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Current I am a degenerate. Also I am He/Him I guess.
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@DayzeeLewis1121 I am not sure what that is, but I wouldn't mind
@Catharyn I RP in more than just fandoms however that is my preferred one, but I will do whatever.
@Vampiretwilight Thanks, I am glad to be here.
I am looking for anybody who has a craving to RP anything. It does not have to be 18+, I just used that tag to say that it was something I am fine with.

There are no limits, and you do not have to be at a specific skill level to do it. I just want to meet some people on here and RP with them.

Fandom's are probably my most preferred Genre, along with romance. This is mainly due to what I have done for most of the years I have roleplayed.

Please bring a plot, if you do not then we may end up awkwardly sitting there trying to come up with something.

I play as exclusively male characters, whether that be an average adult, a teen, or an eldritch being. I am also okay with being the environment, since I like to make the RP about my partner instead of me.

I would like to RP on discord (Lionhitch#6590) however it is not required.

Your plot can be the most crackhead thing ever and I will do it. I have done worse.

If you want to know what I want to do then I would say a persona/fallout RP, however that is only if you care about that. If not then don't worry about it.

Finally I should mention that I am a he/him.
I guess I'm joining this forum. I suppose I should introduce myself

My online alias is Lionhitch and I would not be surprised if you have seen me before.

I am Semi-lit

I am a male, and exclusively roleplay as male characters.

I am heterosexual.

I don't have limits

And I am a part of many fandoms, namely FNaF, Persona, Fallout, TES, Undertale, and some other miscellaneous ones.

No your plot is not weird, I have done significantly worse.

I do have a discord, Lionhitch#6590 and my DM's are open
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