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1 mo ago
Current Really in the mood for a Card game/ Anime based RP
2 yrs ago
RP and work hardly ever mix especially when you call a co worker by an RP characters name
2 yrs ago
bored at home as per usual.


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Sounds good to me and if you don't want to play a digi-destined you can always play one of the 4 main bads.
Sweet I'll see what I can do to him here in a bit
no but I do wanna wait just a little longer to see what happens
As of this post Light, Thunder, Wood, Fire, and Steel have been claimed. That leaves; Ice, Wind, Water, Earth, and Darkness open. Please keep this in mind when making characters. Also feel free to put in for those that wanna help in playing the evil 4 we have here no need for character sheets as they are, well Evil. Not much to expand upon there save for a few plot points later on.
both accepted
Hop on over to the OOC
Within reason
Just checking on weather or not my character is accepted
Both are accepted
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