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1 yr ago
Current Sorry for being MIA my father past away and being the only living decent I've been dealing with his estate I do apologize to all my partners
1 yr ago
Don't cut me down, throw me out, leave me here to waste I once was a man with dignity and grace
1 yr ago
Arsene was my favorite as well
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1 yr ago
Oh the aggravation is strong today. God damn
1 yr ago
Gonna need to find more rp peeps for some reason when one gets quiet they're all quiet lmao
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Little bit about me.

Male 29
Cst timezone
21+ partners ONLY
I post at least a paragraph in my responses though I tend to match my partners length unless I'm really feeling the post in which case the sky is the limit.

Been rping for over a decade.
Usually pretty chill and laid back

And I absolutely love ooc chit chat. Helps keep me engaged in the rp and gives me a better understanding of my partners so ooc is a must even if it's just strictly about the rp (but where is the fun that right?)

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@Angstyrainbow do you have any expectations for post length or anything like that?
I have an interest... do you have a preference on vampire pr hunter?
Welcome! Fun can be had by all here!
You pspsp again and I'll bite :3 you have a few interesting ones
Welcome to the guild! May you find the role plays you desire.
Welcome to the guild... or well welcome back lmao
Welcome to the guild!
Welcome to the site! Everyone has been pretty friendly so far!
Welcome somehow I missed you join 3 days ago lmao
Welcome to the guild!!May we cross paths sometime!
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