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Oh good question.

I read briefly up on it and assumed that this was slightly alternate and had resulted in a loss for the Anglo-Saxon folks.

But the above account (very interesting, thank you for sharing @Fiscbryne) it could easily be that the initial battle was more of just a skirmish with 'local' forces.

Either way a clarification would be insightful.
Hey, will definitely try to get one up ASAP. Been busy times! If not before will sit down at the weekend and crack something out.

Fraod I'm not much further on any potential second character at this stage, but will focus on actual posting first.
Ok coool. I’ll give it a go and see how I come along with it and if it feels like a worthwhile character.

My initial presumption was that a priest type character might be welcome on the voyage. Whilst my actual historic knowledge isn’t great, so please correct me if I’m talking rubbish, but someone to ‘portent the omens’ and let them know when the gods are happy or pissed would be desirable to a Viking voyage? (Even with minimal physical skills?) especially where they aren’t looking to come back?

In terms of the character herself I’d imagined someone who is maybe a bit manipulative and even cruel, but truly believes in her own brand of crazy religion and is just doing as the gods command. Not quite sure how well it’d work or if I’d be able to do much justice to that side of things. Narratively could be a good source of some issues/conflict (definitely with Tosti). But anyway, just thinking out loud right now. If we don’t like the look of it we can nix it or she can fall overboard early on or something :p

You know I can’t really say I’ve ever actually had pumpkin pie, that I can recall anyway. Not really as big a thing here. Will have to add it to the list and give it a proper go sometime with such claims.
Thank you muchly.

Also depending on what you folks think and our ‘final’ character rosta looks like - I was considering a female loony Gythia priestess-y type character, but don’t know if a second character would be a bit much or how ‘populated’ you wanted the boat’s crew in terms of us players bs NPCs so thought I’d float the idea before developing it further (obviously guess we won’t be able to introduce additional charas once the journey has begun?)

Also, @Saix, what would you proclaim the best pie to be then?

Hello hello!

Character below for your consideration:

I'm open to feedback, criticisms and declarations of undying love.
When I read Skrælings my mind went to the Crusader Kings 2 dlc ‘Sunset Invasion’, an alternate history dlc, in which an organised and much larger Aztec Empire (whom has subdued and collects fealty from the N American ‘tribes’) clashes with the initial Norse settlers, culminating in the capture of one of their longships.

Following this the Skrælings reverse engineer the technology for craft capable of traversing the ocean and eventually launch their own bloody mass invasion of Europe. Fantastical but very entertaining.

I’d imagined a slightly more fantasy kind of setting with monsters, myths and all kinds of natives - both savage and otherwise, or at least something less inclined to realism.

Either way it will definitely be very interesting to see how this goes with a more historical side of things and what kind of content and plot you settle on. I’ve tried to have a read up on actual ‘Skrælings‘ to get a better more accurate understanding (I’ve got very little real clue as to the ‘culture’ of these folks)

So this RP will be mostly about the interactions and eventual relationship of our settlers and the proto-Inuit folks of Vinland and surrounding area?
I’m interested in this concept and will likely apply for a spot if you’ll have me.

Have you given the kind of posting frequency you’d expect much thought?
I’m interested in participating if you’ll have me, and think I plan on making some swordsman type who ‘fled’ with the princess and retinue as a guardsman or some such.

@Melkor Good character with an interesting and definitely complex backstory, but it does make ‘The Floral throne and Lady Eve Rafferty’(whom Sir Owun serves) seem like their own kingdom, rather than vassals to the intro’s King and royal family.

So they serve and are loyal to the current twin royals, representing Avalon, as part of the wider Ainedal Kingdom?
Subscribed and will be watching. Unsure realistically if I will join, however certainly considering it.

I haven’t participated in an RP in quite some time, so dipping my toes back in slowly to ensure I can still keep up with a ‘regular’ writing schedule and don’t bite off more than I can chew.
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