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@LloydTurquoiseIs this dead? Because I love the first Idea!

By no means. Though I wouldn't call it conscious either. I'm still working on the mechanics, but the first idea is coming up nice and strange :D
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The real winner was democracy.
I’d say until Friday GMT-0
However if there is much more voting. Or if there is an obvious victor, then we can kick off earlier.
Let's have a Democractic Interest Check.
I got three ideas for NRPs. Some might be new to you, or they might be something old.
Point is, you decide.

Here's the discord : (The Turquoise Room)(Shitposts are welcome)

12th January, 1500

The City-Kingdom of Vo-Spejlia

Harbour of Janis

"I'm out of my depth here!" Visvaldis Vor Tepwej lamented to himself. Pressing his elbows against the gun rail of the Battered Seal. It wasn't long after dawn and already he felt a tingle in his throat for liqueur.

He looked a sorry sight. Leaning over with his dishevelled brown hair, patted down to look somewhat decent. Visvaldis has spent many hours alone in his cabin on the carrack. The more astute observer could notice that Visvaldis had worn the same jacket and breeches for a few days now and rarely disembarked the ship. On the quayside and docks around him, sizeable loads of supplies and materials were being loaded aboard the Battered Seal and others vessels docked besides her.

Sailors carried packs and equipment over their shoulders and up gangplanks. Before stowing them below decks. Notable passengers boarded the ship with tools and luggage they deemed worthy of the new world. A team of engineers brought instruments and papers, to be looked over and prepared for landing.

"Captain, you look like shit!" the Battered Seal's first mate said, walking next to Visvaldis after emerging from below deck. Visvaldis had struggled to find a suitable captain, considering the burial ceremony of the former's body scared many away from the position. Instead, Visvaldis made his fisherman father proud and made himself captain.

"I certainly feel it Mr Bendiksis"

Larjo Bendiksis was the man with real naval experience. A suitable candidate to command the ship while Visvaldis commanded the expedition. His greying horseshoe moustache and bulky frame made him seem rather intimidating too.

"This looks like a lot to lug across the ocea... oh shit it's Legerstroj" Bendiksis said with a weary drole in his words. Visvaldis turned his head to see a finely dressed man stride along the quayside with purpose. The man spots the duo and lifts his hand in a quick wave, weaving between sailors and supplies. He halts just before the gangplank.

"Mr Vor Tepwej! Can you explain to me, in your oooh so mighty knowledge of sailing and navigation! Why have you named my ship as the supply ship!" Captain Legerstroj shouted.
"It's rather self-explanatory Captain" Bendiksis shouted back, garnering chuckles and short laughs from the sailors around them.

"Mr Vor Tepwej, a captain who knew what they were doing, would give that man twelve lashings!" Legerstroj spat out with a finger pointed to Bendiksis.

"Captain Legerstroj, please... The details have already been approved and we leave soon. Please consider this matter settled" Visvaldis tried to reason with the captain, brushing off the blatant comments about his worth as the watched Legerstroj storm off.

"Did you know I have an interest in science captain?" the first mate said to Visvaldis, who turned his head to the senior in puzzlement.

"I'm going to actively survey the wildlife of the new world. Find an insect with the biggest teeth and stuff them up Captain Legerstroj's arsehole!" Larjo Bendiksis said, like he'd either used that threat before or had actually done it before.

"Well, I hope our third captain will be more agreeable to you" Visvaldis told Largo, feeling a light headed spell drift over his head.

"Sir! A royal carriage approaches!" A sailor shouts to Visvaldis, who feels his faintness into a unsettling feeling of nausea.
"Oh... Okay" Visvaldis really didn't know what to do. Should he head back to his cabin quickly and freshen up? Should he change his jacket?

He instantly starts brushing his hair with his hands as Bendiksis quickly shouts to the sailors to clear space for the arrivals.

Visvaldis grabs a waterskin and washes his mouth and face, as a quartet of horsemen approach the wharf.
"Make way! Back up!" A horseman, wearing a black cloak with a golden sun badge starts shouting at sailors. His horse starts to clap it's shoes onto the cobblestones and unnerve those too close. The sun shines of their breastplates and sallets as the carriage, painted black with blue and yellow furnishes, rolls on the cobblestones and stops before the gangplank.

Visvaldis gulps and descends the gangplank. Holding his hands in a neutral clasp, at least he hoped was neutral.

A servant on the carriage hops off and opens the narrow door, allowing a woman of toasted brown hair to emerge in a blue jacket. Not entirely ladylike, but that wasn't the fashion of the princess-consort liked to promote.

Visvaldis felt a ease in his stomach a little, at least enough to bow for her majesty as she emerged and stepped forward.

"Your majesty, it's a delight to see you here" Visvaldis spoke to the ground, before rising up.

"Thank you Mr Vor Tepwej, I have come to introduce you to your fellow captain and wish her well on her journey" Anna Vor Oranzs' voice was somewhat deep but regal. Visvaldis could tell she was used to lecture work.

A second figure emerged from the carriage, another woman, wearing a deep blue doublet and short ruff. Various seashells and tokens dangle from a necklace over under her pale ruff.

"Mr Vor Tepwej, this is Inga Sapsejes, my student and friend at the academy of saltwater magics" the royal introduced her companion to Visvaldis, who's green eyes struck with his and a polite smile peeled over her jaw.

"I will be captaining the Twin Strings, Mr Vor Tepwej" Inga spoke with ease, if anything with self-assuredness. Visvaldis lifted a smile back at her.

"It'll be an honour to have a Sea-Mage in our company your majesty. I am sure that the Twin Strings is almost ready to weigh anchor" Visvaldis eased his voice out of diplomatic tones and into comfortable.

Then the princess-consort leaned in closer to him.
"Thank you Mr Vor Tepwej, for your discretion over a recent incident. I'm sorry for what you had to see" The royal highness whispered into Visvaldis' ear, feeling her warm breath tickle against his hair. Visvaldis rarely heard genuinely kind words.

An grateful smile slid from his lips. "Thank you your majesty" before bowing to the royal as she and her protégé left to walk the quayside.

Visvaldis felt better as he ascended back up the gangplank. He had a new spring in his step, maybe he wasn't totally stranded on this mission.
As his shoes creaked onto the deck, a sleek caravel sailed past, with it's triangular sails unfurled and pushed taut against the wind.

Royal authority flags fly it's bow and masts. Visvaldis pauses for a few scant moments, spotting a familiar face aboard the caravel.

Vidasorjan stands on the aft deck of the slim vessel, not noticing the clerk-captain as he sails past. Visvaldis spots a woman in a black and blue half cape standing next the to king's agent as the ship glides out of the Harbour of Janis.

Visvaldis is relieved. Letting out the tense air that he held in his throat and chest. He'd hoped that it was the last time he'd see Vidasorjan, preferably, for the rest of his life.

"Excuse me captain" A sailor said behind him, lugging a pair of crossbows over his shoulders. Visvaldis stepped out of the way, collected himself, and then headed back for his cabin.
He thought it best that he should get washed now.

1st January, 1500

The City-Kingdom of Vo-Spejlia

Sava River

Daystur Matenjo sits comfortably in the pleasure barge. Watching the team of servants row against the current of the river. The feathers in his round cap struggled against the wind as Daystur looked across the west bank. The slopped bastions of Fort Klajo slid into the Sava, with shirt buildings and docks pushed up against the dense ramparts.

A collection of leisure boats could be heard, sliding down stream. Judging by their finery and servants, they are headed for the Madara Quarter. They are relaxed and celebrating the new year. Daystur listens to the laughter and greetings as the two vessels pass each other. The man sat next to Daystur waves to the jubilant gentry with his burgundy gloves and his wide grin.

"The best of a new year!" the man shouts, before relaxing back onto the bench.

The sun pokes through the layer of clouds and pours it's light across the river. They sky had threatened to rain all day, with many donning cloaks and capes for the occasion. The bridge ahead, that connects the Fortress to the Aprij district, spans the river with five arches, with houses built on the stone bridge itself. Daystur can spot buckets pulling up from the river and rubbish being dumped over the edge.

The plaster and brick walls of the upper class townhouses and pools recline along the east bank. With trees and other forms of greenery being prevalent on the Viskijs side of the river. All around him, Daystur can hear parades and celebrations of the new year. The voracity and the style depended district to district, but it was all in observance of the same thing.

The shadow of the bridge pulls over the bow of the pleasure barge, sweeping over each rower before finally covering Daystur and the aft. The sleek vessel quickly dives through the brick arch of the bridge before pushing out the other side. Daystur notices the thud of one of the oars knocking a bucket as the barge speed past.
"Where exactly are we going Mr Vidasorjan?" Daystur asked the man next to him. As the vessel clears the bridge.

"Have you never been to the Aprij Quarter?" the man looks surprised at Daystur.

"No, where in the Aprij Quarter are we going?" Daystur tries to dampen his frustration.

"Oh well... we're meeting at the Cavistoj House, though I reckon we'll be early" Mr Vidasorjan explained as Aprij Quarter started rolling along east riverbank. Daystur had been to the house before, though never by boat.
The quarter was a ridgeline covered in streets and houses, blocking the view of the rest of the district along the harbour of Aprij.

With the pace set by the pleasure barge's rowers, they quickly skimmed along the riverbank, past a myriad of docks and moored riverboats. Along the river side thoroughfare, Dayster could see revellers and decorations draped over the streets.

Then a gated canal soon appeared along the shore. The rudder was turned and the rowers slowed their pace. Daystur saw guards drag the gates open, pulling against the water and the mud beneath it. The sleek barge turned in the water and the rowers pulled their oars from the short gun rail. They lifted the oars skyward and then pushed them into the water like harpoons, using them as barge poles to move the vessel into the canal.

It was a tight canal, another shadow pulled over them. This time from the tall buildings that stood tall over the narrow canal. The watermarked and moss covered bricks of the canal flanked them closely. The sound of the city started diming and becoming a distant murmurs echoed against the thin canal's walls.

The left side of the canal wall gave way to smooth steps, layered on each other before a small garden. Flowers of many colours and dense vines clung to the walls surrounding the garden. A small collection of attendants, all wearing golden suns somewhere on their jackets or hats, stood at attention waiting for them.
The rowers soon held the barge steady and Vidasorjan waved his palm for Daystur to disembark.

As his boots stamped onto the smooth steps, Daystur noticed how the garden had no exits, save to a doorway on the far end. A private entrance into the Cavistoj House? Daystur wondered if he was starting to make an impression.

The attendants take his cloak off of him and a senior of their number walks him to the door. Daystur hears Vidasorjan giving orders behind his back to the barge.
"You're no longer required" he heard the man say to the rowers. Was he going to be staying awhile? Daystur pondered with a smile as he walked through the doorway.

Once inside, Daystur recognised the corridor. He had seen people leave through it though never enter before. He was escorted out into the hall, where paintings and tapestries lay over the walls in various fades of colour.
Then a familiar face appeared, standing next to the wooden staircase.

"Sir Matenjo, her majesty is not hear at the moment. If you'd be so kind as to wait in the dining hall sir" Hansel Vor Lipesat, an aged house steward tells Daystur.

"Of course Hansel" Daystur peeled a smile as he walked past the servant, knowing where he was going.

He turned through an ornate wooden doorway, before emerging into a long hall. The tables previously there had been moved to the walls, beneath sprawling paintings. A fire burns in an iron fire pit at the centre of the hall, a few chairs have been shuffled around it.

Daystur takes a seat and feels the warmth soak through his breeches. For a few moments, everything is quiet, except from the crackling sound of the fire. Daystur leans back in his seat and rubs his eyes, letting out a yawn as he settles into comfort.

Minutes go by, Daystur just stares into the fire. The faint beat of feet and shouts slip through the windows. Occasionally listening to a set of footsteps moving through the building somewhere.

Then, Hansel walks into the hall, followed by a thin-moustached man, only a few years his younger.
"Mr Visvaldis Vor Tepwaj sir" Hansel loudly announces, before giving way to the man himself.
A humbly dressed man, in a long cloak and carrying a ledger filled the parchments. Daystur sits up straight in his wooden seat, he wasn't expecting anyone else to arrive.

"Uh... Hansel, can you bring us some drinks! Mr Vor Tepwaj, do you mind if we have rum?" Daystur tells Hansel as he leaves back through the doorway.
Visvaldis lifts a meek smile. "I don't mind uh... sir?" Visvaldis says as he lingers closely to the doorway.
"Sir Daystur Matenjo, Captain of the Battered Seal" Daystur offers an open palm for the newcomer to shake, which is returned rather limply.

"Tell me, why are you here mister Vor Tepwaj?" Daystur wanted to know keenly as to relieve his surprise in some way. Visvaldis looks perplexed at Daystur, as he takes a seat, he refrains from making eye contact.

"I'm here for the same meeting as you are sir. I've been summoned to represent the Anjlana Family Holdings in this meeting with his majesty" Vor Tepwaj explains. Daystur feels his heart sink in his chest.

"His majesty!?... I thought I was meeting with the princess-consort?" Daystur asks Visvaldis, trying to mask his emotions. Visvaldis looks more visibly confused.

"I'm here to meet the king, perhaps we are meeting them both?" Visvaldis is trying to rationalise this perdicament as some sort of mistake.
Daystur looks into the fire, why wouldn't Anna tell me the king was here as well?

"I thought this would also be an opportune time to present the king with my research and findings" Visvaldis opens his ledger on his lap and started sifting through documents and charts. Daystur is only half listening.

"Would you like to hear about them Sir Matenjo? I have sea charts and cross-examined rumors from pirates and all manner of statements from survivors of shipwreck and even marooning!" Visvaldis continues, looking up at Daystur with a grin and pulling out neatly written parchments.

"What are you talking about Mr Vor Tepwaj?" Daystur finally returns his full attention to the clerk.

"What do you mean... We're here to discuss the King's plans for the new world settlement sir" Visvaldis drops his frown in puzzlement.

Hansel returns to the room, though without a rum decanter and glasses.
He instead returns with a large silver bowl in both hands.

"What is this Hansel?" Daystur looks over to be ignored by the servant, who places the bowl on a table, revealing to be filled with water.
"Well, it's no doubt here to freshen up before we meet his majesty" Visvaldis says as if a wave of uncertainty has drained from him.

"Well, you're too late then" A recognisable voice echoes within the hall from the doorway.

Teodor Vor Oranzs enters the room to the almost immediate standing of Visvaldis and Daystur. The king is followed by three armed men, wearing the same golden suns the attendants did. Vidasorjan also enters, following after the king before shutting the door behind him.

"Please, sit down gentlemen" Teodor says to the men around the fire, who oblige their king.
Daystur starts noticing his heartbeat, pounding against his chest and butterflies fluttering in his stomach. He wanted to shout and rave what the hell was going on, but he had to cage up his frustration in front of the king. The armed men take up to standing against the table, their basket hilt swords rattle from their belts.

"I'm sorry that Hansel can't bring in refreshments at the moment, but I have business with you... both" Teodor casually waves his hand towards the door, the charcoal-black stained hands that finish roughly around his wrists.

Daystur shifts uncomfortably in his seat.

"I'm sorry for my demeanour your majesty, I wasn't expecting to meet you today" Daystur explains himself.

"I know you weren't" Teodor responds, walking up towards the fire pit and warming his hands. The silence in the room takes a pressing form. Daystur's collar is suddenly tighter than he thought it was.

"I've been made aware that this isn't the first time in my wife's house" King Teodor told Daystur, glancing over at Visvaldis. Vor Tepwej closes his ledger and tries not to make eye contact.

"I also know Sir Matenjo, that you've been fucking my wife" Teodor continued and Daystur jumps from his seat.

"I don't understand your maj..." Daystur feels the gloved hands of the armed men push his shoulders down back into the seat. Visvaldis is startled and by his face, confounded.

"You know fully well, do you think the house servants don't tell me? Do you think I don't have ears in my own kingdom?" Teodor gently pushes his hands into the fire. Without a flinch in pain, the flames roll and slide along his hands like he'd dipped them in water.

"I know that Anna isn't the sort to be... constrained by marriage" The king looks to Daystur with a warm smile, still twisting his hands in the flames. Daystur looks on in trepidation and fear.

"No, my lord please! I didn't mean anything" Daystur mutters as he starts trying to shake off the guards. Then the cold iron of a knife presses against his neck, looking at the burgundy gloved hand that could only be Vidasorjan's. The third guard gently puts his hand on Vor Tepwaj's shoulder, who looks up to the soldier and is intimidated into silence.

"But I can't have you disrupt the line of succession with any bastards of yours" Teodor finally pulls his hands from the flames and then steps towards Daystur.

"No your majesty! Have mercy! It was only the once..." Daystur tries to say but then the king lunges at him.

"No, don't you say another word!"

Teodor rams his thumbs into Daystur's eyes. His hand's hiss against Daystur's face like a steak pressed into a hot pan. Daystur starts screeching as the palms melt the skin of his cheeks, his eyes start melting and steam starts spilling out of his sockets.

Vidasorjan pulls back his knife so the king can push his hands further into Daystur's face. The flesh of his ears starts peeling away and his eyebrows singe and burn.

Daystur tries to push the king's hands of him, but his fingertips slap and sear against the king's boiling wrists.

The captain starts to wail, a bizarre, low yowl. The rendering skin and flesh starts drooling off Daystur's face and spilling onto his jacket. The hairs on his face flash into flames briefly. Before a final push of Teodor's thumbs sinks them through his sockets and into his brain.

Daystur's body starts to go limp and his throat starts echoing a raspy, simple growl.

The king removes his hands and the blood starts trickle out of the dead man's eyes. The blackened skin of Daystur's face begins to hardened, but the flesh is still liquid beneath it.
The guards remove their hands from the mutilated body, as the mucus and blood that was it's brain starts oozing out from the skull.

Teodor walks over to the bowl of water, with burnt skin and viscous flesh still strung between his finger like melted cheese. More steam fizzles from the bowl as the king washes his hands. Visvaldis is wiping the tears off of his cheeks.

"The lesson here Mr Vor Tepwaj is..." King Teodor finishes washing his hands and wipes them on his jacket. He takes steps towards Visvaldis in his seat, pointing his unharmed finger at the man.

"The same fate awaits you... if you think of playing me the fool, once you get to the new world. Do you understand?" Teodor sees the meek clerk wriggle in his seat when the King's fingers gets closer.

"Yes your majesty!" Visvaldis' cheeks are red and puffy, still moist from his tears. Steam and smoke still rising from Sir Matenjo's face and neck.

"Good, then our meeting is concluded Mr Vor Tepwej" Teodor raises a warm smile to the man and departs, leaving the body in the seat across from Visvaldis.

"I wish you and the company good fortune on your voyage" The king shouts without looking back at the merchant.

"And a happy new year!"

Visvaldis starts to tremble, his fingers shake on his ledger as Vidasorjan turns around beneath the doorway.

"Commandeer this corpse's ship for your trip. It should get you to the new world with little hassle, though... you'll need a new captain" Vidasorjan chuckled at Daystur's body before leaving the hall.
The clerk quickly makes his way out of the room.
As the smell of burnt flesh starts to stink out the hall, with the limp body slumped on the seat.


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