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Current I'm one, and yes its got potentiel to be a rather good screen play in my opinion.
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Et lux in tenebris the darkness, the light shineth.
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My name is Jeff, I major in T1 turn-based fighting...rusty on my T2 but would consider some for sparring purposes.

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I actually hold a record of 7 and 0 losses in WA state cage matches mixed martial arts my feral tauren on wow taught me every tactic I need. Lok`tar Ogar!
I dig Doc, give me some time to work up a updated character profile. It's been a minute.
Dug up an old image I sketched up a while back uploaded to avatar, if you want a closer look here's the link…
was intended for something back in its day I figure he's a good guy to kill off.

Working in introductory.
This should give you some vague idea on how to go about things.…
Yup, Yahoo overnight just removed user rooms and said that all the 13-15 14-16 and whatever else teen chat rooms you would see packed to the brim with people at the top of the lists of user rooms were being run by a ring of Pedo's trying to make CP. They ended up getting with the FBI and taking down a network of thousands of people. Chatrooms took a big hit and now Yahoo doesn't even have a messenger anymore though they are making a new style of messenger no clue when it is actually coming out.

Yeah, I do miss those days when RP was truly in its prime. I would start a chat room usually and have anywhere from 4 to 15 people join in the first couple of minutes. It was a blast, 15 years later and I still love it.

Wow, yeah I'd say considering the fan base...we could have stood a chance petitioning for something to work out...but that's sheer craziness, I didn't know it was that big of a thing. As a father of 3 girls now, that's just ridiculous to even comprehend. They probably made a law against chat rooms at that rate lol.

Thank you Naw, much appreciated.
Welcome to the Land of Oz, @Kineticlysm!

Back in my day, "chat rooms" were real places filled with stone tablets. My how things have changed!

Oh yeah, and get off my lawn you crazy hoodlums!

Haha I like your sense of humor Glyph, and thank you very much!
Welcome Brethren of the old days, I was one of those that would do the Yahoo chat rp. I quite often would run my own chat rooms. User rooms got deleted back in 2004 cuz some of the teen chat rooms were actually predatory pedophiles trying to hook up with actual teens. So, yeah, yahoo rp chats are long gone now lol.

Lol I assumed that might have been the case as to why they got the boot, thanks man glad to feel the love from a fellow elder of some good times. ^_^
Hello everyone who's about to read this brief introduction of my self; name's Jeff, just the other day I had a vague recollection of a once found love I truly admired within this community. I started role-playing back in my teens when [YIM/Yahoo Instant Messenger] was the RP hang out during dial-up days. I recall us even having the ability to make our own designated rooms to have a free for all whack at RP in real time. I really don't know if that's a thing any longer but needless to say that is where I originated from. I recall a brief time when types one and two text based fighting styles were in the makings, and truly that is where my passion resided. I would very much appreciate to be apart of your forums founded community however and look forward to meeting fellow members within it that share my love for the fight!

Till then, it's been my pleasure to stumble upon this site.
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