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Andrew Holt


Wide-eyed, Andrew halted just by the entrance of the enormous wooden cabin, letting the element of surprise sink in. The cabin looked beautiful from its exterior alone, but upon entering the building felt like he’d swallowed a shrinking potion. The inside was vast and the interiors were just as gorgeous.

He watched as his fellow peers had already started climbing stairs and entering rooms. Not exactly sure if they’ve already been designated or if they’ve also been given the freedom to choose whichever room they’d like. The thought of it only made Andrew feel a little wave of loneliness wash over him. He’d hardly known anyone as of yet – he could already picture himself stuttering the life out of him just by introducing his name.

"No. This is ridiculous! Breathe. Calm."

Andrew reassured himself. It was indeed ridiculous to mess up doing something so simple! He came here to experience and explore the little but vast parts of the world that his past life had trapped himself from. In short, he had no time at all to be sheepish if he wanted to make friends.

A few seconds passed by in where Andrew found himself to be too much in thought, that the hallway that stood in front of his view had become almost empty, and the loud chatter of voices had escalated to the floors above. Trying to shake away his fluster, he inhaled deeply and straightened up his chest like a soldier ready to march. As the young boy headed towards the stairway, an awfully wide window was placed just beside it. Outside, he had caught a glimpse of a girl who chose to sit by a tree rather than come up and find her room.

For a brief moment, Andrew could see himself in her place. After all, he himself had always preferred the quiet. Perhaps he had forced himself too soon? But on the other hand, he didn’t seem to need any breaks since he felt fine and energetic enough to move around more.

“The first one it is.”Sighed Andrew as he continued to head up the stairs to where the others could be found, heaving along with him his mildly heavy duffle bag. He had made it this far to even think of going back downstairs. If he could just find a room to rest, that was all he needed to recharge himself until the next time he had to go out or meet anyone.
The top floor had two big rooms for him to pick. As he approached the first room closest to him and slowly pushed open the door, his eyes immediately landed on the occupant with alarm; the girl with blonde hair with purple streaks that he saw earlier on the bus! It looked as if he disturbed her from doing something important and started to fluster up with immense embarrassment. He didn’t expect to encounter and have to socialize with anyone so quickly, it was something Andrew was clearly bad at. “I-I-I-I’M SORRY!” Andrew exclaimed bashfully, though successfully getting the words out of his mouth through the stuttering errors and quickly darted out and towards the next room on the same floor.

Thankfully, this particular room was completely unoccupied and Andrew had all the time and space to catch his breath and calm his pounding chest. While he still wasn't around anyone, he took off his scarf and gloves to finally be able to give his suffocating body some air.
As he continued to scan the room, a wide window had been placed just beyond it. “What is it with this place and huge windows?” Andrew thought to himself, perplexed. He walked over it to look out and saw that the view was facing the campfire and picnic place of the cabin. Not quite a pleasing sight to look at when the early sun rises, but it was better than nothing.

When it came to the bunk beds, two of them just across each other, Andrew had no particular preferences whatsoever as he set his bags down next to the nearest bottom bunk at the left side of the room and sat on his bed. The mattress wasn’t too hard nor too soft – it was just right and Andrew could already feel his nerves calming down. He continued to carefully untie and take his shoes off to lay his whole body down as he took in the comfort of the bed and the solace of the silence while he still had the whole room to himself. But behind his shut eyelids, he still wondered who would be his roommate and silently prayed that they wouldn’t be the type who would prank him in his sleep. Not only because he’d get scared, but his instincts would surely kick up and tell him to turn the whole room into a freezer.

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Andrew Holt


Just as Andrew thought of passing the remaining minutes they have until they arrive at their destination with a little nap, he noticed the bus coming down to a slow pace till it halted to a complete stop.

Peering around, his breath was taken away by the gorgeous view that lay in front of his eyes; a beautiful wooden cabin with a wide, peaceful lake just by it’s surrounding. Andrew let out a whispered “Wow.” The more the fact that he was going to start new adventures in such a lovely place sunk onto him, the more his quiet soul jumped. Anywhere that seemed better than home.

He was finally outside. With guts punching him with excitement, curiosity, and fear – all at the same time. All this made him start to produce cold sweat from his forehead.

Andrew’s senses snapped when he felt the levitating bus rock. Students then one by one started to exit from the vehicle. Everyone indeed looked just as excited, they’d hop off the bus with visible anticipation.
Doing one last check on his duffle bag and backpack to make sure he hadn’t forgotten anything important, making sure he had his gloves and scarf on, Andrew trailed behind everyone else, making him one of the last ones to get off the vehicle. He had been in the middle of fixing his composure when suddenly, a rather dangerous-looking jaguar sprinted towards the direction of one of the professors that made Andrew voice out a rather loud and frightful “Yieep!”

He clutched onto his duffle bag for dear life, thinking it was going to attack him and the rest of his fellow companions. But as they all watched the professors approach and interact with the creature with no fear expressed anywhere on their faces, they’d reckon they had a connection with the animal. Andrew let out a light sigh of relief, but he felt his cheeks light up, hoping nobody had witnessed his embarrassing actions. And once again, he found himself fixing his composure, only to hide his icy face sweating coldly. Luckily, he was just behind everyone else.

A few minutes had passed, the hover bus had taken off with one of the professors driving it away. Andrew silently bid it a solemn farewell and thanked it for the pleasant ride before being interrupted by the loud, ringing voice coming from the other professor who had stayed behind. They had been granted the freedom to look around and will be exploring caves by the later hours, as informed.

Andrew tightly gripped the hems of his backpack – he’d never seen caves before! His mind scanned on all the endless possibilities and events he would encounter in this lovely place. But the first steps seemed to be going inside the wooden cabin as he watched the rest of the students heading the very direction. Quietly, Andrew followed suit. Looks like the adventures, and his grumbling empty stomach, would have to wait for a bit.

Andrew Holt


Andrew’s trip consisted of barely much but sitting still and twiddling his thumbs. He had been lucky to be able to grab a seat by the front where not much commotion (or in other words, the discomfort of socializing) tended to occur. The trip could be quite lengthy, but the open sceneries of the forest had made up for any of the existing boredom he felt. The sun was shining bright indeed, but the stinging heat felt different. With the balance of the cold air emitting from his face, (pretty much the only part of his body that isn’t wrapped in warm clothing) and the comforting warmth of the sun hitting his skin, it had such a humane touch to the feeling, he would rest his head back in such an angle that it would face the sun and take in the peaceful moments.

Just then out of the silence, voices started ringing at the back of the bus. Students had started to interact with one another as Andrew silently watched them, leaning far to his side and peering behind. “They must know each other already,” Thought Andrew to himself. It had only been his first couple of days after all. One could be seen playing, or rather trying to get the attention, of a little black cat, and meanwhile, a young lady with blonde hair with streaks of purple here and there stood from her seat, which was a bit closer to where Andrew sat, and hastily made her way towards the back where a hooded young boy, perhaps the same age as him, seated himself.

Along the line, Andrew could clearly hear the fumbling and uncomfortable grunts of a humanoid dragon who was crunched onto the floor at the far back of the vehicle. He had simply refused to hide his inner rage and eventually addressed that the trip hadn’t done the young fellow any justice and had even asked if they would be arriving soon.

Andrew let out a quiet chuckle at the scene. The humanoid dragon indeed looked quite funny, like a little kid who had been grounded from playing outside. But nevertheless, it was easy for Andrew to sympathize with the young man’s discomfort.
He had wished he could express, in any way, some gesture of reassurance. But the smile on Andrew’s face fell away the moment he realized that he doesn’t even know his name and that it was easy as 1,2,3 to make out what a dragon could be capable of for some of his ‘like’.

Andrew popped back onto his seat, eyes locked onto the front view of the bus. He could already tell that they were getting closer to their destination. And the more the bus moved, the more the unease that he could feel churning in his stomach grew. His head had become blank from all the heavy wondering. With an attempt to pull himself together, knowing that his timid trait would surely serve him little to no good, Andrew released a deep sigh from the bottom of his lungs to calm his ranging senses.

What he momentarily failed to take hold of was how the air he had breathed out came out to be a chilly fog of air that soon began to travel to the back of the bus the more the bus traveled forward, eventually disappearing as the warm rays of the sun continued to conquer.

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~Hellena Leigh~



The loud cry of a hawk became Hellena’s alarm clock that jolted her eyes to open up. As the ray of the morning sun entered through her open window and filled up the chamber with warmth along with the mix of the strong alluring scent of roses still circling around the room, for some reason, a deafening kind of chill still remained. Hellena had woken up to a bright morning indeed, but a part inside of her seemed to feel overshadowed by a gut feeling.

Something isn’t right.

“M-Mistress.” Lucy whispered in shock.
Hellena turned towards her door to see her trusty pet frowning over a small note that lay open in front of her. Glancing at the little note alone was enough for it to emit an unexplainable vibe. The closer the red headed witch got to it, the more she could feel it. Once she picked up the note from the floor, light but loud squeaking of a rat could be heard just outside her door right before it scampered away.
“I... found it delivered outside our door. Oh, dear…”

Hellena gave Lucy a look of confusion before trailing her eyes across the letter to read its statements. The next thing Hellena realized, she found herself hastily pacing towards Alexina’s room with Lucy right behind her tracks. Her heart just simply refused to accept it unless her eyes sees it for themselves.

But once the red headed witch barged into the coven leader’s room, there lied her answers; an empty room with nothing but a wide open window.
Hellena allowed a minute or so to pass to let the new scenery kick in. Alexina’s departure was so sudden while the rest of her coven brothers and sisters were left with no explanation.

“She was just tired, mistress.” Lucy hissed in low spirit, lifelessly slithering up to her owner’s shoulders. “Perhaps she just needed to recollect and… take her time.”

Hellena didn’t have the heart to answer back – her thoughts were all blank. But despite being in the state of utter confusion mixed with tints of anger, she chose to silently agree. Hellena entered the room to take one last look as the final step of accepting her sudden departure… but could she have really left without any sort of a 'proper' explanation?
And at that moment, Hellena opened up the palm of her hand to show the piece of crumpled up note that she had obtained earlier.


The coven courtyard was quite empty – perhaps everybody was still asleep. Suddenly coming into mind was the new lava witch who had been welcomed into the coven by Alexina just last night. And perhaps the last of Alexina that Hellena had seen then.
Standing in the middle was a human figure but had a sort of a shadowy appearance. There was no mistaking; that’s the person.

Hellena had no time to be frightened as she urged for any possible answers. With Lucy hanging tightly on her shoulders, she ambled to the unknown witch as she hid beneath her deep green cloak a small glass bottle with smoke in it that would put any individual, mortal or immortal, to a stance of deep sleep which would last a couple of days until they wake up.

“I believe you must be the one responsible.” Hellena remarked as to gain her attention, her other hand raised to show the folded note pinched in between her fingers.
When the mysterious figure faced her enough for Hellena to get a better look, the word “better” didn’t seem to fit the puzzle. Her face was covered by a plague doctor mask and that was all she could make out of her. But the red headed witch allowed a few seconds to pass as she deeply scanned the unknown witch from head to toe.

“May I know exactly who are you and what is it that you need from us?” Hellena questioned her coldly. “With the sudden departure of our coven leader, a complete stranger would just might be the last thing we’d want to tend to at the moment, you see.”
Lucy hissed and raised her body up to face the witch, eyes turning blood red as she gave the witch a sharp glance. “But, I’m sure you’re aware?" Hellena continued. "More than any of us, I can presume.”

~Hellena Leigh~

Interaction with @Aerandir


Hellena never dared tear her gaze away from the window that displayed the forest with the eerie fog still visible around it, eyes swimming in worry. She didn’t even pay much mind to Alexina as she spoke to her, only listening to her words half way on something about the fog having a name and rumors about some Black Knight. Her focus only shifted once Alexina decided to stand by her by the window. She as well had the same look of concern on her face.

Ultimately, she continued to explain how the fog has its own nature of appearing whenever it pleases. Trying to eliminate it would only be the work of the gods. But so will for it to be able to enter coven grounds.
But at the end of Alexina’s last statement, Hellena’s brow perked up in question. How long exactly are “a couple of days”?

“Ahm, m-mistress.” Lucy quietly hissed from the nape of Hellena’s neck as she pointed her little nose at the drenched cloth that her owner still held in her hand. “Ah, right. My apologies.” Hellena uttered as she proceeded to gently wrapped the cloth around Alexina’s hand. “Expect it to heal before you even know it.” And shed a gentle smile at her coven leader and friend.


Mixture after mixture, strange combinations of ingredients one after the other. All results differ, but none of any so far came out with the desired outcome. Upon a big wooden bowl, the last potion mixture Hellena attempted made a dark yellow substance that gave out the sharp smell of burning wood. The smell was quite strong that it’d escape through the small openings of her door as well as her window.

“Well… that doesn’t seem to be the right one, my mistress.” Lucy frowned as Hellena clicked her teeth in frustration. Time passed of gaining extensive knowledge on her potion-making profession, this one sure posed as a challenge for the red headed witch. Demons this time around refused to lend their assistance, because in this case, she is actually helping someone from their sufferings.

“Do you think we need…well,…something like, a piece of her skin or nail…?” Lucy hissed in question to which Hellena shook her head and exhaled from her nostrils in low spirit. “Almost every part of Rebecca is rotting – skin or nails won’t do.” Hellena remarked as she ambled to her open cabinets of glass bottles and jars filled with assorted flowers, dead creatures, fruits, colored liquids and many more. “I feel like if I ever did that, it’d just make it all worse.”

The chamber stayed silent and the only sounds that could be heard were the eerie bolts of thunder outside, glass containers tapping against one another and the pitter patter of raindrops hitting the wide window pane of the chamber. Hellena took her sweet time, rummaging through the stacks of glass jars and wooden pots, being mindful not to let any of it drop to the floor, despite how flooded her mind had already felt. She stood awhile in deep thought with a glass jar filled with red roses soaked in water in her hand, chosen out of complete randomness.

By now, Hellena had completely spaced out, totally sunken into her internal realms of focus to even notice how much the sun had gone down with only it’s light orange hues still visible amongst the dull sky.
Reversing time may be impossible indeed. And with how severely rotted Rebecca’s skin had become, the miracles that Hellena’s potions contain could never comprehend…. almost.

Hellena’s wits just simply refused to give in. What would be the extremities of someone’s doings to be able to reverse aging…? Out of the hope for one last attempt for the day, Hellena carefully opened the glass container of soaked rose that she held in her hand and immediately, a strong whiff of such an alluring scent slapped her across the face.
It was coming from the jar of roses.

Lucy eyed her owner from the table in the middle of the chamber who seemed frozen in place by the cabinets, intensely studying the jar of roses that she held in her hands. It took several minutes for Hellena to come back down to earth, but as soon as she started to approach the table, Lucy could already smell the sweet aroma from a distance away.

“I was just about to ask you for your thoughts, my mistress.”
“Perhaps I kept the roses soaked for a bit too long in there.” Hellena addressed. Lucy slithered from the table up to Hellena’s neck and neared herself to the glass jar. She then took a long whiff of the scent and sighed deeply in euphoria. “Well, it’s certainly done some good. Perhaps we should try that one?”

Lucy didn’t need to ask – Hellena has already been preparing the potion mixture starting from scratch after the previous failed attempt. All odd ingredients that include different kinds of herbs and liquids such as tree sap and milk have been added into the wooden bowl.

In the midst of the process, the rattling and tapping of rain on her window had only grown louder, ultimately disturbing her in her work. But again, it may have served as a good alarm for her to collect water from the pouring rain. Rainwater had been deemed essential to making Hellena’s potions as its elements tend to be much clearer than of river water. It was as if she was really being reminded.

Hellena had then, for the moment, left her potion mixture and collected any found empty jars or containers lying around her chamber. She instructed Lucy to carefully open up the window and soon then placed her jars just by the outside sill of the window where raindrop freely fell. (As Lucy slithered back up to Hellena’s neck)
Just at her clear vision was the forest with the tints of fog still seeping out of it. Hellena could only cross her brows in pure curiosity; venturing into the forest to see what’s going on had already been something she had thought about, but the idea of Alexina’s disapproval is what ultimately halted her from doing so.

Her train of thoughts had been cut by a sudden bright light illuminating just by the castle courtyard. And walking alongside it was Taran. Both Hellena and Lucy loomed in closer from the window to make out a female figure out of the bright light that was actually flowing lava.
The pair watched them receive merry exchanges of warm welcomes from Alexina, Usoa and Saen that came to their aids. “How delightful, we have a guest!” Lucy hissed with excitement to which Hellena simply hummed in approval. Though it had been quite some time since Hellena had interacted with any new people other than her coven brothers and sisters, and so thought that the fate of the new girl would have nothing to do with her and would depend entirely on the ‘flow’ of things. This would also include any possibilities of both of them creating any sort of friendship. Hellena have never been the type to initiate after all.

The pair continued to watch them until one of the jars had reached its fill of raindrops. Hellena turned back to business and left whoever their guest was to Alexina’s hands, taking the small jar of rainwater and leaving the others out until they are filled.
The jar of rainwater was eventually added into the potion mixture and with a little chant, the pair watched as it worked its wonders. The alluring scent of sweet roses only grew stronger and filled every corner of the chamber. The mixture blended into a frothy pinkish cream.

Hellena was rather surprised at the outcome. Potions she had created would result in common forms of liquids, sand, smoke and all of the sort, but a cloudy-like cream substance is deemed to be a first time. It looked quite delightful, it almost looked like sweet strawberry frosting!
“Do you think… that’s the right one?” Lucy uttered in question as she once again loomed in closer to take a big whiff of the sweet scent escaping from the bowl. Hellena’s brow held the same curiosity as it perked up. She allowed an index finger to reach out into the frothy mixture and rubbed it against her thumb – the texture felt rather soothing on the skin! But the more deeply she studied it, the more her satisfaction only dimmed.

“Not yet. But I feel like I’m getting close. Something still seems missing.

While in total focus towards her unfinished experiment, Hellena’s thoughts were cut by the distant sound of a neighing horse. She clicked her teeth in annoyance and loomed out of the window to find out who the reckless suspect could be.
The sound came from just by the courtyard – a dark, spirit-like horse galloping its way towards the forest with Ryleth riding it, looking as if he was in a hurry.

“Master Ryleth? But didn’t mistress Alexina tell us….”
“He’ll be alright.” Hellena blandly remarked. The bond she held with her coven brother wasn’t what anyone would say as ‘close’. But being quite familiar with the warlock’s wits, passing by a ‘dangerous fog’ would be but a stroll for him.

As the pair watched the warlock disappear from sight, they too decided to turn back to the matter at hand. But as darkness entered the chamber, energies drained and Hellena slumped back into her comfortable sofa, not even realizing sleep engulfing her the moment she closed her eyes.

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~Hellena Leigh~

Interaction with; @Aerandir

As the commotion in the courtyard slowly continued to die down and everyone started heading towards their way, Hellena gave her vexed shoulders a little stretch before clutching onto her basket, just about ready to leave for the castle herself.

“Ah. Mistress.” Lucy softly hissed at her owner’s ear as if to pinpoint something out.
Hellena gave a sheer glance to see Alexina steadily approaching her, requesting a potion that can rot the insides of an individual – one of the condemned witches, to be exact.

As Alexina reached out to Lucy to give her a light stroke, (in which Lucy always did enjoy) Hellena’s eyes flashed wide for a few second to Alexina’s sudden requisition. But with a quick memory recap of the formula for the right potion, all is really left is to make the potion look natural as possible.

Before she could even reply, Alexina added another request for another potion that she must’ve been familiar with. When she followed the coven leader’s gaze that landed on Rebbeca, who was on her way towards the castle, it immediately rang a bell.

“The first one shouldn’t be much of a problem.” Hellena stated, her finger coming up to her lips as to think deeply. “But that other potion you asked for-“ Once Hellena looked up, a little bird swooped down to Alexina’s shoulder and tweeted at her ear. Sure enough to know that the little bird was telling her something, Alexina listened attentively. And the face she eventually expressed seemed like it was bad news.
“Err-.. the preparation for it hasn’t been too easy. I think I’m still missing a few essential herbs for it.” Hellena nervously voiced. “I’ll just go back to the forest and try looking again.”

But just as she was about to turn her heel towards the forest, she was eventually halted by an instant grab on her arm. In the end, she was commanded by Alexina not to venture into the forest now as ‘danger’ seemed to have lurked. The red headed witch could only stare blankly at their coven leader, clueless. But she knew better than to ask why in a timing as such. Nevertheless, she silently obeyed.

Hellena couldn’t help but look down at Alexina’s deep cut that she made prior to the earlier ritual. Once her coven leader asked her for assistance to heal the cut, she needn’t say any more.

Hellena gently grabbed Alexina’s bleeding hand so as to conduct a close inspection. In just a matter of less than a minute, she shed Alexina a small smile to the easy diagnosis. “Of course. Follow me.” And led their way towards the castle.

Before heading inside, Hellena took one last glance back at the forest, worry expressed on her face. As every doctor’s concern, the source of her medicines and potions lie at the very hearts of the forest. If something bad seemed to have happened, what is to be of her…?


Reaching an all too familiar door deep inside the castle, Hellena gave it a little twist of a rusted key and a heavy push. Behind it was a chamber where Hellena sets to her work. Open cupboards and cabinets stacked with glass bottles and jars of all absurd shapes and sizes containing either odd and unnatural colors of liquids, sandy substances, leaves and herbs, sometimes dead butterflies, spiders and other insects (Hellena and Lucy had made sure that these creatures are already found dead before obtaining them. Killing of any sort has never been acted upon unless completely necessary or if Alexina allows).

“I’ll just get the things I need for that cut. While yooouuu….sit tight.” Hellena informed to Alexina, jerking her head at the nearest sofa right at the corner of the room. “And I will gladly take care of our guest!” Lucy delightfully hissed as she slithered from Hellena’s neck down to the floor, guiding Alexina to the seat before curling up next to her.

Hanging up her long, green cloak, Hellena grabbed a cloth and drenched it with cold water from a big basin before seating herself next to Alexina to gently clean her bleeding cut (while Lucy gets up and slithers back up to Hellena’s neck).
The stern look on Alexina’s face was something Hellena couldn’t seem to simply ignore, and thought of the moment as a perfect opportunity to break the ice. It was evident enough how flooded Alexina’s mind must’ve been. Over more, her chest as well couldn’t seem to ignore a strange pang.

“To ease your thoughts," Hellena voiced out, gently padding the wet cloth onto her cut. “The potion for Rebbeca is in slow process, though I can’t say it’ll turn out 100%, but rest assured I am continuously working on it. Now please keep pressing this onto that cut while I go get more to wrap it up.” The red head smiled, gently pressing the wet cloth onto the cut that was now blotted in the clear colors of light crimson before heading back to the other side of the room to gather more items to aid the wound.

Just across the chamber room was a wide window where the forest could be clearly seen at a distance. As Lucy slithers her long body upwards while her owner minds her work, pouring a small amount of liquid onto a new dry cloth that’ll heal the wound, her little head flinches to see thin lines of fog escaping from the forest. “Strange…the weather seems to be changing fast.”

Taking notice of her pet's short statement, Hellena looked up at the window and quickly noticed the eerie fog. Alarm immediately swarmed her head as she walked closer to the window, forgetting the treatment that she was suppose to give Alexina.

Is this why she didn’t want Hellena to go? Then doubtless, something is wrong.
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