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Hey there, welcome to my page! I sort of leave and come back every so often, so if you're seeing this chances are I'm around. I look forward to roleplaying with you.

A bit about me:
- 22 year old College Student w/ a part time job.
- I love video games with a burning passion.
- I've been roleplaying on and off consistently throughout the years, so I'm no stranger to it.

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- A Collaboration With @KiwiHalcyon, @Polaris North, and @Dark Cloud -

It was sort of strange how one moment Nathan was peacefully sketching a picturesque landscape and then the next he was somehow going to eat with a girl he barely knew, and getting on a bus to who knows where; all in less than a day of arriving in Gravity Falls. But as for Robin, this wasn't so strange. Well it was, but she didn't feel strange about it. It wasn't everyday that you can hop on a bus heading back into town with someone new, so why not take that opportunity and run with it? That's how she saw it.

The bus driver waited just a moment for anyone else to hop aboard, but it seemed Robin and Nathan were the only ones near the lake who needed a ride. The driver shrugged when nobody else came on, closing the doors and speeding off towards the town. They sat near the back of the bus where less people were seated, he hoped it would be a quiet ride so he could take in the scenery passing by as the bus made its way through the winding road. There was plenty to see as the bus ventured through the forest. A tree. Another tree. A slightly larger tree. And of course, some sort of green spiral that dissipated just as quickly as one could notice it. Robin didn't pay it any mind as she wasn't looking out the window, fixated on how odd some of the people seemed to look. She tapped Nathan's shoulder, doing her best to discreetly point at one of the people sitting in front of them. They were wearing some sort of zany hat, a long trenchcoat, and gloves to boot. Not to mention the colors did not match at all!

"Dude, get a look at this getup. They have like, no sense of style." Nathan glanced at the person in front of them and had to stifle a laugh that nearly escaped his mouth, he smiled slightly and nodded his head in agreement with Robin's comment. Robin lightly laughed when she noticed his agreement, trying to spot anyone else dressed wacky on the bus to no avail. She tried to find something interesting outside, but by now there was really nothing interesting... Unless you find plants interesting. It was funny seeing Robin want to make him laugh more, and the harder she looked for something the more difficult it became for him to keep his guard up. It felt nice to feel comfortable around someone other than his grandfather. And as for Robin, she was just happy to meet someone new. It's not every day you get a family to move to Gravity Falls after all, let alone one that has someone around her age. So naturally, she'd include them in the shenanigans that she found herself in constantly by working at the mystery shack.

"Oh yeah, since you're new in town and all, do you know about the Mystery Shack?" She asked Nathan, turning her attention from the window to him. She wasn't sure if the 'oddities' of Gravity Falls was something he could be interested in, but it didn't hurt to ask.

Nathan nodded his head slightly "My grandpa told me some stories, all I know is it's a tourist trap."

Robin laughed at that comment, nodding at how correct that statement was. "Yeah, that's the one. My boss would probably say it isn't, but I think everyone in town knows it's kind of a scam at this rate. You should stop by sometime still, just don't expect anything inside to be real, you know?" She told him, smirking when she thought about all the random oddities the Mystery Shack has conjured up over the year she'd been there. It felt like there were too many to count at this rate. Nathaniel smiled slightly, maybe because it was funny or how ironic it sounded as it seemed nothing seemed real in Gravity Falls, at least not exactly as it wasn't something one could easily put into words. "Wouldn't have expected anything less." he put it simply.

Robin nodded in agreement before the both of them looked out the window, their short conversation ending just as the bus reached the part of the forest where the trees thinned out by just a bit. It wasn't long before the gaps were wide enough for buildings to appear, and before they knew it they had entered the town. It was hard to tell with how little there was around to someone who may not know, but at least to Robin she knew they were close. A couple more turns here and there, and the bus finally parked itself at the stop near the Gravity Falls Diner. Essentially dragging Nathan out of the bus, Robin thanked the bus driver before jumping out of it behind him.

Garfield leaned back on the seat, a steaming cup of coffee in one hand and his phone on the other to check for any updates. So far, no one really needed any emergency help. That was a blessing to his own time since he would be able to spend more time in the Mystery Shack. From what he saw inside the diner, the kids might have some new folks to bring to the shack too. He knew that maybe convincing teenagers to buy items from the gift shop wasn't exactly something an adult should do but hey, business was business. Surely, they'd forgive him for bringing a bit more money into the shack.

The bells at the entrance of the diner jingled and he curiously peeked over. The diner was always busy during this time of the day - their breakfast was one of the best around. Robin was dragging around a person he's never seen before. Huh, did some tourist bus come and bring a lot of new people around or had he not been paying attention at all? Nevertheless, Garfield raised his hand and let out a sharp whistle to catch Robin's attention before motioning for her to come closer.

Nathaniel was simply resigned at this point in time, that he was just going to have to get used to Robin invading his personal space. Or maybe he didn't mind her dragging him to who knows where, but that currently didn't matter as someone let out a whistle after they had gotten off the bus. Nathan looked around confusedly. Robin in turn looked to see where the whistle came from, spotting her boss as a smile came across her face. She turned to Nathan, pointing at the man who was motioning for them to come towards him.

"Let's go see what my boss wants," She said, starting to drag the poor soul over with her before taking a quick second, "And don't worry, he's real chill you know. Probably just telling me not to be late to work or something." She quickly added, now deciding that it was time to take him over to where Gar was sitting. She took a seat across from him, letting go of Nathan's arm as she did so.

"Hey boss! Getting your morning coffee I take it?"

"And breakfast." He responded with a nod towards the half-eaten pancakes on the table. For a moment, he eyed Nathan as if trying to piece together who he could be related to before bringing his attention back to Robin. "Just making sure you remember your shift's gonna start in an hour." He reminded with a light chuckle. "And to offer you and your new friend here some breakfast since we're all here anyway. My treat." Garfield brought the cup of coffee back to his mouth to take a sip and letting out a sigh of content. "Who's your friend over here? New in town?"

"Yeah yeah I know, I'll be there." Robin replied, adding in her own lighthearted laugh with his own. Her eyes lit up at the prospect of free food, only then realizing that Nathan had not said a word this entire time once Gar had asked who he was. "This is Nathan Reed, I saw him earlier at the lake near my place. His family just moved here, so I figured I'd try to show him what I could before work. Right Nathan?" Nathan tilted his head as if thinking of a reply, truthfully he was stalling as the attention was on him and thought maybe if he wasted enough time pretending to come up with a response, he wouldn't have to talk. His stomach however had other plans, grumbling loudly as he looked at the pancakes "Yep, places." the boy said continuing to look at the food hungrily.

"Nathan Reed huh, nice to meet you." Garfield gave the younger man a small nod and a friendly smile to try and ease Nathan's nervousness. Reed huh? Why did that last name sound so familiar? "I'm Garfield Pollard." Upon hearing the grumbling of Nathan's stomach, Garfield let out a chuckle before waving over the waitress to take their orders. Added to this, he asked for a refill to which the waitress lightly chided him for his coffee addiction but nevertheless bringing over the coffee pot to refill his mug. "Hey, out of curiosity, you don't happen to be related to Old Man Gus are you?"

Nathan was hesitant to take a seat, however before he could decide he found himself getting dragged into one by Robin who evidently knew nothing of personal space. She sat next to him once he was settled. Gar had asked him about his relation to Gus and Nathan brightened slightly as maybe this man knew his grandfather growing up here. "Yes he's my grandpa," he slowly pulled the plate of hot pancakes towards him with a hungry look in his eyes "Gus wanted to return here for his retirement, and to accept the past for what it was..." he said sighing at the thought, Gus hadn't been able to handle the grief he had for the loss of his wife and daughter for many years until recently. It was for the best his grandfather finally came to accept that the things that happened were out of his control.

"Man, brings back memories. I used to see him, his wife and his daughter back when I was just a kid." Garfield reminisced, a bittersweet smile tugging up on his face. People come and go in Gravity Falls. Most residents would spend their entire life in the town - but there were always the choice few who left. Gus was one of them. Garfield didn't know exactly what had happened but rumors spread across the town fast. When his wife died, Gus and Nelly just up and left and the next thing everyone knew, the deed of the house was already sold. "I'm glad he could come back here. He's always been tied to this place just like the rest of us." A shrug rolled off his shoulders as he continued eating his own pancakes. The Reed family wasn't without their own respective rumors. Being a family that's been in Gravity Falls for multiple generations, there was always bound to be something about them that old residents knew. Garfield used to brush it off as just rumors and speculations but now he couldn't be too sure. "In any case, welcome to Gravity Falls then kid. My only tip for living here? Make sure you stay out of trouble." He eyed Robin and let out a laugh. Trouble always seems to find the right people in this town anyway.

Nathan's mouth upturned slightly, while nodding in agreement with Garfield. Gar seemed nice at least, and if he was Robin's boss how bad could he be? It was at the very least enough that this man knew his grandfather so perhaps Nathan could relax a little, but only by the tiniest bit. He dug into the plate before him and ate a few bites of the delectable pancakes before him, setting his fork down after finishing a mouthful of his food "Gus told me weird stuff happens here," he remarked with a slight shrug of his shoulders, looking at Robin with a smirk tugging at the edge of his face "I never thought I'd end up here this morning, so I guess weirdness isn't awful." he chuckled softly..

Robin was glad that Nathan was getting along with her boss in the meantime, chowing down on her own plate that she received during their conversation. It seemed Gar knew a bit about the Reeds, enough to make Nathan come out of his shell even faster than she had. While it didn't surprise her that Gar was able to get Nathan to warm up to him so fast, it was still impressive with how quiet she felt he would normally be. Granted she had only just met Nathan, but he didn't seem like one to relax so easily. Either way, it was a plus in her eyes, and if that was weird then she didn't want to be normal. "Right? It's always fun when Gravity Falls throws something unexpected your way. You'll definitely get used to it though, or at the very least expect it."

"Weird is... definitely one way to put it." Garfield admitted, taking another sip of his coffee. Whether it was just weird coincidences like Robin dragging Nathan around because of a chance meeting or something that was a bit more unexplainable, Robin was right, that's what made living in Gravity Falls fun. Or at the very least, it was never outright boring. Maybe a little bit dangerous but nothing too bad... most of the time. "You just need to learn to go with the flow." Better not to question things too much unless you wanted to end up in a deeper rabbit hole than you intended. He should know. He was idiotic enough to look for answers for... peculiarities way beyond his comprehension. Well, whatever, what's done was done. He shifted, raising an arm and propping it on the backrest of his seat. "Since you like a bit of weirdness, why not swing by the Mystery Shack? We'll make it worth the visit."

"Yeah! The exhibits we have on display are worth a good laugh or two." Robin added. He was already past the point of no return so it would have been rude to even disagree with the suggestion. Nathan shrugged "Why not." he admittedly had nothing better to do today, so it worked out both ways.

"Wow, way to advertise our business, Robin." Though he tried to sound admonishing, his tone was anything but. No one in the town believed that any of their exhibits were real. And if he was going to be honest, he'd rather let it stay that way rather than deal with people who would steal the exhibits to use for themselves. "I'm sure the kids will like having another person their age to hang around with."

"What, you know it's true boss don't give me that!" She chuckled, recalling several of the so-called mythical creatures they placed on display that were meant to trick tourists. After all, she had come up with some of them to put on display, even if they could be goofy at times. "And he's not wrong Nathan, we haven't really had a new kid show up in town in, well, forever basically. A new face has gotta liven things up around here and I'm sure you'll fit in." Nathan gulped hard, nearly choking on his pancake. If she wasn't kidding and he was the first new kid in town for a long time, it could only mean one thing! Everybody would want to meet him and he wouldn't get to be alone.

He raised his hands in mock surrender. "Yeah, yeah, but you don't have to tell everyone that. Who's gonna buy from the gift shop and pay your salary?" Garfield did appreciate the help the kids could give him when it came to coming up with descriptions about their displays. The younger the person, the wilder the imagination. The wilder the imagination, the more people bought the story. Even if they didn't, they'd be inclined to buy a souvenir which was still a win for him. "Ayup. More people to drag on to their adventures." He sighed, shaking his head. "I swear you kids never listen when I tell you to be careful."

Robin couldn't help but laugh a bit after Gar mentioned the gift shop, nodding alongside it as she ate. It wasn't like she was telling the tourists that the shack was a scam, just the people who'd stick around in town. And while she felt that didn't really help her reasoning, she'd rather be a bit more straightforward with the new kid to curb his expectations. "And hey, I try to be careful Gar. But it isn't like the adventures will stop, you know?" Nathan chewed the last bite of his food while listening to the two, he was interested to see the exhibits. Maybe they had some art, although no doubt of dubious nature he was more curious about how interesting things might look from an artistic perspective "Hey," he finally spoke up after finishing off his plate and unable to quench his curiosity any longer "Could I perhaps, maybe see the exhibits...After this?" he scratched the nape of his neck, looking a little embarrassed with a lopsided smile on his face.

"Your adventures will be the death of me." He let out an exaggerated grimace. While he did outwardly admonish them for their actions as any sane adult would, he did admire how adventurous they were. It wasn't like he was doing anything to stop them from doing so aside from verbal warnings. Garfield honestly couldn't bring himself to do anything more than that. They have at least a brain cell each. Hopefully that would be enough to keep them out of the real trouble. He turned to Nathan, mildly surprised to see that he had already scarfed down his breakfast, and let out a chuckle. "Okay, okay kid. We can head on over. Just let me pay for your food first and we can go." He urged them to go ahead as he walked over to the counter to pay.

- Collaboration Of @Dark Cloud and @KiwiHalcyon -

Before the sun was up early in the morning, Robin strode out of her house towards the nearby dock of the lake, spotting one of her family’s jon boats perfect for a relaxing fishing venture before the tourists and locals poured in. She tossed in her trusty fishing gear, examining her tackles and bait one last time before hopping aboard, untying the boat from the dock and soon driving off. From the smell of the lakewater and the stillness of the lake itself, she knew it was gonna be an awesome day. Or at the very least, a relaxing one.

She stopped the boat far enough that her family's lodge had shrunk considerably in the distance, but still close enough to one of the edges of the lake so that if she needed to, she could confidently swim back to shore if the boat had run out of gas, something she didn't even check or worry about. She just shrugged the matter off, kicked back, and began the long process of waiting for a bite.

So long was it, that by the time the sun finally rose she had fallen fast asleep in the boat with her line still in the water.

The Reed family had deep roots in the history of Gravity Falls that often found itself entangled in the web of obscenity that was cast over the mysterious small town.

Nathaniel hadn't known that kind of reputation back in Portland where his grandfather Gus had raised him since the disappearance of his mother, and it was only last week that Gus dropped the bombshell that he had decided it was time to return to their home.

In truth it was obvious his grandfather missed his hometown very much after slowly coming to terms with the death of his wife after years of dwelling on her loss, which was what made him leave in the first place. However it was the other information that Nathan learnt about which had been bothering him since they had left the relative comfort of the city to a place he barely knew with no friends and shoddy social skills to boot.

Nathan hadn't slept very much as too much was on his mind, and so he took his trusty sketchbook and left the house at the crack of dawn on foot. Gravity Falls was a new place with new sights to see and quiet places to hide.
* * *

It was fortunate that his grandfather used to live nearby the lake as it would have been way too much effort for the boy to make a longer trek this early in the morning, thankfully he arrived without delay although a couple of times Nathan could have sworn he was being watched but simply shrugged off as he was just too tired to care.

The sun had was only on the horizon and the lake was still dark, yet in his eyes it was a magnificent vista full of splendor yet to be defined by the light of day. Quietly Nathan crept to the peer shortly after he arrived, his footsteps light upon the wooden boards stopping at it's very edge to sit cross-legged as he took out a pencil from the pocket of his hoodie.

He furiously scribbled at the blank page as the sun began to light the surface of the lake, it was absolutely beautiful with it's multitude of colors going from the deepest of red to the bright yellow that shone like gold off the surface of the tranquil waters, however Nathan paused as he looked in the distance at a lone boat floating adrift. He stared out at it curious as to how it got all the way out there.

Meanwhile, Robin was slowly coming to on the boat in the distance, stretching just a bit to fully wake herself back up. She wasn't sure when she had fallen asleep, but waking up to the sight of the sun's rays hugging the water was the best surprise so far. After she took a few seconds to get her bearings Robin reeled in her fishing rod, taking a quick look around at the beautiful scene painted before her.

Nothing was out of the ordinary until she looked landside, spotting an unfamiliar face on a nearby dock in the distance. It was weird anyone was out and about around the lake instead of on it without fishing gear, but with Gravity Falls weird things like that aren't really all that weird. So naturally she waved at him, starting up her boat's motor so that she can see what this stranger was up to.

He nearly had a heart attack as someone just appeared from the boat from nowhere, at least in his perspective but it seemed he couldn't stand as his legs had fallen asleep so he waved timidly trying to get up in his haste to retreat with no avail. Getting to the dock he was on was the easy part, the hard part was parking the boat close enough without someone to catch you. It took her a couple minutes, but once she managed that, she tied it down and casually walked over to the guy. 'Oh god it's a girl,' he thought instantly grabbing his sketchbook and holding it tightly to himself 'Please don't ask what I was doing, please don't ask what I was doing...' Nathan silently pleaded.

"Hey there man! Whatcha doing?" Robin asked as she got closer, crouching down next to him as she brushed the hair out of her face."Hope I'm not interrupting, you just don't see people around the lake this early." Nathan was silent for a couple seconds as he was panicking and nervous being so close to someone, and especially on edge since this girl was a stranger who also more importantly was a girl. "Drawing." he said timidly while he avoided her gaze as he stared at his shoe lace.

After his comment, Robin glanced between him and the lake a couple times, nodding her head at the idea. I could get behind that, the sun seemed to dance on the water's edge a lot more than it usually does right now. "Nice man, this area is pretty when it wants to be. I'm Robin Alwood by the way, I take it you have a name too?"

Without thinking he blurted out "No," to which the boy cringed hard at and sighed as he silently died on the inside "Nathaniel Reed" he introduced himself with a lopsided smile.

Robin laughed a little at his initial denial of having a name, giving him time to recollect himself and nodding when she heard the real deal. She gave him a warm smile back when she noticed him smiling too, shifting from crouching to sitting down on the docks with her legs dangling now. The name sounded familiar, but it took her a second to figure out exactly why.

"Reed... Huh... You know, I swear I heard the adults gossiping of some sort of famous artists moving to Gravity Falls. Pretty sure they have your last name dude." If that were the case, it explained the drawing to her. Nathan relaxed slightly but only slightly as she was relatively close to him. "In the past my family was famous," Nathan looked out at the lake and the woods surrounding it quietly thinking "Now not so much." he shrugged.

Robing winced for a bit at the hint of his family's fall from fame, but if there was any place to escape back to, she supposed Gravity Falls was as good as any. "Well hey, no sense in dwelling on that sorta stuff anyway." She told him, her stomach grumbling just as she finished the sentence. She laughed for a bit at the sound it made, trying to not sound embarrassed.

"Sorry, I haven't really had anything to eat today... Actually, now that I think about it, wanna go to this diner in town? I could show you around afterward if you haven't had the chance to explore. You know, introduce you to some people and all that." Frowning, Nathan glanced at Robin, he didn't like the idea of people but food made it sound better. Hesitantly he nodded although he was more interested in the food he also began to like at least talking to someone. Robin wasn't like the girls he went to school with in Portland, as she seemed like a genuine person.

"Cool, sounds like a plan then. We can take the bus stop near my family's lodge since I'm pretty sure it's the only one around the lake." She said, getting up and hopping into her boat. She motioned for him to follow after moving her fishing gear aside. "Come on man, it'll be faster on my boat than walking." at this point there was no going back, and Nathan didn't want to be rude so he slowly stood still holding his sketchbook close to his chest. But the most difficult part was getting into her boat, which rocked back and forth slightly as he stepped off the dock. And he nearly lost his balance, had Robin not extended her fishing rod out for him to hold onto when he left the dock. It came in handy, as she felt he probably would have faceplanted the moment he touched the boat. Once he was seated, she untied the boat from the dock and started the motor, speeding off towards the lodge.

It didn't take them too long to get back, and any minute now she felt the tourists and locals alike would start pouring into the area. She parked the boat exactly where she took it, helping Nathan back out of it this time and snagging her fishing gear. She led the way to the bus stop, where just as they arrived a bus full of tourists from the Gravity Fall's Inn parked and the passengers were disembarking. Talk about a lucky break! All they had to do was wait for the bus to empty out before getting on themselves, and once that was done, Robin told the bus driver to take them back to town. Seeing as they were the only ones on the bus at the moment, the driver didn't have an issue.
I think, I posted what we wrote in our DM.
If you do end up at the lake, I wouldn't mind Nathan interacting with Robin!

Well, I've been watching this for a bit without being logged in, and I think it would be fun to join in on. Would it be cool if I could reserve the holy mackerel? I think I have a character in mind for it.
It's definitely an interesting concept, can't wait to see it in action!

The screen on one of the PCs within the Pokemon Center filled the small area with it’s ringing, clashing with the sounds of activity as people went about their day inside. Caliso waited patiently for his professor to pick up, eager to tell her about his safe travels and get her insight as to how he should proceed. He took a deep breath, lightly slapping his cheeks to keep himself composed when the ringing stopped and the live chat began. He looked up, a smile appearing on his face as he saw his professor staring back at him with a confident smile.

“Hi there, I’ve been waiting for you to call Caliso! How’s the Chromis region so far, and did you enjoy the opening ceremony?” She asked, causing him to chuckle to himself for a small moment before smirking back at her.

“It’s definitely not what I was expecting, I’ll tell you that much. And I mean that in a good way, they’ve given us an entire week to get to the first gym, so I’m not that worried about getting there in time. Not sure if I should head straight there or not though.”

“Well, if that’s the case, why not stop by the Amalgam University? They’re researching coexistence at the moment, it’s an interesting topic that you may find useful as a starting trainer. I think one of my associates is also at the University, but I may be mistaken. Either way, it’s one of the many places you can stop by on your way to Brass Town. They also are in charge of the Silumin Reserve if you’re interested in bug or grass Pokemon.”

Caliso paused for a brief moment, considering what Professor Juniper had said, pulling out his rotom phone and bringing up the map on it. He’d have to go through that Silumin Reserve anyway to get back to Brass Town if he stopped by Amalgam University, and he would have enough time to do so too. Well, at the very least it couldn’t hurt to stop by.

“I’ll probably do just that, Professor. My Darumakas would probably get good training at the Reserve, so after this, I’ll be heading off to the University.”

“Excellent, I look forward to hearing your progress! Good luck in the International League!” And with that, she hung up on Caliso, more than likely on her way to research one thing or another. Caliso took a step back, checking his satchel one more time to ensure he had all the necessary materials for travel and when he confirmed everything was accounted for, he left the Pokemon Center on his way to route 9. He didn’t think this journey would be that easy, but he wouldn’t be here if he wasn’t up for it. It wasn’t long before he was facing the entrance to route 9, ready to officially begin.

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