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Henschel & Son please.
I wanna be Henschel & Son
So, idk if anyone likes star wars edge of the empire but if ya do would anyone wanna do a campaign?
So are we all meant to be rebels.
Ave true to caeser
I'm game.
Name: The Cult of Vulcan
Population: 200
Territory: HQ in the lucky 38 and Flagstaff
History: A tribe long since destroyed and absorbed into the legion was the beginning of the cult of vulcan. The cult of vulcan began when the one known as Tech-Priest Arsenal was granted the ability to scavenge the territory for unknown reason a medical doc. Eventually succeeding and repairing it as best he could for the mighty Caesar. He was then granted the ability to continue his work at repairing and scavenging for these items. He was promoted to the rank of centurion and granted men to assist him, they became known as the cult of vulcan men who worshipped the god of repair and forging. When new vegas was conqueror they obtained so many secrets to the old world and were kept hidden inside the lucky 38.
Government: None
Notable People: Tech-Priest Aresonal
Economy: None
Culture: None
Religion: While some within the legion praise Mars such as the Legate, the cult worship Vulcan. Vulcan the god of forging and smith has granted them much power. Especially under the watchful eye of ceaser they have defeated countless securitrons and other robots that have been found in the waste and have slowly worked to rebuild them in a new image.
Technology: The cult has access to the entire Arsenal of the legion being both the blacksmith and scientists. However they are only allowed limited use of it from the power weapons to some better rifles. However every weapon they have is maintained in it’s best quality due to their countless hours scrapping and repairing their weapons.
Military: While the cult is part of the legion each of their men can fight and are of the veteran class as they have ventured alone into the wastes to discover brand new articles of weaponry not since seen before. The weapons they wield however are unlikely what is normally in the legion they tend to use laser or plasma weaponry when out in the field and powerfists for close combat.

I think I'm game.
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