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Current Really in the mood for a Card game/ Anime based RP
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RP and work hardly ever mix especially when you call a co worker by an RP characters name
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bored at home as per usual.


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Not entirely just been trying to figure out the character part of it
Vincent smiled receiving an obsidian colored stone that he clipped to his ear as soon as he could. As he looked up he was the Bard lose his clothing and gear and had to stifle a chuckle. Shouldn't be trifling with things you don't understand. he thought to himself as they all began to separate. Finding himself an area of the Library he began the research into ghouls trying to learn as much as he can. Looking for anything related to the Emperor ghoul they had been told about but sadly finding nothing but an old children's tale. Before long the Wood Elf looks to everyone and offered for whomever to travel with her to the adventurer's guild and look into recent rumors.
"I'd be happy to travel with you." he said smiling and standing from his chair. Vincent strode over to where the wood elf was standing and smiled again offering her his hand. "Also it's nice to meet you. I don't believe we have been formally introduced." He began bowing politely. "I am Vincent Amakiir of Reywald." He said giving a cocky half-grin believing he just introduced himself in a shocking manner as though people should know who he is
Not yet anyway
Would Lion King characters be plausible?
Oooohh this can get very fun
I'm definitely interested. I assume were following the whole all animals are now human thing?
The remainder of the walk to the palace was fairly uneventful. A few small conversations were started but all stopped as soon as the Twin Dukes appeared before them and began their introductions. Admittedly the timing of the celestial seemed a bit too perfect for Vincent's taste but he always could respect a flair for the dramatic. As for the God in question, he had heard of them but never really cared to look farther into it. As the group began their discussion Vincent stepped forward.
"The Emperor Ghoul is what intrigues me the most." he began scratching his chin. "I remember a legend that your library may hold secrets of. If you all don't mind I may join you there to do some research of my own into this matter. Though I doubt any ghoul could take us on." He added with a cocky half grin.
So excited to get this going
Vincent marched through the city following what seemed like a long line of heroes on their way back from some grand adventure. But of course, he knew better. They were here because they answered the call of the Twin Dukes to come here to the Seat of Mavros. Vincent was fiddling with his chain shirt as they walked not knowing what else to do. He had to admit he was nervous the last time he had been in Mavros he had nearly caught the city on fire by accident and had since avoided the city.
As he always did though, Vincent hid any nerves he had behind a cocky grin and a bow. They continued to walk through the city with crowds of people all gathering to watch them march onward. There were quite a few who shouted at him angrily but others, mainly the young ones, stared on at all of them in awe clearly dreaming of the adventuring life.
Oh if only you knew young ones. If only you knew.
His family had at first hated his adventuring lifestyle. But growing up in Reywald he knew that he was meant for more so he spent his time helping out the people of the city and even learning from a Warlock in the city. That was before the Phoenix's spark ignited within him and he burned down his masters home killing him in the process. From them on his family marked him as a black sheep with his sister wanting nothing more than for him to perish while adventuring so she could claim his place as the future Duke of Reywald.

"Yeah some have called me a monster. I merely look at them and say 'Then you haven't met my mother'"
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