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After Jord had arrived back at the bar he was once again confronted by the woman trying to heal him. This time however, she seemed very determined to do it, and he could see it was going to be very hard to get rid of the waitress this time. So he yielded. He grabbed the power armour glove of his right hand using his left, and clicked a switch located near the wrist. The ancient mechanisms inside the armour let loose and Jord took off the armored glove. Immediately, it was as if a part of his being was removed. Because he was neurally connected to the power armour by the implant that had, as he saw it, always been there for some mysterious reason, he could feel the parts of the armour and use them as if they were part of him. He grumbled a bit and then shrugged, and then shook the waitresses hand. Instantly, he could feel his wounds closing, including the wounds he had suffered but a few days ago when he had been hired to attack some organization's base of operations, and felt rejuvenated. He also noticed something new, but couldn't quite place wat it was. It seemed like his vision had gone sharper, or possibly his hearing or sense of smell. He decided to ignore this new stuff in favour of getting away as soon as possible.

It was clear at least to him, and possibly the others, that he was not going to fit in a car or on a motorcycle. So after giving the idea some thought, he decided he was going to stay in New York for now and see what the others were up to. That question was soon answered as the man named "Slingshot" adressed the group. He could go either to Boston, which was not an option for him at the moment, go help Alistar with interrogation, which the mercenary did not feel like doing, and meeting Slingshot at some street he didn't know. Out of all those options, he chose the latter, as it was the easiest thing to do for him. He took off his helmet and said to the others that were still present: "I will choose the third option." Jord started hearing the sirens of police approaching. He put his helmet back on and quickly went outside. He had prepared himself for a quick getaway by grabbing his armour and weaponry when he had been in his hotel earlier, but it looked like there was still some time left before he had to be at the assembly point at the alley. And thus he stepped through the Rum House's doorway only to be greeted by a mostly empty street, except for a cop car that was quickly driving towards the bar. Somehow, however, the car did not notice the 7-foot tall man clad in power armour that made him even taller , possibly distracted by something else, and Jord was able to slip away as far as that was possible for someone like him.

Sadly for him, however, he was not able to sneak back to the hotel he was staying at. As soon as he exited the street the Rum House was in, he saw a line of police cars barricading the road much like the street Slingshot was in. Jord was not in possesion of a motorcycle, and quickly activated his shield, holding it in front of him as it formed a rectangular force field. It was not too soon as the police immediately opened up fire on him. The bullets merely bounced off his shield and Jord continued walking unharmed. When he got close enough to the line of police cars, he grapped his sword from his back, holding it in his right hand as he walked. The low sun reflected off it, making it look like it was on fire, and the sight must've been impressive for anyone who was still around. He arrived at the line, and deactivated his shield. He ran forward and gripped his sword in two hands before thrusting it into the nearest police officer. The other cops were too shocked to move and Jord spun around to the next, using the energy from his spin to lop another cop's head straight off. They got the message, and tried to run away. Jord let them, and he ran to the nearest alley as the cops started shooting in his direction again. They were not quick enough and Jord used the opportunity to hide nearby as the police called in reinforcements to find him. He snuck to his hotel when he saw the street being clear of cops.

Jord did not have much time and as soon as he was in his hotel room he grabbed everything he needed, mostly consisting of ammunition for his BFG, as well as some spare clothes and other things he found useful. He usually travelled light and was quickly done packing up. Ten minutes later, he was at the alley to the left of West 57th.

Soon, the pillar of light coming from the gate had dissappeared. With it, however, apparently had the flagship of the entire fleet that had gathered earlier to depart Earth, the Hope, the flagship of the UNE. After this had happened, the fleet had been disbanded and the leader of the Naukan Crusade, Khan Temir Zima, had given the go-ahead for the Naukan Crusade ships to officially leave the main fleet to its fate and go away. Thus, the Naukan Crusade had set sail to the south-west, to find new lands they could colonize. Slowly, the massive ships of the Naukan Crusade accelerated to full speed, and the other ships on the horizon slowly became smaller as the fleet was moving away. It had not even been an hour of travel before the sounds started. Strange scraping and knocking was heard by several crewmembers in the lower decks of the Pioneer. At first, the captain of the ship wanted to accelerate, as the sounds were frightening the crew, but Temir had told him to anchor the ship instead, and had given the same order to all of the other ships. There had to be a logical reason behind the sounds, which was most likely the inhabitants of this strange new world, and there was no reason why they would not try to meet these new peoples. Soon, the four ships of the Naukan Crusade had stopped and anchored themselves. Several people went outside to see what was going on, and what they saw surprised them very much. There were strange creatures, half human, half sea creature, that emerged from the water. The fleet didn't pay much attention to them and continued on their way.

Although the general atmosphere of the people in the fleet was relatively optimistic, Walter's mood was less so. Due to the fact that he was known on the fleet a good repairman and engineer, as well as very strong, he had been sent to all of the different ships multiple times. He first had to repair one of the cooling units of the seedbank on the Ark that would otherwise have caused a cascading failure and broken the entire cooling system of the seed bank. He was about to take a break and relax with a coffee in one of the dining rooms of the Ark, the ship that he had to temporarily call his home, when he was called again, this time to help repair one of the reconaissance vehicles on the Vanguard. After that, he had been ordered to help fix some machinery at the Pioneer's factory. Even though it was not fully operational yet, it still had to be checked to make sure nothing was broken on the day that the fleet would finally make landfall.

Unlike Walter's day, Angela Szarka, researcher in the laboratory of the Naukan flagship, kept getting a better day. After the fleet had passed through the gate, a massive amount of data was gathered even though the fleet had been in the new world for mere minutes at that point. The scientists and researchers had just gone through processing all of the gathered data. So far, there didn't seem to be any major differences between the new world they were currently in and Earth, except for the fact that logically this world was far less polluted and on the brink of death.
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Jord finished the rest of his drink. The alcohol slightly dulled the pain, although he was barely affected by it anyway. He looked at his arm and the rest of his body. Several bullets had been able to penetrate the improvised wooden shield he had made out of a table barely 10 minutes ago, and had lodges themselves into his arm and left part of his torso. They had not gone too deep however, being stopped by the thick layers of bone and muscle in Jord's body. He looked around. The waitress he got his beer from earlier was walking around, touching people, and it looked like they were getting healed immediately. He could also see that as she progressed she seemed to be getting both weaker and less alert, signifying that it apparently cost her energy to do so. Then, she arrived at him, and held out her hand from him to shake.

"I am not Richard Gere. That is not my name. You can call me Legion's Fist" Jord said in response to her. "Also, I would not do that if I were you. I've got so many wounds that you'd probably drop dead from fatigue, seeing that healing people costs a lot of energy for you. They're not exactly lethal so I'd rather get them treated later"

"Hold on, before we go, I have to get something," Jord said in response to the man bossing everyone around immediately. After saying that he immediately walked out of the bar, and ran to his hotel, careful not to bump into any cars and cause a traffic accident on the way. He walked through the door and took the elevator to the floor his room was at. As soon as he entered his hotel room, he immediately grabbed the roll of bandages nearby, and carefully bandaged his arm. He would have to get the bullets out sometime later, but he did not have the time at the moment. He looked around the room before finding what he needed. It seemed the cleaners had left his room untouched which was lucky for him, because of the weapons and gear stashed in it. He quickly put on his power armour, the ancient mechanisms starting to hum with life as they were turned on. The strange organic implant covering most of Jord's back burned small holes in his T-shirt as it connected with the power armour. Jord picked up his BFG and sword, and attached them to his back using the magnetic 'docking stations' that were specifically designed for that purpose. He tested his force shield a few times to make sure he was still able to control it with his thoughts, and it changed shape as he focused. Rather than going through the front door he opened the door to the balcony, where he jumped off and landed in a quiet park that was located behind the hotel.

Before they knew it, Jord was already back at the bar. "Alright, I'm ready now."
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Jord had been right. The patrons in the bar did get into a fight, but it was not them who started it. He had been waiting for his beer for a little while now, getting thirstier by the second. After what seemed like an eternity of waiting to him, but was really just a few minutes, he got what apparently was the strongest beer there was.

He prepared to take a swig of his well-deserved drink, when all hell broke loose as several armed people came into the bar, as well as some standing up from booths, and started shooting up the place. Jord stood up, preparing to do something at least and noticed others starting to fight against these new enemies as well.

Unlike many of his unexpected comrades however, Jord took upon himself the job of protecting as many of the civilians as he could from the gunfire until he could join the fight himself. Seeing that he was sorely lacking in the weapons-and-armour department unlike some others he saw fighting alongside him, he picked up a nearby table, using it as an improvised shield in absence of the gear that he had left in his hotel room because he didn't think he'd need it.

He raised his improvised wooden shield, trying to distract the gunmen by throwing an empty bottle that had been standing on the counter since had come in. It was a near perfect throw, and it hit one of the gunmen standing near the doorway right in the head as glass rained on the man's face. This was seemingly enough to distract some of the armed men standing nearby, and they started shooting at him. A large majority of the bullets were stopped by his shield while some were blocked by his body, his arm soaking up the majority of the damage. He felt the intense pain, but it was not enough to even make him blink. Meanwhile, he yelled and gestured at the civilians to hide behind the counter until all of the enemies were dead.

This plan was soon realized as he could see the others killing the hostiles with immense abhorrence, and he threw away his shield, charged towards the enemies and kicked and trashed a few of them himself, until they had either been killed or fled. Afterwards, he just went back to the bar to pick up his beer and swigged it down in a few gulps.
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Jord wondered what kind of beer he wanted. The question the waitress countered his request with and he sat some time pondering while the waitress was off taking other people's orders. While he was thinking, he looked at the rest of the patrons in the bar. He didn't really recognize anyone in the bar, but he could see that this was the type of crowd that would be prone to start a fight. He attempted to think think to six months and a few days earlier, but all he found was nothing, as usual. It seemed to him that he either had no or lost his memory from that time. It was an anomaly, as he could remember his life before that moment very well. It had made him realize what he needed though, and he spoke up as soon as the waitress had finished the other patron's orders. "The strongest beer you have please. What do I owe you?"
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