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Current I am so bored...and there is fireworks going off way to close for comfort.....
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I have finals coming up....I should be studying... ugh my brain is killing me!
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Is it fair of me to want a little extra help from a friend I basically gave everything to for months, when at this point in my life, I have nothing extra?
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My stress level has been beyond what I can handle lately, I really need something to distract myself from my nonexistent real life....


Hey everyone I just wanted to introduce myself a little more here where more people will see it. I'm a single mom, nursing student, avid reader, writer and movie watcher. I've roleplayed for years on various platforms but most recently I've used Omegle which has been losing interest for me simply because I can never find anyone who is as serious about this as I am. I'm not super picky about what I play but I like back story and character development as well as a thought out plot. I have a few original characters, but only one with a full thought out story, so I'll put those all down in a moment. I hope I can find something that sounds good and that I think I would enjoy here and maybe make some new friends as well.

Jewel- 29 yr old female, who works as a nurse in a hospital in Kansas City Missouri, She is aware of the supernatural world and works in the ER on humans and Supernatural alike. She is a prophet, seeing the future in her dreams, and is unaware that she is under the watchful of a Goddess. She rides a motorcycle, is 5'9" and curvy with waist length curly hair that is dyed purple at the moment, she has deep blue eyes and several tattoos.

Tristan - unknown age, a warrior for the Gods, 6'7" a mass of muscles, black hair and green eyes. Currently out of favor with his Gods, he is sent to protect earth and those who may need him.

Xavier - 35 yr old male, Black hair, brown eyes. (Haven't worked out much of a back story for this one yet, he is versatile and can fit anywhere I want him too.)

Serenity - Female, long blonde hair and purple eyes, can be fey or any other supernatural character, usually fit her to my needs.

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Serenity smiled a bit as she watched the past play behind her eyes until she was jolted by the sound of a voice close behind her and she turned to see the boy who had gotten frightened earlier. He was bright red and she shifted opening her mouth "It's...Alright..." she trailed off as the boy turned and fled the room, in truth she hadn't been bothered by his appearance though it looked like he was easily flustered and she shifted pulling her gloves back on she turned and set her bags on the bunk to claim her bed before she stepped back into the hall and glanced around seeing Cole talking into a camera and the peanut butter girl from the bus holding it she shrugged and went to the other door and knocked before she poked her head in and smiled "You know you'll have to have contact with us all eventually..." she pointed out as she spotted the boy and she stepped inside "I'm Serenity and it's nice to meet you!"

Serenity smiled when Cole agreed with her and she watched the students around them as they walked inside before she shrugged a bit and glanced at Cole “It is what it is unfortunately, I have a little bit of everything it seems like though the biggest ability is being able to touch someone and know what’s going on with them, physically at least…” She smiled a little as she realized that she had inadvertently let Cole know why she had been so jumpy on the day they met but she just sighed. She moved through the cabin finding the room with the large window and view of the lake she leaned against the frame and looked out hearing the other walk up behind her again she shifted.

She listened to him for a few moments after he asked if she was thinking about staying in this room and when she had been about to answer Cole excused himself and left, she chuckled a little and pretty much ignored his words about thinks trying to attack them. She didn’t know what they were in for here in the woods but she also knew Colles wouldn’t let any harm come to them either so she just smiled and found a bed before setting down her bag and stretching. She could hear the murmur of the other students downstairs and she had seen one of the other girls sitting near a tree outside but in truth she was feeling a bit more at peace than she had for quite awhile and knowing she was alone she slipped off her gloves and closed her eyes for a few moments.

When she finally got the nerve up she laid one of her hands against the bunkbed where she had set her bag and took a deep breath as the memories from past groups came rushing in. She had been practicing the last few months on shifting through the information she got from a touch at least with inanimate objects, she had yet to practice on anyone living, and she smiled as she saw flashes of laughing strangers. Moving back from the bed she trailed her fingers over a wall controlling her breathing as she did so and smiled again as even more images came through. She was going to wear herself out but at least she knew she would sleep well tonight.


Serenity smiled as Cole said that adjusting to the world they now resided in was the hardest part and she had to agree but was kept from doing so as they finally came to a stop and she stood blushing a bit since she realized that she had startled Cole when she sat down. She headed off the bus tugging on her gloves as she stepped out and looked around her eyes wide as she hiked her bag up on her shoulder "It's beautiful..." she murmured as she glanced back at Cole and grinned. "I've been alright, I didn't have much to do after the arena fights, besides a few classes, they aren't really sure where to put me yet since my powers are a tad ambiguous" She followed the others as they headed for the lodge building and she turned to Cole settling in to walk beside him, shortening her strides to match his as they walked. "I'm sorry if I startled you on the bus, but you are really the only person I know here, and I was getting rather lonely, I only had a few letters from my parents and none of my friends wanted to talk to me anymore."

Serenity smiled as they entered the building and glanced around taking in the basic facilities and she glanced at Cole and the others as they walked in taking not of the people and making mental lists of possible abilities. It helped to know who was safe to touch, at least in emergencies, though with her gloves she was safer than she would be with out them, she walked over to a large set of windows and grinned as she looked out over the lake, maybe it wouldn't be so bad here after all.

I've got this prompt I wrote about two years ago that I'm dying to find someone seriously interested in doing. It's a Jim Moriarty/Sebastian Moran prompt and I can't find anyone to stick it out with me for very long. I'm not a good enough writer, or confident enough in my skills as a writer to turn this into a Fanfic though that would be where I would want to take it if I can't find anyone.
Serenity was beyond glad when their teacher said they weren't far from the campsite, at least that meant that they would be getting off the bus soon, but unfortunately meant that she was going to be stuck in nature for the foreseeable future. She smiled a little when Cole nodded to her and she settled back into the seat listening to the dragon boy rumbling from the back of the bus was sort of soothing but in truth she was nervous and since she only saw a couple of people she knew she felt out of place once again. She thought about joining Cole, wanting to explain some about what had happened before and let him know it wasn't his fault in the least and so she glanced around and stood turning to hurry back to the seat Cole was sitting in.

"Hi, Cole right?" She smiled again as she sat down once she saw the seat was empty and turned to face him carefully. "How have you been?

Serenity had not been looking forward to this trip, she wasn’t a huge fan of nature, though she was a huge fan of Mr. Colles. She had glanced around the bus after she had climbed on and noted the faces she recognized, especially Cole, The boy she had sat and talked with during the fighting in the Arena. She felt silly being so thrown by him, but that brief touch during the Arena had sent a shockwave through her, it hadn’t been a long enough touch to learn anything but it still had sent a tremor through her. She had been reluctant to go into the woods with the other students but she knew she had too, it was this or being stuck on campus for the rest of the summer since her parents did not want her to come home.

She hadn’t made any friends yet, but then she had only been at the school for one term and was leaps and bounds ahead of many of the students thanks to her abilities. She enjoyed learning, and the fact that she could easily pick up new subjects made her life easier, but the only place she hadn’t been where she felt she would do the most good had been the infirmary. Shaking her head a bit she turned glancing around the bus she smiled a bit at Cole hoping that she could ease any awkwardness between them while they were all out in the woods.

She didn’t smile at anyone else though, taking stock of the new students and one slightly shocking cat who was sitting next to Cole, but she just shrugged a bit and relaxed against the seat watching out the window as the trees went by.

I may come back to this in a few weeks but I am super busy with finals and school right now! I hope it takes off though!
Glad I’m not the only one... I liked having it!
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