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Hi and welcome to my profile! Hey!! Wait don't go!... It's dark in here.

What am I into you ask?
Well let me just tell you! I love music, video games, reading and drawing. I also embarrassingly love to watch Looney Tunes Cartoons. (No laughing please :D)

If you have a 1x1 idea or even a group Roleplay your trying to setup I'm more than happy to hear about it. ^.^

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I just mean that I don't know where to start and I'm not overly keen on trying to slot into things people have already started, I always feel like a third wheel doing that. ^.^

Thanks for taking an interest in helping though :)
Thank you @Hekazu ^.^

I'm a little lost on where to start again but oh well haha :D
Hiya ^.^

A few years ago I joined this site and had a great deal of fun taking part in some RP's... Sadly the RP's I was in began to die off rapidly and I lost interest in starting new ones, so I took a break from the site.

For the past couple of days I've had a growing urge to return to writing stories and designing characters and it reminded me of how much fun I had doing that with people on here. So I dusted off my old account and have returned and I'm eager to get started! :)

Sadly I think most of the people I used to talk to have stopped as well.. ^.^ hehe
So easily distracted by their blood-thirst the Orcs let Harriet's rope go she tried to wiggle free but the rough rope just dug hard into her skin causing her a great deal of pain. "Where do you think your going pretty little lady?" A brutish orc gnarled then stomped down on her chest, it's misshapen foot with tattered iron boots clanked hard against her metallic chest plate, it bent in just enough to force the oxygen from her lungs, she coughed violently as the Orc charged over stomping her arm in the process. "Augh!" She yelped, the bone was almost forced from the socket.

Laying face down in the mud and grass Harriet could do nothing but pray for the release of death, her body too weak to force herself from the bounds. "To die in the mud, like a pig... I never imagined such a pitiful destiny." She whispered to herself. However it seemed that her god had other plans for her and in the corner of her eye she saw a group of soldiers, some of which she recognized from the Order others she didn't. The soldiers broke through the Orcs lines, however Harriet's limited vision between the glaring sun and the deep mud left her only with a dancing of silhouettes and the clanging of swords, that is until she heard the sound of heavy steps behind her, she clenched assuming one of the orcs decided to finish her off before their defeat. "Just do it." She spat some mud, her body violently shivering, but as she waited for death she felt the cold steel of a weapon unlike one of Orcs cut her bounds... She had been saved.

It was a strange sensation to be able to use your arms again after so long, she at first just dropped them to her side her body telling her to just stay and relax, however she couldn't. She needed to know who saved her from her grim death. "AUGH!" She yelped into the mud as she attempted to move her left arm, it was undoubtedly fractured by the Orcs great big foot, she was glad that the mud would hide her tear of pain and used her left arm to flip herself face up. Two soldiers were now near her, one was sat on a stump and the second was looking directly at her, his words came out muffled as Harriet felt herself almost slipping out of consciousness.

She forced herself to stay awake and used her knees to sit up, if anything she needed them to believe she was strong. "I'm o-okay." She winced and grabbed her left arm, her knees sinking deeper into the mud as her weight was now focused on them. "Who, who are you... I must thank you for coming to my aid." She tried to speak the entire sentence without showing her pain.
He couldn't see properly but he was fine, typical robot answer Scarlet thought to herself half closing her eyes in distaste at his immortal view on life. While she listened to him begin to talk about his discovery she pulled a piece of red cloth from a small pocket attached to her suit and proceeded to tie the scarf like cloth around his damaged visor, much like a human might do to another human to cover a wound. "There now you look more socially acceptable till your repaired." She smiled and began to laugh, but was interrupted when Huzuni pulled a crystal looking object from his chest, she instantly recognized it and in shock fell backwards from her chair hitting her head with a thud on one of the ships many control panels. "Ouch.." She complained while slowly standing up. "Where did you find one of those?" She asked, with one eye closed and rubbing the back of her head.

Her mind began to race with possibilities, but not on what she wanted to do with the crystal, just on how she would get a hold of it, she knew that a powerful artifact such as that would be perfect to give A.I unlimited life. With that crystal no matter if his case was destroyed he would live on through its never ending power.
@boomlover Strange I always saw the trailers and thought it looked poo, perhaps that was just because I thought it looked like Johnny English ^_^ I think it's on NowTV so I might have to watch it x
Scarlet watched as James walked off with artyem, she huffed and rolled her eyes. "Idiot." She whispered to herself, just as Karate kid approached her, his visor still damaged from before it was amazing to her that he wasn't just bumping into everything on his way, instead he seemed to dance around obstacles like a bat. He spoke, his words at first ignored by Scarlet, but in a couple of seconds she took her focus away from the door James left through and onto what was left of his face.

"No." She attempted a blank meek smile in his direction, not entirely sure if he was able to make out facial expressions in his current state. She sighed, "That is to say I'm not injured. Thanks K kid." Her eyes slowly moved back to the doorway, then back to Huzuni. "How about you? Does that hurt?" She attempted to keep bitterness from her voice as she had no reason to be annoyed at Huzuni
No but I saw terminator last night ^^
Is anyone here a robotic engineer? She wondered to herself, in the back of her mind she believed that he was doomed, another sad sacrifice in this desolate world. She was in a sulk that James didn't listen to her advice to leave the ship, he was the captain though and she had no escape without him, so she would be forced to stay, live out the same fate as everyone here if it was to break apart. She would have her revenge for his blatant disregard for her warning, her mind instantly going to childish pranks that she could do to him to cause him annoyance.

"Fine." She said in a sulky voice and sat down on the recently murdered captains chair, the blood stains smearing on the back of her nano suit. She crossed her legs and waited to see if the ship would implode and kill them all or if they would escape.
Hopefully not :( x
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