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Ok, I'm officially on my break. If I don't get my character out tomorrow, we'll, idk what I'll do.
I am beyond sorry for not being present as of late, some stuff's come up and I've been fairly busy through the past couple days. I've got everything set up that I need, though, I just haven't found the time to finish my character. Hopefully, I'll be able to do that today.
No need to be sorry, everything's been pretty helpful.
@Waving Willow In the most likely case, I'm just gonna be doing it as a go lol. Though I could probably find the time to get all of 'em matched.
I'm having a slight bit of trouble with removing the background, but I have one that I manually removed the background from. The only problem being it's kinda rough.
@Waving Willow I'm still in the process of figuring out how to stack images lmao.
@Waving Willow I've actually been using this one called PhotoPea, but I'll check that one out. Thanks for the suggestion!
Alright, after toiling for about an hour thirty with some browser based photo editing thing, I got my transparency set up lol. Should pump out a sheet here shortly.
Room for one more? If this isn't dead?

Edit: Didn't even realize there were three tabs here lol, and how soon the last message was. Regardless, I'm still interested.
Welcome to this fucking dumpster fire of a community! :D

Glad to be here fanning the fire!
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