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Remove all the books

There are now books all over the floor.

Check what's inside the hat

A gnome's hat is the storing place for all of the gnome's most important items. In this case, your spell list, that all fairy folk have, is neatly tucked away into your hat.

Unfortunately, some joker removed all the spells from your list except for the top one- the Summon spell.

Desroy/Create weapons from star wars episodes I-VI stuff. Leave episodes VII-IX untouched.

You create the Really Long Paper Sword of Going Nowhere out of half the book for Phantom Menace and place it in your hat inventory. This will be useful later, you're sure.

Remove the books. But not before looking inside of them for something useful.

>Star Wars
>Something useful

Throw the books out the window!

You briefly consider going ballistic from all these intrusive thoughts about those damnable plastic windows.

You are the superior gnome, the chosen gnome, the great Gnome. Meditate on the superiority of your existance in the hope of clutching at otherwordly power.

You meditate on your superior existence and clutch at otherworldly power, such as the power of your spells...

>Summon meteor

Try the other window, maybe?

You look out the other window...

Find someone and ruin their day!

And find some human dude who needs his day ruined!!

Taking a running start, you throw yourself at the window...

...and find it just as unbreakable as the first one! You take a rest while thinking of what else you could try, before standing up and heading over to the bookcase.

Look for a secret passage behind the bookcase.

Unfortunately, moving the bookcase is quite a chore for your small gnome body.

On further inspection, it would seem the difficulty comes from all the Star Wars movie novelizations on the bookcase, weighing it down.
Commit suicide.

You briefly fantasize about killing yourself, but the window catches your attention instead.

Nah, jump out the window you're facing

Outside you see a village full of gnomes working on their mud-huts like the vulgar beasts they are. You're far too civilized to be associating with them, but if you can break out of this place via window they may catch your fall.

You take a running start and leap at the window...

...only to bounce off of it, roll backwards, and slam into the book-case. It seems the window is reinforced. Or plastic. Or both.


Gnomes? Going a day without mischief? Sleeping without ever ruining anybody's day? Unheard of. You briefly shuffle this thought of lazing about with your eyes closed out of your head.

You are this gnome. This room has been your home for ages- at least two hours. Which is two hours you've gone without causing any chaos or making lives that aren't yours worse. Oh, the horror.

As a gnome you lack any kind of morals, empathy, or anything, really, besides a complete and utter disdain for life.

Within this room is a book-case, and two windows, one of which you are facing, hence why it is offscreen. What do you do?
>hold an election to determine the leader of the new gnome society
In Game: [META] 6 mos ago Forum: Spam Forum
Make one about drunk gnomes building a thunderdome

In Game: [META] 6 mos ago Forum: Spam Forum
>make several fake accounts using a vpn and advertise "Good construction work. High """pay"""" on off-topic.
In Game: [META] 6 mos ago Forum: Spam Forum
>continue my journey to collect slaves to build the thunderdome
In Game: [META] 6 mos ago Forum: Spam Forum
>power up like goku in an attempt to get more energy to gather slaves
In Game: [META] 6 mos ago Forum: Spam Forum
>look for potential slaves
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