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Current I kid, I was too sick to even get a post up, RIP Gutshot.
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I have gotten so sick, that I have taken the day off; Thus, expect some posts from me. It's bitter-sweet, isn't it?
7 mos ago
Surely you jest, Comrade! To create an equal solution to falsified dental problems, we must create such dental products equally. Dentistry licenses must be required by the state so all may contribute.
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Eh, might aswell try advertising here: A Polymorphing Kaiju roleplay for those with malicious intent
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but I still bawled my eyes out at the end of my pacifist run



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Perhaps, if that's the case. I'm glad two of my top three favorite guilds aren't taken, too...

... Although, the question is which guild I should make a character of. Hmm

Hey, you get a maximum of three colors, so why not a mixture of both?

Also, great to have ya'!
Yes, I'm still here. Sadly, I have not gotten a PM post to @Raijinslayer yet (sorry Raijin) so the gem battle is going to be a little bit. My work kid has been tiresome lately, but by the weekend it should lighten up and I'll get right on starting me and Raijin'a collaboration.
@Ryougu Boros were made to stab. Gruul and Rakdos exist to be die, its what they are best at.

"But... What if we didn't do that?"
I will be getting a character sheet perhaps tomorrow or a little later. I'm really excited to get into this RP!
Posted, finally! Not the best intro, but it's something to get conflict going.
Zarif, the Ancient One


The ancient bones of the Loxodon mage wandered among the crowded Sun's Height Market as they had always done on a fair Sunday afternoon, their owner's curiosity peaked at the innumerable attractions provided by the Ravnican public. For indeed, Zarif had always been charmed by the busy market's knack for providing the unexpected. Though the ancient Selesnyan had seen much in his incredible life-span, and many of the goods and services in this market he was quite familiar with, there was always something to see. Even for an old soul like Zarif. It commonly reminded him of his distant youth; So much to encounter and so many people to talk to. These days, with the mage's body rather weak and his ambitious urge for adventure having dulled with time, visiting the market slowly devolved into a pleasant stroll of nostalgia that the Loxodon almost religiously took every Sunday. This day was no different.

From the exotic fruit vendors to the beast-tamers, Zarif took his time as he strolled around the square hosting the grand market. The selections of animals from the pet-vendors were surprisingly colorful this week, the Loxodon noticed, coming upon anything from Bloodrusher Pumas to "legally" sold skylashers. The mage took no great heed of the later creature, however; If he were to report all of the crooks he saw at Sun's Height Market in a given day, the Azorius detention center would be filled. "Let them sow their fields as they see fit, and the fruits will be even more fitting", Zarif was known to say. Finally, the Loxodon came into contact with a great conjured beast; An earth elemental, its demeanor vicious and its origins obviously Golgarian to the trained magical eye. "It is a Golgarian construct, indeed; as you can see it is composed of compost and some small, root vegetation. I would go as far to say it was originally prepared to be a shock trooper, or perhaps its simply just angry being locked up in this tight cage here", the Loxodon educated the saleswoman in front of him, her facial expression giving a grim indicator that she detested being torn away from the foolish haggler beside her to be committed ideal chit-chat. Zarif, seeing this discomfort in the woman's body language, removed himself from the conversation to eye the beast in front of him.

Absolutely, this creature hated the containment it inhabited, that of which only magnified its naturally aggressive behavior. Though many would see the magical creation as sub-human, the Loxodon mage would stoutly beg to differ. Sitting cross-legged in front of the bellowing behemoth, the mage breathed in deeply before beginning. He had learned to calm rampaging golems and elementals before from the law-mages of the Azorious institutions, a lesson that they said was rather crucial to their survival in the field. Breathing in once again as he sat in front of the creature, Zarif linked his completely calm mind to that of the elemental. The mage's Azorius-oriented aura brought the beast to sit down cross-legged, as well, the giant's shouting ceasing as it breathed in sync with the Loxodon. Zarif gave out a hearty laugh as the pacification spell was proved successful. No more needless turmoil for such a caged animal, at least for now.

This random act of magic was not secretive, however, for the sales-woman instantly chewed the Loxodon out for tampering with her product. Demanding that Zarif pay for a disenchanter, the mage promised to buy the elemental at a later date, handing the small woman a down-payment and asking her to hold the beast for him. Luckily, she begrudgingly agreed, the hunched haggler beside her having lost his financial battle prior to this confrontation. Oh well, there went Zarif's allowance for the rest of the day. As the Loxodon walked away from the menagerie market, endeavoring to hobble his way over to the magic bizarre positioned across the plaza, yet another aggressive soul crossed his path. A pale woman, clad in armor and cloaked by a dark veil of fabric, with specks of blonde hair dancing around her. Zarif would not take any further heed of the woman, if it were not for both the wet weight slapping against her stomach and the sly smirk upon her face. That horrible smile showed an ulterior motive, a successful plan having been executed and the unholy bliss that came from it breaching the surface of the girl's fair features. Zarif had known that smirk a long time before, like many of the things that surrounded him. Suffice to say, he would never go to the Dimir for magical information ever again. The woman's intimidation only doubled with the thought of what she held in her infernal waist-pouch. The bag stank and it's weight and physics suggested a more... organic cargo. Soon enough, however, the woman passed away without a trace. Through all this focus on a passing stranger, that of which the Loxodon mage would certainly keep an eye out for, Zarif almost forgot to notice the Boros attack by his location.

Storming upon the scene right after the intense battle, the Loxodon volunteered as a medic to aid the Boros troops. Though Zarif found the Boros to be a little too... zealous, to his liking, he would not allow wounded to go untreated. This of course also meant enemy forces, the Loxodon getting to work patching up the impressive amount of wounded goblins with what medical magic he could muster from his usually summoner-oriented reserves.

Momentarily taking a break from his volunteer work in order to regenerate mana, the Loxodon talked to a certain wounded Boros legionnaire, the name of which was fittingly Lute. The two talked of this and that of magic as the young soldier recovered, the Loxodon congratulating him on his guild's victory. However, around the middle of their casual conversation Zarif became a little more serious, becoming aware of the woman's presence once again. She stood buying what magical ingredients she could from a small, tarped-in shop to the Loxodon's right, her presence unaware to all but the shop-keeper and him. Speaking in somewhat of a hushed voice to the soldier, Zarif asked,

"Officer Lute, I understand it is a little odd of a request, but would you mind keeping an eye on that woman through your recovery? It is nothing too important, but she is just... suspicious. I must go back and tend to Krenko's forces, and you seem like a clever-enough lad. Would you be alright with the task?"
@Lmpkio I am incredibly sorry, this is partly my fault. I have been lacking in getting posts out due to the constant stream of severe work I am getting (I am a lawyer), and thus I've really let this RP down. If you are rebooting it, I will be unable to join back, due to both my work and other RPs I am in need of committing to. Do feel free to use my Mothra CS for any and all NPC needs you may have, though.

Again, I'm sorry for having been so quite and non-contributing. I hope you guys the best of luck in your future roleplaying.
@Raijinslayer ((Collab sounds great! I'll see when I can get a battle post to you))
Ah, shoot. I'm sorry guys, it's 11 O'clock where I am, and I still haven't gotten most of my needed work done. The post is going to have to be tomorrow, so feel free to go on without me with story progression and what not.
<Snipped quote by Gutshot>

Well, gee, that's a fuckin' stupid way to misuse

Well, golly, that's a fuckin' stupid way to counter-act

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