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I am here and still interested, I've just been waiting for Sylvan to post so we could get started
Steve sat at a table in the Twilight Horizon, drinking some of the cheap booze places like this were known for. He had been there for several weeks, working odd jobs to make ends meet. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary, mostly the maintenance and repair of the station's many electrical systems. In the past weeks, he had been to most of the station's middle and lower sections, and even got to go to its recently installed biodome to help in maintaining some of its agricultural machinery.

He had just finished his drink when he noticed a change in one of the Twilight Horizon's screens. An ad had started to play, and it was one that he would surely be interested in. Starship engineer? Being part of a new crew? he thought Maybe I can finally leave this place behind. Steve stood up, paid for his food and drink and went to his room, getting most of his tools, some spare clothes, and anything he would need.

Steve then leisurely made his way to viewing dock C-3. He'd been on the station for some time, of course, and he knew that it was the dock looking out over the storage hangar bay. Guess that new ship must've finally found an owner. As he arrived at the viewing dock, Steve spotted a young woman, perhaps about five years younger than him from what he could guess. As he walked into the room, he gently put his toolbox down and said "I assume you're the one who sent the ad, and captain of this vessel? I'm surprised, it's been in storage for some time. My name is Steve Artis, and I'd like to serve aboard this ship as an engineer."
Yeah, I didn't have much time to make a post. I'll just wait for Zora to post first
Given that it has been monday, which one of you wants to make a post? I could do it, I just feel like we have to come to a conclusion on what to do now
Yeah, that could work, given how this RP will work with the whole timeskip mechanic people being inactive for long periods of time might be a problem
@Zora As the player of the Captain, do you want to post first?

That's probably a good idea. However, I think Zora hasn't really been online for some time, so if they do not make a post in a few days one of us might have to do it to not let the RP die

I just threw in a backup so we can get this thing going, but he can be replaced if needed or if interest is shown later on.

Maybe it's a good idea to say it is a backup (or NPC or whatever) in the list of professions so that people can see there's still space
I guess that could work, might want to wait just a little more to see if anyone else shows up and for everyone to finish up their characters
Smiter, are we waiting for one more person? Since we have five people now, you included, but you mentioned you could be the GM
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