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2 yrs ago
Current Wondering if I should just delete this since no one really seems interested
3 yrs ago
Nothing worst when you have an RP you REALLY want to do but everyone choices all the other ones instead >.<
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4 yrs ago
They don't tell you how crazy adult life can get for literally no reason.
6 yrs ago
They finally added a delete option for all the PMs I have gathered over the past three years?! FINALLY!
6 yrs ago
I finally think life is slow enough to come back >.>
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Im looking for an rp partner, 18+ F, that’s interested in doing a ww2 era rp with me. I have several ideas for plots we could discuss later. Dm me if interested.
Still open
I'm looking for someone whod like to do a rp. Quick bio! I'm 30 and have been rping since I was a freshmen in high school. When it comes rp length I tend to average 3-5 paragraphs a post but can do more if my partner is able to match. Nothing gets my dandruff up like putting alot of work into a post only to get a small response. I tend to do my rps in PM only and OOC conversation through out isn't necessary but it's encouraged. I'm looking for a female partner is at least close to my age.

Here are some of my rp ideas. I

Rating system: Out of Five stars. On scale of how much I'd like to do an rp.
Rps with a line through are not being accepting at this moment

1. Princess of Point Place: Rp about Jackie Burkhart or Donna Pinciotti from That 70's Show (Would REALLY love to do this one.)
Rating: ********

2. Chalkboard Romance: A rp set in a prestigious private school between two teachers
Rating: **

3. First Contact: (Adult themed) An Astronaut lost in space crashes on an alien planet and has to adjust to the new alien life.
Rating: ****

4. And a Happy New Year: A romance rp set during the Christmas season about two strangers who bound over their lack of Christmas plans
Rating: *****

5. Camp Collins: a romance set in a sleep away summer camp between two counselors.
Rating: *****

6. The Lost Doctor: The Story of a lost Time Lord and the adventures with his Companion
Rating: ******
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