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5 yrs ago
Current I'm so dang excited for tonight. been waiting far too long and now have a list of Kingdom Hearts related songs on a freaking loop since midnight! Wait is almost over.
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6 yrs ago
Really in the mood for a Card game/ Anime based RP
8 yrs ago
RP and work hardly ever mix especially when you call a co worker by an RP characters name
8 yrs ago
bored at home as per usual.


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Just gonna drop this here XD.

Yes! Sorry for being so late on all this I'll be trying to get a post up tomorrow evening
<Snipped quote by Keyblade87>

Looks good! And I think it's pretty cool that we have Colton and Willa on the same team again XD.

I saw you using Colton and I know I had to grab either Willa or one of the Teen Wolf Girls
My CS is up and ready to be looked over whenever you get the chance
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I am sorry, but the rp is full at the moment. But, I can save you a spot if anyone drops.

I appreciate it thanks for the update
That leaves a bunch open! But, let's go with White, simple and awesome in its own right.
Absolutely gonna throw my interest in here. Big Star Wars fan and I'm super curious to explore all this and tell everyone's stories.
I'm sold on this concept alone! it's like a crazy mix of Gundam, Code Geas, and Zoids all rolled into one and I'm here for it.
Hey if there's any open spots I would absolutely be interested in this!
Oh wow i was about to give up on this XD if you know anyone else who'd be interested let em know about this so we can get started
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