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16 days ago
Current I am back....long time no see
1 yr ago
Flagging is the most interesting job one can do.
1 yr ago
I am back! Though It depends on when I have to go to work and when I get off on when I can rp. But I missed this place!
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2 yrs ago
Why is it when I go to bed early I get 12 hours of sleep and when I got to bed extremely late I get 7 hours of sleep?
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2 yrs ago
I didn't feel a thing. Still can't xD but it is done whoop whoop


Name: Kit (as I am known as on the internet)
Powers: Being super weird, geeky, and a nerd all at once
Personality: antisocial people person
Age: double digit
Bio: Long story.

If you ever have a problem with me please let me know so I can know what I did. I don't mean to offend people but sometimes it happens.

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In The Breeds 21 hrs ago Forum: Free Roleplay
Henry headed to the gates a day early bit confused by the email and spent the night at a hotel close by. He woke up early to do his morning exercises then went to the gate is his suit. He put his gloves on early and slung his small pack over his shoulders. He walked to the gates and saw a car pulling away. Crap, thought I was going to be the first one here. So much for a good impression. He got a bit annoyed and continued to walk and happened to catch a glance at the driver. Was that someone's mother? Pfft. Henry snickered as he walked up to the gate and froze when he saw the boy from the park. Slowly he started walking up to the gate once he felt close enough he just stood there. Why am I freezing again? I feel like a darn vulture with how I freeze and stand.
Randa was going to get herself out of the way and go first but a boy got up before her. She was confused about the foot thing he mentioned and didn't move. I don't know if he is a joker or what...I have no clue what he is doing either. He needs to explain himself before doing something like that. After what looked like Gareth finished whatever he was doing Randa stood up. "I am Amaranda, daughter of some deity who can controls vine and produce alcohol. Not entirely sure on the last part but I am pretty sure that is what he meant. He never gave me his name so," she shrugged her shoulders and sat back down. And that is out of the way. Thank goodness.
Well if anyone wants to meet my character at the gate we can say he is already there by the time y'all's characters get there. Not sure if that helps anyone or not.
@Alias I will respond in a bit. Waiting for benadryl to kick in (this is carrying over from yesterday so sorry for being unresponsive).
Yeah, I am.
Sounds different. Interested for sure
In The Breeds 7 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay

"I can do the echo location that bats do sorta. I just have to listen and the sounds do the rest. I pretty much have everyone identified by the sounds they make when they walk now," Noelle informed Luke. She turned to watch Gavin in confusion not entirely sure at first how he was going to damage a metal plate. She was fine until the moment the sound was made. She let out a screech noise before covering her ears and buckling to the ground. Her forehead was touching the cool metal floor and her knees pressed into her chest. Holy bat dung! Will I even be able to hear after this? Am I deaf now? Well if my headache wasn't bad before it is killing me now. She stayed in her position before letting her hands off her ears hoping that she would be able to hear sound. Finally she heard the foot steps of soldiers walking around their new "home". She let out a sigh of relief and got back up slowly not fully on balance.
In The Breeds 7 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
@Helo It started after we got to the second page that I confused Luke with Jake. Idk what my brain was on but I fixed it now (on multiple posts). I'll attempt to make sure I type it correctly from now on lol
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