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Hi there, after watching various RPs take off on this place, I decided I should finally step out of my shell and start joining some of the amazing ideas ya'll are throwing. While I may be relatively new to the website, have no fear, I am not a rookie when it comes to RPs. But this place from what I've been looking at seems really cool so, yeah!

A bit about me:
- 21 year old College Student w/ a part time job
- I'm a guy.
- I love video games with a burning passion.
- I've been roleplaying collectively for, well, a really long time.

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Everyone feels like proper rival material, the dynamics between everyone will be cool to see!
Oh wow, looking at the other apps I’m kinda glad I didn’t choose Canalave city because that was my second choice of a town lol.

Hopefully I did all that right haha.
Will there be any sort of gimmicks in this? What I mean is, is there mega evolution, or maybe dynamaxing? If not that's alright, I'd just thought I'd ask lol.
Heyo, I'm making my CS atm. I was thinking of starting with a Houndour.
Right, I'm getting pumped thinkin' of all the concepts I should try!
I'd like to express some interest, if that's alright with ya! I'm trying to get back into RPing and this looks awesome.
Ugh, trying to shove your way through a crowded harbor is like trying to capture a strong Pokémon with just a regular pokeball. I mean it’s do-able, but it’s a pain and there has to be a better way to go about this...

Luckily, just as Zoey seemed to think that to herself, it seemed a trainer was attempting to help her out, managing to get her attention about a better path to the Umbreon, and honestly, to her, it would be a way better option than this alternative. So, naturally, she shoved her way towards the trainer instead, stopping when someone started to yell at her.

“Sorry, but there's an Umbreon on the run that I'm following!”

Hoping that answer would work, she continued a bit more until she reached the more open pathway, nearly tripling when she entered the clearing. Still keeping her eye on the Umbreon from this new angle, she still managed to bow slightly at the person who helped her as a way of saying thanks.

“Phew, thanks for the heads up! But if you’ll excuse me, I have to see if that’s a wild Umbreon or not. It doesn’t seem to be worried or scared, its movements are methodical too... And it just turned around a corner...
Hey! It’s not too late to show some interest, is it? I sort of have an idea of what I wanna do, and it seems like a cool concept so why not ya know?
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