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Thanks for the approval. The sheet has been moved to the character tab.
Content Warning - Religious extremism, cults, and abandonment.

Edited my character sheet slightly. Hoping it is acceptable now.
Sorry about the delay, other things had been taking up my time. As for the issue of acceptance of Churches in Japan, I'm going to edit my backstory to make it clearly an international cult from the start. And Masato's mother would definitely be viewed as an outlier in Japanese society. Expect the edited backstory tomorrow.
Starting work on my biomancy healer character.
Working on a type-yellow speedster. Expect the sheet tomorrow, probably.
Decided to change to Goldramon for my Mega, give my Digimon a bit more variety throughout its forms. As for dual validation, I'm hoping the Co-GM has no issues.
Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.
Interested in playing an acolyte focused on healing magic.
Also interested. But, I currently don't have any suggestions for names.
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