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Jorin studied the display. The moon Tarin was getting closer. The time to give up was not now he knew. Still, the prospect made him nervous. War is profit, that's what they told him. Sell to both sides and it doesn't matter who wins. Even so, Trading in a war zone? The Guild and the Unions were both powerful. His ship didn't even have any serious weapons, just personal rifles his men carried to scare off pirates. He saw why his orders were the way they were and renthulium was extremely valuable. It was simple- go in get your hands on as much of the stuff as you could and don't make anyone mad.
He could see the city of Pavliu getting closer and he deftly handled the controls to bring his ship down.
The radio buzzed with life. "Who's there? State your intent, and any cargo you have that's dead or alive. And make it quick."
Not expecting this, but figuring the truth was safest, "Uh just here on a neutral trading mission, bringing iron, gold, dried fish, and alcohol. Also 20 crew members, all of them Vesi. We just want to sell it all and take some Renthulium back home with us"
"Renthulium? You might find a harder time getting it than you like, but you're allowed in. We're sure you won't mind a search of your ship."
He saw the roof of a building open up as a landing pad and was directed in. The landing gears were out and he was docked, so he opened up the doors and immediately a hoard of Ishkaans poured in. They shoved him and the crew to the side, "Out of our way" and overturned the ship looking for "Conk spies, they could be anywhere". Not expecting this rough treatment, but determined anyway Jorin tried to pick up a conversation with them. "Do you guys know where I could sell any of this?" They ignored him and worked on finishing their search, satisfied with the overturned ship they filed out except for one who asked for payment. Jorin sighed and handed over a few credits. At least we're not in trouble. "The Trade guild welcomes you to our capital."
I suppose I shouldn't have expected less on a war torn moon. He gathered the crew and told them to enjoy the rest of the night but meet back here tommorow.
For himself however he had a greater mission- what to do with his cargo- he wondered as he strolled off into the night looking for a bar.
3..2..1... Liftoff
The seat jerked back as the engines roared and the ship launched out of the water. Smith clutched the sides if they chair and closed his eyes.
"Have you never flown?" A voice chuckled from across the aisle.
"I've done simulators- and gone above the surface we've done plenty of out of water training"
"Nothing prepares you for the jerk. This ain't fancy trade lord technology, no sir, the military uses what works"
The young officer liked being called sir. "But there are civilians on this ship too"
"Expendables- these are all Vesi no one cares about who would send a friend to colonize the stars when it's a 75% rate of death"
"That's only because of the Quxikotl wars, besides," he pulled out his pistol, " we're prepared this time".
"As if you know anything if the Quxikotl," the old Vesum chuckled again.
No longer afraid, Smith turned to peer out the window. He could see the 12 seas (well at least he thought, 7 of them) and specks of brown and green land. The sight was beautiful. "Wow," he murmured softly, the water had stopped in his gills. Vesia is a beautiful place, and am I glad to live here. It showed no signs of poluttion or humongous factories, no smog or robots clotting things up. Blue as the day Boer swam the seas.
"Sir, we've docked with the colony ship," a solider had swam into the passage and saluted.
"Tell the captain" The trip up into the atmosphere and been quicker than he expected.
They were traveling to a moon of Jalaryias to set up an outpost and possible colony for Vesia. Rumor had it something was already living there, but no evidence was shown with a far range scan so the king stamped the charter and assigned a squadron of ships along with 100 vesi-under my command.
You'll be fine, he told himself, nothing to worry about. He had done well at the academy. He could shoot an entire clip accurately and have it reloaded in under 30 seconds and he could trust his life to any one of his men- they were all skilled.
The Lieutenant stood up, strapped on his bag, and propelled himself to the entrance his body gliding through the water.
Then he remembered, there would be no swimming for a while. The colony ship needed to be lighter and besides there might not be water on a small moon anyway (what's the point if even landing there if there's no water, no just follow orders). He'd get used to it. He was the best at out of water combat in his class-that's why he'd got this mission-still it gave him the chills to think of such a long time without being submerged under the waves.
Hssss the airlock whistled and the door shut behind him draining water from the room. Several colonists gasps were audible, but everyone had the masks securely tightened around their gills. Here goes the doors opened and he stepped into the vessel headed far away from his birth land.
@BilboTheGreat then I would say at this point not many of the Vesi follow Dracrekhi, but missionary work would not be stopped by the King...
@BilboTheGreat Do you mind if Vesia has a small split of sorts broken away from the Union, but in other respects religiously following Dracrekhi?
Or is Political and Religious 100% linked?
@Sigma@Ozerath@KlomsterThere is plenty of trade to go round and sounds good.
Natural and Manufactored resources of Vesia include: metals, common along with rare earth metals, minerals, and alloys; solar panels; seafoods ranging from delicacies of tender fish to the humble seaweed; textiles (not cloth, but other fabrics made from sea animals); and crude oil and other fuels.
As for downtrodden masses leaving Vesia, not many now although that could change and some Vesi wanting a life outside water may respiratory to becoming cyborgs.
Would any nations be interested in having trading and an uneasy friendship with Vesia?
@sigma how much technology do our civilizations have? Is space travel super expensively and new or common to all citizens?
Definitely interested thinking if doing an aquatic democratic state with emphasis on commerce
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