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Hi there, after watching various RPs take off on this place, I decided I should finally step out of my shell and start joining some of the amazing ideas ya'll are throwing. While I may be relatively new to the website, have no fear, I am not a rookie when it comes to RPs. But this place from what I've been looking at seems really cool so, yeah!

A bit about me:
- 21 year old College Student w/ a part time job
- I'm a guy.
- I love video games with a burning passion.
- I've been roleplaying collectively for, well, a really long time.

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The screen on one of the PCs within the Pokemon Center filled the small area with it’s ringing, clashing with the sounds of activity as people went about their day inside. Caliso waited patiently for his professor to pick up, eager to tell her about his safe travels and get her insight as to how he should proceed. He took a deep breath, lightly slapping his cheeks to keep himself composed when the ringing stopped and the live chat began. He looked up, a smile appearing on his face as he saw his professor staring back at him with a confident smile.

“Hi there, I’ve been waiting for you to call Caliso! How’s the Chromis region so far, and did you enjoy the opening ceremony?” She asked, causing him to chuckle to himself for a small moment before smirking back at her.

“It’s definitely not what I was expecting, I’ll tell you that much. And I mean that in a good way, they’ve given us an entire week to get to the first gym, so I’m not that worried about getting there in time. Not sure if I should head straight there or not though.”

“Well, if that’s the case, why not stop by the Amalgam University? They’re researching coexistence at the moment, it’s an interesting topic that you may find useful as a starting trainer. I think one of my associates is also at the University, but I may be mistaken. Either way, it’s one of the many places you can stop by on your way to Brass Town. They also are in charge of the Silumin Reserve if you’re interested in bug or grass Pokemon.”

Caliso paused for a brief moment, considering what Professor Juniper had said, pulling out his rotom phone and bringing up the map on it. He’d have to go through that Silumin Reserve anyway to get back to Brass Town if he stopped by Amalgam University, and he would have enough time to do so too. Well, at the very least it couldn’t hurt to stop by.

“I’ll probably do just that, Professor. My Darumakas would probably get good training at the Reserve, so after this, I’ll be heading off to the University.”

“Excellent, I look forward to hearing your progress! Good luck in the International League!” And with that, she hung up on Caliso, more than likely on her way to research one thing or another. Caliso took a step back, checking his satchel one more time to ensure he had all the necessary materials for travel and when he confirmed everything was accounted for, he left the Pokemon Center on his way to route 9. He didn’t think this journey would be that easy, but he wouldn’t be here if he wasn’t up for it. It wasn’t long before he was facing the entrance to route 9, ready to officially begin.

Interacting with: Arthur @Ambra

Roxanne caught eye of a pesky little Magnemite floating around, it’s careful eye seemingly scanning the crowd for anything and everything. It was a bit amusing, watching it soar across the small crowd of competitors with an almost eery focus. She made eye contact with the Magnemite for a split second while it did this, causing her to sort of play with her hair and twirl a small portion of it around with her finger. What would happen next, however, was something the coordinator couldn’t predict.

Watching it carefully, it somehow managed to fly too low and observe the wrong thing at the wrong time, smacking into another competitor’s head which in turn caused Roxanne to chuckle a bit, forcing her to attempt to cover up her laughter by placing a hand over her mouth. That definitely is going to leave a bump! Wonder how shorty is gonna take getting hit like that. She thought to herself, snickering even harder in hushed tones at what happened next. Turns out, he did not like getting hit one bit, though he was overreacting a bit. Just a small tad, just a minor overreaction really. He called out for the owner of the Magnemite to make themselves known, but Roxanne doubted they’d want to deal with an upset kid, so she figured she’d try to calm him down a bit before he went off on someone.

Adjusting her hair a bit, she sauntered over to where the young man was, sneaking up from behind before booping his shoulder.

” You seem awfully tense, lighten up! Don’t let some random Magnemite ruin the excitement you should be feeling.” She told the kid, giggling to herself a bit before walking in front of him and letting him see her face to face instead of just from the side. She wiggled a finger in the air in front of her at him as soon as she was in front of him, a smirk across her face as she did so.

”Before you ask, which I know you probably were going to, it’s not mine. But seriously, you need to loosen up a bit, if you can’t handle a Magnemite accidentally hitting your head, how will you handle the pressure of this competition. Anyway, I'm Roxanne, but you probably know me as Carmen, right? You know, that awesome Coordinator from Hearthhome?”
So, you’d be able to combine aqua jet with ice beam where it turns the water into ice and the Pokémon is still pushing the ice surrounding it with aqua jet, making a sort of ice missile that it’ll crash into the enemy with.
Did... did that make sense lol.
This looks amazing! I’ll definitely start working on an app once I can think of a good character.

Ah, this is so refreshing and exciting! Roxxane swayed a bit to the beat of the music that was blaring outside, a large smile across her face as she drew in the cheering from outside the stadium’s lobby. She was used to the cheers of a crowd, but something about this environment got her blood pumping as she leaned against one of the chairs, her partner Pele contently sitting and observing the people around them.

Roxxane reached back and gently petted Pele, scratching behind her ears like she recently learned Pele liked. It hadn’t been long since she’s owned the Houndour, but she was already growing a bit attached to her mentor’s final gift. When the woman on the screen began to give a small speech, Roxxane eagerly listened, holding in a small giggle when the lady said nobody made it to the Champion’s Cup last year. Talk about amateurs, really. Even if Roxxane wasn’t expecting to win and face the champion, she still planned on giving every competitor a run for their money and give Sinnoh a show they’d never forget at the Champion’s Cup.

Speaking of competitors, was this really it? She said it was the largest group, but it felt like the stadium’s lobby was barely filled! How many people actually get endorsements for this thing? Obviously not a lot, because this was hardly any competition at all, even contests seemed to get more competitors than this gym challenge! With Roxxane somewhat lost in her own thoughts, Pele noticed the Noibat flying above, her growling barely audible in the room, but just loud enough to snap Roxxane out of her downward spiral of thoughts. Thinking Pele to be hungry, Roxxane pulled out a homemade poffin from the batch her mother had made her, offering it to Pele to appease the Houndour. When she noticed the smell of a spicy poffin, Pele eagerly ate it and forgot about the Noibat. Roxxane, however, dwelled for a bit before closing up the poffin case.

”You know Pele, I’ll have to have mom make some more when we get back to Hearthhome. Because I know you’ll get sick of mine once these run out!” Pele simply let out a small whimper at the realization that Roxxane’s poffins wouldn’t be as good as the one she just ate, causing Roxxane to laugh as she reached for her Pokeball.

”Okay okay, back into the Pokeball you go now. I’ll bring you back out after the ceremony.” With a gentle tap, Pele was put back into her ball, letting Roxxane focus more on the others in the room.

Everyone feels like proper rival material, the dynamics between everyone will be cool to see!
Oh wow, looking at the other apps I’m kinda glad I didn’t choose Canalave city because that was my second choice of a town lol.
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