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The small Khaganate fleet dropped out of its SPS translation into a battle. Destructive Sporn weapon energies cut across the cold and vast darkness of space, colliding with the Quatis ships. The Khaganate fleet emerged in a roughly ellipsoid formation, with its twenty military vessels on the outside, protecting the small group of civilian ships within. They had been dragged here unwillingly, and Admiral Schmidt had sworn to protect them until his last breath.

"No damage detected, Admiral, it seems that the Quatis shields are strong enough to hold back the weaponry of those alien vessels."

"Then let us hope that ours will as well. Admiral, they're preparing for a second assault, and this one will be even stronger than the first!"

"Status report," Admiral Schmidt ordered. He was one of the few on the bridge to remain completely calm in the face of these seemingly overwhelming enemies. The recently promoted admiral had been in many battles before, even as just a captain. I hope I'll be able to lead a fleet rather than just one ship, he thought.

"The hostile vessels have chased us here from our previous position, sir. The Quatis have changed into a circular, defensive formation. One of the small ships that was in the system has been teleported into what could possibly the Quatis flagship. The hostile aliens are indeed preparing for a second assault. All our weapon systems are ready, and our shields are fully charged."


Chaos erupted in the bridge right then as Palin's message came in, and the subsequent confirmation that the Quatis' energy levels were spiking as well. Admiral Schmidt frowned. Who do these Quatis think they are, he thought angrily.

Still, he gave the order for all ships to fire at will. In mere seconds, the Khaganate ships opened fire. Khan-class Dreadnoughts rolled, aiming their auto-ballistic cannons at the Sporn ships, shooting a powerful broadside barrage of shells and superheated plasma packets as the Khaganate ships slowly continued moving forward. Khaganate battleships and dreadnoughts fired their torpedoes, attempting to destroy any Sporn ships flying in front of them. Laser and particle beams shot through the void, crossing the gap between the Khaganate and Sporn ships at relativistic speeds. Massive Gauss and Kinetic turrets fired, propelling ultradense projectiles towards the enemy ships using gravitic launchers and supercooled electromagnets, careful to avoid friendly fire. Point-defense turrets and laser grids stood ready as the shields were fully charged, ready to protect the Khaganate vessels against enemy attacks. Between it all, large swarms of fighters, bombers, and other, more exotic and powerful strike-craft flew. While they wouldn't be able to attack the Sporn ships due to the imminent capsule shielding, it was still a good exercise, and would help if the Sporn would send out any of their own fighter craft.

Of course, in war, and especially battles in space, supply and logistics are important, and while many Khaganate ships are capable of producing their own ammunition, the importance of space battle logistics generally goes for the Khaganate as well. Normally, the Khaganate fleets have specialized, military support ships for those tasks, but unfortunately those are not present. Luckily for the Khaganate fleet however, several civilian ships were transported together with the military vessels as well, and those were quickly converted to provide the support the Khaganate vessels would need.

None of this mattered for now though, for as soon as the Khaganate assault had died down, the Quatis erected their capsule shield around both fleets.
The shockwave reached the KSS Aqua in moments. Even though it was no small ship compared to many of its fellow Second Fleet ships, it was still shaken vigorously. Captain West looked to her left, just in time to see the Khan-class dreadnought KSS Krieg disappear into a micro-wormhole of its own making. Many of the more advanced and powerful Khaganate ships had the ability to make very short wormhole jumps, which they can use to quickly traverse the battlespace. In this case, however, the wormhole tunnel was closed from the shockwave just as the Krieg had entered, meaning that the Khaganate Second Fleet had effectively lost that ship.

Yet, the shockwave apparently had another effect. It somehow caused a black hole to appear on one of the planets in the Phantom Point. Luckily, captain West was as brilliant as some of the other scientists on the bridge, and a quick thinker as well. She immediately ordered to charge up the ship's wormhole generator, and then to use the spacetime folder and Exotic Matter Scaffolding Device to stop the black hole's growth. Since Khaganate wormhole are really just black holes that are tunnels, using the wormhole generator to stop the black hole from growing would work, was her reasoning.

The ship continued on its course until it suddenly started to slow down. Captain West could see that the other ships around the Aqua had also slowed down considerably. A simple scan revealed the issue: a ribbon-like entity that was made out of light. This issue got considerably worse as the outer planet of the system they were in blew up as soon as the entity touched it, and continued on its way towards the star.
The Khan sat back in his throne. He was slightly overwhelmed by the events that previously happened almost at the same time. First, vice-admiral Knaggs, and even more surprising, the long-lost general Anderson, had appeared on the bridge, fully nude, and in pain. Then, a massive wormhole opened up, engulfing the fleet and bringing them to an unknown location. Only seconds later, the Khan received the message that general Nurzhan had returned, from the general himself.

Now, the entity Fanny May was standing in the bridge of his ship, after casually walking through a wall. The Khan was used to governing a nation, not being a character in a space opera, so it was somewhat understandable that he was a little overwhelmed. He saw her do away with Dino Gavon with a mere flick of a hand. Then, as she put all of the crew on the bridge in some sort of stasis, Fanny started monologuing. As soon as Yuri saw this, he opened his mouth to speak, but found that he could not find his voice, and so remained quiet. The Khan listened intently as he heard Fanny speak of destroying the strange aliens they just met. Whether she meant the Quatis, of which Admiral Gavon was part of, or the strange, yet unnamed aliens from the cylinder he did not know. She mentioned his people that had been abducted, so the Khan assumed the latter option.

Again, the Khan began to speak, but again, he could not, and so he gave up as Fanny finished her speech. Then, she blinked out of existence while the bridge crew snapped out of their stasis. After giving an order NOT to try departing the wormhole they were in in any way, the Khan stood up from his throne and made his way to the sick bay as fast as he could.
The Khan arrived in the medical bay as fast as he could. Given that he, as the Khaganate's Khan, had access to every available form of transport on the ship, this was very fast. He ordered the doctors to give Katie and Jens all the treatment they would need, and got himself a chair to sit down on while he waited for them to wake up.
@Prima Luce
The small research robot from the KSS Aqua approached the hull anomaly. As it did, it could see that the bulge had practically disappeared. The scientists assigned to its controls were visibly disappointed as valuable research data had gone down the figurative drain, and into the very real spaceship. Sadly for the researchers, however, the robot would not be able to get into the hull breach, as it had been tidily sealed by the automated breach-seal systems of the Khaganate. (These breach-seal systems work much like how a human body would repair wounds. At the first sign of a hull breach, a 'scab' would be made by the shield generator systems of Khaganate vessels, shielding the breach and making sure that no pressure loss or further damage would happen. Next, the Nanite auto-repair systems would
efficiently repair the breach, closing it completely.)
As usual, it took some time for First Gamma Palin to respond. Captain Schmidt started considering his options on what to do about the hull anomalies. It was then that he received the message from the Sporn. Quickly recognizing the message as a threat, he ordered:

"Power up all available weapon and shield systems! Surround our civilian ships with military vessels. Set status to red alert and summon all crew members to battle stations", Erwin said, speaking as admiral of the fleet, rather than the captain of the Nova.

The twenty-nine Khaganate ships became a flurry of activity as men and women ran to their designated battle-stations. Engineers checked the weapons, shields and other systems to make sure they were ready as soldiers and marines gathered their equipment to prepare for any hostile boarding actions. The civilian ships raised their shields and point defense weapons as the Khaganate Navy ships encompassed them. Fighter and bomber pilots got in their strike-craft, preparing to launch. The only areas devoid of activity were those that had been affected by the hull anomalies. All ship-to-ship traffic had shut down.

"Shields are raised and weapons are fully charged, captain. All systems are nominal, except those in the affected areas."

"Admiral, I detect hull breaches on all fleet ships. It would seem that these breaches are at the location of the hull anomalies. The Quatis fleet is also suffering from the same hull breaches. The automated breach-seal protocols have negated the pressure loss from the breaches, but they are still present"

"Activate Nanite Repair Systems on all fleet vessels. Make sure every vessel is fully repaired before we get into any conflict."

"Captain, I received a message from the Quatis fleet," the officer in charge of communications, who had not completely come to terms with Erwin's sudden change in demeanor.

After those scant few minutes in which so much had already happened, the Khaganate fleet finally got Palin's response. Captain Schmidt listened intently, his mind racing as he heard of the assault on the Quatis fleet.

"Captain, I can confirm what the First Gamma said," the Communications Officer stated, "A group of unknown objects are currently in transit towards this star system."

"Rendezvous with the Quatis," the captain ordered, "and charge the wormhole drive while we are en route. Make sure to target a nearby star system so we can make a quick escape if needed. We are only here to protect the civilian ships and get back to the main fleet, and we can't do that if we're dead."

"Captain, hostile ships approaching! Their weapons are being charged and they're trying to surround us. They should be visible on the main screen now."

Admiral Schmidt looked at the main viewscreen, and indeed he saw the centipede-like ships from the Sporn approaching the Khaganate fleet.

"Set course for the Quatis, NOW!"

The Nova's propulsion systems roared as they started to move the ship towards its destination. The other ships in the Khaganate Secondary Fleet started to move as well. Spacetime itself was bent and curved as the Khaganate fleet activated its Superluminal Propulsion Systems, or SPS, (a way for Khaganate ships to travel faster than light in-system, works by expanding and contracting space similarly to an Alcubierre Drive) to move even faster towards the Quatis fleet.

"Do we have anything capable of boarding other ships at the moment?"

"As far as I can see, captain, all we have are boarding pods, MCES mechs, and dropships. No stratocruisers are currently present, so that's all we've got, and there's only a few of them. We also have teleporters, but we wouldn't be able to conduct large-scale boarding actions with those."

Admiral Schmidt then replied to Palin:

"First Gamma Palin. We're coming over to you. Do you need help taking out the robotic entity on your science vessel?"

Only a few minutes after the admiral had given the order to travel to the Quatis fleet, they had arrived there, the curvature of spacetime returning to normal as the SPS was turned off.
@Prima Luce
Luckily for the Omega Order soldiers that were busy investigating the strange hull anomalies, the breach that had recently formed in the general vicinity had already been closed off almost instantaneously by the breach-seal shield. Moreover, the very brief and sudden change in air pressure they had experienced was completely negated by the magnetic boots and the powered exoskeleton beneath the rest of their uniform that were a standard part of Omega Order task force equipment.

The leader of one of the first Omega Order Task Forces to arrive at the area they had been sent to, Sergeant Marica Tanner, raised her hand as soon as she saw the man. The Omega Order soldiers halted in their tracks. They kept their hands on their weapons, just in case, but didn't immediately aim at the civilian. Marica scanned the entity, confirming its identity as one of the civilians that had already been evacuated from that particular part of the ship. Something strange is at work here, Sergeant Tanner thought, there's no way that they would've just left someone behind. Unless....

"Operation Command, this is AXE-1. We have discovered a male civilian in containment area B-7. Curiously enough, this civilian has already been evacuated from this area, so we know that Bravo-Six was succesful. The entity shows no life-signs. We suspect that somehow some kind of entity present in the hull anomaly replicated the appearance of this particular civilian, but we are not sure. How do we proceed? It is clearly anomalous, but it's not acting with any hostility either."

"Try to approach it and see if it communicates. Only use violence in the most dire of circumstances."

Marica raised her hand, waving at the civilian. "We are from the Omega Order," she said, "who are you?"
"Operation Command, did you get that? The entity claimed itself to be a god," James noted.

"Positive, PA-1. It is as we suspected earlier," Operation Command replied.

It was then that the ship suddenly started to shake again, like it had before when they tried to recontain the entity. While the powered exoskeleton they wore underneath would've normally prevented the Omega Order soldiers from being thrown off balance, this time the ship shook so hard that the task force Phalanx Alpha had difficulty staying upright, and James feared that the ship would break if the shaking continued for too long.

Sgt. Maleski could do nothing as he saw the entity phase through a wall and escape. "Operation Command, we've lost the entity. It phased through a wall. Current location unknown."

"Understood. We'll try our best to find it again and recontain it. Get some rest in the meantime."
Where the hell am I now?, former general Katie Anderson thought, I feel like shit. General Anderson tried to remember what had happened, but all she could remember was being strapped to some kind of table.

The darkness all around her made way for the light as power was restored to the bridge of the Genghis. The former general felt her legs collapsing beneat her, too weak to stand up. Is this the bridge of the KSS Genghis? she thought, as she quickly catched a glimpse of the surrounding environment. What happened to Arman? What happened to the other officers?

Ouch, that hurt. Katie felt someone pick her up and turn her over. I have no idea who this is, the general thought as she looked at Dino He doesn't look like he's from the Khaganate. She tried to raise her arm to punch him so he would stop holding her, but was ultimately unsuccesful as she was too weak. Can't even hit someone when I want to. What happened to me?

"Admiral Gavon, please let go of my general." Katie heard from somewhere to her left. She turned her head to look at the source of her voice. Of course, my Khan is on this ship too, and those men standing beside him must be the Kheshig. Katie looked the other way. She could see the vice-admiral, Jens Knaggs, laying down on the ground, hands on his groin with tears in his eyes. Luckily, one of the crew members was already calling for medical aid.

As the ship started to shake and Dino was knocked on his back, general Anderson's attention was drawn to something far more interesting. She could see three cylindrical spaceships pull away as a strange crimson wormhole opened near the Genghis, sucking in the ship. Immediately, all hell broke loose inside the bridge as the ship started to move like a boat entering rapids in a river and subsequently falling down a waterfall. The automated balancing systems of the Khaganate ships could do nothing to compensate for the turbulence. It took only less than a minute before the Khaganate fleet was sucked in.

"Status report," Katie could hear Khan Yuri order from some distance behind her.

"Uhh, Sir, it appears that two of our missing officers have arrived on the bridge, and our fleet has been sucked into a wormhole of unknown making. As far as I can see, none of the ships are..."

The person speaking got no chance to finish as one of the many screens in the bridge started broadcasting a signal coming from the KSS Borealis. On the screen Katie could see a bearded, white-haired man kneeling, with his clenched fist on his chest, showing his loyalty to the Khan. Arman! Katie thought He must've made it back to his stratocruiser after I disappeared. She could see a very brief flash of surprise in General Nurzhan's eyes as he saw her and Jens, but that went away quickly as he directed his eyes to Khan Yuri.

"Gur Khan, I have returned, and General Anderson is here apparently as well. I have reclaimed leadership of my Army, and we are at your command."

The Khan, who still stood up from the amazement he had when General Anderson and Vice-Admiral Knaggs had suddenly appeared on the bridge, let himself fall back down to his throne. "Of course, General Nurzhan should appear as well. Stand up, no need to kneel at the moment. Right now we're in transit to an unknown location by a wormhole not of our own making. Get ready for any nasty surprises that might be awaiting on the other side."

Katie saw Arman give a small nod before the broadcast ended. It was at that moment, to all of the surprise of the bridge crew, that Fanny May walked out one of the walls of the bridge.

"You're pregnant!" was the last thing Katie heard before she blacked out.
The medical personnel hurried away, carrying General Anderson and Vice-admiral Knaggs on stretchers. Khan Yuri Lanist was fascinated by the new arrival. He had ordered the Kheshig to stand down, but they still looked at Fanny visibly uneasy. "Contact all ships in the fleet, order them to be ready for anything that could be on the other side of the wormhole," the Khan quickly said before turning his attention to Fanny.

"So, you must be Fanny May," the Khan said, "What business did you want to discuss?"
The general of the 7th army of the Lanist Khaganate was exhausted. Only now did Arman Nurzhan realize that he had not eaten or slept since he and Katie had escaped from the medieval planet that they had been stranded on after the Khaganate fleet mis-jumped. He left the room and went to his quarters to get some rest.

On the way, he met Legate Septima. "Sir, what are your orders?" She asked. Legate Aquila Septima was the general's second-in command, and he entrusted her with carrying out his orders in the way she saw fit. It was one of the reasons why she was chosen to be general in his place while he was gone.

"Make sure the ship is ready for combat," Arman replied, "We are in a wormhole that is not of our own making. We need to be prepared for any eventuality. Tell the captain to warm up our own wormhole generator in case we need to jump out."

"Understood, sir, there was also something else I wanted to discuss."

"What is it, legate?" Arman asked, without his usual stern demeanor.

"You've changed, General. I notice that you don't speak with the usual lack of emotion or disregard for that of others. Why, if I am allowed to ask?"

"Several years of solitude do that to a man, Legate. But that is a story for another time."
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Erwin Schmidt, captain of the KSS Nova and newly promoted admiral of the Lanist Khaganate Second Fleet, the small splinter fleet of the Lanist Khaganate that had been transported to its current location through unknown means, silently looked out of the bridge window of his ship, with his arms crossed behind his back. It had already been a few minutes since he had sent the message to the Quatis, and they had received no reply yet. The captain peered into the black void of space, contemplating what to do, nervous that the reason that the Quatis were taking so long to respond is that they were making preperations to attack the Khaganate fleet.

"Any changes?" The captain asked.

"A new ship has arrived in the system and is currently engaging the ship with the temporal distortions" the same communications officer as before replied, "The Quatis have not yet sent a reply, and none of the other ships in the system have attempted contact either."

"Captain," a science officer by the name of Yakim Ignatiev said "It seems that the AI onboard the civilian robotic ship KSS Capek has rebooted and subsequently determined that all contact with the main fleet is lost. I am patching it through now."


"The AI is speaking the truth," the science officer said, "I can indeed see multiple instances of power failure, and oxygen loss on all fleet ships. What do we do, captain?"

"Broadcast an emergency broadcast, and then implement protocol Bravo-Six. Evacuate all civilian and military personnel from these affected areas with all means necessary. Use OOTFs if you have to, make sure everyone is accounted for."

The science officer then went to work doing just that while the communications officer prepared to connect the ship's communication systems to all speaker systems in the rest of the fleet.

"This is an emergency broadcast," the captain began, "Protocol Bravo-Six is now in effect. Power and oxygen failure detected across all ships. All affected civilian and military personnel are to report to their nearest medical facilities. All unaffected crewmembers are to report to battle stations."

The communications officer then received a reply from the Quatis and notified the captain, while maintaining the link to the Quatis fleet, for Captain Schmidt's eventual answer:

"First Gamma Palin, I confirm that we are losing power and data at an alarming rate, although we likewise do not know where this comes from. I accept your offer of mutual assistance. Our research into this strange phenomenon will begin right away."
Slowly, all of the affected civilian and military people have been evacuated from the affected areas, while all of them who were present when the phenomenon started occuring have been cataloged to make sure that no one is left behind. Those who had been affected by a lack of oxygen have all been taken to the nearby medical facilities. Due to the actions of the AI responsible for power maintenance, all of the power to the areas affected by the sudden power loss has been cut off, whether it came from the backup power generators present of these areas or outside. Several task forces from the Omega Order, the secretive Khaganate organization dedicated to combating the unknown, have been sent into the affected areas to investigate the cause. Equipped with advanced technologies and oxygen equipment, they do are not bothered by a lack of oxygen.

Meanwhile, the science ship KSS Aqua has sent a robot outside to examine one of the bulges on the ship's hull.
Arman Nurzhan, general of the 7th army of the Lanist Khaganate Army, calmly walked down the ramp of the transport craft with slow, heavy steps. His expression was emotionless as he looked at the crowd of officers, soldiers, engineers and doctors that had gathered around the vessel. They stared back at him, looking extremely shocked, as the Khan had held a memorial service for him and general Katie Anderson only hours before. The crowd moved away as Arman reached the hangar floor. Aquila Septima, Legate of the 2nd MCES Legion, who had seemingly taken command of the 7th army in his absence, stepped forward.

"Legate Aquila, have you taken charge in my absence?", General Arman asked her.

"Yes, I have, Sir," The brown-haired woman responded, "I was voted to become the new general by the leaders of the other tumens and MCES legions of the army after you had been classified as Missing In Action and subsequently pronounced dead by none other than the Khan himself."

"Good to see he still cares about me. I want a full report of what happened while I have been gone, Legate."

Did he just make a joke? Legate Septima thought, That can't be right, he never does that. "While your ship had apparently vanished from the fleet, the Khaganate fleet started orbiting the planet that it had appeared over. Signs of life, as well as the two missing ships, were detected from this planet, but we never suspected you and General Anderson had made it out alive. As a result, after about a day of waiting, the Khan officially announced to the rest of the fleet that you had died, despite not knowing what had happened. The fleet also jumped to another system, where we encountered several strange cylinders, which cut off the propulsion of our ships. Meanwhile, I was elected to be the new general, which you are now I suppose. Additionaly, 29 ships have gone missing due to an unknown cause, and many officers have also disappeared. We have yet to identify who has gone missing on the Borealis.

Maybe that's what happened to Katie, general Arman thought. "Thank you, Legate. Please get the ship ready for boarding actions. I have the slightest feeling that our military officers have been abducted by these strange cylinders. I will go talk to the Khan while you do that."

With that, the General left to his chambers. After clothing himself in a proper general's uniform instead of the spacesuit he'd been wearing since he had taken off from the alien planet, he made his way to the room that he would use to attend the Kurultai, as well as contact other ships.
The captain of the Kheshig, a blond man named Brandon Sparks, was of course not pleased with the fact that the strange man had not dropped his weapon the moment he ordered to. And he, in contrast to the many other bridge crew who had been focused on the screen that had played the message of the Director of the Omega Order, kept his focus on the stranger dressed in armor. As a result, the guards that had originally tried to apprehend the stranger kept their attention on the strange man, making sure that he would not do something dangerous.

After the man, who identified himself as Dino Gavon, got the chance to speak to Khan Yuri, Brandon's patience soon wore thin as Dino refused to give away his weapon. "Have I not made myself clear? Drop your weapon, now!" Brandon ordered.

"Captain Sparks," The Khan said harshly, not appreciating what the captain was doing, "Calm down. This man is our guest, and I do not want him to come to harm on any of our ships."

Now, Khan Yuri turned to Dino, and said: "Admiral Gavon, we have indeed been affected by the same Quantum Dislocation Event that placed you in my ship's bridge. As a result, twenty-nine of this fleet's ships have vanished. We do not know the origin of this event, but our best scientists are currently working on it, so whatever is there is bound to have some answers. I too believe that we can lend eachother assistance at this time."
James almost got the chance to contact Operation Command about the telepathic message from Fanny when he was suddenly overwhelmed by the entity's rapid change in character. However, the Omega Order soldiers stood their ground, weapons aimed at her head should the need arise. Meanwhile, any civilians remaining in the canteen ran away, scared of Fanny's booming voice. James and his team then were forced to drop their weaponry as their weapons became red with and started to radiate incredible amounts of heat. Naturally, the team then drew the variety of pistols and other sidearm weaponry, and aimed them at Fanny, as they were trained to do.

"PA-1, this is Operation Command. We heard that, what is going on there?"

"AE-1769 has become aggresive, and demands that she can see the Khan. From what she is saying, as well as the abilities she has shown so far, I believe she is some kind of god."

"Well, we've contained gods before. Continue with the recovery."

James then turned to Fanny, saying: "I will do no such thing, AE-1769, please follow us to your containment area or we will be forced to open fire."
Liang Group

Corporation Slogan: "Choose Reliability, Choose Liang."
CEO Name & Age: Liang Jin, 53
Headquarters: Shanghai, Shanghai Clique
Major Industries: Transportation
Minor Industries: Heavy Manufacturing, Energy
Starting Trait: (Select one)
- Public Eye: Begins with +30 Public Opinion
Brief History & Description: Originally, the Liang Automotive Company was a large, highly-regarded Chinese state-owned corporation based in Shenzhen. After Chinese central authority slowly eroded away, the LAC was able to distance itself from the Chinese government. After merging with Sichou, a Energy and Manufacturing company located in the Shanghai Clique, the Liang Group, as it was now called, led by its CEO, Liang Jin, relocated its headquarters to Shanghai, continuing his plans of designing and selling cars for the masses.
Erwin Schmidt stared out of the window of the secondary bridge of the KSS Nova, a mighty Khan-class dreadnought like the Genghis. He was the captain of the ship, however, all propulsion systems were offline. Somehow, these cylinders had turned off all of the fleet's propulsion systems. Captain Schmidt had already contacted several other ships, but they were all having the same problem as the Nova. He had also heard reports of disappearing officers from those ships, but due to the size of the Khan-class dreadnought it would be very hard to find if an officer had gone missing on his ship as well, since he knew that no one of the bridge crew was gone. The captain could still see the cylinders near the fleet, but because their propulsion was gone there was nothing they could do about it. Then, for some reason, Erwin felt the floor of the ship beneath him shake violently, almost knocking him off his feet. When he recovered from the sudden shaking, the captain saw that everything outside of the ship, including the stars and galaxies he could see with the naked eye, had changed.

"Status report!" He ordered.

A woman who was in charge of the scanning and communication systems on the secondary bridge replied. "Contact with main fleet lost. Twenty of the largest and most powerful Khaganate military ships, except the Genghis, have all been transported here by, what my scanners indicate, was a Quantum Delocalisation Event. Nine of the civilian ships have also been transported here. I can't pinpoint the main fleet's location, so it is likely that we've been transported too far to contact them. From my scanners, I can see that eleven of the GEF's dreadnoughts, including this one, and nine of the battleships are near us. Our propulsion systems are online as well. Whatever had shut them off is gone now."

"So we've got a lot of firepower. That's good. What about the civilian vessels?"

"I can see several purely civilian transport ships, mostly Ger-class. There's also a few industrial and agricultural vessels, so at least we won't starve to death while we're lost in space," The communications officer laughed a bit at her own joke, but seeing that the captain did not find it funny, she continued, "It would also appear that, since both the admiral and the vice-admiral aren't here, as well as the fact that the Nova is designated as the second command ship of the fleet, you are now in command of the fleet, or at least what's left of it here. Congratulations, sir."

"Run a scan, I want to know what's around us."

The scan took some time to be completed. Meanwhile, the captain could see that even the solar system they were in had changed. The small blue star of the planet with the cylinders had changed, and all of the structures he could see without scanners were gone.

"Scan complete. In this system, there's a formation of ten large, heavily armed spaceships, in orbit around a planet several Astronomical Units from here. Around the same planet another, smaller vessel is present. Both are made of an unusual alloy, but I am not sure if its stronger than the material this ship's hull is made out of. Another vessel is also orbiting around the same planet, but the normal scanners detect a slight interference, possibly due to some kind of sensor damping technology. Near that ship there's some sort of vessel generating temporal distortions. Near the outer planet of this system, there's a fleet of thirty-three ships shaped like centipedes. These ships are all a few miles long, and seem to be of entirely different origin than the ships that are more to the center of the system. There's also thirteen lifepods scattered around the system, one of which is dangerously close to the KSS Num. It seems that there's also a killer whale that just appeared above one of the planets."

"Thank you, Lieutenant. Can you contact the rest of our small fleet? I need to tell them something."

Before the communications officer could do so, however, the killer whale had already disappeared from the ship's sensors, and she could see a teleporter signal that was suspiciously similar to that of the KSS Aqua, a scientific vessel, on the terminal in front of her.

"Sir, I have received a audio message from one of the heavily armed ships on several general frequencies. I am playing the message now."

The captain listened to the message from First Gamma Palin, and told the communications officer to reply.

The flagship of the Quatis fleet would then receive the following reply:

"I am captain Erwin Schmidt of the KSS Nova, admiral of the Lanist Khaganate Second Fleet. We were transported here through unknown means, and as such, we are new to this region of space as well. Please state your intentions like we have done."
The captain of the KSS Num had also received the information that there was a lifepod floating dangerously close to his ship, and had given the order to retrieve it. The massive battleship slowly moved until the lifepod was floating near the entrance of the small hangar bay, where it was pulled in by a tractor beam. Several soldiers were already waiting for it, in case something dangerous emerged from the pod.
Khan Yuri Lanist sat in his chair in the back of the bridge, thinking what had to be done. The propulsion of the ships of the fleet was still not working, and several military officers had disappeared without a trace, presumably taken by the cylinders. The Khan knew that they were not leaving until they got their people back, since they couldn't just abandon them to a strange alien species. All of a sudden, the mighty Genghis, flagship of the Khaganate fleet, was shaking, but it only took a few seconds for it to stop. Immediately, the Khan and the bridge crew noticed that something was very wrong, as a man dressed in armour and holding a gun had mysteriously appeared in the bridge, waddling about for a few seconds, before noticing the officers and the Khan in the bridge. Immediately, several of the Kheshig, or Khan's Guard, that were always present to protect the Khan, his family, and important military and civilian personnel of the Khaganate, were on the man, a few pointing their weapons at him, yelling at him to drop the gun.

The Khan then stood up from his chair and said:

"Who are you, and what are you doing in my ship?"

The Khan, however, barely registered the man's reply, as in the front of the bridge one of the smaller screens was activated as it was relaying a message from the Director of the Omega Order.

"Yuri, this is the Director. We have translated a message that all of our ships had received in the form of random clicking noises. The message's translation is: Not harm. Must understand. Crew be return. Not pain. Fight you die. We believe this pertains to the officers that have vanished earlier. I recommend that we wait it out, to see if these xenos really return our crewmembers. Also, twenty-nine ships have been transported to an unknown location by what the Omega Order scientists believe is QDE, or Quantum Dislocation Event. It seems that, due to this event, flocks of ravens have appeared in many of the ships. We've already done some research on these ravens, and we found that they were neither anomalous or dangerous, so getting rid of them would be easy."

The screen then cut out, and Yuri asked the officer in charge of the sensors to confirm what the director said. It was true, as eleven dreadnoughts, nine battleships and 9 civilian ships had all vanished. Chaos had erupted in several Khaganate ships as flocks of ravens had appeared in many hallways and rooms of the Khaganate ships, but in most ships they were put down as swiftly as they had appeared by military personnel and automated turrets.

"Alright," Yuri said to the bridge crew, as well as the captains of the other vessels after a communications officer had opened a channel to the other ships, "As some of you might know, 29 of our ships have disappeared, and are too far away to communicate with. The Omega Order theorizes that it has something to do with the shaking you must have all experienced a bit earlier. The officers that have disappeared will return, we just don't know how long it will take, so we will wait for it. I want that all the ravens that have appeared throughout the fleet will be either put down or captured, preferably the latter."
James could see the hangar bay doors open as the dropship sped towards the KSS Yurt. The pilot started the cloaking device, more because of routine, since the cloaking was neither needed in that situation, and the Yurt would still be able to detect them anyway.
James, as the commander of Phalanx Alpha, was supposed to give a briefing on the mission, so he stood up, and began speaking. "TF PA, AE-1769, also known as "Fanny May", has been sighted in Canteen six-three of the KSS Yurt by a surveillance camera in the canteen. As you undoubtedly know, this entity's class is Delta. This means that, due to its incredible powers, the entity could be incredibly dangerous to the civilians of the Ger-class vessel, so proceed with extreme caution. Fortunately for us, the entity is relatively close to the entrance, as well as near a wall. Since it is no longer time to eat for the civilians at the moment, most of the civilians in the canteen have gone back to their cabins. We will approach through the entrance closest to the entity, and spread out immediately upon entering. We'll surround the entity, and if possible, recontain it. If it becomes hostile against any of the civilians we will eliminate it."

After several minutes, the dropship had entered and landed in the Yurt's hangar bay, and the twelve members of the Phalanx Alpha task force rushed out, heading towards the nearest hallway. They all had a small version of the Yurt's layout on the display inside their helmets, and could see where their target was.

"PA-3, please check you..." James was suddenly cut off as the Ger-class vessel started shaking. The task force soldiers tried to find support so they would not fall over with their heavy and expensive gear, but the shaking stopped after a few seconds, and they could continue easily. They were already close to their goal, so a minute later all twelve soldiers entered the canteen at the entrance closest to Fanny. As was their plan, they spread out. Several civilians panicked, and ran away as soon as they saw the soldiers raising their weapons. The group of twelve approached Fanny, who yelled something to them. "Operation Command," James said into the recording system in his helmet, "We are approaching the target. AE-1769 is sitting where it sat earlier, at exactly the spot where the Vice-admiral said she would be."

James, however, got no response, and all he could hear on the other side was chaos, for an unknown reason.

"We will do no such thing," James replied to the entity, "AE-1769, we are here to recontain you. Please follow me, or we will have to use force."
"Pilot. Please set a course to the KSS Borealis instead of the KSS Steppe," General Nurzhan said to the pilot. He had been slightly devastated that after such a long time of travelling together with Katie, she had, without warning, disappeared. After he discovered that her room was empty, he had searched throughout the entire ship, but no trace of Anderson could be found. Due to Katie's disappearance, the general decided that it would be a good idea to go to the KSS Borealis, the stratocruiser that he was technically still in command of, rather than the KSS Steppe, the Ger-class vessel that Katie's parents were supposedly on. The ship continued on its way towards the Borealis undisturbed, until for some strange reason, the vessel started shaking. General Arman nearly fell as he walked towards the cockpit, but he barely managed to stay on his feet. As he looked through the cockpit canopy, he could see something strange. He saw the ship they were heading towards with KSS BOREALIS in bold letters on its dark grey hull, but several of the ships that he had seen flying around it earlier had disappeared.

The small ship approached the Borealis. When they were about 5 kilometers away from the stratocruiser, the pilots got a message telling them to state what they were doing near the ship, or they would be destroyed. The general opened a channel, and said: "This is General Arman Nurzhan. As you know, I am in command of this ship, so I would advice you to open the hangar bay and let us dock." The hangar bay door opened, and the small transport craft entered the hangar, flew through its forcefield, and landed at the designated landing pad, where there was already a welcoming committee waiting for them.

Arman Nurzhan exited the cockpit, walked towards the exit of the transport craft, and stared at the shock on the faces of the people who saw that it was really General Arman Nurzhan who exited the vehicle.
The hot water of the shower turned into steam as it hit the floor. It rose up, being sucked into a vent where it would be converted back into liquid water. I needed this, I haven't bathed in months, general Anderson thought. It was true. The civilization of the planet where Katie and Arman had crash-landed only had medieval technology, and no easy water heating, sewer systems, or showers were present, so its inhabitants had to make do with bathing in rivers and lakes. Katie, of course, had been a duchess of a small duchy that was part of the Wul Empire, so she had the luxury of having a bath with warm water every few months.

She thought back on the time that had passed ever since they had arrived on that medieval world. Somehow, the ship she was travelling on, the Tsol, had travelled back in time three years, and made everyone, including her and Arman, forget their memories of it ever happening. Now, however, she had her memories back. She remembered how she had to take charge of the group of former crewmembers, and after a grueling trek to the north, she, and her, by that point, small army, had conquered a bit of land directly to the south of the Wul Empire. Because of the fact that many of the human crew of the Tsol that did not accept her leadership were now rampaging across the continent, she had thought it wise to become a vassal of the Wul. Three years had passed since then, although it was only a few days for the Khaganate fleet. Now, she was finally back, and she longed to take command of an army once again.

Her dreams of taking control of a military force were shattered once she opened her eyes, and found herself not in the shower, but strapped to a metal slab while nude, and stared right into a very bright light. She found, however, that she could still talk, and yelled: "Arman, this isn't funny. Where am I?"

There was however, no response, until she heard someone say, from relatively close by: "General Anderson, is that you? We thought you were dead after your ship crashed."

"Well, obviously I am not dead. Where are we?"

"I have no idea."
Captain Soun sat in the bridge. He noticed that the ships were no longer moving, assuming that the cylinders had stopped the fleet. He was dangerously close to ordering an attack, but the only thing that held him back were the near-sacred rules of hospitality once set by Genghis Khan himself. There would be no fighting that day. Not yet, anyway.
"Entity number: AE-1769.
Class: Delta
Containment procedures: Not yet determined. Currently uncontained.
Description: Female humanoid of 5'6". She calls herself 'Fanny May', appears to be in her late teens. Object is capable of instant teleportation, as well as telepathy and invisibility from surveillance equipment. Her motivations are currently unknown, but she has not taken any hostile actions against the Khaganate.
Addendum: AE-1769 was encountered almost immediately after the Khaganate had arrived in the current universe. Reason for this is unknown, but seeing the entity’s incredible abilities, it is likely that she knew the fleet was here the moment it arrived."
The Director of the Omega Order finished reading the file that they had gathered on Fanny, to inform the men present in the room of the power of the entity some of them had encountered.

"So this... thing," Yuri Lanist, Khagan of the Lanist Khaganate said "Is incredibly powerful, and, as a result, dangerous. She had already shown to be capable of interfering with our ship's technology with but a single thought when she turned on one of the monitors in the Primary Bridge. Has she actually shown any hostility yet?"

Jens Knaggs, the vice-admiral who had encountered Fanny earlier, responded: "No, Gur Khan, in fact, as you undoubtedly already know, she offered us an entire planet, one we could use to give the Khaganate a bridgehead in this universe. She has also offered helpful information and advice several times, like when she said to not react with hostility to the natives of the strange systems we are in."

The Khan frowned, and thought deeply for a while. Eventually, he came to a decision. "It appears that we are currently the guests of one of the most advanced alien species of this reality. As guests, we will not attack or do any other sort of hostile actions against our hosts. It seems that due to our current circumstances, we have to protect the universe and its inhabitants, rather than conquer it. As such, we will accept Fanny's proposal.

The Director's hologram dissapeared, and the fleet admiral, Khan and Vice-admiral went back to the bridge. They were there just in time to listen to the spasmodic clicking sounds that would be played from all of the audio systems on the primary bridge. After the transmission, Yuri looked to his right, where Jens was supposed to be standing.

No one was there anymore. The vice-admiral had disappeared.
It was only a short journey to the hangar where the ship that would finally take them to their destination would be. The two generals arrived a small hangar located near the quarantine room they had been in minutes earlier. The ship that had been requested by General Anderson was already waiting in the hangar. It was several hundred meters large, almost too large for its landing pad. It was an old luxury passenger ship that had been refitted to serve as a transport craft for the Khaganate fleet, back when the Great Expansion Fleet was being built. Many of the transport craft used in the Khaganate fleet had originally been procured from different companies who either willingly donated them to the Khaganate Navy or were obligated to provide these ships. The ship that the two generals would use was based on a design from Kolik-Keme, an aerospace company originally based in the Zeta Arabis system. The many luxury cabins had been exchanged for cargo bays, weaponry, shielding and simple cabins. There were a few luxury cabins on board. The ship's propulsion systems were slow due to its size, so it would take some time before they would arrive at the Ger-class vessel Katie's parents were on.

They were about halfway when the ship stopped. General Anderson went to the cockpit, presumably to complain, but she had found General Nurzhan already there, staring out of the canopy. "I talked to the pilots," he said to her, "They say they don't know why the propulsion systems were suddenly damped. It'll take some time to fix. Be patient, and go do something else for a while." Katie calmed down, announced she would wait in her room and clean herself up, and left the cockpit. A few minutes pass, and Arman continued staring out of the window with his arms crossed. Only now did he notice the three giant cylinders that were present near the fleet. His thoughts were disturbed by sudden clicking sounds coming out of the speaker in the cockpit. He did not know what they meant, but he got a bad feeling, and he rushed to the room where he knew Katie would be. He knocked on the door, called her name, but there was no response. He opened the door, but inside he found nothing.
The Director of the Omega Order said alone in his office aboard the stratocruiser KSS Atlas. He had just finished a meeting with some of the most powerful men in the Khaganate, and he did not leave it happier than he went in. The situation was dire. One of the most powerful entities that they had encountered so far was still uncontained, and the massive stratocruiser was dead in the water as something, presumably the cylinders, had cut the ship's propulsion. All of the other ships in the fleet reported that they had the same problem.

Suddenly, he got a message from one of his subordinates: "Sir, AE-1769 has been found. The entity is currently in one of the canteens aboard the KSS Yurt, one of the Ger-class civilian vessels."

"Send Phalanx Alpha to try to recontain her."

It was at that moment that all of the audio systems in his office room made the same noise: The high-pitched clicking sounds that the rest of the fleet were currently receiving. The Director, being a clever man, recognized that these sounds could be a language of some kind, and gave the order to translate it.

A few minutes later, the majority of the Omega Order's science division was working hard to translate the clicking sounds, as an order that came from the Director was hard to ignore.
Jens smiled at Fanny as she reassured him that he would not have to worry about Susann, his wife. She's right, because Susann is not on this ship anyway, the vice-admiral thought, but how does she know Susann's name? Did she somehow get access to the fleet records while she was away? I'll have to ask the surveillance department about it later. He was about to reply to Fanny's comment about the Khaganate when the enviroment around his changed once again. Without warning, both Jens and Fanny had been transported to an unknown world through unknown means, but presumably by Fanny herself. The vice-admiral looked around to become slightly more familiar with his new surroundings. He could see the sand and dunes of a desert stretching as far as the eye can see, but right in front of him he saw a large crashed spaceship. The vice-admiral saw some sort of humanoid creature standing on top of the wreckage. He could see that the android was dressed in combat gear, and remembered that he didn't have any weapons with him. Fanny started talking and the vice-admiral listened carefully. He knew that he brought her to this strange world for more than just to show it, and he was certain that whatever she was about to say would change the Khaganate's fate forever.

Jens' surroundings changed once again as Fanny brought them back to one of the many canteens of the KSS Yurt. Fanny had told him to drink the beer. The vice-admiral didn't really like beer, especially not beer that came from an unknown source and wasn't even on the menu in Khaganate canteens, but he also knew that he was in no position to refuse. Does she want that the Khaganate takes that planet like she insists that I drink the beer? At least we'll get a reward from it. He eyed the food hungrily. He hadn't eaten since the moment that the Khaganate made their disastrous misjump. Like Fanny had said earlier, it was not the food he was used to, but the synthetic food in front of him was no different from real, cooked food. He picked up a grilled cheese sandwich, and ate it. He drank some of the beer. With hindsight, he wasn't that hungry after all, and he had to make sure to not drink too much beer in case Fanny would try to poison him for whatever reason. "Alright then. I will be going now, Miss May, I have a lot of work to do, as you will undoubtedly know, so farewell, and do not worry, I am sure that my Khan will accept your gracious gift." With that the vice-admiral stood up and walked towards the Yurt's hangar bay. Like all of the Khaganate ships in the fleet, each Ger-class vessel had its own hangar bay filled with spaceships for intra-fleet transport. Jens would have to take one of the rail-elevators, elevators that could move both vertically and horizontally. Five minutes later, he was at the hangar bay. During the short journey he had already contacted the Genghis and a ship was waiting for him in the hangar.

The transport shuttle took off, went through the hangar shielding and flew towards the Genghis. Ten minutes later, Vice-admiral Jens Knaggs was back on the bridge.
Captain Soun anxiously sat in the captain's chair. Both the cylinders and the sphere had not taken any further actions. The Khaganate fleet ships had all set a course away from the cylindrical objects, and were slowly flying away from them. From the scannings terminal there came a voice saying: "Subspace and gravitic scans succesfull captain, we can see where their previously invisble structures are."

"Navigator, what's the wormhole drive status?" The captain asked.

"It's currently charging. All components are operational. Spacetime folder is already folding spacetime slightly to allow the mass compressor to work properly. I can see some slight disruption in spacetime, presumably caused by the gravity of the hundreds of thousands of objects in the system, but it should not be any problem." The navigator replied.

"Stop the process. We cannot take any risks with this, especially after what we've been through. We will instead wait for the Khan."

The navigator pressed a few buttons on the terminal in front of them and safely shut down the wormhole-generation process. It was at that exact moment when one of the doors to the rest of the ship opened, and Vice-admiral Jens Knaggs entered. The bridge crew stood up and saluted. "Captain," the vice-admiral said, "what's the situation?"

"We are in an unknown system. Three cylindrical and one spherical objects are surrounding the fleet. We already tried to generate a wormhole, but I thought it was a better idea to wait for the admiral."

"Then we will wait."
The Kurultai hall was completely silent. All of the seats, except two, of the large table were filled up. The table itself was made out of wood coming from a genetically modified version of the Tilia Mongolica tree, and was so old that it was made during the time the Khaganate made its first steps into space. On one end of the rectangular hall there was the giant metal door that served as entrance to the massive room, while on the other side of the hall there was a screen that covered almost the entire wall. Normally this screen was used for presentations, showing off maps and military information and the like, but on that day the only thing shown on the screen were the portraits of two generals, who were deemed MIA after the Khaganate mis-jumped. Between the screen and the Kurultai table there stood Yuri Lanist, Khan of the Lanist Khaganate. Several cameras were pointed at him, reminding the Khan of the fact that this was going to be broadcasted live to the entire fleet. Normally, something like this would be publicly broadcasted to the entire Khaganate, but the fact that the fleet was now in a different universe made that difficult.

The Khan moved closer to the lectern with microphones on it and placed his hands on both sides of the rostrum, leaning on it. Whatever he was going to say now could possibly shake the Khaganate to its core. He stood up straight, moved slightly away from the microphone to clear his throat, and then began speaking.

"Citizens of the Khaganate, this is your Khan speaking. As you undoubtedly know by now, whether you've heard it from your ship's captain, or from one of the scientists aboard your designated vessel, or from military high command itself, we have arrived in a different universe. This, due to the size of our fleet, has happened several times now, as you probably also know. These transitions however, do not come without a cost, and I want to dedicate this day to all of the people we've lost during our mis-jump. In particular, The Khaganate has lost two of its most brilliant generals, General Katie Anderson, and General Arman Nurzhan."

The Khan paused for a bit, and then continued.

"After graduating from the Khaganate Military Academy on Mars, General Katie Anderson experienced a meteoric rise through the ranks of the Khaganate Army, reaching the rank of General in only seven years, while it had taken others much more time to do so. She was always a lot more cheerful and talkative than some of her colleagues, and was always optimistic, even when the odds where stacked against her. She was a truly great general, and the Khaganate will miss her dearly."

"General Arman Nurzhan had always been a staunch, unyielding man. I don't think I've ever seen him smile to be honest. Like General Anderson, he was a brilliant general. Arman specialized in fortifications and defence, which is somewhat strange considering the fact that the Khaganate Army is mostly based on mobile warfare, like the Mongol Empire was in ancient times, but whatever we were fighting, it always worked out in the end as nothing could get through the frontline trenches and forts he built."

"Me, and the Khaganate as well, will miss them extremely, since they were vital to the Khaganate army. But regardless, we must look towards our future. A new age has begun for the Khaganate Great Expansion Fleet, and we must use every opportunity to survive. Thank you for listening."

The Khan then exited the room through a door near the screen. The cameras cut out, and all of the Kurultai members began leaving the room. Both the fleet admiral and the Khan started going towards the bridge, meeting up in one of the rail-elevators on their way to the Genghis' bridge. "Good speech," the admiral said, "but I can't shake the feeling that we'd need those generals in the future."

"Me too, my friend, me too."

As both men entered the bridge, the bridge crew saluted once again, like they had done previously when the vice-admiral entered. Jens Knaggs was observing the main viewscreen, and turned around upon hearing two people enter the room. "Admiral, and my Khan, we need to talk about something," the vice-admiral said upon seeing who they were.
The two generals had been waiting for quite some time, and with each minute that passed General Anderson was getting more impatient. Eventually, she stood up, walked towards one of the corners of the room, and directly spoke to the camera. "Alright, this has gone on long enough. I demand to see someone and an explanation right now."

"Katie, are you going insane already? It has been only 15 minutes and you're already talking to the walls."

"Shut up Arman, you're becoming your old self again. You know that I don't want to stay here any longer and I know you don't really want to either."

This ended their conversation abruptly. Surprisingly, Katie's wish was granted but not quite the way she wanted and expected, as another fifteen minutes later two people dressed in lab coats, with protective gear on their faces to keep any presumed micro-organisms out. Each of them had suitcases with them, filled with several different tools. "Greetings. We are here to perform a medical examination. After we are done there will come some other people who want to ask you some questions. After that you can go." Both medical personnel quickly went to work. They took blood, skin and hair samples from both Arman and Katie, and even scanned both of them with a strange device. Then, as quickly as they had come, the two doctors had left, presumably to examine the samples they took in a laboratory.

"So, General Nurzhan, how did you end up here?"

"Same as you, Katie, I was told to go to this room to be quarantined, don't you remember?"

"Not like that, dumb-ass. I meant how did you end up being a general. How were you raised, what was your home planet like? You're not very good at this are you? Fine then, I will start first."

Katie continued: "I was born on the ringworld known as New-Dadu, one of the ringworlds in the Four-Ringworlds-system. My father was actually the governor of that ringworld, as his father had been before him. My mother was a relatively unknown xenobiologist. Because I was the daughter of governor, nothing was beyond my reach due to my father's power and wealth, but as I grew older it all started to become boring. I wanted to see the universe, and other civilizations, so I joined the military academy of the Khaganate Army. After becoming an officer I eventually earned the rank of general. So that is how I became who I am today. Now it's your turn."

General Nurzhan opened his mouth to say something, but before Arman could speak, however, the doors opened once again, and a man and a woman, both dressed in protective clothing like the last two visitors, entered the room. "Hello, we are here to ask you some questions about where you exactly were. First of all, what are your names?"

"I am General Katie Anderson," Katie replied, "and that there is General Arman Nurzham. We were both trapped on a planet because of the mis-jump. The ship we were on crashed."

"How long were you stuck on that planet? We observed that time moves faster on the planet you were on. It was obviously a world in the same system where we arrived, seeing that you are here now."

"Three years. After that time, I managed to reunite with Arman, although we initially did not know who we were. Memory loss, I suppose."

"Alright, you can go now. We have determined that you are really you from the medical examination, and our results indicate that you do not carry any pathogens unknown to us. However, do expect someone to pay you a visit later for more questioning."

The two people left, leaving the door open. Katie stoop up immediately and nearly sprinted to the door, while Arman followed in her wake.

"Katie, where are you going?"

"I am going to visit my parents."
Even at night, the streets of New York City were lively and vibrant. Cars sped by as Jord walked on the pavement next to the road. He had exchanged his power armour for his normal clothing when he was in Slingshot's garage at the alley hours earlier, and had been slowly making his way away from that place as soon as he had realized that the SHIELD agent was probably not too happy about the fact that Jord had killed two police officers earlier. In my defense, Jord thought as he reflected on his reasons to leave, I thought they where HYDRA agents, what else was I supposed to do? The mercenary continued walking. He had stored his weapons and armour in the suitcase that he was always carrying with him, concealing them from view. They might have seen him wearing his helmet, but the police hadn't seen his face just yet. Suddenly, he heard a voice saying: "Bio-interface online." Jord looked around to see who said it, but there was not a single person in sight. Then, the same kind of screen that he always saw on the inside of his helmet popped up, and this time it showed a map, with a pinpointed location. He chose to walk towards it.

Ten minutes later, he stood before a hotel. He had stopped in a small abandoned alley earlier, and was now dressed in his suit of power armour, with the Bulwark shield on his left arm. Maybe this is the hotel that that weird guy dressed in a cloak and black leather pants was talking about. Jord knocked on the door.
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