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The avatar pic is of a barber who only shaves those who don't shave themselves (does he shave himself?), from Logicomix.

The title is the coolest proposition I got to use as a lemma.

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Alright, I think I finished editing my first post.
Feedback is much appreciated.
The Asterion ship was reaching the harbor and the horn had just sounded its arrival.
In a calm corner shaded by the wall of a tavern, two half-elves were sitting on stools; one was coloring a drawing while the other, eyes squinted, kept moving his head between the ship and the sketch depicting it.

"And what brings you here, my dear friend?" said the one holding the crayon, in a neutral tone.

"Why, the answer is half in the question. Friend-Ship of course." Nehlin replied jokingly, taking care to pronounce each term while looking in the appropriate direction. "Now Luren, since there is plenty of tension between the various factions, the Guild is insistent that we do-"

"no politics", Luren cut him short, irritation seeping into his voice.

"Nothing offensive, no." And as the wind blew and the Asterion flag fully revealed itself, Nehlin didn't miss the revulsion in Luren's expression.

"Hmm? Aha! This part of the flag isn't quite right, now is it?", said Nehlin while pointing at the drawn emblem. Nothing explicit was shown, but although Nehlin had no clue on how the changed emblem could be insulting to the Asterion, it didn't take a historian to know that there is symbolism in there; not the polite sort, knowing Luren's style.

"Ugh, fine." Luren tore the page off and was about to throw it to the wind when Nehlin caught his hand. "You shouldn't tempt fate." he said, locking his eyes into Luren's. For emphasis, Nehlin's half-elf ears grew eyes and ears of their own and nodded seriously in agreement.

If it helped alleviate the mood, Luren showed no sign of it; he simply took the paper, scribbled something with a metalpoint and dropped it to the ground. Whatever was now drawn, Nehlin didn't look at it. His duty lied in informing his friend, the rest being an artist's decision to make.

Luren then packed his affairs and left, saying no word in between. But silence could be more hurtful than words, or so Nehlin felt.

The illusionist sighed and cancelled his craft, revealing no pointy ears and no stool; on cue, he fell on his butt and began rubbing his aching knees. "Ouch" he muttered, while gazing in direction of the ship.
@DragonofTheWest alright, done.
Do you mind if Nehlin accompanies Aerendyl to wherever he'll stay? Or do you need s.o with more diplomatic skills and/or is more affiliated to the guild?


Actually nevermind, seeing @deia876lat's roleplay, I think I misunderstood how much freedom the players are allowed. Still, to double-check, are these things ok?
- controlling npc reactions as long as it's reasonable
- making npcs and assigning them backgrounds on the fly, as long as it's reasonable
- same thing with places: players can take the initiative to describe places the gm hasn't described yet, within reason.

Hello, here's a character sheet for approval:

Fingers crossed it's passable, haha.
I'm interested! I think I'll enjoy playing a mage who doesn't agree with how political his guild got.
Hi! I'm a 19 year old math nerd who enjoys reading fantasy webfictions.
As I've caught up to most stories I like and my stock is getting short, I decided to give roleplaying a shot.

English isn't my primary language, and writing not a skill I've leveled up, so I'm open to criticism and ego wouldn't be much in the way.

This is not my first time trying to start roleplaying. A year ago, I spent about a month doing a character sheet, writing a line then deleting it because I found "better". I eventually got tired and gave up.

Hopefully I'll break out of that habit and introducing myself will commit me to actually write something!
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