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Hello there, for some unknown reason you have decided to visit my profile - well, not sure why, but I suppose I should tell you a bit about myself.
I am a 21 year old, male, student who lives In Great Britain and I'm studying Law.

I have been roleplaying for about 4 years now, although I did not start on this website - I began role-playing because my English was terrible, written English at the very least, a sad state of affairs when you fail your own native language; several times...
I'd like to think that my writing capability has improved massively since that time 4 years ago, I do believe it has, which is good. Roleplaying and specifically roleplaying on this website has aided my development in writing a great deal, I've made some good friends because of this site, and in turn because of Roleplaying in general - and who says the internet is a bad thing?

In terms of likes, I enjoy Classical music, Anime, reading, studying history, gaming across multiple platforms - and of course writing.

The rest of this will come when I'm not tired.

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@Deos MorranYou should put this in an Interest Check if you haven't already ^_^
I'm afraid a lot of my plot was linked quite heavily with Sickle, when he left I was kinda stuck... T'was a good run whilst it lasted, I don't see why we can't shelve this roleplay for a while, see if there's a day we can give it a Max Revive sometime in the future, but for the time being, I don't think this will be going anywhere.
Sorry Zanavy :/
@MrDidactIn that case can we do a collab, Giles is gunna have a convo with a few of them - including the therapist, just to make sure she knows the large task she has on her hands.
A note to everyone, every-time I submit a post from now on, I will be performing a dice roll - here is the link so you can see the result

Every dice roll will accompany a number in the description of the dice roll, this number determines whether or not the Artist makes an appearance assuming the dice roll lands on it.
A number of things will contribute towards making the appearance more or less likely that can occur IC, like for instance him running out of medication and not having any for a number of days will greatly increase the odds of an episode occurring - I'm during this to add reality towards Giles' mental condition and how it can be detrimental at moments when a clear head is necessary, although it can turn out to be favourable as well, depends on the situation.

Anyway, this is just to make sure everyone is aware of the possible dangers that lay ahead from this point forward :D
And for those whom have forgotten, or don't know who the artist is, please revisit my Character sheet on Giles to learn about him.
@MrDidactHey Diadact, can we control the NPC's or, is that something we have to work with you over?
@Mega BirbHoly crap, the edge from birb there could replicate the pain from standing on a lego brick.
Alria, Giles, Tiberius and Ethan

After getting patched up Tiberius managed to get away from the group if medics that seemingly jumped him when he had arrived with Rayes and the scientists, rolling his left shoulder trying to relieve the tight feeling that remained he walked slowly around looking for his helmet that he had set down before being taken away, stepping over towards a grouping of long crates he moved a few of them around as he began his search, it was important to him that he got the footage from the video camera attached to it so he could send it off to the Specters. "Where did I place that thing" he muttered almost annoyed at the fact that he misplaced it.

Alria continued to sit and help out Giles how she could, but also to try and drown out the sounds of Ethan... Though before long she heard the sounds of another Turian. Glad to have another distraction she looked to see the source and found a... well a ridiculously tall Turian man that she fought alongside briefly back in the tunnels. He didn't seem to be in the best of shapes but he was standing and moving about which was good.

That was when she heard him talk about putting something somewhere and that in turn made her glance around... then come to a realisation. Looking down she saw a large Turian shaped helmet that she was using for a seat. Glancing around perhaps a bit embarrassed she quickly sat up and moved the helmet from the crate it was placed on and hoisted it up. "Is this what you're looking for?" She asked out to the wandering Turian hoping that he didn't see how she was using his helmet...

Hearing a females voice Tiberius stood back up and looked around before spotting the female Turian, seeing her with his helmet he could help but sigh with relief as a light smile formed on his face as he walked over to her, looking down at her he nodded politely "Yes actually, Thank you" he said then gently took the helmet from her and clipping it to the left backside of his waist, pressing a few buttons on his omni-tool he began to download the footage from the camera. [color=Dodgerblue]"I don't believe we have meet, I'm Tiberius Adarian, who might you be?" he asked before sitting down on a nearby create trying to get eye level with her but to no avail.

Alria watched him as he took the helmet and spoke down to her. Not in the sense that he was talking bad to her, but that he was literally so tall that he had to look down just to see her. It was... something. But it didn't really bother her, just made her a tad curious as to why he was so damn tall! But maybe one shouldn't question such things. "I don't think we have actually. Alria, Alria Vicrinus." She said, nodding to the fellow Turian as he took his seat... still looking up at him. "I'm another part of the team but I went ahead to help a little bit. Just to let you know. So... uh... Wanna get a drink? We were just about to head out for some."

Alria had been extremely kind with how she had treated Giles, his wounds and dressings were all done very well, and overall he didn't feel as if he was going to die anytime soon- which was quite the relief.
Drinks were on the horizon, which was comforting to know as well; although the company of that human was not.

A small piece of time had passed before one of the other Turian's came into view; clearly distracted by something - although Giles wasn't exactly interested in what he was doing and was focusing more on how freakishly tall he was it was then he realised this was the Biotic support they had on the assault team; Tiberius or something his name was, a very common Turian name, although still one that resonated strength.

The Turian took a seat nearby Giles and introduced himself; Alria replied shortly after handing him his helmet which now determined what he was lost for earlier.
It was at this moment that Giles chimed in "Hello Tiberius, feeling alright after that mission? It certainly got hectic for the assault team... And yes, Alria is correct in that we are getting drinks - I know a decent place about 10 minutes from here, it has Turian stock as well."

"Nice to meet you Alria, I wouldn't mind getting a drink" he said before the Drell spoke up, turning his attention to the male he nodded "Hectic sound about right, but I could be better and it looks like you've seen better days as well if I do say so myself" Tiberius said before grabbing ahold of his left shoulder and rolling it once more "Sometimes I hate medical personnel" he muttered then switched his gaze between the two and stood, looking around he quickly made sure he had everything before they headed out, raising his arm he brought his omni-tool up and quickly typed up two encrypted messages and sent them before turning his attention to the pair.

Ethan kept pace with the group, deciding (probably wisely) to keep his mouth shut. Trying to talk to people today had left him with nothing but trouble, if this Turian was any indication. If he tried to talk to any of the others, he guessed that the same thing would happen.
Typical. Why were people so emotional? They were soldiers, emotions shouldn't come into anything.

Oh, wonderful. Another one. Ethan looked at him for a moment, wondering if he was wearing stilts before nodding slowly at him. He didn't want to talk unless he absolutely had to.

Alria nodded to Tiberius' response, glad to hear that he would be joining up with them. After all a party is always better with more people. Though as for where that party would be and what would happen there would require Giles to give up the location of this unknown bar. "So Giles. I think it's about time we set out to the bar! I'm raring to have a bit of fun after That big 'old mess."

From there Alria stood up, stretching her legs and arm to get some of the ache out before turning back to face Giles saying, "I'm done all I can with your bandages so there's no time like the present! Come on!" She chimed up cheerily holding a hand out for Giles to take and use to stand up.

It appeared that they as a group would be partaking in the drinks, two Turians, a Drell and a Human- quite the combination.
As kind as she had been this past hour Alria stood and offered a hand to aid Giles' standing, as well as proclaiming that she could really go for that drink, the feeling was likely mutually felt amongst the small group.

"I couldn't agree more Alria..."
Giles grasped Alrias outstretched hand firmly, using it to aid his standing and after a few grunts he like the rest of them now stood.
He'd feel better after a good nights rest, and some decent alcohol in his system.
"The place is only about a 10 minutes walk, it's called the "Imperial Crown" sort of an old fashioned place; old human anyway - it's fairly quiet and we can kick back and drink to a success on our first mission together."

Releasing Alrias hand, he gave her a warm smile as his thanks and a signature that for the time being he could make the way unaided, and the group headed down a street that seemed to be hybridised mix of old architecture and new, stone and metal melded together seamlessly despite all the damage from the Reaper wars still being evident in places.
Soon a nice warm place awaited them where they could have a good drink in an hospitable atmosphere; Giles was no fool, he would not drink anywhere were the humans had a sentiment against Alien races- something that was becoming increasingly common in the streets of London.

The group walked in relative silence to their drinking hole, the silence was not strained nor was it awkward, it was held in contemplation of todays events, maybe some of them here would use the drinks to escape what had happened, Giles did not know as of yet.
Eventually they arrived to their destination; the building was a large 3 storey complex, although only the second and first floors were used for the pub.
The building was constructed from stone, although much of the upper half had been reconstructed with metal, scorch marks and pock holes from gunfire marred the ancient stonework- not entirely unfamiliar sight on the old building work.

"Well, here we are - I'll grab the drinks preferably with a bit of assistance, two of you go grab a good seat."

Giles pushed on the hard reinforced doors and let them all in.
The decor was what would be best described as "old fashioned" to humans, obviously that's a bit harder to discern for aliens, but much of the set out was a polished dark wood, the floor laid with a red carpet and there were numerous chairs dotted around many tables through the place; as well as booths attached to the adjacent walls, for more comfort and better privacy.
There were also special seating areas for Krogan; since their tremendous size and weight would shatter the chairs here.

This place was not unfamiliar to the sight of aliens, many of its customers were alien as were its regulars.
A few people recognised Giles and either gave a small nod or just continued their drinks conversations.
The 4 of them looked liked they had walked out of the Reaper wars, but no questions were asked as Giles approached the bar.

Alria chimed up first, walking over to Giles and joining his side. "I'll help with the drinks! Just to make sure we get enough of course!" Her tone cheery and almost... jovial. Regardless of her chipper tone she started to guide Giles to the bar,"You seem to know a bunch of people here. I think that means you'll be doing the talking. You know... To get us a few extras?" She implied quiet heavily to him, even going so far as to nudge his arm and start stepping a little close to him. If maybe to whisper her nefarious words at a bit more of a hushed tone.

From there she walked up to the bar, sticking to Giles like glue, curious of his response to the barkeep and what could be done to secure some party juice. And of course pretended to be a little... elighted already so to maybe make a play at disarming any onlookers.

Upon stepping into the bar behind the majority of the group Tiberius stopped and watched Giles and Alria head off to go get the drinks, peering around the bar itself he looked for a good place to sit, "Well Human lets look for a table" he said as he continued to look around before spotting a large round booth in the corner of the room he nudged Ethan lightly then motioned towards the booth before he started to make his way towards it "Lets sit over there, it's spacious for everyone".

As he made his way slowly across the room he couldn't help but notice that some of the other patrons staring at him in silence, while others watched and muttered to one another. Once at the booth he climbed inside as moved to the center, being here in one of these establishments was strange for him, mostly because he would usually never be caught in one on the first place, but it was also a new feeling for him. glancing over at the human male that had accompanied his little group he quietly studied him before he noticed he had a notification on his omni-tool, bringing it up it read that his messages had been received and his video was ready to be reviewed.

It didn't take him long to review it, he had it in quick motion mode, but upon seeing the footage at the end, he looked at Alria and his eyes immediately narrowed before he looked back down and cut out all the unnecessary parts before sending the footage to both the spectres, lowering the omni-tool he leaned back against the booth and attempted to relax "So Human what brings you here, do you have any idea why they chose you?" he asked Ethan in a low deep tone of voice that almost demanded the attention for an answer.

Ethan kept his mouth shut as he approached the bar, walking behind the others so he wouldn't be noticed. Completely ignoring their conversation, he sat at the bar, a few seats away from the others so he wouldn't have to talk to them if he didn't want to.

Giles gave a small glance as Tiberius and Ethan left to acquire seats for the small group, Alria had opted to held him get the drinks - a bit excited at the prospect as well; it's almost as if she were a different person when they walked into here, although this side of her was slightly more uplifting that had to be said.
Clearly she was looking forward to the drinks, and that he felt mutually on.

As Giles made it to the bar the Human who owned the establishment stood there with a smile on his face, he was a rather round man, his face was bright red in the cheeks and at the tip of his nose where it left off and began to form a rather well groomed moustache, the only hair he had on his head.
Overall was a very cheerful man, if not one with a slight dark streak - he was someone you'd love as a friend and fear as an enemy.
Every person in the Merc band of his learned that very quickly.

"Giles! It's a pleasure to see you again! Anyone who helped save and rebuild Earth is welcome here!" He gave that last statement quite the shout out around the room, of which many raised their glasses or responded with cheers - it was a message more than a compliment, with growing difficulties between Humans and Aliens, it was easy to forget that without them Earth would not be here anymore.

Turning back to the pair he rested his palms on the bar and asked 'So. What can I get you and your companion? Didn't peg you as someone who fancied Turians."
Giles saw this coming from a mile off, it didn't help that Alria was latched to him like a Pyjack in the jaws of a Varren, it appeared the mere prospect of alcohol had made her slightly... excitable.
"She's a new teammate, I've left the Heroic Outcasts for the time being for this one; pay isn't as good but it certainly doesn't lack for excitement, I'm here with a few of them to celebrate our first mission together."

The barkeep donned a wide grin before laughing "I see! Well Miss Turian, you've got quite the ally here, especially when the artist begins painting, I've heard many a tale of extraordinary things from that one; anyway onto business, what will you be drinking tonight? Name your poison; consider it on the house for tonight - I have a feeling this will be the last time you and I see each other for quite some time, Giles."

Giles didn't really want talk of the Artist to arise, nobody knew of it yet barring maybe the Spectres. But it was no harm done, they'd learn of him eventually, better soon rather than later.
Not only that but this cheeky bastard was too perceptive for his own good, he knew that this would very well be the last time he drinks here in years, if not ever again - work with the Spectres would quite likely claim his life, but for drinks to be free? That was something that Giles never expected this human to say, did he know something that Giles didn't or was it merely a hunch?
Setting aside those thoughts for now, the time for a much needed drink was here, the medi-gel was starting to wear off so it didn't come too soon either.
" I'll have the usual, what do you want Alria?"

Alria kept up her act faithfully to the point where some may even doubt the validity of Gile's statement of her being a teammate. In fact due to her chosen state and young appearance some may even say she appeared as a drunken college student. Still to better sink in the guise she did stick to him like glue, though the real reason as to why may only be known to her and her devious mind. However, it may of sunk a bit when the barkeep spoke of what Giles was to work with. And all this about artists? Nonsense and the like, "I don't much care for artists, and art, and stuff, but I don't mind him. Just needs to show he can take a drink without swimming in it!" She called out cheerily.

From there she slipped past Giles to address the prospect of free drinks and merely shimmed up by saying, "I want something sweet... So give me what ya got." More using it as another proper piece, but also to get a drink that goes down easy. "And we can't forget about our friend! Give me something else... something a really, really big guy would like."

The bartender gave a rancourus burst of laughter at Alria's statement over swimming.
"Are you sure you want to leave the Heroic outcasts Giles?! She'd fit right in with them lot! Hahaha!"
Giving his eye a wipe he spoke again "Well Miss, you don't worry about Giles, he can handle his drinks well, his time spent with those Mercs of his have really helped him in terms of drinking from what I've heard, quite the lightweight a few years ago he was." He gave a vulpine grin towards Gilvert before addressing Alria's choice of drink.

"Something sweet huh? Yeah I've got something that'll suit you just fine... lemme try and find it."
After digging behind the bar for a bit he pulled up a bright green bottle, it was about half empty and once Giles spied the name of it he knew what it was, think of mixing together a rosé and a brandy but adding a sort of cream type substance in it, it was an odd blend of sweet and slightly tart tastes that also packed a bit of a punch.
It was very easy to forget you were drinking something strong, given how smooth and sweet it was.
"Here we are, "Veltori Liquer" or something like that, my Turian is shit..." He poured out a liberal amount into a wine glass, figuring that's the best place this type of drink would belong in.
"And something a big guy would like? He's not a Krogan is he?" He cut himself off before turning around and opening up a cooler behind him, with a swift motion he quickly popped off the bottle cap from a glass bottle and placed it before Giles - it wasn't anything as strong as Alria just got given, but he always enjoyed a cool beer after a mission before going onto the harder stuff - the humans knew how to make alcohol.

As Giles picked up his cool bottle he said "No, he's just a Turian... just one of the biggest I've ever seen."

"I see, hmmmm... Wait! I've got something that will bring him down to earth with all us little guys." Another few seconds of rifling later brought forward a small glass of a very dark liquid.
"It's basically turian whiskey, but you know I wouldn't clean my toilet with this stuff, it'd melt through the ceramic - just tell him not to down it otherwise he'll lose the feeling in his legs."

Brilliant Gilvert thought, now he'd have to explain why Tiberius was dead after tonight, if this man was gunna have his way - he always pulled out the stops when Giles or his mercs got here, it would appear he's going to continue to regardless of his company.
"By the way we've got a human with us, just give him something normal, nothing like galactic engine cleaner."

In a blink of an eye another bottle cap flew into the air as he tossed another beer at Giles. "Here he can join you on the weak stuff." once again flashing a taunting smile towards him.

Alria took her drink and brought it over to her control, though before taking even her first drink she listened to what the barkeep and Giles had to say. Though without the conversation really involving her it was a passive reaction from her training. "Well I don't know about you, but I'm gonna go and fulfil my duty!" She confidently called out, taking Tiberius' drink in her free hand and taking a hearty sip of her own drink tasting the sweet beverage before walking off to head to the table that was chosen by Tiberius.

Ethan was starting to realise how strange he looked, sitting at the bar without ordering anything. The others appeared to be having a good time, and he was beginning to realise that maybe he should do something too.Talking to them now might not be a good idea, especially with that mean Turian, but maybe he could order something, and they would talk to him over a mutual ordering of...things. Ironically, as he was thinking of this, he realised that there was a large turian standing right next to him. At their question, he looked rather puzzled.

"Well..." he started. He wasn't too used to people asking like this. "I have a pretty good idea why I was chosen, yes. I'm considered one of the most destructive biotics alive, apparently." he said with a completely innocent look on his face.

"Why did they invite you? Did they need someone to arm wrestle Ymir Mechs?"

Tiberius couldn't help but smile just a little at the humans remark, crossing his arms he shook his head, "Doubt it, I was most likely invited because I'm a highly skilled Cabal, special forces type, but other than that there is nothing that really sets me apart from most Cabal other then my shear size" he said then took another look around the bar before glancing down at his Omni-tool for a brief moment.

Looking back up he watched as Giles and Alria talked with the barkeeper before he slowly passed them out drinks, he couldn't quite hear what they were saying or if they were talking about anyone in specific. It was long before he noticed Alria grab two drinks then make her way towards the table he was at "Bringing me a surprise drink, interesting I guess" he called out to her.

Alria made her route to the table and took a seat; away from Ethan, and passed Tiberius his drink, "Well sometimes surprises are the best things in life. Don't be a square you aren't paying for it so bottoms up!" With that she kicked her legs under the table and had another sip of her drink.

One thing was certain, as usual Giles was now ordering something stronger to go with his light drink, as is the way whenever a challenge is issued by the bartender.
It wasn't anything to harsh, just a rum like drink that was brewed back on Khaje, something he was very fond of.
Grabbing the drinks, he moved on towards the table that Tiberius had acquired, where Alria was now sat.
Ethan was sat a bit of a distance away but close enough to be involved in any conversation that occurred; clearly he and Alria weren't going to get on well in close proximity so it may be for the better,
Setting his drinks down and sliding a beer towards Ethan he raised his bottle and ordained a toast.
" Well for all intents and purposes that was a job well done today, I must say that I'm looking forward to working with you all further - to our success and for the lives that were lost today!" Gilvert proclaimed, they could not forget the casualties that were incurred by their success regardless of how necessary they were.

That was about when Giles made his way on over and joined them, sitting next to her, kind of. The seats weren't really close so it wasn't particularly next to, but at least he put a body between her and Ethan. Then once he spoke about honouring dead and living she raised her glass in cheers, not a stranger to wish the lost well on their way to paradise.

Ethan nodded without any interest at all to the tall Turian, before turning back and wondering if this place had ice cream. It should, right? Reapers didn't destroy all the freezers. At least, he didn't think so. They wouldn't be drawn to cold temperatures, that would be useless for all the various killing stuff they did.

"I wonder if I could learn to build freezers..." he mused aloud, without any context for anyone else with his words. He briefly noticed someone sit between him and the pissed-off Turian, but he honestly didn't care. They probably didn't have anything interesting to say. SO it was a surprise to look up, and realise someone had put a drink in front of him. He heard the Drell say something, but still didn't notice. He did lift his drink halfheartedly though, seeing as that was what everyone else seemed to be doing. Goodness knew why.

Finally, he got bored of waiting, and ordered some ice cream. When it arrived, he looked at the bottle by his hand, shrugged, and began to pour the bottle's contents into the bowl.

Tiberius look between the three of them and picked up his glass and raised it to his face and smelled it, at first it made his nose tingle and reminded him of detonated element zero, upon hearing the toast he raised his glass higher and clinked his glass against everyone elses. Normally Tiberius didn't drink but someone else was paying and he had been offered so why pass it up "Lets remain unstoppable and intangible" he said then took sip, almost immediately his throat burned as he visibly recoiled "Spirits that's strong!" he said then shook his head.

With the toast celebrated Giles took a good swig of his cold beer. "Ahhhh that was refreshing..."
Giles was brought out of his mental refreshment by Tiberius almost choking on his drink, the barkeep wasn't lying that stuff was strong, but he couldn't help but smile at Tiberius recoiling.
It was then that Giles remembered that just before the toast Ethan had made a rather odd comment, probably forgot he was speaking out loud, as well as that he seemed... distracted.
The human poured his beer into a bowl of ice cream he had just ordered... Humans... are odd.
"I don't think they need officers in the Alliance military learning how to build freezers, Ethan." Giles said with a half smile.
Giles took another swig of his beer before turning towards Alria. "So what did you do before getting dragged here by the Spectres?"
Whilst he spoke to Alria, the question was directed and meant for everyone around the table, it's time he started learning a bit more about his comrades.

Alria took a hearty swig of her drink after cheers and upon setting it back down was already starting to feel teh effects of her drinks. Just a few sips and she was here? Well what was the point in drinking if you didn't get messed up. At Giles question though she chimed up, "I uh... Well I was a part of the Hastatim. Went around being well... awesome and a bit mean but all for a good cause. Then of course the Reaper War happened and we all kinda lost our real jobs." From there she looked down and swirled her drink a little bit staring into it idly. "Well uh... anyway. After that I kinda went about my business. Helping where I could and handling things as they came up." At that stage she kind of appeared to drift back a bit from her pensive state. "But enough about me. What about you Tiberius? How was how past before coming over to here?"

Tiberius sat there quietly listening and sipping his drink carefully, his eyes where shifted towards the ceiling, his drink was setting in steadily but seemed to not bother him to much for the time being as he turned his attention to Alria when she asked him a question, "Well there are things I can't tell you then other's I wont simply because I still don't know any of you very well, but what I can tell you is I got to travel just about everywhere, But after the reaper war I continued to travel about and help out where I could as I waited to be called back into service, and well now I guess I have my chance. My past was lonely for the most part." he said then took another sip of his drink but this time it was a much longer sip before he placed his head on the table."So what did you do before you joined, and who might you be little human?" he said then sat up briefly and looked over at Ethan then took another long sip before placing his head back down onto the table.

Ethan's new meal seemed to work surprisingly well, all things considered. Did food always taste better after a fight? Or was it after near death, in particular? Ethan wasn't sure, in all honesty. Maybe he should ask someone about that. Who was the doctor here again...

The large Turian spoke to him again, and this time, Ethan was far enough out of his own little world to notice. Oddly enough, it seemed to be a question similar to the last one. Did he not get enough detail for his liking? How nosy.

"I told you before." he said, trying, and surprisingly succeeding in hiding the irritation in his voice. "I'm a biotic. A very destructive one. I was born on Benning, turns out i was exposed to some Element Zero my mum and dad were smuggling. They got themselves shot by some guys they were working for, who came for me, so I killed them." He couldn't help but smile a little. " was fun. Joined the military, trained under Ascension, spent the next few years tearing up Cerberus. Then I got invited here after a brute broke my arms. Still, I managed to get him back." He said, all in the same tone he would use to comment about someone's hat.
He sat back and put his spoon in his mouth, before realising that he hadn't actually put any ice cream on it yet.
"Oh, and my name is Ethan Sartiel."

Reducing his drink to mere rattle in the bottom of the bottle Giles spoke lastly on everyone's previous occupation.
"I've been running with a mercenary group for the past 20 years now, they're called the Heroic Outcasts, well that's their new name so you may or may not have heard of them before, If you ever went to the Traverse though then you probably have. Before that I was an assassin for the Khajen government, it didn't last long though.

Alria took heed of everyone's stories, but couldn't help but look to Giles when Ethan spoke with a face that said it all, 'is this guy for real?' Though despite her obvious scepticism, she kept quiet. "Well then! What a big bag of misfits we've become huh! Or were uh... brought into. Whatever. You know what I mean" She started to ramble out. her social grace starting to erode away with the continued consumption of her drink, which she took another sip of. About half finished on her first and already mixing her vowels.

"Ya know what! I think I like you guys. I mean a little. I don't like you a bunch." she bashfully and awkwardly confessed pointing to Ethan... and spilling a little of her drink. "And you want that whole big, 'I'm so mysterious and dark' but I see through it... you need a hug." She... awkwardly confessed about Tiberius. "But that's ok! Because now we're weird together!" She finished before quiet literally finishing the last third of her drink in one very long gulp. Setting the glass down on the counter she gave a unceremonious and unladylike burp before looking between them all through blurring eyes. But hey who'd expect anything less after a total lightweight downs a glass of a loaded mixed drink with such a high alcohol content hidden behind the sweet taste of fruit and sugar. "I need another drink Giles!"

Giles witnessed Alrias disbelief and only regarded her with a halfhearted shrug, the human was self-centred and egotistical not uncommon of biotics who let that power go to their head.
Alria seemed to be enjoying herself, although he did find it amusing that she had said earlier that she hoped Giles could swim when she herself was in the process of drowning.
Already demanding another drink so soon,after downing that rather strong liquor.
Giles took a sip of his Khaje rum, it was smooth and left a warm soothing sensation all the way down to his stomach where it sat comfortably.
" Do I look like a Volus to you? That bars' open get your own drink, assuming you can walk in a straight line to the bar." Giles said teasingly.

Alria looked over at Giles and heard his response through her fuzzy senses. "No you're not a Volus, but you know the bartender! You are friends with him and I'm not just yet. So come on! Another please!" Her words were cheery as always and that wasn't changed by her inebriated state, though it was clear she was feeling something.

Upon hearing Alrias comment that he needed a hug Tiberius immediately sat up, his eyes narrowed as he looked at her, the look on his face saying 'Don't you dare'. Downing the little liquid that remained in his glass he quietly stared at the empty glass afterwards as he contemplated on getting another, flipping the glass upside down he placed it on the table "Thank you... for the drink Giles" he muttered as he mood seemed to change, "I... I need some air" he said as he shifted out of the booth and started for the door, reaching down onto one of his pouches he began to shuffle around for his cigarettes but would not remove them until he was outside.

Once he was out of the pub he moved over away from the entrance slightly and leaned up against the wall, removing a cigarette lighter that he kept in the box with his cigarettes he lite one up and took a slow drag before blowing the smoke up into the air, he couldn't quite remember the last time he had a drink, but if he could he was probably trying do drown out some pain or a bad memory. He was hoping that this would be different but it wasn't it only seemed to trigger something he kept deep down inside as his mind began to wander.

All to soon he seemed to be pulled back as he light pulsed on the side of his omni-tool, raising it up he read the message he had received, the rest of his equipment was in transit from the Citadel and to an apartment that he had been borrowing here in London. Lowering his arm he took another slow drag from his cigarette and quietly gazed up into the sky before closing his eyes and listening to the faint chatter from inside the pub.

Ethan's eyes narrowed slightly at Alria's comment, although his face still showed no emotion whatsoever. Instead, he just stared, still spooning ice cream into his mouth. After a short time, he spoke.
"Its alright. I don't think I like you very much either. You seem to get irritated over the most trivial things."
He finished his ice cream and...whatever was in that bottle, spooning the remains of the latter into his mouth very carefully. He then looked at the others again, pausing only to flick some of his hair out of his eyes.
"So. Now what? Are you all planning to become intoxicated?"

Well at least one person out of the three were actually in the mood for drinks.
Alria, as quickly inebriated as she was, was attempting to have fun, and if Giles needed to keep her a supply of drinks so this time was actually enjoyable - then so be it.
The Turian thanked Giles for the drink and made his way outside, he hadn't left properly he must have been getting some fresh air - can't handle his strong stuff.
And then there was Ethan who poured his drink over Ice-cream... why was he almost the sanest one of the group?
It worried him, truly - and only a drink would calm those waters.
Downing his rum, which instead of the subtle and soothing warmth that it normally gave it's consumer, it instead gave a sharp burn on the way down, it was fleeting and began to make Giles' head swim a little bit.
"Come on then you." Giving Alria a tug on the collar of her armour.
"Lets get another drink since it's just us two who actually wants to drink something.

Alria heard Ethan's words and pointed a loaded finger in his direction, letting her mouth open to catch a breath so she could let him have it. Yet before she could utter a single word she felt the tug on her armoured collar and on pure instinct and reaction she turned her finger into a bolt of lightning that lashed out to grab Giles' wrist. Contortion her body she spun up, away from the table, and positioned herself behind Giles, wrenching his arm behind his back. However before she applied any pressure, she relaxed and realised what was going on. So with her senses back she decided to make the best of the situation and while keeping his arm behind his back she slid her arm through his and let go, hooking her arm on his like they were going to prom.

"I think that's a good idea. Glad you're game to try and keep up with me!" She confidently and wrongly boasted considering she was clearly losing this drinking contest.

Ethan had finished his ice cream, and was about to ask for seconds when, out of the corner of his eye, he noticed the Drell tug the Turian on the collar. Instantly, she grabbed the Drell's wrist and wrenched his arm behind his back. It was reflex, but in his oddly relaxed state, Ethan didn't quite realise that and his arm instantly began to flare with biotic power, ready to create a push field or two in an instant. However, as he did this, he realised the Turian had let the Drell go, and he slowly dissipated the energy building up in his hand.
"...good grief."

Tiberius was just about to finish his cigarette when he peered inside the pub, he had the urge to join them but he seemed to fall back on what he had always been forced to do. Taking the last drag he then tossed the cigarette to the ground and stepped on it before bringing up his omni-tool and reading where he was to be meeting the rest of the team, sighing lightly he turned and headed off towards the police station as he exchanged messages with a fellow cabal via omni-tool.

Alria seemed to be more in-tune with her military training than Giles had initially thought, considering that despite already being slightly drunk she could swiftly react and almost dislocate his injured shoulder - but almost as if realising half way she turned the arm lock into something that you;d see best friends or couples do.
After giving her a quizzical look - and her returning of a look that just said "What" as if Giles had seen something odd he just shook his head and went a long with it.
"Yeah, I don't know how I'll keep up with a seasoned drinker such as yourself Alria, but try I will."

Together the pair made their way back to the bar, of which the barkeep was already waiting for them.
"Back for round two I see? What will it be then?" In his cheery and verbose voice, always seemed to have a large smile attached to his moustached face did this man.

Alria kept close to Giles and of course had to enjoy the fact that he had admitted he was both wrong and losing this contest and of course with the offering of a second drink she took charge and brought Giles to the bar, offering him up to do the talking for the most part as she said, "I want another one of whatever you gave me the last time!" Her request known she let her eyes glance over to Giles, before heading back to the bartender, then back to Giles, and then the bartender. Continuing this trend indefinitely.

The bartender began pouring out another one of the unusually strong as it was sweet, drinks and then gave a raised eyebrow towards Giles in awaiting his choice.
" I'll have the same again as well please barkeep."
As the bartender began fulfilling their orders Giles turned to Alria asking. "You looking forward to working with these guys? Anyone, barring the obvious culprits, you think could be trouble, or good fun?"
As he finished his question the drinks were ready and placed before the pair.
"Just give me a holler if you want another round you two; gotta deal with my other patrons now."

Alria let go of Giles' arm to reach out for her drink, taking it in hand and liberally drinking from it now that her tongue has been numbed and her palate awakened. Only have clearing a third of her drink did she speak up, "I dunno. I mean yeah I'm looking forward to working with you guys, but I don't know about you." She started confessing her general lack of an opinion which was rather odd given how liberal she was only moments ago. "In fact I don't even know everybodies names. I mean like... m~-maybe like four of y~-you." The last bit of her talk being slurred heavily at random syllables as the large part of her drink suddenly hit her.

Even then as she stood looking at Giles she was drinking more of her fruity beverage and it was showing at more and more both in her words and the fact that her eyes were starting to dart.

Alria was clearly showing signs of failing to handle her drink - although Giles to was becoming a bit worse for wear, it's been a while since he had this much Khajen rum...
" Yeah... not sure who everyone is yet, it's gunna be a right job to work with some of them... I better not get stuck with that mech/human hybrid or whatever the hell it is next time..."
Reducing his glass to just under half way mark, it really started to lay out its effects on him, the ability to focus was becoming difficult, slowly but surely.
After giving one of the scales on his head a scratch he briefly checked his omni-tool to see that he had a new email.
It was from his merc band and it appeared they had decided to leave Earth and return to Omega because, quote "it was boring as shit and we need to kill something" with Giles indisposed and for the time being no longer a part of their crew they had decided to leave.
Giving a small sigh he gave another sip to his rum.

Alria nodded at Giles words agreeing with most of what he was saying and for the parts she didn't agree was due to a lack of knowledge based on a difference of opinion. Regardless as she continued to down her drink at an almost ill advised pace she spoke up again, "So w-what about you? D-do you th~-think we're going to have cool th-things? I mean times?" Her words progressively getting more and more slurred.

Though before waiting for an answer she looked down at her Omni-Tool and upon it's activation she spoke again, "Ah crap. W-we're supposed to be at at the m-meeting point in... uh while. Come on we can take m~-my ride."

Alria, in her drunkenness made a good point - when Giles looked at his omni-tool he didn't even think about the time - as it turns out; they just over half a day to get stuff sorted and get there.
Perhaps leaving it here was the correct decision.
"Crap you're right, don't wanna miss that- and I've got shit to do tomorrow as well...
Downing the rest of his drink Giles awaited for Alria to do the same.

Alria nodded in agreement of Giles' agreement and seeing him take charge of his beverage made her look down and very carefully examine her own. Taking in a million calculations at once and coming to a singular conclusion. She could finish her drink in one go... maybe.

Taking the glass firmly in hand she swung it high and while it took a very hearty gulps, she finished the last two-thirds successfully, shivering and cringing at the end though.

From there she was sorted and ready to go, especially givendors the fact that she had maybe 5 minutes before it struck her. Walking out of the bar to take charge and with glass still in her hand she left the pub and summoned up her omni-tool, staring intently at the screen for more moments than necessary before she confidently started pushing buttons.

After a few moments had passed another roar was added to the sounds of flying ships as a rather unique and clearly special ship came into view. It sure wasn't a normal design and after what Alria did to it it was even less recognisable. With it's long forward rudders that were almost as long as the decently sized fighter. The white and black painting a sharp image with it's tinted accents providing a nice contrast. The large engines clearly made larger yet alight and the sleek shape cut with many drag vents and torque jets to boost performance even still.

Alria, smiling with a shit eating grin looked at the ship before walking towards it in a rather curvy line. Meanwhile the ship itself landed and while still running let the landing gear extend to make sure it was firmly in a landing spot that was just barely big enough for the craft to land. Upon her reaching the flank of the ship she pushed a few more buttons on her omni-tool and a hatch slide to the side, locking and hissing it's pneumatic call at each stage of it opening before a door big enough for a Krogan was made known. At the same time a small platform was lowered down and made a hanging platform that lowered to the ground on actuators. In fact, for anybody who new about ships it would be clear that this was a type of door and lift commonly used for loading ammo and small cargo in, yet it was missing most of the straps, hooks, and pin that most cargo lifts had.

Alria stepped onto it and looked back to Giles, "Come on in! Th-there's n~-not much room but that's~ ok!" she called back to him, obviously getting significantly drunker as her drink was hitting her like a runaway train. From there she let herself up into the room on her ship, slipping from view and entering into what should have been an ordinance bay, but was now her little home. It was cramped and filled with personal effects that made the already small room feel even more cramped, but there was enough room to move around. Her bed was neatly made and clearly only meant for one with a small dresser pushed up to the foot of it. All around at head height or just above it were metal shelves that carried a few nick-nacks as well as weapon mounting racks where she started to put her weapons on, each seemingly having it's own place. For her personal effects she had posters lining the wall by her bed with another shelf built by the bed that held an alarm clock, a few glasses, a few pictures of her with various other Turians and her and many different ages ranging from child to current age, and

Once her weapons were all put back into place she started to make her way to a small closet that once opened and the doors tucked back into the frame she started to remove her armour, fitting it into the made spaces of the equipment locker. Rather messily and slowly stripping down while stumbling and falling into the locker several times, causing the gear to rattle and clank around as she stripped to her skin suit that acted as her second to last layer of clothing.

Alrias ship was pretty impressive; heavily modified and clearly well invested in that was for certain - when she beckoned him inside he reluctantly followed.
She... wasn't actually planning to fly this... was she?
It was obvious it got here via an auto-pilot of some sort, but still the thought of it being controlled by the very drunk Alria did not really instil confidence.
As the pair ascended into her ship from what was some sort of re-purposed lift it was becoming more evident just how drunk he himself was - downing that rum wasn't good for his wits that's for damn sure.
Once inside the ship Giles commented -"It's a very nice ship, a bit cosy but I suppose its designed for one person - it must have set you back a bit paying for something as heavily modified as this?"
Not that he was judging of course; the large cylindrical weapon on his back was something he had invested extremely heavily in - in fact, it probably cost more than this ship the amount he has sunk into it over the years.

The room that they appeared in when the lift had finished it's journey seemed to be Alrias bedroom - although it really was quite cramped as well as littered with personal effects, given that this ship seemed to be a fighter class of some sort, it was actually quite surprising she managed to get away with as much as she had in terms of making it her home, of sorts.
Giles was about to say something before Alria started to remove her armour; almost as if she had forgotten Giles was standing in the same room as her - giving what could only be the Drell equivalent of a blush and turned on his heels towards the wall until she was done.
The mental note he had given himself was a tickbox list of things he didn't anticipate happening to him in one day - it was becoming quite absurd as to the length of it now.

Alria continued faithfully in her task of undressing, still bumping into things as she went until her task was finally complete and she was left with her under armour skin suit to cloth her. Swaying around and holding onto the side of the locker she saw Giles through fuzzy eyes and said cheerily, "There you are!" Seemingly to forget about him for a moment.

Following that event she started to walk over to him and her bed, putting her hands on his shoulders and turning him around, almost falling on him in the process. "Wh-why are you l-looking at the W~-all? That's~ Weird. You~'re weird." She mumbled out before falling to the side to land on her bed, bouncing slightly as she settled on the mattress.

The call of "There you are!" in the similar way a mother does to her child was the confirmation Giles got that she was finished dressing, at least he hoped so, turning around and seeing a naked drunk Turian would just be the "cherry on top" of the cluster-fuck cake that was today.
Thankfully that wasn't the case, instead he just got a triad of drunken "You're weirds" Giles responded with a small sigh of relief "It was a rather lovely wall, I couldn't help myself"
Giles slid down the wall a bit until he sat at the base of it, watching as Alria fell back on her bed.
"You're a real lightweight, you know that? Giles said jokingly.

Alria rolled over onto her side, putting her back to Giles as he spoke and barely hearing his words which would probably help answer why she said, "You're a... light way. Go to bed." Not exactly making much sense as she pulled up her omni-tool almost normally and soberly, pressing a few button on it to close the door behind them with a metallic hiss as the entire ship started to shake and rumble.

As the engines began to spool up and ignite the ship vibrated more and more until it went still followed by a gentle pull upwards. The ship was taking off and as it did the mass effect fields inside the cabin kept everything relatively still, which would explain how all of her things weren't scattered all around by now. Though even with a gentle tug it was clear to tell that the ship was just orbiting.

"I... I-I uh... I'm drunk." Was all she managed to say before she closed her eyes and almost instantly fell asleep, drifting off into unconsciousness.

The only response Giles got to his joke was her saying essentially the same thing to him; figures.
After watching her mess around with her omni-tool for a while the ship kick started into life after the door closed. Giles just sighed and said to himself "Oh I'm sorry Mr. and Mrs Somner, I'm afraid Gilvert died by drunk Turian, despite surviving the Reaper war..." a scenario that he could do well without, but when Alria admitted the fact that she had more alcohol content in her blood than actual blood she went unconscious.

Giles himself had managed to recuperate slightly gathering a bit more of his senses but inevitably he ached all over, and some shut eye - hopefully one that he actually awakes from would be nice.
Taking his sniper from his back he rested it on his chest crossing his arms around it like it was a doll or something of that sort.
"G'night Widow... tomorrow is gunna be a shit show.
And with that he easily slipped into a dreamless sleep.

When Giles awoke the next morning he was relieved that: One - he actually awoke at all and Two- his head wasn't splitting from a hangover; always a hit and miss with that Khaje'n rum.
As for Alria however, that would be a different story.
A quick check on his omni-tool showed that they had 4 hours to show up to the meeting, which was pretty good, he had a few things that needed doing.

Using his Widow as a stick he jabbed Alria a few times in the ribs "Come on lightweight, get up."
It felt good to do this, in his merc days he was always on the receiving end of the "wake-up boot".

Alria hadn't moved at all in her sleep, to drunk and tired to do so and once the butt of a sniper rifle was shoved into her chest she moaned and mumbled something before swatting at the weapon. With a few more pushes though she got the message and before long she said, "Knock it off... I'm getting up..." Though there was a lie in that statement as she just rolled over at first. Still though after a few moments she opened her eyes to see the rough light beating down on her poor brain and the following pain helped to wake her up.

Groaning quiet a bit she rolled back over and sat up, gently moving the sleep from her eyes as she look around her room to see Giles sitting against the wall, looking back at her, "What's up?" Was her only response.

Giles gave her a smile as a way of Good morning before saying "We have about 4 hours before we need to get to the pick up point, assuming you have the mental capability to fly your ship, I was hoping you could drop me off in a few places, I need to get my medication and some other things sorted - it shouldn't take long."

Alria listened to him but winced as he talked. It was like he was shouting the whole time as her head rang with the sins of last night. Regardless, she got his point and nodded not wanting to talk to much, "I'm good. Just do me a favour and message me the locations."

From there she stood up from her bed and stretched, feeling the ache in her bones as she did before heading off towards the small door on the far side of the room, pushing a button to open it and crawling inside to reach the cockpit and the pilot's seat. Upon taking her place at the helm and turning off the autopilot, she took full control and started to fly like it was just another day in the office.

With Giles' coordinates in her flight computer she took him to the two stops that he had listed. Landing nearby and staying on board the craft so as to help save some time. Thankfully they had plenty and the peace gave her time to fight back the headache and hangover that plagued her. Then by the end of his stops she barely had a ring in her ears.

With Giles' errands done she only had one last place to stop at, the meeting point. Heading over to the location given to her by her new Spectre friends she found a nice spot to set the ship down, partly in view of the already assembled crew.

From there she opened up the side door for Giles' to head out ahead of her as she went back into her room to start slowly dawning her armour. It was faster than taking it off last night, but she still took her time to try and not bring back the headache.

Yet with a little bit of time she was ready to go and go she did, stepping off the ship and heading up to join the others in attendance, giving a gentle wave to them all to avoid speaking... and hurting her healing head more.

With his tasks completed, at least in part, as he needed to talk with the Spectres about signing some forms to allow him to receive shipments of the things he needs to the ship they would be using - of course Giles was under the assumption that the crew would be using a Cruiser type vessel to accommodate the everyone here.
Giles and Alria had made it to the meeting spot slightly ahead of time, and a number of people were already waiting there.
It was early morning and the sun was listing lazily in the sky, hanging low and keeping the outdoors fairly cool, tot he point were there was a slight nip in the air.
Giles offered a general greeting to everyone, and offering Ja'Far a nod out of respect; he was quite fond of the Batarian.
Everyone was remaining quiet, not much being said or at least no conversation was being broached when he had arrived, anticipation to get this new job started Giles guessed - he was looking forward to it.
@AndromedaiYay the long awaited medic! Welcome aboard, you'll have lots of injuries to patch up before the month is through :P
I will get better on my timing for this... promise... >.>"
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