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Current I'm so dang excited for tonight. been waiting far too long and now have a list of Kingdom Hearts related songs on a freaking loop since midnight! Wait is almost over.
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3 yrs ago
Really in the mood for a Card game/ Anime based RP
5 yrs ago
RP and work hardly ever mix especially when you call a co worker by an RP characters name
5 yrs ago
bored at home as per usual.


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These look great you guys. My co-GM and I are gonna look over these decks tonight and I'll let you know the for sure answer. But for now, it all looks great I don't see a problem at all so far.

Here we go guys go ahead and start working on those Character sheets
This here is a Slice of Life, style story set in the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe. The idea here is that there's no huge universal/ world-ending threat, just a bunch of duelists and their stories on their way to graduation and eventually the pro scene. The timeline is a bit different however as the story will take place in the distant future with the events of any anime after 5ds being non-cannon in our story. Duel Academy has changed and no longer places students in dorms based on skill, instead, they are placed based on their year with first years being in the Slifer red dorm and thrid years being in Obelisk blue. We're looking for a few more players to participate and I can't wait to see what people come up with.

[hider= Character Sheet]
Brief History:
Ace Monster:
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@WritingWolf That’s the best part you don’t have to be. If you have any questions about events that are mentioned please don’t hesitate to ask me about it via pm and I’ll gladly do my best to explain.

@Darkmoon Angel Glad to see you’re considering it.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Academy Stories!

So a good friend of mine and I were sitting back and re-watching Yu-Gi-Oh! GX when it hit us. What if we were to create a story that was centered around a bunch of Duel Academy students and their every day lives. Nothing crazy going on just a slice of life story that followed these duelists around through the Academy and beyond. The way we're working it goes as follows, Set in a timeline that separates from the rest right after 5ds the game evolved the same way but the events of the different anime no longer affect the timeline. The academy has changed so that the dorm colors represent what year you are in at the academy, not your skill level. Slifer being first years and Obelisk being third years.

I would really be interested! I do have a question for you though. are gen 8 pokemon included?
Ecliptor grinned seeing his girlfriend soar through the air and took the opportunity to attack while the Ogre was distracted. Lunging forward dodging a blow from the creature's club Ecliptor stabbed his blade into the monster's belly and slashed upward and out of the creature's shoulder kicking off the creature's head and landing beside Firefox with a grin as the monster bellowed in pain.
"Vexen finish it!" he yelled noticing the health of the creature was nearly depleted.
Ecliptor watched Firefox fly through the air and moved to see how she was when he saw her standing up.
"Don't worry about me love lets just kill this thing," she said. He nodded and drew his sword moving as quickly as he could toward the ogre-like creature. I hope this thing goes down quicker than they're thinking he thought to himself.
"Vexen, come on! Let's do this partner!" he shouted over his shoulder as he blocked the attack of the ogre.
Ecliptor having been watching her the entire time they walked and talked stopped suddenly looking up. He couldn't remember where Victor had run off other than it was a forest but he didn't think this was it.
"It could be, It's been months since then so my memory is a little hazy," he said looking to the ground before looking back up and leading the way into the forest searching for Vexen. Eventually, the pair came across a clearing leading directly into the mouth of a cave. this cave worried Jackson but he figured that was where Vexen had gone.
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