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4 mos ago
Current Nothing beats the feeling you get when you find an RP that's amazing.
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7 mos ago
Still alive, if barely, I will be back properly on the 20th.
7 mos ago
Will likely not be able to post for quite some time in my current roleplays - If I do it'll be very slow and staggered, sorry guys this is only temporary.
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8 mos ago
My pool of friends is drastically lowering since any of them that buys Andromeda makes my shit list.
8 mos ago
Damnit... exam season is coming and I just got hooked on a new anime; the Gods are not kind....


Hello there, for some unknown reason you have decided to visit my profile - well, not sure why, but I suppose I should tell you a bit about myself.
I am a 21 year old, male, student who lives In Great Britain and I'm studying Law.

I have been roleplaying for about 4 years now, although I did not start on this website - I began role-playing because my English was terrible, written English at the very least, a sad state of affairs when you fail your own native language; several times...
I'd like to think that my writing capability has improved massively since that time 4 years ago, I do believe it has, which is good. Roleplaying and specifically roleplaying on this website has aided my development in writing a great deal, I've made some good friends because of this site, and in turn because of Roleplaying in general - and who says the internet is a bad thing?

In terms of likes, I enjoy Classical music, Anime, reading, studying history, gaming across multiple platforms - and of course writing.

The rest of this will come when I'm not tired.

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I am the acquaintance slut on this, overall I have the most, I think I have 7.
So, here's the clan I wanted to make, let me know if it's okay or not ^_^ @Mae @Melo
Done my bit, sorry for the delay. ^_^
Will do my bit in the collab tonight people, sorry for the delay ^_^
@Melo But I want to ;-; it sounds fun.
@MaeYup, we are gunna have to reroll that Acquaintance thing for Taltrus and Alexandre, theres a 20 year age difference between them.
@MaeWho is Taltrus again?
Because if he isn't around 30-40 being childhood friends is gunna be a bit difficult. XD
@MaeYup, i'm fine with it
@Mae Confirm
@Mae Yeah that'll do XD
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