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That is probably the best bio for myself I will ever write.


If you came to get to know me, you're in the right place. Unfortunately, I am super bad at writing these things for myself.
My characters, no problem.
Me, complete bluescreen mode initiated. So I'm just gonna quote myself from the introducing topic thing.

I've been roleplaying for over a decade on multiple sites and platforms, but this one is new to me. So I wouldn't mind being given tips and tricks to help learn how to better use this site to enjoy roleplaying, it would be very appreciated. I mostly do semi-lit and advanced literate roleplays because casual often diminished into one-liners that just suck the fun,l the energy, and soul out of me though it's good in its own way.

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@Rockin Strings I’ll post later today.

Ryan had been up since early in the morning, having gotten himself up to go for a jog before he went to school and still have time to put himself together to be the best kind of tour guide he could be. Not that having Samantha Queen as his person to show around had drastically changed his plans of how he was going to do just that, but she was probably going to get a kick out of it. To be fair, he had the idea as cosplaying Tuxedo Mask the second he read that the Rosefell students were going to guide Liberty kids around, with a rose in hand to make them feel special cause this was probably a nightmare for them. He could empathize with not wanting to have to start from the bottom again at a new school, and so was going to do his damnedest to start whoever-he-had-been-paired-with’s day.

Being saddled with his favorite streamer, who he knew was as big of a fan for a certain sailor themed magical girl show, was like being blessed with good fortune—Or possibly being set down the road of ruin courtesy the biggest fanfiction trope there ever was. But Sean was an optimistic guy, so he was decided take it as the former halfway through dawning on his handmade suit and cape after his shower to so he could focus on getting his hair situated despite going to where a top hat he made to specifically be able to collapse so he could put it in his locker instead of wearing it around all day.

With how well his hair was cooperating today, he wasn’t gonna hide it, plus he was sure that his teachers would object to both it and the cape. His mother leaning against the doorframe into his room with her cup of coffee, watching him put the final touches with a smile on her face and all three of the dogs sitting at her feet.

“You sure they won’t mistake you for a butler?” She asked after taking a sip from her cup, the corners of her eyes wrinkling up to show that she was still smiling despite her mouth being covered.

”Too bad that’s not my job~” Sean replied back in sing-song like tone, flicking his cape up with a flourish as he turned and went to his mother, taking one of her hands in his and leading her in a makeshift dance that she had to set her coffee down for. A soothing but upbeat and danceable song playing in the background from his phone that they informally waltzed to.

The woman ending up laughing at the antics of her son the second he had spun her around, a lovely sound that wasn’t heard as often as it should since his father had passed but their only son had way of remedying that without even realizing it. Though she had to cut it short by pulling away, shaking her head as she went back to the doorway. “Okay, okay. Hurry it up there Mr Mask, if you want to take my car and get there on time you need to leave soon.”

”You’re letting me take the car!?” Sean asked, whipping around from where he had been putting on the white domino mask on his, eyes wide and his mouth open in a growing smile of giddiness that made his mother start chuckling again, giving a serious nod in return. Within seconds, her baby boy ran up to her cheering and had managed to pick her up in a tight hug as he kept walking to the living room where he finally placed her down after a small spin and her having to pat his shoulder to let him know. Sunny, Daphne, and Shaggy, all receiving loving pats one the head as he passed by them and out the door, taking a pair of car keys from the stand they were hanging on by the front door.

Kim Bergara stood there, looking at the recently closed door for a moment before shifting her honeyed gaze to the three dogs sitting patiently across from her.

“3. 2. 1-“ Sean quickly came back into the home and rushed past her to his room saying, ”I forgot to grab my stuff for school.”

His voice carried through the hallway as he picked up his backpack, holding it by the top strap as he soon pocketed his phone, seeing that Miki had sent him a message since he had left it, and a small bouquet of fake roses that he was going to be handing out to the new people as he saw them in his classes. There was a real one in the middle for his person to give a tour to, but he was more worried about being able to pick up his mother’s cup of coffee without spilling it.

On his way back through, he handed her the cup and kissed her on the cheek as he passed. ”Thank you Mom, I love you, and have a nice day off. There’s French toast in the kitchen if you get hungry.” Sean blurted out quick just seconds before he shut the front door behind him so the sweet doggos didn’t try to follow him to school. His cape billowed behind as he skipped down the step, checking Miki’s message and quickly sending one of his own so that he wouldn’t need to once he got into the black 2001 Kia his mother was letting him borrow.

To: Miki Wiki
I’m omw rn, running a little late.

He had some idea of what Miki wanted, but wasn’t sure enough to put what his answer would have been in text, plus she probably needed a pick me up the most considering she was going to have to tackle dealing with a defensive Missy on the warpath. Which he couldn’t blame her for either, the transfer was definitely going to upset the balance that had been keeping the school together, so maybe he could at least get Miki in a more charitable mood for the inevitable fallout that was going to wash down on Rosefell from two queens butting heads for the throne.

Thankfully, living in this town his whole life had his perks, so he knew the best way to avoid the traffic, and it wasn’t that long until he was parking in the almost filled parking lot. Watching him get out of the car, all dressed up in a suit and cape was comical enough that he earned a few laughs from those who were paying attention. The few Liberties he did see being tossed a rose before he left in the same fashion as who was dressed as.

”My job is done here.” And swish of his cape signaled his departure, as he turned and made a beeline for the welcome desk to get his nametag and check for Miki, or wait for her there until Samantha showed up and he would need to start his tour. The glitter covered hallway and streamers were a nice touch, along with the handwritten sign that he could tell from one look, had been written by Cael. The fact the chaotic duo had done so well to spruce up the old hallways to make it look like they cared and were happy to welcome the Liberty kids made big boi BOOgara hella proud of his little friends.

For now he would focus on writing his name neatly besides the lost new guy beside him. Hearing him ask for Cael made him perk up, and turn a bit to address him with a smile, when he noticed his friend checking out another one of the new faces. Something that he kept in mind for later when they were in drama together, cause he wouldn’t be a true friend if he didn’t get the details of his first thoughts on the new guys.

”You and Rae were the ones who set up the decorations right? They look great!” Sean said jovially as he walked over to where Cael stood and gently patted his friend on the back for his work before beaming at both Caspian and Christian. ”I’m not your tour guide, but it’s still nice to meet you both. The name’s Sean, and I got a rose for you if you’d like to have one.”

A @GhostMami & @Kiki is Anxious Collaboration

Cael’s blue 2010 Toyota Corolla rolled up to the curb outside his best friends house. A short, quick honk of the horn announced his arrival. Looking up at the pale light of the morning sky, he realized that it was probably way too early to have honked, but he’d already done it, and couldn’t take it back now. Sorry neighbors! Knowing how sleepy Rae could be, he shot her a quick text to say that he was ‘here’ as well. He sipped his salted caramel latte as he watched the front door of Rae’s house like a hawk, eager to see whatever first day of school outfit she had planned. A café au lait waited for her in the cup holder between him and the passenger seat.

Bless that poor soul who would have ever tried to wake Rae up earlier than noon that wasn’t Cael. She was triggered the second she heard the car horn from down in her basement lair bedroom, not that anyone who peeked their head in there could tell from how cluttered it was. The sound of a bunch of snakes hissing reverberated the room before the telltale lyrics of one of the most iconic My Chemical Romance songs about marching bands that there ever was. It worked like a snake charmer, where the lithe teen slithered out from her covers to reach for it at the other end of the room. Still in her pajamas with the rattiest version of bedhead yet. Unlocking it served to only blind her with the light that was Cael’s text, leaving her screeching in a very convincing pterodactyl impression for a few seconds as her tired eyes adjusted for her to read it calmly. Her foot tapped against the ground as the message processed.

Now, her boi Cael, knew her well enough to be able to piece together the timeline from when she sent her response of ‘C U SON’ to know that when she came leaping out of her front door ten minutes later with damp hair and looking like she hopped out of the tv while Coraline was playing, that she forgot that they had planned to do this. From how fast she was running to get to his car, one might have even believed that the Other Mother was inside the house trying to snatch her up, but alas she made it in record time. Opening the passenger door of the blue Corolla and plopping herself in the seat, letting her messenger bag rest by her feet, now taking a good look at Cael before letting out a low whistle. “You look like you’re about to seduce the lord of the underworld.”

Cael beamed at the compliment on his first day of school look. “Well, if Hades is hot enough and joining our student body from Liberty, then yes, I certainly am!” He smirked at his dishevelled bff and plucked her beverage out of the cup holder. Handing it to her, he said, “Drink up, we’ve got a lot of work to do before Hades and his hounds arrive. The trunk is packed full of the best collection of streamers, glitter, poster board, balloons, and more glitter that the Dollar Tree could provide, all in Liberties colors, of course.” Cael spieled as he punched the accelerator and zoomed down the road to Rosefell. “And of course, the principal granted us permission to enter the school early to decorate, so we’re all set!” He took a left turn at a shocking speed, the car feeling like it might two-wheel it around the bend. Driving with Cael was always a bit… thrilling.

“You could say that he’s hotter than hell.” Rae responded back, accepting the drink with a small raise of the cup before bravely putting it to her lips to drink because her tongue has honestly survived through enough pizza rolls fresh from the oven to be immune to hot coffee at this point, silently putting on her seatbelt in the meantime. “They can deal, besides, glitter is better than any of those blood diamonds they use as rhinestones.” She lamented with a hum, enjoying the taste of the creamy coffee she favored over all the rest, watching the scenery outside the car windows zoom past thanks to the fast stunt double type of driving Chauffeur Cael brought to the table—or road? “Little Toe really wants to smooth over the transfer so no one starts asking him questions about what happened. Which, respect to that funky cryptid man, but I’m not buying it. I honestly think there might be more there that they might be able to fill us in on.” Taking another long drink of her hot beverage with no fear of spilling it on herself and becoming disfigured, she put it back in the cup holder to put her arms up as if this was a roller coaster ride instead of drive to school with a laugh enjoying the feeling of Cael’s Fast and Furious driving skills.

“Pfft,” Cael snorted in response to her lame pun. Rae’s descriptions for people were odd, but entirely Rae, and Cael had been speaking Rae’s language for years now. “Oh, I knowww.” He replied to her musings with wide eyes as he put the car in park in the empty student parking lot. “There is something hella sketch going on with this transfer, but I have no doubt that your sleuthing skills will get to the bottom of this mystery.” He said with a wink before popping the trunk and hopping out of the car. The craft supplies had scattered around out of the bags thanks to his driving, so Cael had to take a few moments to gather everything before he and Rae had to schlep it all into the school. “I got some silver stuff to pair with the blue and white because I felt like it’d need a bit more… shimmer! Do you think they’ll mind that it’s not entirely Liberty colors?” He pondered, already worrying about the thoughts and feelings of these new students.

Rae was quick to get out of the car and put her feet back on the ground, her bag comfortably placed on her shoulder and her coffee in hand as she followed Cael to the trunk from her side, casually sipping her drink nodding along to his own observation of the suspicious transfer. A Cheshire grin forming on her lips at being flattered by her bff putting his faith in her detective abilities. “If I don't, they’ve replaced me with a clone.” She was joking for the most part about that, but at being asked about the color choices. She took a deep breath through her nose, pursing her lips, before ultimately shrugging. “Should be fine, us deviating makes it more like we’re welcoming some distant cousin back for the first time instead of us hella simpin’ for their money and trying to jedi mind trick them into thinking we are a better school than we actually are.” Taking a good chunk of the supplies into her arms, Rae grinned at Cael, gently knocking her hip into his. “Seriously, it’ll be fine. The territorial spats that are gonna go down between the wolf pack and the empusa squad are probably going to be the only real fights that come up.”

“Can’t wait!” Cael grinned. Rae was right, this transfer was going to stir up some delicious drama and gossip. Cael, for one, couldn’t wait for it all to unfold. Queen Melissa in particular was going to lose her shit… and absolutely will hate his and Rae’s decorations. “This place seems haunted this early…” Cael observed as the pair entered the school. The halls were empty and only dimly lit by the sunrise. He found a switch and flicked on some of the lights to brighten it up. There was a table set up with name tags and paperwork on it, but no one was manning it yet.

“Alright, let’s get to it!” Cael exclaimed before pulling out a roll of poster board. He unfurled it on the table and began to work his magic with paints, glue, glitter, fuzzy pom poms, and markers. At the end of it all, the signage flamboyantly read: “Welcome to Rosefell High!” in shades of blue, white, and silver. This would be his pride and joy of the whole display. “Their colors are so much prettier than ours, it’s a shame they have to switch to the edgelord knight’s colors.”

Rae gave a hearty laugh at Cael bringing up the fact that the school looked haunted. It wouldn’t be hard to imagine ghouls and other creepy things hidden from them for one reason or another lurking around in the darkness. “Plenty of people die of boredom here for it to be possible.” The thought didn’t bother her much as she followed after her friend with the DIY decoration supplies in her arms, her discerning eye looking over the dimly lit space before the lights flickered to life and she could set all the things down by the table. Since she was horrible with any form of drawing, she was stuck with handing her bff the supplies to work his magic when she wasn’t coloring in stencils as directed. Sometime into it had begun humming under her breath a tune that kept shifting to different songs halfway through. Leaning back, she looked over Cael’s shoulder to look at his work. “Ooooh, nice touch. I’d definitely trade the black for silver. But having red isn’t too bad as Rosefell’s colors.”

“True enough! I guess I’m just biased because red is really not my color. Way too angry of a color.” Cael nodded in appreciation of his completed poster work. “Oh, you’ll like this next bit!” The purple haired boy exclaimed before digging around in his bag of goodies and pulled out some baggies of blue and white balloons. “While the poster dries, we can just blow a bunch of these up and tape them… like… everywhere.” He said, pulling out a blue balloon and inhaling deep before inflating it with a mighty sequence of exhales. “But if you aren’t as good at blowing as me, then there’s streamers that need to be hung up too.” Cael winked at the intentional innuendo. “You can climb to your heart’s content to hang em. Just twist the colors together and then do little swoopy swag things.” He explained, making gestures with his hands of the intended shapes.

“Yeah, red is hella intense, but isn’t it also supposed to mean passion or something… Yeah, you’re right. That doesn’t fit this school at all.” Rae started off strong but soon quickly fell into her thoughts about the symbolism of red, and soon found herself agreeing with what he had said before. Her confused expression morphing into glee as Cael brought out the second steps for decoration.

“And be shown up by the master, I’ll stick to the hands on approach.” She grinned back with a shake of her head, laughing a bit before taking the bag of streamers so she could work a little farther down the hall first. “Gremlins gotta climb, and I’m good with my hands, so this should be a piece of cake for me.” Rae called out from the end of the hall as she got the first three sets of streamers to weave together before attempting to do any climbing, or the swoopy swags for the flourishes.

“Don’t hurt yourself!” Cael called down the hall as he went about his task. After inflating two dozen balloons, his cheeks were flushed redder than the Rosefell colors they were just discussing. He bunched the balloons into groups of two, one blue and one white, and taped them all around. Some on the sign-in table, some by the doors, some along the halls near the entrance. Deciding that the balloons themselves weren’t flashy enough, he got some of the silver glitter and sprinkled it atop the balloons so that it could stick to them via static. Blowing glitter around the halls got Cael thinking with a mischievous smirk. He made his way over to where Rae was working and waited for her to get down from the chair before saying, “Hey, Rae!” When she turned to respond, he blew a cloud of silver glitter towards her face before cackling and sprinting away.

Rae had managed to line the hallways with swirls of blue and white, that crossed at the entrance before she was left with the choice of going farther into the school with what little she had left, or get creative. So she made puffy flowers from the streamers to hide where the ones lining the hallways were taped down. While she was making her way down from putting one of the last makeshift flowers up, she could hear Cael come up behind her and call her name. A glitter attack to the face was not something she expected, but she was happy to have kept her mouth shut at least. Still, she was left sputtering and wiping the glitter away from her eyes, nose, and mouth for a few seconds. His cackling poking her growing need for pay back. “Oh you are gonna get glitzed Cael!” She yelled, snatching up one of the tubes of glitter from the table and setting off running after him because he chose to run away despite knowing dang well she was one of the stars for the track team. When she would catch up to him, she was so going to drizzle it over him just as heartily as he had puffed it into her face.

“Aaaackkk!” Cael screeched in response to being caught by his much faster friend. Instead of a light dusting, Rae had gone for quantity over quality and dumped an entire tube of blue glitter over his head while he tried to slither out of her spidermonkey grasp. “Awe, c’mon, not the hair!” He said with a whine but followed it with a giggle. Shaking his head caused a puff of glitter to sprinkle all around the both of them. The glitter fight and shenanigans continued until the faculty chastised the pair and some students started to arrive. “We should… probably wash up before our Liberty Bells get here, anyway. What’s the name of yours again?” Cael asked as he placed a name tag on himself.

It was her turn to cackle now that her revenge was satiated, and she wasn’t the only one who looked like she was an extra for a Twilight spoof film. “Now we match~” She chirped happily in an almost devilish sing-song tone after the cost was clear of the faculty that had caught them in the Glitter Act. Though that happiness morphed into an intense thinking expression where she pressed her lips into a thin line while trying to recall the email she had read a week ago for the name of her assigned tourist.

“I think my hair is gonna have glitter in it for at least a few days even if I did… But maybe I can convince one of them that I'm a sparkly vampire with it? I got a belle named Olivia Howard, so maybe she is still in the Twilight phase and it’ll work.” She answered while placing her own name tag on the front of her coat since she only really needed it for the tour and not to wear all day, or so she thought rather hopefully. “I’ll probably go find them first and have the bathrooms be the first stop. Kill two birds with one stone.” She added with a small salute to her partner-in-glitter-crime while backing up all the way to the entrance to start looking. “Good luck with finding that Christ dude.”

“It’s Christian, you goober!” Cael said and stuck his tongue out, still feeling the aftereffects of their silliness. “Good luck with the vampire thing, but I’m going to try to make a slightly better first impression. I mean, what if he’s uber hott?! Catch you on the flipside, cupcake!” Cael said and saluted his sparkling biffie before heading to the bathroom. After doing his best to wash the glitter off of his face at the very least, Cael left the restroom in time to hear his name being spoken around the corner by the sign-in table.

Cael flitted over to the students there gave one of them a light smack on the shoulder. “Goodness, don’t lie to them, Peter. You knew I was just in the bathroom real quick!” The lavender-haired teen looked up to see a pair of new faces — well, one of them was new. The other one was… black eye coffee? He nearly blurted that allowed, but instead just stared like a confused idiot for a moment. What was he doing at a high school? And god damn, he was wearing the glasses. Cael practically swooned, but was quickly disappointed to see that his name tag read “Caspian” instead of “Christian”. Caspian, huh? He’d have to remember that for later. But for now, he grinned at the nearly equally handsome Christian and greeted him. “Your search has ended, my friend. I’m Cael! Welcome to Rosefell.” Extending a hand for the boy to shake, he wondered if all of the Liberty Boys were built like these two. Gods, one could hope.

It had been a long journey to get to this small town, regardless of whether it really was or not, it felt that it had taken ages and the Jihu had seen many things she never happened upon in the forest that had been Akko's home. Her wide-eyed gaze that tried to absorb every small detail of the relic like town was easily displaced as her simply being not from the area, just as her appearance raised no questions. No one could tell she had a fluffy tail swishing about behind her, right at her tail bone, or ears that stood up excitedly on her head. She was just a pretty young woman dressed conservatively in nicely tailor robes with a decently sized satchel secured on her person, completely in awe at seemingly mundane items she crossed paths with.

The disguise was nice enough to keep her from being messed with by the unsavory sort, and the rest underestimating how fast she was kept her safe from the rest. Though that may simply, and more likely, be due to luck being on her side since having left her comfortable little home on this trek of hers. She had only two goals in mind, but that didn't mean she wouldn't get sidetracked at times with the unknown.

Curiosity beamed in her golden orbs that danced all around as excitedly as she walked with a skip in her step. Why had she came to this remote town? Well, from what her real ears had overheard was the spreading whispers of someone who was well versed in magic might be here. Now as well off as she is with her own, it wouldn't hurt to get some kind of advice from a person who had mastered the arcane arts of mana. However that left her to her own devices to find such a person, and so being more on the clueless side, the little vulpine was easily distracted by a mere fountain that she could feel the cold water wash over her fingers when she poked at the gentle stream cascading down into the basin.

Unbeknownst to the incoming duo, their conversation fell on a pair of hidden fur-covered ears that twitched. The leader? Was there a matriarch in this town? Her fingers were withdrawn from the water for her to stare at as her thoughts swirled.

"That doesn't seem right..."
Kitty was happily residing in her room reading on top of her bed whilst laying on her stomach. Using her thumb to turn the pages as she finished them, content in letting her mind be at peace with the words on the page being the only things to fill it with a voice. Her own. A rarity for her when she wasn't left to her own devices, with the silent change of her door turning to a liquid and flowing back to the teen who controlled it, a few thoughts wandered into her mind as her room became unsheltered from the hallway as well as the others down her hall.

A familiar voice pinging in her mind ratherly loudly from proximity, and the white-haired girl placed her book down while she slipped off her bed. Landing on her feet, she silently walked over to the open doorway and peeked out with her head. Face deadpanned as her grayish blue eyes wandered to the figure resting on the wall next to her-- well where her door had been. The edges of her mouth twitching downward as her brows furrowed.

'Of course it would be you.'

Her calm voice chimed in the metallic limbed boy's mind, clear as though she had actually whispered it in his ear despite how her lips hadn't moved at all, and she was verbally mute. Her head tilted to the side as she scanned the hallway to confirm what she had already guessed had happened. All of their doors were gone, and she was left with the whispers of their thoughts running in her head without much choice in the matter. With her own ears, she could hear the sounds of radios going behind the makeshift blockade Axel had made and rolled her eyes at the situation itself.

'What is it that you're up to this time?' She asked, without even looking back at him at first. Her question quietly placed in only his head to hear. Her gaze shifting back to him by the end, staring from the corners of her eyes at the familiar male who was taller than her despite her being older. Then again, life was rather unfair.
@Rockin Strings
Are they permitted to go out of their rooms right now? Can they see Axel from their rooms?
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