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<Snipped quote by Kilyn Rose>

Surely you mean that you're looking for a partner willing to play a male character. Right? Because otherwise, why? And, WHY? There are some damn talented females on this site who can write fantastic male characters. And I'd encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and try playing male characters. You might really enjoy the experience.

Thank you for your opinion but WHY? must you put it on my check. If you don't like it, just move along. We all have our preferences and boundaries. I encourage you to respect them.


-I am female. I play female characters only. I am looking for a male partner only. [FxM]
- Be 18 or older.
- I type in 3rd person, please do the same
- Mature content will happen, this includes blood, sex, and other violent things. Do not apply if this is something you don’t want.
- Romance, yes please. There is a catch, plot comes first.
- OOC is a must, I want to know how the story is going and if it needs changing. If it is going dead. TELL ME. I rather have a proper ending to a story.
- I like a small character sheet, something basic, picture, name, age, a little about them.
- This is high casual to Advanced writing level. I don’t want to put effort into something if my partner won’t.
- Grammar, I am sure you have spotted a few errors. I don’t care as long as it is readable and I know what your saying. No chat speak unless your character is sending a text. Then it will be acceptable.
- I RP in PM only.
- Still reading? Good. Last thing…Have fun and ask questions. I don’t bite. (hard, at least. :) )

I would really enjoy other Fandoms as well. Here are others if you don’t think these plots will work for you. (** I am really interested)

Walking Dead
Fantasy **
Warehouse 13
Harry Potter
Percy Jackson
Slice of Life**
Other (this could be a pairing i.e. bad guy/princess…etc. )
@Brian Stryker I'm interested in either 3, 4 or 5
@Denny I am interested.
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