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Max Nova, used to be an (arguably cringy) roleplayer on Everyplay before it was shut down on Oct 1st/18, in the time I took a break, and I lost all my friends on there. Oof. Will join pretty much any rp.

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Alright @IceHeart lemme know if I missed anything! I edited previous sheet if that’s okay
“Well.. bad time.” As Blyke approached the students and teacher, he turned around and went directly back into class. Lame. “Hopefully something interesting happens” he stated on the way back. He arrived at the classroom and simply waited impatiently.
“Man. I say we go and fight that kid. I haven’t fought in like.... a day!” Blyke was clearly irritated at the fact that he hadn't been able to injure anyone severely in the recent days. After about a minute of thinking, he came to the conclusion that this was a terrible idea. “..Nevermind, I’m out of ideas. We could do charades! Or.. or.. tic tac toe!” He frowned. “Whatever.” He bailed and leaped out the window, going to see the commotion outside. He begun to approach the worry-circle.
@IceHeart sorry, still not really used to this. Should I repost here?
John wakes up from his tent, yawning and stretching. The day is here.. but it’s dark? He pinches himself. “Ow!” Not a dream. He unpacks one of the Hot Dogs he brought along, lights a bonfire, and begins to make his breakfast. And yet.. Something felt off. Like this forest wasn’t the same as it was before. “Oh well, I’m heading back today anyway,” he thinks aloud.


What am I? Why am I here? As I roam the forest, this is what goes through my mind. I.. don’t exist? Do I exist? When He sent me in this forest, I knew nothing, besides that I had to eliminate all human life. Yet.. I can’t speak like I feel I should. My thoughts are blo- ”Kill.”
Name: John
Appearance: Extremely average, 6 feet tall, short black hair, slightly muscular
Skills: Face-to-face melee combat, can knock someone (or something) out with a few punches.
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Bio: Took boxing when he was 9, up until now. He went camping in this forest and was never seen again.


Name: “Unknown”
Appearance: Whatever is needed to lure someone in
Powers: Can turn into someone’s greatest love, only after knowing about them. Has ears all over the forest. Can not hurt anyone if they haven’t been lured in.

Appearance: (image or description
Bio (optional):
Other (optional):

Monster skeleton:

Other (optional):
Bio (optional):
Hello everyone! This is a roleplay about the ‘corruption’ spreading over the forest. You can play as a monster hunting humans, a human hunting monsters, or a survivor. ALL CHARACTERS CAN DIE. No deaths straight away, and if you do get killed in a legit manner that everyone agrees on, you can make a new character.
I will now cut to the story.

20 years ago, a seed was discovered to be plagued with an unknown disease. After a short-lived war over the ‘Corruption seed’ was won by reckless scientists, it was planted in an obscure forest. This was not a good idea. As of now, the seed has taken over the forest, summoned monsters to wipe life inside the forest, and made the forest.. infinite to some extent. The poor souls trapped in there cannot leave. Although the seed must be producing tons of energy to create the powers it currently has, its range of corruption is still spreading. Could this be the end of human life? Or will someone find and destroy the seed before it’s too late?

If you’d like to enter, submit a character in Characters and say something here. Have fun!
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