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3 days ago
Current Y'all these status side convos bein wild XD
3 days ago
Come one! Come all! Welcome to the show, sit back buckle up and prepare for a wild ride!
6 days ago
Wil be gone for a bit I have thanks giving dinner to go to. As soo as I get back I will be sure to respond to all (2) of my threads


Male 21+ looking for rp partners open to various fantasy or science fiction themes.
if anything 18+ prefer female partners
I also really enjoy anime and spend most of my free time watching anime (If I am actually watching something) and playing video games Ihave a pretty board interest in video games everything from jrpg (Like the persona series) to fps like COD

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Welcome to the guild! Most people I have met so far have been really friendly. Look forward to seeing you around!
Welcome! I haven't played paladins in a hot minute lmao! I used to main the solider dude that used to let you actually aim down the scope then they took that away and I haven't played since.

The site is great lots of friendly people. Hope to cross RP paths with you at some point, I just came back to the site after like a three year stint trying to figure out my life XDD
Hi, I'm new here. Does this place have a good atmosphere? What's this arena about?

Well I can't really speak on arenas much as I have yet to interact in there yet But so far the ones I have interacted with have all been SUPER pleasant and have been really chill. I really like it here honestly I have been spending a lot of my free for the last couple of days on here.
Welcome! I'm not new per say but I took a long break from rp and I'm looking to get back into the swing of things myself maybe can find a thread together sometime.
@Hohum Thanks!!
@Vampiretwilight I don't recall myself if I am honest it looks like we joined about the same time I think you might be my senior by just a little. PLease feel free to message me if you seen anything you like!
Hello all who are still active on the forums! As the title states, I am back from a fairly long hiatus and am looking for rp partners. I am a male and I love fantasy rp and am pretty versed in arena style combat rp as well
I prefer 1x1 rps of all kinds. I welcome 18+ themes and as such prefer my partners to 18+ as I am.
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