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So is this like arkham city or more like just mafia. Like all out war or some criminals just try to survive or what.

HHI Testing Labs

Lukas Holt and Rebecca Turning, stood behind the one way plexiglass looking at the test subjects for Cronos-1. The test subjects were in a small room, eating food however this wasn’t ordinary food, no this was Synthfood the newest in a soon to be long line of cloned products. However, it appeared to be very addictive subject. As after they finished they would quickly want more and more.

“This looks very promising and could do wonders for the world. I think it’s ready. Is there any more testing that needs to be done.” Lukas holt asked as he turned around heading toward the door.

“Well, I’d like to bring down the addictiveness so it isn’t so dire. Otherwise people may fight or worse kill each other until they have some and that would look horrible for busines.” Rebecca said as she followed.

Lukas stopped before the door and turned back to Rebecca. “That’s a very good point, do that as quickly as possible so it can be sent out before the second quarter.” He turned and headed up to his office. Here ya go and for anyone else.

“Do you feel under the weather? Have you come into contact with some undesirable disease that might just make you feel sick. Well then come and get the MedQuik, a fast acting relasive pill that will make you feel healthy. *A long list of the items used in the product and noting it’s not a miracle drug along with other legal notices*” - A short add to buy medquik spread throughout the european protectorate.

Lukas nodded and turned to his executive staff. “I suppose that will work, but we need something new. Something that will stand out. Rebecca how is project Cronos-1?”

Rebecca a young esteemed scientist who had moved fast up the ranks of the corporate ladder peaked her head up. “Well.. we’re working as fast as we can but it’s slow moving we’ll require some time before any major breakthroughs but I believe we can get you something to work with.”

Lukas nodded “Excellent, That’s what I wanna hear. Now, get to it people we got lives to save and money to make.” Lukas walked out the clear doors and headed into his office to review the stocks and continue competitive research.
Can we get a discord.. Here ya go.
@Lordzell check character tab, your corp is in there.

Omg, I'm dumb. I'm so used to having PMs...
<Snipped quote by LordZell>

You have a product and it’s literally on your sheet.

<Snipped quote by LordZell>

You have a product and it’s literally on your sheet.

I litterally don't have a sheet or PM or anything from you...
Fee free to PM me your orders if you want. Some of you already have. I think only one left is Orwell Technologies.

And then get the “Stock Market” up!

I mean, I'm confused for the orders, I atleast don't have a sheet yet so I'm kinda in the dark. But how could I send orders without a product or will products only cover generic stuff like I'm selling things to heal illness.
Helping Hands Industries

Corporation Slogan: We Share Because We Care
CEO Name & Age: Lukas Holt, 43
Headquarters: Chicago, USA
Major Industries: Pharmaceuticals
Minor Industries:Biotechnology , Cloning
Starting Trait:
- Security Division: Starts with a functioning Security Division and 5,000 Enforcers.
I'm game.
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