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2 yrs ago
Current i literally haven't changed much besides im a theater kid... yaaay!!!!
2 yrs ago
sweet baby jesus its been forever. wassup
4 yrs ago
I soaked up the bass from my P!ATD concert and i swear I'm a little high from other people doing drugs, but i don't give a frickin' rat's @$$~ <3
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4 yrs ago
I'm popping a lot of pills (tic has)
4 yrs ago
I think I laugh too much nowadays. -referring to my rating box thingamajig-
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Look, imma be real. I'm a mess. I can never do anything right thought being corrected at LEAST once. I'm New to using this format where you don't use ** and you instead use "". I think I'm guilty of using oneliners in my role play (Casual- Every Rose Has Its Thorns) but who isn't guilty of it in their career? I doubt anyone will be reading this, so... meh.

IMPORTANT NOTICE!!!! I am a MINOR!!!! and I don't want sex! Just hugs and someone to talk to is perfect for me

I'm a furry... just so you know... I'm a cat. Domestic cat.. but I have claws in my front paws (really sharp nails on human hands) ... and a tail and ears.

I love to listen to music!!! And draw! I mean, what normal, average teen doesn't? Right? Anywhoooooo, I love P!ATD, MCR, X Ambassadors, Twenty One Pilots, and the RWBY Album, among MANY other artists... Hehehe.. I occasionally listen to the RWBY Instrumental versions and I only, as of now (12/21/2016), have one acapella song on my Spotify playlist (I Write Sins Not Tragedies (Acapella) by Austin Jones.) It wasn't the original people who sing it (P!ATD), But he and NateWantsToBattle have incredible voices. I also enjoy listening to the Steven Universe Soundtrack (as I'm a HUGE fangirl about Steven Universe) and other people's covers/parodies.

In my spare time I do various things (most to least often)

Play with my dog(s) or cat..
Listening to music
On here/Discord (CherriesNeko)
On (Yes, I have a I only dance for fun, though. No plans for becoming famous on THAT platform... I'm not like that low-life jake sortorious guy or whatever his name is...)
Writing (usually but sometimes not) depressing poetry
Working on a song (or two.. Or three.. Depends where I am and how many I've thrown away because I don't think the public would like them/I thought they were stupid and or unrelatable...)
Actually doing something productive with my life.

Here's a list of things you DON'T do with me:

No cutesy names.
No Nick names.
Dont call me "yours". I belong to myself, tyvm.
I am not adorable/cute/etc.

Here's what I typically look for in a rp partner:

(Usually) a dude who is okay with a small group/1x1.
Please type a good bit (3-7 sentences AT LEAST...I'm in the midst [12/21/16] of learning what and how to ask to get what you want using specifics the HARD WAY....and if you type up three sentences... Please make it specific....)
People who aren't against emos. (My character is kinda emo)
Romance,high school roleplays are what I'm a COMPLETE sucker for.. just as long as it involves romance, though.. then I'm happy.
My rp partner would, preferably, type quickly. Like, 30 wpm or more if capable... I mean... With my schedule NOW...... This portion is irrelevant.... Just make GOOD posts... I mean,
Quality vs. Quantity <3
Dont judge me if I don't make just sense. Just tell me POLITELY to rephrase which parts that may be confusing

There I'm done with my mini rant. Good day! Message me if ya want. I don't bite... usually ;P

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welp, this rp is dead! XD
Literally anything I have posted has been bad
This purple phoenix is my familiar given to me from a lost love. He guides me along the quest and helps search for food when I'm hungry. Phoenix turns out to be my lost love and not just a familiar, but I get disgusted because I had undressed into my Pajamas and back into normal quest clothes several times. I felt like my privacy has been violated.
Awe is that a baby deadpool?
<Snipped quote by CherriesJubilee>

No, more penis.

<Snipped quote by CherriesJubilee>
Oxygen is also pretty important

Atmospheric differences
Gay men go to Uranus to get

why, because it's absolute shit?
Jailed for being too adorable!!!
Why, you wanna see more bikini babes or something?

actually, using science and all that jazz, everyone would be dead on Mars and Venus due to pressure and or atmospheric or temperature differences
Awe! Adorable new PFP!!!
Jailed for being too cool for this world... And for having shady business dealings
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