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That is probably the best bio for myself I will ever write.


If you came to get to know me, you're in the right place. Unfortunately, I am super bad at writing these things for myself.
My characters, no problem.
Me, complete bluescreen mode initiated. So I'm just gonna quote myself from the introducing topic thing.

I've been roleplaying for over a decade on multiple sites and platforms, but this one is new to me. So I wouldn't mind being given tips and tricks to help learn how to better use this site to enjoy roleplaying, it would be very appreciated. I mostly do semi-lit and advanced literate roleplays because casual often diminished into one-liners that just suck the fun,l the energy, and soul out of me though it's good in its own way.

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“It’s Christian, you goober!” Cael corrected Rae for her mistake, his voice following after her as she continued down the hallway to the doorway leading out to go look out in the parking lot. “Good luck with the vampire thing, but I’m going to try to make a slightly better first impression. I mean, what if he’s uber hott?! Catch you on the flipside, cupcake!”

Oh Cael, that was just quitter talk, and she was not a quitter— Okay, when given the option to quit for food that might not be true but her appetite will always be one of her greatest weaknesses. Sunlight, crosses, wooden stakes, and garlic be damned.

Her mind plagued with the thought of soft red velvet cupcakes, courtesy of her best friends last words she almost lost the objective she had set out to do in the now much more crowded parking lot. Students were now here, whether they wanted to be or not, and while some had the nerve to stare at her for how she looked like she dove head first into an Elsa play pin glitter pool. When she stared back at them abruptly with a concentrated glare, paused in place similar to a dog with their ears straight up, an alert posture as they were looked over like she was about to either roast them alive or gouge their eyes out cause she wasn’t at all aware of the face she was making while trying to find a name tag.

Thankfully no one bothered her, the fear of becoming the next carrier for the glitter virus was enough to let her move about unimpeded for the most part.

“...Not one Olivia...” She mumbled unhappily, her head leaning back with a groan, staring at the sky for a sign just as the voice of the man, the myth, the legend, her brother from another mother played out for all to hear like a gift from on high.

“Yo, yo, yo. It’s your boy Spike, hoping all you cool kids are enjoying being back at school and for you Liberty peeps out there, welcome, man. It’s good to have you here, joining the Knights. Remember to get your fake rose from Tuxedo Mask and a lollipop from me, the guy in the knight suit. There’s also some breakfast shit in the cafeteria.”

Not needing to be told twice, she had a bounce in her step while she went in a jog in the direction of the cafeteria. Fully accepting that her sign was answered like a fortune cookie paper detailing that food was in her future. And who was she to disagree with the disembodied voice of a bro—

”Now, can Rachelle Rawlins please come to the main office? Rachelle Rawlins PLEASE come to the main office. I got a special delivery, just for you! BYEEEE!”


It was comical and slightly off putting to see the girl freeze like a statue mid-jog the second her name was called. That once blissful look morphing into a pout as she raised her shaking fist to the sky, inwardly cursing the odds against her eating food and in favor of the janitors who would have to clean the glitter imprint she would have made.

Instead she had to turn, on her heel with a grace that was confusing as she would robotically be fast walking like a woman in sixties with her exercise pack of housewives only seconds later back to where she had once came. A trail of silver and a few blue sparkles falling behind her like cosmetic dust thanks to her speed.

Gradually she got faster the closer she got to where she wanted to be, by the time she was passing by familiar faces she was actually running since her first inclination was that Spike had found some top tier candy while getting stocked up for today— or maybe it was info on a new edition of comics sold at the book store- either way she had gotten herself hyped.

And a hyped Rae was basically human Sonic, fur and physically impossible speed aside, but she was fast enough that she ended up sliding on the floor during the final turn for anyone standing where Miss Applebottomjeanswiththebootsandthefur normally sat in the main office to watch the teen as she corrected herself so she didn’t fall flat on her ass. Her converses just didn’t get the traction they used too on these floors anymore.


She could still excitedly skip into the room with a grand swinging of the door as she opened it.

“Broooooo-” Rae cooed, her eyes flickering away from Spike to the girl she had never seen before beside him, addressing her quickly without skipping a beat, “Hi-”

“What was the delivery you had to go god speech for...” The dyed haired girl narrowed her eyes at Spike as she looked back at the unknown girl again briefly, in suspicion since the dude she claimed as her big brother being around a girl who was picture perfect and dressed like she was delicately pulled from an iconic pink box was not the surprise she was expecting at all. So her mind was going in several directions. ”Is this a Life-Size scenario?”

“I guess that is… acceptable.” Cael replied with a smirk that Sean matched with a beaming smile, rolling his eyes at the behavior knowing full well that he loved his cooking as much as their smaller friend who had a bottomless stomach.

Granted it took a lot to really damper his mood or hurt his feelings, something that might shock a few since he was the guy handing out flowers the first day. Well, he was offering flowers, and the new male he definitely could see Cael watching with what had been affectionately labeled as the fae gaze. Not that Christian, the only guy he knew the name of so far from Liberty, didn’t get looked over by his pastel haired friend. Something was definitely was in the water there, this amount of eye candy was a little suspicious.

Maybe he had spent too much time with Rae over the summer.

”Nah man. I’m good. Thanks though. Just not a fan of flowers.” The man of the hour was at least a good sport with letting him know that flowers weren’t his thing. He laughed along with Chris, no hard feelings to be had before gently nudging the guy with his arm.

”I get what you mean. Hope the rest of your day goes well.” Sean started off with a small wave of his hand as he began backing away, looking briefly at the clock. He couldn’t stay there much longer, not if he wanted to find his own tourist to guide and still be able to give them a good tour.

”For first days this one might be a doozy.” His last words for the trio, soon to be squad of four from the familiar face of another Rosefell student saddling up to Cael who was in his own conversation.

Spike’s announcement chimming in over head from the speakers that got a hearty laugh from him at his antics. Especially at the mention of DeVito, feeling as though he missed the context for it but still was amused by it none the less. It wouldn’t surprise him if he inadvertently quoted the famous man without meaning to.

Turning another corner to check one of the other name tag places, he was pleasantly surprised by the sight of Jo moonwalking her way away and quoting The Godfather like a legend. Even if her delivery was a little awkward, it was pretty solid. If she wasn’t so busy, it might be fun to have her participate with the Drama Club once in a while.

His brown eyes soon settled onto the girl she had been talking too, well the back of her, and put his best foot forward. Not aware that she was his Liberty Tourist, but was amicably walking up to her all the same.


His hand held the rim of his hat so he could tip it when he had gotten close enough, but to his surprise was quick to find out that the girl he had been walking up to was the very same Samantha he was paired with. Thankfully the fake rose he had been reaching for was close to the real one that was meant for her and he could cover up the beginning of what would have been a less in character welcome without skipping a beat.

”-l it would seem that lady fortune is smiling on me to have found you here. I’m sorry that I couldn’t have gotten to you sooner to start our tour. It’s an awful thing to make a beautiful girl wait.” Holding out the real rose with his gloved hand, Sean was bowing slightly with his free hand coming up gesture at his name tag with a smile on his face when he straightened up.

He was creative to say the least, and for that he earned a semblance of respect. DeVito winking back almost got a laugh from her, this was by far the weirdest way she has handled being catcalled at school, and from not wanting to burn bridges out in the open might have even found a new person to add a little more entertainment to her life while she still had very little responsibility on her shoulders. Though that’s assuming a lot of things to fall into place.

Like getting over his catcalling habits, or maybe him learning not to do that? Both unlikely, but stranger things have happened and for much less.

Things were happening quickly, as all first days often end up, time passing by in blurs. More people joined her beside Emily. Namely, a familiar face that she at first didn’t recognize, the name is lost in a sea of bad memories she had been trying to suppress for years to no avail. Obviously someone from the wicked mister years of middle school, but who exactly eluded her as she listened to the new girl talk to DeVito—


A playful smile lit up her features as she watched the guy in question have his air of mystery, if you could call it that, was stripped away in seconds by someone who actually knew him. It was a welcomed distraction from trying to delve deeper into the dark times of her school life to grasp the dated information of the person who had joined them.

Thankfully more people would walk into the circle that Spike had created with just one catcall, mostly made up of girls. Two now, looked very familiar, but only the most recent one had jogged her memory as soon as she faced her after having a conversation with the male. Who was obviously close enough to them to know their drink order, and for them to be comfortable with how close they were.

Armintah Goh, the same girl she knew way back when the worst of their worries was what colored crayon to use for their drawings. Her name coming from her being proof enough alongside how she was just like an older version of her younger self. It didn’t go unnoticed by her that she had finally named the mystery girl, the name ringing many bells. Some of them being alarms, not that it was entirely from her.

If Minty had checked her out, it was definitely lost to the redhead, who had done the same. Though she was more upfront with how blown away she was with how her old friend from back in grade school had changed into the beautiful young woman that stood before her now.

”Oh my god, you’ve—We definitely should catch up. You have art right?”

Juno doesn’t have much time to answer the queen bee who had cut her way through the other students to their group, and immediately made it known that she was the topmost tier of the student body for Rosefell’s hierarchy. Melissa left little room to ask questions or interject more than that and possibly might have been the straw that broke poor DeVito’s camelback, cause he was quick to skedaddled away from the growing group of females. Though not before some poor guy nearly got murdered by a woman she thought was banned from driving….

‘That poor guy-’

Spike’s car horn going off made her jump slightly and back into what felt like a wall, but the voice of Jackson quickly put her at ease and settled the growing anxiety, as he came to stand beside her. It was a relief that it was just one of her close male friends, though they hadn’t known each other as long as some of the other friends around her currently. Her expression relaxing into a jovial expression as she stood upon the tips of her toes to wrap her arms around him in a hug, her arms resting briefly behind his neck as she quietly greeted him back.

”It’s been too long, Jeong-hae Oppa.”

It took all summer to actually be able to pronounce that, but it would be worth it in the long run, she hoped at least. Pulling away to give him a bright smile, a mischievous gleam in her eyes as she quickly added, ”We should have another marathon soon.” Glossing over the small joke as she straightened herself back to standing beside him to hear the announcement from the speakers going off. Spike’s voice being played out for everyone to hear with little tidbits of information being shared, only after ending the first time did he chime in a few seconds later with a small message addressed to her with his moniker for her.

‘A well-earned point for Spike and Ike..’

Lilith soon spoke up, awkwardly or maybe Juno was just projecting that onto her, and asked about the tour. Pressing her lips into a thin line, a part of her hated how easy it was for her eyes to wander and land almost immediately on one of the two faces she didn’t want to see. It definitely affected her answer.

”Yeah, we should probably do that. Can’t use the being new excuse if I’m late since they set up the tour buddy thing.” Juno answered, her smile slightly falling as she looked back to Lilith and took a spot by the girl’s side, sending apologetic waves to her friends that were still there. ”You already know I’m Juno, but it’s nice to meet you, all things considered.”

Learning her new school should be a good enough distraction.

Light grey text is me filling in the gaps of information since I did try to fill this out as if it was her.. And the hider at her history is not that brief, but it is a fuller story than the one she willingly shares, or even really knows about.

Danny's is gonna have the other half (dad's side) of the story in his.

As far as the tabloids were concerned, they speculated that she might have had a ticket to the United at Heart cruise simply because she had gone to Florida a few days before the ship would go off but given the recent information they were unsure of whether it was true. It hadn’t been confirmed, unlike the sightings of her at infamous bridal shops within New York and shortly after she had landed in Florida. The rumor mill went rampant and she had been trending, surprising footage of her trying on dresses leaking to the press. Before she had stayed within her hotel room, to watch the fallout and those who paid attention to her career closely guessing whether it was part of her normal M.O.. If she hadn't gone at least a month without getting spotted by the paparazzi that followed her close like a shadow since being sighted exiting her old family's abode, they might not have so easily believed their assumptions.

Which left plenty of the reporters who made quite a living reporting on her life rather confused she hadn't even put out a tweet. Thus, left the normal dishes of hot tea scoops to simmer in the background until she plopped back onto their radar in the strangest way yet. They were having a field day spreading what little they had received.

A few of those very influential gossip magazines displayed on the table in her hotel as she sat comfortably on a plush seat in a fluffy, fur rimmed robe in a lovely cream blue color, her hair being done by the stylist standing behind her. Both Shasta and Kiala resting by the woman’s feet in a peaceful slumber.




Where just a few of the headlines and debriefings put out, each with a blown-up picture of her in a wedding dress. Though no cover had the same dress, which would have only been found out the day all of them had already released their stories in what has been a very productive round of playing with the media’s need to spread private affairs into the public with the need to be the first to talk about it, that they don’t try to learn what the others have found out.

Her favorite magazine was within her hands that she was reading through and consequently holding up as though to hide her face from her assistant who was standing in front of her, rattling off about the different things going on within her company and the set schedule for her new line.


”Lily, are you even listen?” Mariel asked, exasperated from going through the whole spiel while her boss and friend seemingly didn’t listen to a word she said. Which annoyed the Latina woman endlessly and she was two seconds away from starting to curse her out in Spanish much like her mother would have when Lily lowered the magazine with a genuine smile few were privileged to see.

”Of course I was listening. Just because I trust you to run my company for the week I’ll be stuck with only my cell and laptop doesn’t mean that I’m going to give up the full reigns sooner than I told you I would.” Lily replied to her friend, winking at her for good measure before looking over at the stylist to see if he was done. Only after he had moved away to pack his things did she utter a quick thank you, giving the man a generous tip for his work at curling her hair to perfection before she would have to change and leave for the cruise. Her outfit already hanging from the door leading to the bedroom which was opened. She stood up to let her hairstylist out with her dogs following at her heels. Their tails wagging happily. Only once the door was securely closed did she look back at her friend with her hands on her hips. ”So the wedding line is set to be announced after I’ve been filmed going onto the cruise and the collaboration with the bridal shops are prepared to showcase the model dresses tomorrow morning?”

”Yes, and you’re car will be here in ten minutes, so you need to get your ass in gear and hurry it up. Especially if you want to avoid Luther.” Mariel answered back, her tone unamused but her lips twitched slightly into a smile though the news she was giving wasn’t necessarily the best to hear. Though knowing ahead of time that the Reigan’s youngest son was on his way to give his little sister a piece of his mind, no doubt with his wife and boy-toy in tow. At the reminder Lily rolled her eyes with a groan, petting her two dogs on the head before heading straight for her clothes hanging on the door. Unbothered by her assistant's presence as she dropped her robe so she could quickly put on her outfit. It was more business than casual, but she had suitcases of the clothes she would be wearing during the trip on their way to the ship as they spoke anyway. So she would settle for the dark navy combo of a suit jacket with bronze buttons and flared out skirt that was accentuated by the little black belt to make the white dress shirt she wore seem all the crisper on her figure.

”Don’t let either of my brothers or their wives near my children, you already know they’ll stoop low enough-”

”--To take your dogs hostage. I know. They’ll be fine with their Auntie Marie right puppers?” Mariel cooed to the dogs that yipped back happily, alert and watching the woman who ran her fingers through their fur after placing down her clipboard. Though the buzz of her phone soon made her tear her attention away. A grimace soon forming. ”Shit. He’s early...” The Latina cursed under her breath but could still hear Lily sighing deeply as she maneuvered her way out of the room fully dressed and tugging on her red heels to complete everything.

”Don’t worry about it, I can still sneak through the servants' exit, just text the driver to meet me there. And you can stay here until tomorrow since the room is already paid for the day.” The brunette says, placing a kiss on both dogs’ noses and wrapping her arms around her friend in a tight hug that was worriedly received. Mariel was ready to protest but was cut off quickly by the door to the room closing soon after Lily had let go with her purse in tow.

Ten minutes later she received the confirmation that Lily had gotten to her car. Though her driver did hint that some kind of altercation was happening before she had even gotten into the car. But at least she was safe in the car and thought the text she had sent her way said that it was just a normal Reigan screaming match that she never let go on for very long. But that did mean there was a possibility that it could get out that her father had decided to drag her back into the fray that was the unhealthy family dynamic as though they hadn’t thrown her out by choice.

When she was finally let out into the public eye again, for her to walk and be led to the VIP area, she was fine. A confident smile on her face as she greeted the people who worked for the cruise that was leading her up the stairs past the people who were stuck waiting in line. The ones that knew her and called out got a wave in return. Her stride graceful and effortless it would seem until she was whisked out of sight to the upper deck exclusive to only the VIPs, the usual fanfare being sent her way from the pamphlets to the care package with the personal letter attached. She gave them her thanks in return, courteous was the least she could be when they were providing a great refuge to hide away from her family in.

Without batting an eye, she took a serving of the champagne being offered and lifted it to her lips while making herself comfortable in one of the seats, her blue eyes watching the hosts of the cruise go through their entire speech before letting her gaze wander about. Observing the various types that would be enjoying the same luxuries as her to see if there was a familiar face. Or a good looking one at least to tide her over as more continued to come in.

Hearing a clang, she looked over to the corner to see a well-dressed, talking to one of the servers that she probably ran into, on what Lily assumed was a run to take a call in private from how she too looked like she was about to go to a meeting and not a vacation. Her attention wasn’t the only one brought to her either, but whether it was out of sympathy or empathy, the brunette she chimed in nonchalantly while she raised her flute to her red lips, ”It wouldn't be much of cruise without at least one person getting a little tipsy the first day. An early start at a good time is hardly a bad thing.”

HI Jordan! My interest is piqued~

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Edit: JK about that hider cause Toostie is a wonderful and helpful soul~
Akko remained quiet, so she could listen intently at the conversation going on a few ways behind her between the two who had just strolled into the little town and the elderly man. Very curious as to what his answers would be.

She had appeased her curiosity to when the smaller one of the two spoke up. Loudly and with a confidence that exuded from her tiny frame just like the small display of magic she had shown.

A dancer and a mage. How lucky, they were an intriguing pair to be sure. Both with opposite volumes, as the dancer was by far the one who spoke the calmest with passion easily lacing with her tone from what the volpine female could hear. Which easily reminded her of simpler times where she felt the same when she alongside her mother as a child... Elma was a name to remember, and Pyra was not a name she would forget.

Maybe she would be a suitable teacher? Her boisterous nature surely would be a fun one to learn from, or so Akko assumed. Though she doubted fox fire was the same as normal fire magic in some ways, it surely had to be enough so that she could be taught a thing or two. From sight alone, she tried to mimick Pyra small trick with her wet fingers to dry them.

Her face scrunched up when all she could produce was a little whisp of smoke.... At least she didn't set her sleeves on fire by accident, and her fingers were slightly warmer at her fingertips.

@RumikoOhara What?
Kitty didn't need to turn her head to see what Axel was looking at. She could already hear them, their thoughts like an echo chamber in her own head thanks to the barriers that kept them separated having been removed by the metal manipulator in his attempt to buy time.

It was annoying hearing them all, especially when Laika decided to move closer.

She wasn't normal, hadn't been for a long time, and it showed from more than just her appearance. The whirling that came from her thoughts was by far the worst since the closest thing she could describe to the sound was something like a computer error being elongated into a screech that was how her thoughts, as minimal and instruction like as they were, was broadcasted to be like a voice. She would bet that had something to do with how she was more tech than person nowadays.

Fearful chittering was more apparent than anything else. Lance and Felix's voices were whispering it, softly while on the outside to Axel they asked the same question all of them had without realizing it.

Axel was growing more agitated the more it was asked, her gaze following him like a hawk as he sauntered away from her door and over to the barricade.

Zale wanted his plants. He didn't want to be here, being outside of his room meant bad things were going to occur to him and them.
Jain wanted to leave and assumed Axel had a way-

More voices pierced into her skull like a siren just as Axel's arm went through his own barrier, cutting off whatever train of thought Kitty had completely from the sudden influx. The people on the other side of it were starting to be bleed through. She couldn't hear Axel's yelling over the guards on the other side, the sound causing her to lift her hand up to her head as she swayed into her doorframe for support until the loudness of the new voices ebbed away enough for her to think.

'They've called for them.' The kids in the hall could all hear her voice in their head, though she was staring right at Axel, her eyes narrowed somewhat as she walked past all the kids to stand beside him, her gaze softening when she looked behind her at the younger ones in their current makeshift group; Vale, Jain, Felix, and Lance. 'And the guards are expecting a fight.'
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