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4 yrs ago sci fi rp casual.
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4 yrs ago mechs and a gm who knows his shit.
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hi everyone who is reading this im boomlover and i have decided to join the rp guild
i like sci fi and fantasy

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In Defiance 3 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
yee :) I shall attempt to write something that shall not suck.
In Defiance 3 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
It is time that i once again write myself some stuff ! Unless i am not allowed in here which means ill be skulking into the background to lurk.
Holy shit this actually looks kinda cool. Imma join in on this.
Dammit, You play a good video game. You look at the roleplay you wanted to join. BOOM, Five pages. Still up for fucking up monsters mah dude,
Awww yeah. It's steampunk time bitches! Woop Woop.
interest in slaying dragons.
@Sierra hello sierra. how are you ? :)
@PrinceAlexus man, i feel ya dude.
@ClocktowerEchos was thinking of making a bunch of scientists that travel like nomads conducting all manner of experiments on people they find.
Dear god, this sounds fucking sweet!
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