah, easy as pie." She couldn't bring herself to mention that nothing would make this right at this point; even if they could tear those fuckers from limb to limb. The newly appointed Captain of the station sighed deeply, forcing her emotions off as she made her way back toward the bodies.

"I'll lock the ports and shut down the grids for the carts," she said as she stepped between her fallen comrades to take place at the controls. Her hands moved around the dials and the keypad while the screen above her matched her commands. "We'll need an elevator to get down the levels, so I'll cut power from all of them except for the one we have up here with us." She was pressing a few more keys, securing control of the sole elevator now available, when something caught her eye. There, at the top corner of the screen.

The security feed for the port to Home Bay. Burchill was probably watching before... it happened. "Ryobi... Look." On the screen, the figures of Carillo, the Sterling siblings, and Fukuda could be seen idling in the visitation lounge. They all seemed to be talking, though the feed didn't provide audio, so who knew what they were saying. It seemed apparent that they were trying to swipe an access card to open reception, but it wasn't working. "They must have already locked down the Bay," she said, squinting up at the video. Nothing would be getting through there short of an explosive, so the two would be rest assured that Home Bay was safe for now. "Thank god."
The half-elf darted ahead of the men, eyes wide with a mixture of apprehension and adrenaline as she twisted and turned her lithe body to avoid the stream of passerby doing the same for her. Nimble footsteps were drowned out by thunderous ones in the narrow alleyway as the group came barreling through the general population. Araerys's hands clutched at the loose folds of her dress and hiked them up above her ankles as she ran, hair flying out behind her and pack making a ruckus against her back.

It was a strange - possibly worrying - sight, surely; this little maiden on the run from a bunch of brutish men, all seemingly intent on getting their hands on her for who knew what. If only they could catch sight of her eyes, in which there was something of a glint, as if some small part of her was enjoying the chase. Eh, not enjoying, per se. The idiots had really ruined a morning of sales to a fresh crowd at the tavern, but last night's mischief with these fools was something to be proud of. Maybe it was smugness that lived there in the green orbs of her eyes? Ah well, her gaze was there and gone in a rush of red fabric and black strands before anyone would be able to tell. Most would probably never assume that she wasn't so much the victim, anyway -

- Until that massive brute with the blue on his face called out again, pretty much explaining the situation to their audience. It almost, almost urged cheeky retaliation from the half-elf, who decided against it, quick to realize that any acknowledgement of her victory might work against whatever salvation she could scrounge up from any sympathetic allies in the crowd. Still, unable to keep her mouth shut properly, Araerys shot back over her shoulder in the most convincingly innocent tone she could muster at the time: "I swear - Honest mistake! Wrong bottle, lads! That's all!"

Whipping her head back to face ahead, whatever was left of her curious excitement drained away at the sight of the oncoming wall of bodies blocking her way. They were getting nearer and nearer, making clear that they weren't going to be moving aside as the rest of the passerby had been doing. "Excuse me, please!" she called out, and when they didn't oblige, Ary was forced to come to a stop before them, chest heaving and pulse racing. Unsure of who they were, or what they meant to do by preventing her from advancing, Ary's glance shot from creature to creature until finally they landed on the tiefling, immediately discerning that she might be the easiest to sway onto her side. Something needed to happen quickly, lest she be sandwiched between these strangers and the men who were more than a little bit angry with her.

"Please, mam!" With her Irish-like accent coming out fully in her distress, Araerys directed her attention towards the young woman, putting on whatever she could muster of a sympathy-inducing demeanor. She swallowed gulps of air and saliva between her words, the fatigue catching up with her as she spoke. "You must help me, please. They've - They're trying to - " The group of angry brutes were closing in, and the rest of the words seemed to just tumble from her pout, clearly distracted by the males' proximity. "These men - They were preying on innocent women like some uncivilized louts at the bar last night. I merely stepped in to help, that's all!"

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In Omega Station / Boop! 12 May 2017 22:51 Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
It was all Janetta could do not to follow Ryobi away from the bodies, to give into her own grief and turn away for at least a moment. Everything about today should have been the stuff of nightmares, impossible once eyes were opened. She could not have known what was going through Ito's head, but if it was anywhere near the caliber of flashbacks trying to cripple her with the tainted image of a bloodied Burchill, she could imagine. Eventually she did rise from her place near the Captain so that Kitt could move in and see what she could see. Jan made her way to stand beside him at the window, arms folded defensively across her chest. The two stood there in silence, probably watching clips of interactions with the deceased play one after the other inside their minds' eyes, before the silence was broken by Kitt.

The bot, unsure really of how ballistics worked, bent down to scan as Ryobi had asked, taking note of the measurements of the holes in Burchill's temples before comparing them to the few bullets still snug in the pistol's clip. After a moment of calculation, and another for realization, Kitt's strangely downcast tone permeated the heavy air. "It's the same from what I can tell, sir. The bullet fired into Henry Burchill seems to have come from this gun."

Somewhere inside of her, Janetta already knew this. Her face remained stoic and she continued to gaze absentmindedly through the window, only vaguely aware of Ryobi beside her. Further proof of her theory sank in between them. Finally, a murmur: "What are you thinking?"
In Omega Station / Boop! 12 May 2017 4:25 Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
It was almost as if Janetta could feel the image being singed into her psyche, something more terrible than watching a coffin lowered into the ground. She had followed Ryobi as far as the corner of the table in the middle of the room though couldn't bring herself to go any further. But like the day of her mother's funeral, Jan forced herself to keep her gaze forward at the scene, demanding herself to give the Captain and her officer the respect they deserved. Death did not excuse anyone from their responsibility, and now was not the time for her to shy away from the person Burchill needed her to be.

Still, it didn't lessen the pain that came with seeing two innocent lives taken away - and for what? The two were no closer to answering the question than when they started. Janetta lowered her gun and clenched her shaky jaw, allowing the surge of emotions to run their courses through her before she released the breath she didn't realize she had been holding. Burchill would tell her it was no time for grieving; she now had a whole ship to look after.

As if on cue, Ryobi spoke from behind her, officially giving life to her new title. He sounded quiet and detached, but that was to be expected, as he knew just as well as she did that there was still work to be done. Ah, yes - Dr. Widmher. He was right, she probably was the next target for whoever was running this horrible escapade. Janetta nodded in agreement, tucking the pistol back into the waistband of her jeans and clearing her throat.

"Right, but first, I want to take a closer look at these two. We might find something..." Looking over her shoulder for the receptionist, Janetta spoke as warmly as she could, knowing the poor bot must be nearly as freaked out as her human companions. "Kitt, could you... Could you please come and scan the gun for prints?"

Kitt, who had been lingering near the doorway, unwilling to archive what she already knew to be true, padded forward slowly. "Of course, Captain Pryce." Lix, the medbot that had lost its arm and consequently powered down, was enough of a sad thing to see. But she wasn't going to avoid her own duty, especially if it would help solve the mystery of who killed the Captain in seemingly cold blood. She came forward and joined Janetta near the bodies, scanning the area and the gun specifically for clues. After a few moments, Jan, who had crouched down to examine Benton's beaten figure more closely, heard Kitt from behind her. "The gun has Henry Burchill's fingerprints all over it, Captain," she reported, "It seems that he was the last person to have control over this pistol."

Janetta's confusion colored her face as she straightened up from her position over Benton, glancing momentarily in Ryobi's direction before she lowered herself between the gun and Burchill's body. With newly determined eyes, she scanned the scene, gaze trailing from the gun, to the holes in the man's head. Then, an idea came to her. She gently picked up one of his hands and examined it carefully, taking a minute before doing the same to the other one.

"Ito, look... Burchill's knuckles are bruised and bloody," she said, her voice low and steady. "That could just be a coincidence, an act of self-defense if someone else did come in here to kill them. But... Only Burchill's prints are on the gun. If someone else had been in here, why would they have left it? And- And those scratch marks on his face and neck? It looks like a struggle... To get him off." Her voice trailed away as she turned her head in order to find the officer and lock him in a gaze that urged him to catch on and finish her surely impossible thoughts.
In Omega Station / Boop! 8 May 2017 16:47 Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
"If they're gone or incapacitated, that puts you in charge of this station, Jan."

Yet another fact that was not fully realized until Ryobi spoke it into existence. He was right, of course. If the Captain really was gone, she would assume his position and responsibilities. It just seemed silly to be thinking about distinctions in positions at a time like this, when her commanding officer could really be a lifeless body just a few feet away from her. She and the Captain were familiar in that weird way that happens when you work together as closely for as long as they have; they might have been able to pass for father and daughter to strangers. Janetta, not having had experience with one before, was reluctant to the relationship, but Burchill was persistent in his warmth, and eventually she simply allowed him to assume the roll of a sort-of step-dad.

A soft scoff pushed its way from her throat at his quip on the paperwork, before her expression slid back into concern. Steeling herself, Jan followed behind Ito out of the elevator, with Kitt just behind her. As they neared the corner, Ryobi and the warden pressed their backs against the wall, a general precaution to not knowing what would be around it. The sound had gotten louder the closer they got to the office, and its constant thudding seemed to be a slow interpretation of Janetta's current heart rate. The two looked at each other and shared a brief nod signaling green lights, before they took a breath and stepped out of cover, pistols snapping up at the ready.

Finally, the source of the sound revealed itself; ahead, in the doorway to the office, lay a dismembered robotic arm that was preventing the door from closing properly. Shhhhhrt, thud. Shhhhhrt, thud. Janetta's brow pulled itself forward into a furrow, and with her arms outstretched and pistol aimed at the white metal who's hand was facing them, glanced up at Ryobi. "What the hell...?"

Kitt, peeking out from behind them, put her hands over her mouth at the sight. "That's from a medbot," she stated as the two officers moved forward cautiously.

After realizing it really was dismembered and therefore rendered harmless for the time being, Janetta shared another knowing look with her officer as she moved toward the touch pad for print recognition to get the door open. Another nod, and Jan spread her fingers out onto the flat surface of the lock while Ryobi held his gun pointed into the room. The door opened and the thudding finally ceased, leaving them in silence to enter the office.

Whatever the two were expecting to find within the office, it wasn't this: The room was relatively dark, save for the flickering lights of monitors that seemed to have been smashed in. Books, tablets, papers, and other debris littered the floor, a mess that would not have stood if the Captain had been able to do something about it. There, off to the left, lay the rest of the medbot that might have been attached to the lonely arm in the doorway.

Further into the office, near the control center, were the two bodies - it didn't take too much inspection to realize that Kitt was right. Officer Benton's body was to their right; his leg looked bloodied and bandaged, but that could be assumed as the patchwork of the medbot from earlier. The rest of him, however, had been mauled and punched to a pulp - they two would have only recognized him from the name tag on his uniform. To their left, not too far from Benton, lay the Captain's body. He too looked beaten, with scratches on his face and neck. But the defining blow was a hole that went straight through his right temple and out of the other side. A pool of blood had formed around his head, and the gun that was probably used for the act lay somewhere between the two men.
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