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Current Really in the mood for a Card game/ Anime based RP
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RP and work hardly ever mix especially when you call a co worker by an RP characters name
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bored at home as per usual.


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well then
Short Post is short sorry it took me so long kids kept me away or when I could get on I had to get off shortly after
Aichi looked at the pair heading off and shrugged. He had been itching for something to happen and he's glad it was this. Grinning he takes off after them smiling the whole way and trying to imagine what kind of scene they'll come across.
Akira looked around the group and noted the air that seemed to hang over them all before addressing Miyuki.
"I just never really noticed in my own excitement." He said as he listened to <iyuki talk to the others before throwing his two cents in. "I've never really considered it replacing my gunpla even though at a basic level that's what it is. I've always considered it to be more like you and your gunpla have evolved to need different things and so you change together. Call me strange if you want but that's how I've viewed it" he said still smiling but less so than usual.
Jackson grinned and shrugged up at Liz.
"Tell you what," he began a little smugly. "If I do break her heart I will be the first person to come find you so you can do just that. Besides I'm starting to like the idea of being her man" he said smiling as they settled in for the movie as the others all piled in around the couches.
Akira was floored. His first run with his new gunpla and it was in an exclusive server! His mind began reeling and he opened his menus and began pouring over the data for his gunpla making sure everything was in order. Looking up to Isamu he grinned closing the menus again sheepishly.
"That sounds awesome I can't wait!" he said the excitement clear in his voice.
Ill try to get one up today

As a Kamen Rider fanboy (I'm sure my avatar gave that fact away easily enough) I laughed my ass off at "Happy Birthday, Half Cloak". Subarashii!, indeed.

That does for me as Well! I saw cake obsessed CEO and grinned
Akira was eager to dive into GBN and once in the lobby he checked his messages and saw one from Isamu.
"Guys, lets do a mission together. I think we had something pretty amazing before. Meet me at the lobby, I'll wait for as long as it takes."
The surge of excitement that Akira felt was insane. H knew at least one of them wanted to meet up again. As he looked around the lobby he found Isamu talking to the Meijin.
"Hey! Isamu, Meijin its good to see you both." he said as he approached with a smile.
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