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Current JFC It's been a while since I've shipped something as hard as Perc'ahlia.
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Of course. I want a day off, and that's when everyone decides they can't figure out how to do their jobs.
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The average human body has so much blood. It's always more than you think.
2 yrs ago
To all my partners, I apologize. I have a splitting migraine and my idiot neighbors aren't helping.
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The two most abundant things in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity.
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Hello! I'm Kymera, so nice to meet you! Hopefully reading this won't bore you to tears.

Little bit about me:
I've been roleplaying for close to 10 years now and ran a forum of my own for 6 of them. I enjoy a more gritty RP where very few things "turn out alright in the end". That's not to say I don't like happy endings, but I enjoy bittersweet ones more. I feel I RP better the more I get to know people and their characters, so if you're willing to put up with me for that long, I like to think I make a good partner in crime!

Offline, I'm an avid LARPer and gamer, so I do my best to avoid reality at every turn. I do like to write, probably more than is healthy, and currently have two stories in progress.

Beyond that, most of my hobbies revolve around LARPing. I camp frequently, I enjoy leatherworking and various styles of armor making, and generally am a bit of an oddball.

I have a general love (read:obsession) of science, and it tends to come through in odd ways when I write.

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Hehe, hiiii. You sound just pleasantly adorable to be friends with!!! X3
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You haz no visitor messages so I will make up for that loss!
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