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10 days ago
Current That is probably the best bio for myself I will ever write.


If you came to get to know me, you're in the right place. Unfortunately, I am super bad at writing these things for myself.
My characters, no problem.
Me, complete bluescreen mode initiated. So I'm just gonna quote myself from the introducing topic thing.

I've been roleplaying for over a decade on multiple sites and platforms, but this one is new to me. So I wouldn't mind being given tips and tricks to help learn how to better use this site to enjoy roleplaying, it would be very appreciated. I mostly do semi-lit and advanced literate roleplays because casual often diminished into one-liners that just suck the fun,l the energy, and soul out of me though it's good in its own way.

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@Cu Chulainn Welcome aboard then! I think we were actually going to start the Roleplay later today, so you’re coming in at a great time. Can’t wait to learn more about your character.
Time do to Sean~

@Thread Generator SIN Fine by me! The weekend isn’t that far away anyway. XD
@ShwiggityShwah I just followed Sin’s lead ngl
Ashen Blacksmith

First Impressions

A stoic young woman with plain features that strangely radiate a beauty to them. She walks with a seemingly cautious grace without effort while being able to lift more than one would assume from her lithe body. She’s dressed rather conservatively in western styled clothes that are tailored to fit her, and a polished pair of thick heeled boots. There is no weapon in sight on her person and she gives off a pleasant aura but the lack of expression on her face is slightly off putting. If she were to stand completely still and hold her breath, some may even mistaken her for an aesthetic doll instead of a human being. A doll unafraid to place themselves between fighting people twice her size. She doesn’t appear to travel directly with anyone, but her wandering gaze watches over those around her with care. Or so one can assume from the slight smile that flickers on the edges of her lips at their banter, for the few who dared to stare at her, a small but very rewarding sight.

Proactive Stats

Full Name/Titles - Hanako “Hana” Kohanakunushi
Age - Early to Mid Twenties??
Primary Role - The Ally
Secondary Role - The Wildcard
Society Role - Blacksmith of the Human Coalition
General Description - TBA
Attribute - TBA
Full Appearance

Additional Forms - TBA


Ability 1 - TBA
Ability 2 - TBA
Ability 3 - TBA
Ability 4 - TBA


Weapon Ability 1 - TBA
Weapon Ability 2 - TBA
Weapon Ability 3 - TBA
Weapon Ability 4 - TBA
Hanako Kohanakunushi

Sean Lewis Bergara

@Thread Generator SIN Thank you! And it's no biggie, I was honestly just curious.

What might be the prerequisites for starting the IC rp?
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